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3 1833 01147 7343 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 









H K sg yw <j* * * *iri»*.fi~<» -T^-TKr. ■ " ^M r B » j,»w »'-» ,- v - »* + » ii > . . i . v »« c .^- ?v> 







p Holland society of New York. 

8392 - :-T?^ r h°°k of tlie Holland society of New York. 


t New York, 18S7- C 1937 3 

35 v - fronts., illus., plates (part fold., part col.) ports., maps, plaus 
(part font.) facsims. 28i m . 

The first vear book has title: The first annual dinner ... January 8, 
1886. Wanting. 

J. 1 Compilers: 181)2-1003. T. M. Banta.— 1904-07, II. L. Bogert— 1906-14, 

*'? T. G. Bergen, A. II. Van Brunt, F. Hasbrouek.— 1913-17, B. Van 

'< , „ ) Winkle.— 1918-24 F. 11. Keatorr-1^2 0-29 , ...!'.'■': E 3: 3 1 1 

Year hooks for 1904-1003. 1922/23 include the records of the Reformed 
Dutch church of Albany. 1683-1779. (Subtitle of volumes: 1905, Secoud 
Albany book: 1006, Third Albany book: 1907. Fourth Albany book; 1 
Fifth Albany book. The first and sixth Albany bocks do not have sub- 
title) r 

f \ (Continued on next card) 
V / 0—5970 (rev. '23) 

t 37nl, 



Illustrations v 

Illustrations in Previous Volumes vii 

Officers and Trustees xiii 

Albany Records, Marriages 1700 to 1725 1 

Baptisms 1700 to 1725 18 

Abbreviations and Index. .... . 107 

The Poughkeepsie Celebration 141 

Second Informal Meeting 146 

Twentieth Annual Banquet 149 

Menu and Souvenir 156 

Address of President Vander Veer 158 

Address of Andrew S. Draper 166 

Address of Jacob G. Schurman 1S4 

Address of Jay Sloat Fassett 198 

Address of William F. Whitaker 207 

Echoes of the Banquet 217 

Bergen County Branch 227 

Additions to the Library 236 

Twentieth Annual Meeting 241 

In Memoriam 271 

Constitution 2^9 

By-Laws 297 

Badge of the Society 302 

List of Members 3 C 9 

List of Deceased Members 335 

- !</ 


PACING pagb 

President Vander Veer Frontispiece 

First Manor House, Rensselaerswyck i 

First Lord op the Manor i 

Menu of the Banquet 149 

Souvenir 156 

Dr. Andrew S. Draper 166 

Dr. Jacob Gould Schurman 184 

Hon. Jay Sloat Fassett 19S 

Rev. Dr. William Force Whitaker 207 

The President's Official Medal 217 

Treasurer Van Brunt 241 

The Society Badge 3 02 





Hooper C. Van Vorst 10 

Augustus Van Wyck 17 

Chauncey M. Depew 26 

Dutch Woman Reading her Bible 28 

Henry J. Van Dyke, Jr 33 

Robert B. Roosevelt 42 

Wm. C. De Witt 5 1 

Dining-Room Decorations 57 

Wynkoop Coat-of-Arms 60 

Van Nort Coat-of-Arms 60 

John De Wit, Pensionary of Holland 62 

YEAR BOOK, 1886-87. 

D. Van Nostrand Frontispiece 

Banner Carried at Leyden, October 3, 1886 10 

Kingston Relics 29, 30, 3 1 

Domine Weeckstein 3 2 

Col. Cornelius D. Wynkoop 33 

Miss Cathalina Post 34 

General George H. Sharpe 35 

The Tappen Homestead, Kingston 52 

The Old Dutch Reformed Church, Kingston. . . . 54 

The Old Senate House, Kingston 5 s 

The Dederick House, Kingston 60 

The Hasbrouck Homestead, Kingston 61 

John C. F. Hoes 62 

Augustus Van Wyck 7 5 


facing pacb 

George W. Van Siclen ' 89 

Aaron J. Van der Poel 90 

Maj.-Gen. Stewart Van Vliet 94 

Rev. J. Howard Suydam 98 

Badge of the Beggars of the Sea 109 

Hooper C. Van Vorst 128 

Martin Van Buren ; 136 

Wm. Waldorf Astor. 138 

Rev. Wm. R. Duryee, D.D 140 

Albert Van der Veer, M.D 155 

A. T. Clearwater 159 

Tunis G. Bergen 164 

John Rutger Planten 169 

Near The Hague 173 

YEAR BOOK, 1887-8S. 

Chauncey M. Depew 17 

Geo. Wm. Curtis 25 

Chas. P. Daly 39 

Prince Maurice of Nassau 40 

Wouter Schouten 43 


John Van Voorhis 57 

Warner Van Norden 69 

John Woodhull Beekman 75 

Hooper C. Van Vorst S2 

Aaron J. Vanderpoel 83 

Geo. M. Van Hoesen 84 

Lucas L. Van Allen 85 

Geo. W. Van Slyck S6 

Geo. W. Van Siclen 87 

Badge of the Holland Society 88 

Barton W. Van Voorhis 97 


Souvenir of the Holland Excursion.. Frontispi 

The Procession in Leyden 64 

Van Der Werff Offering his Body as Food 76 

Princess Wilhelmina 111 

A Frisian Baby i?4 




Burgomaster of Leuwarden 128 

Burgomaster of Sneek 128 

Water Gate, Sneek 133 

Officers of Sneek Yacht Club 136 

Utrecht Portrait of Washington 141 

Geo. W. Van Siclen 170 

Hooper C. Van Vorst ". 175 

W. A. Ogden Hegeman 179 

Rev. Henry J. Van Dyke, Jr., D.D 182 

Wm. Waldorf Astor 188 

Thomas F. Bayard . 191 

T. Hopkinson Smith 199 

YEAR BOOK, 1890-91. 

The Rape lye Cradle Frontispiece 

The Holland Society Prize for the Sneek Yacht 

Club Races 11 

Robert B. Roosevelt 39 

Geo. G. De Witt, Jr 79 

Gen. Wm. S. Stryker 85 

John W. Vrooman . 90 

General Joubert 156 

Gavel Presented by Consul Planten 179 

Abraham Lansing 183 

Edward Elsworth 199 

YEAR BOOK, 1892-93. 

The Friesland Medals 14 

Geo. M. Van Hoesen 45 

Rev. Wm. Elliot Griffis, D.D 53 

Rev. Chas. H. Hall, D.D 66 

Augustus Van Wyck 114 

Thomas F. Bayard 16S 

Rev. Geo. R. Van De Water, D.D 1S5 

Rev. Wm. R. Duryee, D.D 100 

Major Douglas Campbell 214 

YEAR BOOK, 1894. 

President Beekman Frontispiec* 

Menu, "Van Speyk" Dinner at the Waldorf 22 




Admiral Gherardi 32 

Captain Arriens 82 

Dr. Raymond 96 

Bowl Presented to the "Van Speyk" 115 

Gen. Horace Porter 147 

Frank R. Lawrence 154 

Menu, Ninth Annual Dinner 154 

Rev. Dr. Van Antwerp 169 

Insignia of the Order of Orange-Nassau 191 

Secretary Banta 207 

YEAR BOOK, 1895. 

President Van Norden Frontispiece 

Banner of the Society 23 

Rev. Dr. Talmage 44 

Frederick J. De Peyster 60 

YEAR BOOK, 1896. 

President Roosa Frontispiece 

Banner of the Society 1 

YEAR BOOK, 1897. 

President Truax Frontispiece 

Menu, Twelfth Annual Dinner 10 

Geo. C. Barrett 
Rev. Jas. M. Buckley, D.D. 
Rev. Theo. L. Cuyler, D.D. 
Ashbel P. Fitch 
Herman Oelrichs 

)■ 16 


President Vroom an Fran 

Menu, Thirteenth Annual Dinner 14 

Landscape with Windmills 15 

Queen Wilhelmina i»J 


President R. A. Van Wyck FrontispUc* 

Menu, Fourteenth Annual Dinner 16 

The Stadt Huys, New Amsterdam :? 

Theodore Roosevelt \; 


YEAR BOOK, 1900. 


President Bergen Frontispiece 

Menu, Fifteenth Annual Dinner 16 

YEAR BOOK, 1901. 

President Van Dyke Frontispiece 

Presidents Kruger and Steyn 16 

The Fiddler, by Van Ostade 17 

Ex-President Cleveland 1$ 

Dr. Andrew H. Smith 38 

Geo. Lawyer 45 

Charles W. Dayton 52 

Address to Queen Wilhelmina 62 

Queen Wilhelmina and the Prince Consort 64 

President Kruger 80 

Badge of Beggars of the Sea 109 

YEAR BOOK, 1902. 

President Starin Frontispiece 

Menu 40 

New York in 1642 On Menu 

William the Silent 


The River and Dock Front 

Timothy L. Woodruff 52 

Clinton R. Woodruff. 60 

Robert B. Roosevelt 67 

Martin W. Littleton 70 

Montagu White 90 

YEAR BOOK, 1903. 

President De Witt Frontispiece 

Menu 127 

Dean Van Amringe 131 

Rev. Dr. Burrell 136 

John R. Van Wormer 153 

Wm. H. McElroy 165 

The Society Badge -"07 


YEAR BOOK, 1904. 


President Banta Frontispiece 

Plans op Albany and the Fort 1 

Menu and Souvenir 127 

Rev. Dr. George C. Lorimer 13S 

Sir Chentung Liang Cheng 151 

James M. Beck 155 

William Jennings Bryan 169 

Secretary Bogert 201 

The Society Badge -. 2S7 





Elected April 6. 1905. 



New York John L. Riker. 

Kings County .. . . .Peter Wyckoff. 

Queens County John H. Prall. 

Westchester County Joseph Hasbrouck., M.D. 

Orange County Rev. Wm. Wyckoff Schomp. 

Dutchess County Rev. A. P. Van Gieson. 

Ulster County..*. Hyman Roosv If 1). 

Greene County Philip V. Van Orden*. 

Albany County Robert C. Pru vn. 

Rensselaer County John Knickerbacker. 

Schenectady County James R. Truajl 

Montgomery County John D, Wendell. 

Onondaga County Francis Hendricks. 

Hudson County, N. J Everest B. Kiersted. 

Bergen County, N.J Milton Demarest. 

Passaic County, N. J Robert I. Hopper. 

Essex County, N. I Frank R. Van Xest. 

Monmouth County, N. J Henry H. LonGSTRBST. 

Philadelphia, Pa Louis Y. Schermerhorn. 

United States Army Gen. Henry C. Hasbrouck. 

United States Navy Chaplain Rosyvell R. Hoes. 

Arthur H. Van Brunt. 

Henry L. Bogert. 



Term Expires in 1906. 

Garret J. Garretson, 
Frank Hasbrouck, 
Charles H. Truax, 
Augustus Van Wyck, 
John W. Vrooman. 

Term Expires in 1908. 

Tunis G. Bergen, 
Samuel D. Coykendall, 
D. B. St. John Roosa, 
John H. Starin, 
James B. Van Woert. 

Term Expires in 1907. 

Theodore M. Banta, 
Henry Van Dyke, 
George M. Van Hoesen, 
Warner Van Norden, 
John R. Van Wormer. 

Term Expires in 1909. 

George G. De Witt, 
John L. Riker, 
Robert B. Roosevelt, 
Robert A. Van Wyck. 
Foster M. Vorhees. 














Hooper C. Van Vorst 1 8S5 

Robert Barnwell Roosevelt 1 890 

George M. Van Hoesen • 1891 

Augustus Van Wyck 1 892 

James William Beekman 1893 

Warner Van Norden 1894 

D. B. St. John Roosa 18^5 

Charles H. Truax 1896 

John W. Vrooman 1897 

Robert A. Van Wyck 1898 

Tunis G. Bergen 1899 

Henry Van Dyke 1900 

John H. Starin 1901 

George G. De Witt 1 902 

Theodore M. Banta 1903 

Albert Vander Veer 1904 

Garret J. Garretson 1905 



Robert Barnwell Roosevelt 1885 

Maus Rosa Vedder 1890 

Charles H. Truax 1891 

Warner Van Norden 1892 

Charles H. Truax 1894 

Samuel D. Coykendall 1896 

Tunis G. Bergen 189S 

Lucas L. Van Allen 1899 

John L. Riker 1901 


Adrian Van Sinderen 1885 

Augustus Van Wyck 1 SS 7 

Tunis G. Bergen : 1888 

Harmanus Barkaloo Hubbard 1890 

Judah Back Voorhees 1S91 

Delavan Bloodgood 1S9; 

William C. De Witt 1895 

Delavan Bloodgood 1 896 

Peter Wyckoff 1 S9 7 


John E. Van Nostrand (for Newtown) 

Andrew J. Onderdonk (for North Hempstead) 1 Soo 

Henry A. Bogert 

John H Prall i9°4 


William Prall iSqo 

James D. Van Hoevenberg (served three years) 1S91 





Charles Knapp Clearwater 1886 

William L. Heermance 1889 


William L. Heermance 1892 

Charles H. Roosevelt 1892 

David Cole 1893 

Harris E. Adriance 1894 

John R. H eg em an •. . .1896 

William L. Heermance 1898 

Charles R. Dusenberry 1900 

Peter J. Elting 1902 

Joseph Hasbrouck. M.D 1904 


Garret Van Nostrand 1886 

Cornelius R. Blauvelt. 1892 

Isaac C. Haring (served one year) 1893 


Amos Van Etten, Jr 1 888 

Charles F. Van Inwegen 1893 

Seymour De Witt 1894 

Selah R. Van Duzer 1896 

Charles H. Snedeker 1897 

John Schoonmaker 1 89S 

John D. Van Buren ^99 

Charles F. Van Inwegen 1901 

Hiram Lozier 1903 

Rev. Wm. Wyckoff Schomp 1905 


Frank Hasbrouck 1887 

Edward Elsworth 1 894 

Rev. A. P. Van Gieson 1905 


Alrhonso Trumpbour Clearwater 1885 

Samuel Decker Coykendall 1888 

Augustus Schoonmaker 1891 

Elijah DuBois . 1 894 

Augustus H. Bruyn 1895 

Charles Burhans 1898 

Jacob Le Fevre 1901 

Jesse Elting 1903 

Hyman Roosa, M.D 1904 


Augustus W. Wynkoop 1885 

Aaron J. Vanderpoel 1886 

Peter Van Schaick Pruyn 1 SS7 

Pierre Van Buren Hoes 1891 

Charles King Van Vleck 1 894 

John C. DuBois (served one year) 1896 


Evert Van Slyke i8S6 

Philip V. Van Orden 1 89S 





Albert Vander Veer, MD 18S6 

Thomas J. Van Alstyne iqoi 

Robert C. Pruyn [904 


William Chichester Groesbeck 1889 

Charles R. De Freest „ 1894 

Seymour Van Santvoord 1897 

Charles E. Dusenberry 19^3 

John Knickerbacker 

John Van Schaick (served eight years) 1886 


James Albert Van Voast iS36 

Giles Yates Van Der Bogert 1S90 

John Livingston Swits 1S93 

James A. Van Voast 1S95 

Thomas L. Barhydt , 1896 

James R. Truax 1901 


Walter L. Van Denbergh 1SS6 

Alfred De Graaf 1 893 

John H. Starin 1S94 

Martin Van Buren 1 896 

John D. Wendell .' . . 1S9S 


John Van Duyn 1901 

Forbes Heermans 1904 

Francis Hendricks 1905 

Sheldon Thompson Viele (served five years) 1889 


Theodore Romeyn Varick 

J. Howard Suydam i£S; 

Henry M. T. Beekman 18M 

Isaac I. Vander Beek i>3o 

George Clippinger Varick 

Henry Traphagen 

Cornelius C. Van Reypen 

Francis I. Vander Beek 1^03 

Garret Daniel Van Reipen 1S94 

Charles Henry Voorhis 1S95 

Isaac Paulis Vander Beek 1 >9° 

Isaac Romaine *S97 

William Brinkerhoff 1 SoS 

Frank I. Vander Beek, Jr 1 ^00 

Henry H. Brinkerhoff, Jr 19 00 

John Warren IIardenbergh 1901 

Daniel Van Winkle 

John J. Voorhles 

John J. Voorhees, Jr 

Everest B. Kiersted : 





George Frederick Schermerhorn 1 886 

John Quackenbush 1891 

James M. Van Valen 1893 

John Paul Paulison 1894 

Elbert A. Brinckerhoff 1 895 

Andrew D. Bogert 1896 

Peter Bogert 1897 

James M. Van Valen 1898 

Edward Stagg 1901 

Morse Burtis 1903 

Andrew D. Bogert 1904 

Milton Demarest J 9o5 


Martin John Ryerson 1 886 

John Hopper 1888 

Robert I. Hopfer 1898 


John N. Jansen 1894 

Anson A. Voorhees 1896 

Moses J. Dewitt 1 898 

Carlyle E. Sutpiien 1 899 

John B. Van Wagenen 1901 

Harrison Van Duyne 1902 

Benjamin G. Demarest 1 903 

James Suydam Polhemus 1904 

Frank R. Van Nest . , 1905 


D. Augustus Van Der Veer 1888 

William H. Vredenburg 1894 

Peter Stryker 1 897 

William E. Truex 1899 

Henry E. Longstreet 1903 


Lawrence Van Der Veer 1 888 

James J. Bergen (served three years) 1 891 


William Hoffman Ten Eyck 1 SS6 

Charles H. Voorhees 1S01 

Abraham V. Schenck 1S04 

William R. Duryee (served one year) 1 S06 


Peter L. Voorhees (served five years) 1S89 


Eugene Van Loan 1 889 

Samuel S. Stryker 1893 

F^ugene Van Loan 1895 

Samuel S. Stryker \ 

Theodore Voorhees 1S0S 

Louis Y. Schermerhorn 1903 




Major-General Stewart Van Vliet 1890 

Gen. Henry C. Hasbrouck .1901 


Delavan Bloodgood r89o 

Wm. Knickerbocker Van Reypen 1891 

Casper Schenck 1895 

Edward S. Bogert • 1S96 

Arthur Burtis ^97 

Roswell R. Hoes 1901 


George West Van Siclen 18S5 

Theodore Melvin Banta 1891 

Henry Lawrence Bogert 1903 


George West Van Siclen 1S85 

Abraham Van Santvoord 1886 

Eugene Van Schaick 1 890 

Tunis G. Bergen 1 S96 

Arthur H. Van Brunt 1S98 


Hooper C. Van Vorst 1885 

William M. Hoes 1885 

Wilhelmus Mynderse 1SS5 

Abraham Van Santvoord 1 8S5 

George W. Van Slyck 1SS5 

David Van Nostrand 1SS5 

*Henry Van Dyke 18S5 

*George M. Van Hoesen 1S85 

Philip Van Volkenburgh. Jr 18S5 

Edgar B. Van Winkle 1SS5 

W. A. Ogden Hegeman 

Herman W. Vander Poel 1SS5 

George W. Van Siclen 1 SS5 

Benjamin F. Vosburgh .' 18S5 

Jacob Wendell 1885 

*George G. Df/Witt 1SS5 

*Robert Barnwell Roosevelt 

Lucas L. Van Allen 1 B85 

Aaron J. Vanderpoel 1885 

Henry S. Van Duzer 1 88< 

Alexander T. Van Nest 1 S^o 

♦Augustus Van Wyck 1887 

♦Theodore M. Banta 1887 

Chauncey M. Depew 

Frederick J. DePeyster 

Walton Storm 

Henry R. Beekman 

*John L. Rikkr 

William W. Van Voorhis t88f 

* Now in office. 




William J. Van Arsdale 1890 

Henry S. Van Beuren 1890 

♦John W. Vrooman 1890 

William D. Garrison 1890 

Eugene Van Schaick 1891 

James William Beekman 1892 

Abraham Van Santvoord 1892 

♦Tunis G. Bergen 1892 

♦D. B. St. John Roosa 1892 

♦Charles H. Truax ". . . 1892 

♦"Robert A. Van Wyck 1893 

Alexander T. Van Nest 1893 

♦Frank Hasbro uck 1894 

Abraham Lansing 1894 

♦Warner Van Norden 1895 

♦John H. Starin 1896 

♦James B. Van W t oert 1896 

Egbert L. Viele 1899 

♦John R. Van Worker 1 899 

♦Samuel D. Coykendall 1900 

Commodore P. Vedder 1901 

William L. Heermance 1902 

♦Garret J. Garretson 1903 

♦Arthur H. Van Brunt, ex-ojpcio 1903 

♦Henry L. Bogert, ex-ofjicio 1903 

Albert Vander Veer, ex-ofjicio 1904 

♦Foster M. Voorhees . . 1905 

* Now in office. 



• - ii . 



First Manor House erected by Jeremias Van Rensselaer in the year 1 64 ~ c d as 

the Manor House until the year 1765, when the second and hist Manor H - built, 

after which the agent of the Manor resided in it until the death of the I ^ ephen 

Van Rensselaer, in 1S39, when the Manor and estate were divided : then it was taken do* n. 
The last agent to live in it was Casparus F. Pruyn. This photograph, made bj I 
son, is from a pencil sketch, made by Major Francis Pruyn (also a son) in the \c.\r : - 

( I>y courtesy of Augustus Pniyn) 

r^v^omp i ^,i \ m^^ifim^'^-^^\.^,^W^^^- , ^ ^ im " ' 



(By courtesy of .Au^u-itus PruviO 


[For list of abbreviations see page fronting index.] 

Names of the persons who, since my arrival at Albany, 
having had their banns published, were united in marriage: 

1700, Sept. 30. Barent Ten Eyk, y. m., and Neeltje 
Schermerhorn, y. d., both b. and 1. at A. 

Oct. 20. Johannes Quakkenbosch, y. m., and Anna 
Cloet, y. d., both of A. 

At Kingston. Gysbert Van den Berg, y. m., b. and 1. 
at A., and Dievertje Masten, y. d., b. and 1. at Kingston. 

Oct. 27. Evert Van Esch, y. m., and Geertje Gerritse 
Van den Berg, y. d., both b. in Col. R. 

Willem Stout, y. m., b. in London, Eng., and Geertruy 
Geurtse Schoonhoven, y. d., both 1. here. 

Thomas Eechars, y. m., b. and 1. at N. Y., and Elisabeth 
Slingerland y. d., b. and 1. at N. A. 

Nov. 3. Adriaan Oothout, y. m., b. in Col. R., and Lam- 
mertje Lokermans, y. d., b. at N. A., both 1. at N. A. 

Jacobus Lucasse Wyngaard, y. rn., and Maria Quakken- 
bosch, y. d., both b. and 1. here. 

Dirk Heemstraat, y. m., b. in Col. R. and Claartje 
Quakkenbosch, y. d., b, at N. A. 

Richart Moor, y. m., b. in West India, and Geesje Jansse 
Salsberry, y. d., b. at C, both 1. at C. 

Dec. 4. "Wynand Willemse Van den Berg, y. m., b. and 
1. at A., and Volkje Volkertse Van Hoesen, y. d. ; b. at R. 

Dec. 20. L. by Gov. Bellamont. Samuel Vetch, y. m., 
b. at Edinburg, Scotland, 1. at N. Y., and Margareta Lev- 
ingston, y. d., b. and 1. at N. A. Ma. at bride's. 

1701, Jan. 10. Caspar Van Hoese, y. m., and Racheltje 
vSlingerlant, y. d., both b. and 1. here. Ma. at the h. of the 
bride's br. in law, Johannes Mingaal. 

Apr. 6. Johannes DeWandelaar, y. m., and Eysbeth 
Gansevoort, y. d., both b. and 1. here. 

May 3. Reg. Jan Herris, v. m., b. in O. E., and Moeset 
Tassama, b. in N. E., both 1. in A. Co. Ma. after three B. 
bv Alderman Wessel Ten Brock. 

June 13. Reg. Bartholomeus Van Valkenburg, y. m., 
and Catharina Van Aalsteyn, y. d., both b. and 1. at K. 
Ma., July 6, at h. of Johannes Thomse Mingaal. 

Reg. Cornells Van den Berg, y. m., b. at X. A., and 
Maria Winnen, v. d., b. in Col. R., both 1. at X. A. Ma., 
July 6, at h. of Col. Pr. Schuyler. 

July 6. Reg. Johannes Berheith. and Catharina Gil- 
bert, y. d., both b. and 1. here. Ma., July 27. in the Chu. 

July 13. First B. Elbert Harmensz, y. m., of X. A., 
and Catharina Bogaert, y. d., of X. H. Ma., Aug. io, 
at h. of Egbert Teunisse, after 3 pr. at X. A., X. Y., 
and N. H. 

Aug. 16. Reg. Thomas Thomasse, y. m., b. and 1. at 
Bergen, and Sara Van Deuse, y. d., b. and 1. in Col. R. 
Reed, cert., Sept. 1, to be ma. at Bergen. 

Sept. 27. Reg. Johannes Harmense Knikkelbakker 
and Annetje Quakkenbosch, both b. and 1. in Col. R. Ma. 
Oct. 19. 

Reg. Jacob Lanssing, y. m., and Helen;; Pruyn, y. d., 
both b. and 1. at A. Ma., Oct. 19, at h. of Frans Pruyn, 
bride's father. 

Oct. 11. Reg. with permission of Capt. John Bennit, 
John Appelstoun, y. m., b. at Leicester, O. E., and Annetje 
Casparus, y. d., b. and 1. at A. Ma. Xov. 2. 

Oct. 21. Reg. Gysbert Andriesse Scharp. y. m.. b. in 
R., 1. at K., and Lysbeth Jansse Goewey, y. d., b. in R., 
1. at A. Ma. Nov. 16. 

Nov. 1. Reg. Pieter Quakkenbosch, y. m., b. at A., 
and Neeltje Marens, y. d., bo. at Sch., both 1. at A. Ma. 
Nov. 19. 

Reg. Matthys Pars. y. m., b. and 1. at King., and Theuna 
Winnen, y. d., b. in Col. R., 1. at A. Ma. at King. 

Nov. 16. Volkert Douwe, y. m., b. and 1. in Col. R., and 
Margarita Van Tricht, y. d., b. and A. Ma. with L. 
at bride's h. 

Nov. 22. Reg. Andries David?e, y. m., b. at A., and 
Cornelia Van Vliet, y. d., b. at Mormcltown, both 1. at 
King. Reed. cert, to be ma. at King. 

Dec. 15. With L. Barent Staats, y. m.. b. in Col. R., 
and Neeltje Van den Berge, b. at X. A., both 1. at X. A. 

Dec. 30. With L. Johannes Van Alen, ■ . m., and 
Christina Ten Broek, y. d., both b. and 1. at X.'A. Ma. at 
the bride's father's. 

1702, March 22. With L. Johannes Harsse, y. m., and 
Sara De Forest, y. d., both b. and 1. at X. A. Ma. at the 
bride's father's h. 

May 3. Reg. with the consent of Capt. Bonnet. John 
Woodcock, y. m., b. in Yorkshire, O. E.. and Alia 
Gardeniers, y. d.,b. at K. Ma., .May 19, in the Chu. at K. 

July 2. Stephanus Van Alen, y. m., b. at A., 1. at K., 
and Maria Cornelisse Muller, y. d., b. and 1. in Col. R. 

Aug. 26. With L. Volkert Van Vechten, y. m., 1. in 
Col. R., and Lydia Ten Broek, y. d., b. and 1. at A. Ma. 
at bride's father's h. 

Sept. 5. Reg. Thomas Witbeek, y. m., and Jannetje 
Van Deuse, y. d., b. and 1. in Col. R. Ma., Sept. 24, at the 
bride's brother's, Ruth Van Deuse's, h. 

Oct. 9. Reg. Cornelis Swits, y. m., b. and 1. at Sch., 
and Hester Visscher, y. d., b. at A. Ma., Nov. 8, at bride's 
father's h. 

Reg. Jan. Rees, y. m., b. and 1. in Col. R., and Maria 
Janse Goewey, y. d., b. and 1. at N. A. Ma., Nov. 1, in 
bride's father's h. 

Oct. 17. Reg. Ritchart Brewer, b. in 0. E., and Kath- 
arina Scharp, y. d., b. in N. E. Ma., Nov. 22, at groom's h. 

Nov. 7. Reg. Jan Van Hoesen, y. m., b. at A., 1. at R., 
and Jannetje Van Schaak, y. d., b. and 1. at K. Ma. upon 
a cert, of Aug. 23, 1703, to be ma. by a J. P. 

Reg. Ma. Nov. 15. William Turner, y. m., b. in O. E., 
1. here, and Abigael Bogaert, 1. at Katskil in A. Co. 

Nov. 14. Reg. Ma. Dec. 2. Marten Jacobse Delmont, 
y. m., b. in Col. R., and Lysbeth Vile, b. at Sch., both 1. 

Nov. 21. Reg. Cornelis Gerritse Van den Berg, y. m., 
and Maria Van Bueren, wid. of Jan Teewisse Van Deuse, 
both b. and 1. in Col. R. Ma., Dec. 20, at h. of Mayor, 
Albert Rykman. 

Dec. 5. Reg. Ma. Dec. 22. Matthys Nak, widr. of 
Susanna Lanssing, b. at N. A., and Agnietje Schaats, y. d., 
b. at Sch., both 1. at N. A. 

Dee. 26. Reg. Ma. Jan. 27, 1703. Cornelis Henrikse 
Van Bueren, y. m., b. and 1. in Col. R., and Hendrikje Van 
Esch, y. d., b. and 1. in A. Co. 

1703, Feb. 21. Reg. Ma. March 10. Willem Van 
Esch, v. m., b. and 1. at Half Moon, and Lena Fonda, v. d., 
b. and 1. in Col. R. 

March 20. Reg. John Collinson, y. m., b. at London, 

0. E., here in garrison, and Rebecca Bratt, wid. of Claas 
Borgart, 1. at A. Ma., March 31, at bride's sister's h. 

Apr. 17. Reg. Arent Van Putten, y. m., b. in A. Co., 

1. at Sch., and Jannetje Conyn, y. d., b. and 1. at Koxhakki. 
Reed. cert. May 12. 

May 15. Reg. Ma. June 6. Cornelis Martense Van 
Aalstein. v. m., and Marretje Van den Berg, y. d., both b. 
and 1. in Col. R. 

June n. Reg. Emanuel Van Schaak, y. m., b. at K.. 
and Margarita Lucasse Wyngaard, y. d., b. at A., both 1. 
at K. Ma., July 2, at h. of Gerrit Lucasz Wyngaard. 

June 27. With L. Isaac Lanssing, y. m., and Jannetje 
Beekman, y. d., both b. and 1. at A. Ma. at bride's father's. 

July 31. Reg. Frans Langet, y. m., b. at Esopus, 1. 
at N. Y., and Maria Van Schaak/y. d., b. and 1. at K. 
Ma., Sept. 6, at Gerrit Van Esch's h' 

Oct. 2. Reg. Borger Huik, y. m., and Maeyke Goes, 
y. d., both b. and 1. at K. Ma.', Oct. 22, at h. of Lucas 
Gerritse Wyngaard. 

Nov. 19. Reg. Harmen Van Salsberry and Tanna 
Konyn, y. d., both b. and 1. at R. Reed. cert. Dec. 4. 

Nov. 20. Reg. Ma. Dec. 5. Dirk Van Vechten, y. m., 
b. in R., 1. at A., and Margarita Lmves, v. d., b. and 1. in 
Col. R. 

Nov. 28. With L., at bride's h. Abraham Lanssing, 
y. in., and Magdalena Van Tricht, v. d., both b. and 1. at A. 

1704, Jan. 15. Reg. Samuel Pruin, y. m., and Maria 
Bogaard, y. d., both b. and 1. at A. Ma., Feb. 6, at the 
bride's father's h. 

Jan. 20. Reg. Jan Hendrikse Bout, y. m., and Jan- 
netje Scharp, y. d.,both 1. at C. Reed. cert. Feb. 1. 

Jan. 29. Reg. Jan Huybertse, y. m., b. at A.. 1. in 
Col. R., and Elisabeth Van Klinkenberg, b. in Ulster Co. 
1. at K. Ma., March 1, by a J. P. 

March 4. Reg. Ma. March 22. Henrik Lanssing, y. m., 
b. at A., and jannetje Knikkelbakker, v. d., b. in Col. R., 
bothl. inCol. \R. 

Apr. 23. With L. Reyer Gerritsen, y. m., and Geer- 
truy Lanssing, y. d., both b. and 1. at A. Ma. at bride's 
father's h. 

May 31. Reg. Pieter Van Oostrant, y. m., b. and 1. 
in Ulster Co., and Rachel Dingmans, y. d., b. and 1. at K. 

June 3. Reg. Jacobus Schuiler, widr. of Catel; 
Wendel, and Susanna Wendel, y. d., both b. and 1. at A. 
Ma., June 11, at bride's mother's h. 

June 10. Reg. Oyje Oyjens, y. m., b. at Cork, Ireland, 
and Maria Wendel, y. d., b. at A., both 1. at A. Ma., June 
29, at bride's father's h. 

July 15. Reg. Ma. Aug. 6. Albert Roelofse Van der 
Werke, v. m., b. at A., 1. in A. Co., and Dirkie Van A 
y. d., b.'at K., 1. in Col. R. 

Aug. 26. Reg. Barent Egbertse, y. m., and M 
DeGarmo, y. d., both b. and^l. at A. ' Ma., Sept. 27. at 
bride's grandmother's. 

Sept. 19. With L. Barent Sanders, y. m.. and Maria 
Wendel, y. d., both b. and 1. at A. Ma.. Sept. iq. at Mayor 
Joh. Schuyler's. 

Sept. 20. With L. Johannes Lanssing. y. m.. . 
Helena Sanders, y. d., both b. and 1. at A. Ma.. Sept. 20, 
at bride's mother's h. 

Sept. 24. Reg. Coenraat Ten Eyck, y. m., and Gerritje 
Van Schaik, y. d., both b. and 1. at A. Ma., Oct. 15, at 
bride's father's h. 

Oct. 28. Reg. Ma. after three B. Pieter Lanssing, Jr., 
b. at A., 1. at Lange Rak, and Cornelia Rees, y. d., b. at 
Koxhakki, 1. at C. in R. 

Dec. 9. Reg. Ma. Dec. 26. Thomas Doksi, y. m., b. 
at Newtown, L. I., and Antje Jansse Goewey, y. d., b. and 
1. at A. 

Dec. 30. Reg. Pieter Van Alen, y. m., b. at A., and 
Josina Dingmans, y. d., b. at K., both 1. at K. Ma., Jan. 
7, 1705, at bride's father's h. 

1705, Feb. 10. Reg. Jeremias Muller, y. m., b. and 1. 
in Col. R., and Lysbeth Halenbeek, y. d., b. at A., 1. at 
Klinkenburg. Ma., Feb. 21, at bride's father's h. 

Apr. 7. Reg. Jan Witbeek, y. m., b. and 1. in Col. R., 
and Agnietje Bronk, y. d., b. and 1. in A. Co. Ma. by Jonas 
Douw, J. P., at bride's father's h. 

Sept. — . With L. Johannes Pruin, y. m., and Emilia 
Sanders, y. d., both b. and 1. at A. Ma. at bride's mother's. 

Oct. 20. With L. Samuel Kip, y. m., b. at N. Y., 1. at 
Kipsberry, and Margarita Rykman, y. d., b. and 1. at A. 
Ma. at bride's parents' h. 

Oct. 27. Reg. Jacobus Turk, widr. of Catharina Van 
Benthuysen, 1. at A., and Teuntje Hoes, wid. of Thomas 
Winnen, 1. at K. Reed, cert., Nov. 5. 

Nov. 10. Reg. Ma. Dec. 5. Marten Jansse Van Aal- 
stede, b. and 1. in Col. R., and Cornelia Van den Berg, y. d., 
b. at A., 1. in Col. R. 

Meyndert Roseboom, y. m., and Maria Vinhagen, y. d., 
both b. and I. at A. Ma., Nov. 30, at bride's parents' h. 

Nov. 17. Reg. Pieter Bronk, y. m., b. at Koxhakki, 
1. at Katskill, A. Co., and Anna Bogardus, y. d., b. and 
1. at A. Ma., Dec. 2, at bride's h. 

Dec. 1. Ma. Jan. 6, 1706. Abraham Ouderkerk. y. m., 
bo. at A., and Elisabeth Cloet, y. d., b. at Can., both 1. at 

Dec. 15. Reg. Frederik Harmansse Visscher, widr. of 
Margarita Hansse, and Elisabeth Sanders, wid. of Evert 
Wendel, Jr., both 1. at A. Ma. Jan. 5, 1706 at bride's h. 

1706, Jan. 1. Reg. Jan Van Hoesen, y. m., b. at C, 
and Engeltje Jansse, y. d., b. at Koxhakki, both 1. there. 
Reed. cert. 

Jan. 20. Reg. Albert Van der Zee, y. m., b. at A., 1. 
Col. R., and Hilletje Ganssevoort, y. d., b. and 1. at A. 
Ma., Feb. 10, at bride's parents' h. 

Jan. 23. Reg. John Thorn, y. m., b. at N. Y., 1. at A., 
and Geertje Bresser, v. d., b. at King. Ma., Feb. 7, 
at P. 

Feb. 2. Reg. William Hale, y. m., b. at N. Y., 1. at A., 
and Maria Casparus, y. d., 1. at A. Ma. Feb. 20, in the chu. 

Reg. Pieter Yroman, y. m., b. and 1. at Sch., and Geer- 
truy Van Aalstein, y. d., b. and 1. in Col. R. 

March 21. With L., at bride's mother's h. Johannes 
Vinhagen, y. m., and Maria Van Tricht, y. d., both b. and 
1. at A. 

Apr. 21. With L., at. bride's parents". Pieter Winnen, 
y. m., and Maria De Forest, y. d., both b. and 1. at A. 

May 8. With L., at bride's father's. Johannes Gerrit- 
sen, y. m., and Christina Pruyn, y. d., both b. and 1. at A. 

May 11. Reg. Jan Dufour, y. m., b. at X. Y., 1. at 
Bloemendaal, and Katharina Roelofse Van der Werke, 
y. d., b. at A., 1. in Col. R. Ma., June 5, at Gerrit Roelc : 

May 18. Reg. Abraham Van Valkenburg, y. m., b. 
and 1. at K., and Catelyntje Schermerhoorn, y. d., b. and 1. 
in A. Co. Reed, cert., June 2. 

June 8. Reg. Gerrit Wibusse, y. m., b. and 1. in A. 
Co., and Maria Gilbert, y. d., b. and 1. at A. Ma., July 14, 
in the Chu. 

July 3. Reg. William Rogers, soldier in Capt. Weenies' 
Co., and Mary Johnson, b. at Boston, N. E., 1. at A. Ma., 
July 16, at bridegroom's. 

July 12. Reg. Christoftel Yeads, y. m., b. and 1. at A., 
and Catalyna Winnen, v. d., b. in Col. R., 1. at A. Ma., 
July 28, in the Chu. 

Aug. 17. Reg. Wynand Van der Poel, y. m., b. and 1. 
at A., and Catharina De Hooges, y. d., b. in Ulster Co., 1. 
here. Ma., Sept. 8, at P. 

Nicolaas Brusy, v. m., b. in A. Co., 1. in Ulster Co.. and 
Catelyntje Bout, y.d.,b. at Sch., 1. at C. Ma., Sept. 8, at P. 

Oct. 9. Reg. ' Frederik Meyndertse, y. m., and Sara De 
Wandelaar, y. d., both b. and 1. at A. Ma., Dec. 1, at P. 

Isaac Van Deuse, y. m., and Bata Van Yselstein, y. d., 
both b. and 1. at C. Ma., Dec. 3, at P. 

Nov. 17. Reg. Jan Van Esch, y. m., b. and 1. in Col. 
R., and Catelyntje Groesbeek, y. d., b. and 1. at A. Ma., 
Dec. to, at P. 

Nov. 28. With L. at P. Henrik Ten Eyk, y. m., and 
Margarita Bleeker, y. d., both b. and 1. at A. 

Nov. 30. Jan Hardiks, v. m., b. and 1. at C. and Maria 
Bekker, y. d., b. at A., 1. in Col. R. Ma., Dec. 22, at P. 

Dec. 13. After B. at Sch. Victor Poo t man. y. m., and 
Margarita Mebi, y. d., both 1. at Sch. 

Dec. 22. After B., at Sch. Simon Danielse. y. m., and 
Maria Peek, y. d.. both 1. at Sch. 

1707, Feb/ 1. Reg. Ma. Feb. 26. Johannes Van Val- 
kenburg, y. m., b. and 1. at K., and Margarita Barheit. y. d., 
b. and L in Col. R. 

Feb. 8. Reg. Alexander MecCaisland, soldier in Capt. 
James Weemes' Co., and Sara Jenkins, y. d., 1. at A. Ma., 
Feb. 27, at P. 

March 15. Reg. Patrick Martyn, drummer in Col. In- 
golsby's grenadiers, and Mar} 7 Cox, y. d., b. and 1. at A. 
Ma., March 30, at P. 

Apr. 5. Reg. Ma. Apr. 20. Jan Borgaart, y. m., b. 
and 1. at K., and Catharina Van Wie, y. d., b. in Col. R., 
1: at K. 

Apr. 12. Reg. Ma. May 25. Jacob Cloet, y. rn., b. at 
A., 1. at Can., and Geertruy Van Franke, y. d., b. and 1. at 

May 3. Reg. Ffrancois Pace, soldier in Capt. James 
Weemes' Co., and Anna Flensburg, wid. of Ogleby, 1. at A. 
These persons' B. had been published three times without 
opposition, but they were not married because said widow's 
husband returned from the sea, and thus proved not to be 
dead, as averred. 

May 4. With L. Johannes Dellomont, y. m., b. in 
Col. R. 1. at A., and Johanna Clara Kleyn, wid. of X. X. 

May 17. Reg. Ma. June 7. Charles Berwoir, y. m., b. 
at Mt. Royal, Canada, 1. in Ulster Co., and Aaltje Roelofse 
Van der Werke, y. d., b. and 1. at A. 

June 27. Reg. Andries Brusy, y. m., b. at Koxhakki, 
1. at Tochkanik, and Engeltje Claemv, y. d., b. at K., 1. at 
Tochkanik. Ma. July 13, at Jan Salomonse Goewey's. 

Aug. 3. Reg. Lambert Huyk, y. m., b. at K., and 
Anna Ratteliffe, y. d., b. at A., both 1. at A. Ma., Aug. 28, 
at Col. Pieter Schuyler's. 

Aug. 29. Reg. Ma. Sept. 27. Henrik Jansse Witbeek, 
widr. of Lyntje Winnen,bo. at C, and Helena Bout, y. d., 
b. at A., 1. at C. 

Thomas Edwards, soldier in Col. Ingolsby's Co., and 
Aaltje Tipping, 1. at K. Ma., Sept. 14, at P. 

Sept. 16. Reg. at Bergen, N. J., and also had their B. 
here. Dirk Philipse Conyn, y. m., b. and 1. in A. Co., and 
Rachel Andriesse, y. d., b. at N. Y., 1. at Bergen, X. J. 

Oct. 8. With L., at bride's father's. Cornelius Bogaart, 
y. m., and Dorothea Oothout, y. d., both b. and 1. at A. 

Oct. 19. With L., at bride's father's. Anthony Van 
Schayk, Jr., y. m., and Anna Catharina Ten Broek, y. d., 
both b. and 1. at A. 

Dec. 6. Reg. James Davis, Sc^gt. in Col. Ingolsby's 
Co., and Elisabeth, wid. of John Owens. Ma., Dec. 15, at P. 

Dec. 16. With L., at bride's parents'. Anthony Van 
Schayk, A. F., Jr., y. m., and Susanna Wendel, y. d.. both 
b. and 1. at A. 

1708, Jan. 17. Reg. Antoine Rouwville, y. m., b. at 


Vienne, Dauphine\ and Heyltje Dekker, y. d., b. A. Co., 
both 1. at Livingston Manor. 

May 2. Reg. Ma. May 20. Pieter Van Bueren, y. m., 
b. and 1. in Col. R., and Geertruy Vosburg, y. d., b. and L 
at K. 

May 29. Reg. Samuel Doksi, widr. of Barbara Goe 
1. at A., and Lysbeth Bas, y. d., b. at Midwout, L. I., 1. here. 

June 5. With L. Johannes Wendel, son of Hierony- 
mus, y. m., and Susanna Viele, y. d., both b. and 1. at A. 

Sept. 18. Reg. Andries Brat, y. m., b. in A. Co., and 
Weintje Rosa, y. d., b. and 1. in Ulster Co. 

Sept. 19. With L. Philip Livingston, y. m., and Cath- 
arina Van Brug, y. d., both b. and 1. at A. 

Sept. 24. Reg. Ma. Oct. 17. Wouter Vroman, y. m., 
b. and 1. at Sch., and Maria Halenbeek, y. d., b. and 1. at A. 

Oct. 22. Reg. Ma., Nov. 26, at A. Pieter Clement, 
y. m., b. at New Utrecht, 1. at Sch., and Anna Ruytter, 
y. d., b. and 1. at Sch. 

Oct. 31. Reg. Jonathan Rumbly, y. m., b. at London, 
E., and Johanna Corlar, y. d., b. and' 1. at A. Ma., Nov. 7, 
by Rev. John Barclay. 

Nov. 7, With L., at Harbert Jacobse's. Harbert Van 
Deuse, v. m., b. and 1. at- C, and Helena Van Deuse, v. d., 
b. and L in Col. R. 

Nov. 27. Reg. Ma. Dec. 15. Nicolaas Van Woerd, 
y. m., b. and 1. at A., and Dirkje Barheit, v. d., b. in Col. 
R.,1. at A. 

Dec. 18. Reg. Ma., Dec. 3. Isaac Fonda, y. m., and 
Alida Lanssing, y. d., b. and 1. in Col. R. 

1709, Jan. 29. Reg. Ma. Feb. 9. Cornelis Laurentse 
Van Wurmerik, y. m., b. in Col. R., and Annaatje Van 
Petten, wid. of Claas Sic verse. 

Feb. 18. Reg. Ma. March 3. Cousset Vedder, y. m., 
b. at A., and Margarita Berrit, y. d., b. and 1. at A. 

Feb. 19. Reg. Ma. March 6. Anthony Bogardus. y. 
m., b. and 1. at A., and Jannetje Knikkelbakker, wid. of 
Henrik Lansing, b. in Col. R., 1. at A. 

June 11. Reg. Ma, June 30. Johannes Christiaanse, 
y. m., b. at Sch., 1. at Can., and Neeltje Cornelisse, y. d., b. 
at N. Y., 1. at Can. 

June 12. With L. Gerrit Van Nes, y. m., and Cate- 
lyntje De Forest, y. d., both b. and 1. at A. 
' June 18. With L. Johannes Ten Broek. y. m.. and 
Elisabeth Wendel, y. d., both b. and 1. a: A. 

June 19. B. Johannes Van Hoese, widr., and Wil- 
lempje Viele, wid. of Levinus Winnen. 1. at A. 

June 21. With L. Jacob Visscher, y. m., and Susanna 
Egbertse, y. d., both b. and 1. at A. 

July 17. Reg. Ma. July iq. Dirk Jansse. y. m., b. in 


Westchester Co., 1. here, and Maria Cornelisse, y. d., b. in 
A. Co., 1. here. 

Oct. i. Reg. Ma. Oct. 23. Daniel Le Fort, y. m., b. 
and 1. at Can., and Gerritje Van den Berg, y. d., b. and 1. in 
Col. R. 

Oct. 6. Reg. Jan Wimp, widr. of Catelyntje Schermer- 
hoorn, and Ariaantje Swits, y. d., both b. and 1. at Sch. 
Ma., Nov. 4, at P. 

Oct. 28. Reg. Eldert Cornelisse, y. m., b. and 1. at Can. 
and Hester Visscher, y. d., b. and 1. at A. Ma., Nov. 7, 
at P. 

Oct. 29. Reg. Evert Rykse Van Franke, y. m., and 
Maria Visscher, y. d., both b. and 1. at A. Ma., Nov. 14, 
at P. 

Dec. 10. Reg. Hendrik Valkenburg, y. m., and Anna 
Huyk, y. d., both b. and 1. at K. 

17 1 1, March 4. Reg. Ma. March 11. Korset Veder, 
widr. of Marragrita Berret, 1. at Half Moon, and Neeltje 
Christiaans, y. d., 1. at Can. 

17 1 2, Feb. 10. Reg. Jan Goes, y. m., and Margrietje 
Wyngaarts, wid. of Manuel Van Schayk, both 1. at K. 

The two last named couples were married by Rev. Peter 

Marriages by Rev. Petrus Van Driessen. 

171 2, Apr. 18. Harmen Philipsen and Anna Urzula 
Lapp. Had their B. at Sch. 

May 11. Leendert Ganzevoord and Catryna Wande- 
laars. After three B. here. 

May 26. With L. Rutgher Bleeker, y. m., and Catalyna 
Scuyler, wid. of Jan Abeel. 

June 24. W T ith L. Anthony Van Schayck and Anna 

June 26. With L. Thomas Williams and Helena 

July 24. Reg. Jan Gardenier and Anna Engelen Van 
Sweits. Ma. by Rev. Haeger, V.D.M., in Germany. 

July 28. With L. Joannes Evertsen and Barentie 

Aug. 26. After three B. Joannes Van Deusen and 
Chris tyna Van Alen. 

Aug. 26. With L. Petrus Van Driessen and Eva Cuyler. 

Oct. 16. After three B. Abram Van Vechten and 
Agnitie W. Meek[?]. 

Nov. 7. With L. Samuel Ten Broek and Maria Van 

Nov. 20.. After three B. Jacob Schermerhoorn and 
Margarita Tellers. 


Nov. 25. With L. Andries Van Petten and Moycka 
Ten Eik. 

1 7 13, Jan. 13. After three B. Abraham Van der Poel 
and Antie Van den Berg. 

Feb. 6. After three B. Cornells Scermerhoorn and 
Margritie Albertti. 

Feb. 23. After three B. Jochum Van Valkenburg, 
widr. of Eva Vroman, and Jannetie Mingaal, wid. of Lam- 
berd Van Aalsteyn. 

Apr. 29. After three B. Andries Huyck and Maria 

May 23. After three B. Meyndert Marselis and Tyke 

July 4. After three B. Jacob Van Valkenburg and 
Christy na Wenne. 

July 4. After three B. Johannes Huyck and Eva 

Aug. 13. After three B. Xicolaes Gardenier and 
Rachel Wenne. 

Oct. 5. With L. Pieter Cojeman and Elizabeth 

Oct. 26. After three B. Levynus Harmensen and Cat- 
ryna Van den Berg. 

Nov. 5. With L. Andries Nack and Jannetie Le 

Dec. 27. After three B. Thomas Berrit and Barentie 

1 7 14, Jan. 15. With L. Joannes Beekman and Hester 

Feb. 6. Three B. Leendert Conyn and Henderikie Kool. 

Feb. 15. Three B. Kilyaen Wenne and Marretie Kool. 

Feb. 17. With L. Jacobus Schoonhoven and Susanna 

Apr. 16. Three B. Arent Scermerhoorn and Antie 

June 4. Three B. Philip Van Vechten and Engeltie 
Van Deusen. 

June 13. With L. Joannes Lansingh and Geertruy 

June 23. Three B. Jacob Scermerhoorn and Agnietie 
Van Vegten. 

July 24. Three B. Elderd Ouderkerk and Helena 
Sophia Knipping. 

Aug. 22. Three B. Andries Gardenier and Sara Van 

Aug. 28. Three B. Dirck Hagedoorn and Maria V :y- 

Sept. 22. Gerrit Dingmans, b. and 1. at K., and Cor- 
nelia Gardeinier, b. in Westchester Co., 1. at K. 


Sept. 24. Three B. Nicolaas Bossy and Cornelia Peter- 
sen Brouwer. 

Oct. 15. Three B. Joannes Becker and Cornelia Uzile. 

Oct. 24. With L. Tobias Ten Broeck and Marretie 
Van Stryen. 

Nov. 4. Three B. Jacob Gardenier, y. m., and Cor- 
nelia Van der Schuive, wid. of Antony Bassaleyn. 

Nov. 6. With L. Theunis Harmensen and Rachel Gan- 

Nov. 9. With L. Juryaan Hoghen and Maria Beek- 

Nov. 13. With L. Pieter Conyn and Alida De Wan- 

Nov. 21. With L. Arent Pruirn and Catharyna Gan- 

Nov. 26. With L. Dirck Ten Broeck and Margarita 

Dec. 2. With L. Nicolaes Schuyler and Elsie Wendel. 

Dec. 18. With L. Sander Glen and Rebecka Swits. 

Dec. 18. With L. Jacob Beckman and Debora Hansen. 

Dec. 28. With B. Barent Bratt and Maria Rykmans. 

Dec. 29. With L. Joannes Ten Broeck and Catharina 
Van Renselaar. 

I 7 I 5» J an - 8. With B. Joannes Roelefsen Van der 
Werke and Margarieta Baar. 

March 11. W r ith B. Hendrik Van Wie and Hilletie 

March 18. With B. Wlllem Ketelhuin and Maria 

March 28. With L. Walter Barheit and Rachel Wenne. 

May 8. With B. Claes Egmond, y. m., and Marretie 
Bronck, wid. of Wenne. 

May 13. With L. Arnout DeGraaf and Ariaentie Van 
der Volge. 

May 24. With B. Petrus Van Woerd and Ariaentie 
Van den Bergh. 

May 31. With B. Joannes Kool and Rachel Bon. 

June 5. With B. Joannes Muller and Elizabeth Halen- 

June 7. With L. Marten Van Bergen and Catryna De 

Aug. 18. With L. Tobias Ryckman and Helena Beck- 

Oct. 27. With L. Gerrit Lansingh and Elizabeth 

Nov. 18. With L. Jacob Halenbeek and Maria 

Nov. 20. With B. Wynant Van den Bergh and Aaltie 
Van Ness. 


Nov. 24. With L. Joannes De Peyster and Anna 

Dec. 13. With B. Hieroon V. Vlieren and Margarita 

Dec. 31. With L. Andries Gardenier and Syntie Gar- 

1 7 16, Jan. 15. With B. Abram Fort and Anna Bar- 
bara Knoet. 

Feb. 3. With B. Pieter Bratt and Cristina Bouman. 

Feb. 10. With B. Matheus Vlensburgh and Maria Van 

Feb. 28. With L. Theunis Eghbertsen and Engeltie 

Apr. 22. With B. Dirck Van der Heyde and Ekbertie 

Apr. 29. With B. Lucas Van Vechten and Tanna 

Apr. 30. With B. Jeplita Cornelissen and Cristina 

Apr. 30. With L. Hendrik Anthony and Eva Visscher. 

May 20. With B. Samuel Criegier and Geertruy 

June 2. W 7 ith B. Matheus Van Deusen and Engeltie 

July 1. With L. Rutgert Melchersen and Margariet 

July 22. With L. Anthony Bratt and Rebecka Van 
der Heyde. 

Aug. 12. With L. Jacob Roseboom and Geertruy 

Oct. 19. With B. Jacob Egmond and Anna Lansingh. 

Oct. 24. With L. Wilhelmus Van den Bergh and 
Gerretie Van den Bergh. 

Nov. 9. W T ith B. Willem Hoogtelinck and Helena 

Nov. 16. With L. Claes Fonda and Anna Mareelis. 

Nov. 29. With L. Joannes Wendel and Anna Kip. 

Dec. 7. With B. Barent Barhayt and Cornelia Quack- 

1717, Jan. 20. With B. John Tannson and Maria 

Feb. 18. With B. Pieter Vosburgh and Dirckie Van 

Feb' 26. With L. Leendert Bronck and Anna De 

March 24. With B. Joannes Redly and Selin Jets. 

Apr. 6. With B. Jakob Brouwer and Maria Bovy. 

May 24. With L. ~ Mathias Van den Bergh and Cata- 
lvna Van Deusen. 


Sept. 6. With B. Joannes Van der Wilge and Cath- 
arina Heyps. 

Oct. 8. With L. Petrus Douw and Anna Van Ren- 

Oct. 14. With B. Simon Vrooman and Eytie Delmond. 

Nov. 13. With B. Joannes Beckingh and Sara Van 

. Nov. 28. With L. Isaak Wendel and Catelvna Van 

Dec. 15. With L. Jacob Glen and Sara Wendel. 

1 7 18, March 23. With B. Joannes Barhayt and Cata- 
lyna Dinghsmans. 

Apr. 10. With L. David Van Dyck and Christyna Ten 

May 14. With L. Jacob Scherrnerhoorn and Johanna 

May 16. With L. Lambert Kool and Catalyna Van 

May 20. With B. Joannes Van Zanten and Sara 

May 30. With L. Ruben Van Vegten and Geertruy 

May 30. With B. Hendrik Gardenier and Margarita 
Van Woerd. 

June 29. W r ith L. Meindert Wimph and Alida De 

June 30. With L. Joannes Symonsen and Susanna 

Aug. 21. With L. Robbert Tewezen and Geertruy Van 

Aug. 22. With L. Jessey De Forest and Neeltie Ouak- 

Sept. 4. With L. Joannes Maazen and Rebecka Fonda. 

Sept. 12. With B. Hans Jurryaen Gunterman and 
Anna Elizabeth Melchior. 

Sept. 25. With B. Dirck Van der Karre and Magda- 
lena Baart. 

Oct. 19. With L. Dirk Nieukerk and Anna Vischer. 

Oct. 23. W T itft LT Gerrit Lansingh and Engel Van 

Nov. 8. With B. David Foreest and Abigael Van 

Nov. 30. With L. Jan Wimph and Helena Van Tricht. 

Dec. 2. With B. Hendrik Halcnbeek and Susanna 

Dec. 12. With L. Thomas Van Aalsteyn and Maria 
Van Alen. 

17 19, Jan. 16. With B. Claes Van den Bergh and Anna 


May 1 8. With L. John Nieuwkerk and Dorothe Douw. 

May 1 8. With B. Moses Ingerson and Tryntie Van 

May 19. With B. Capt. Phillip Schuyler, widr. of 
Elizabeth De Mejer, and Catryna Scherph, wid. of Ritsiert 

May 23. With B. Cornells Sluyter. and Anna Woed- 

May 25. With B. John Reypel and Catryna Eshoven. 

May 28. With B. Joseph Jets and Hendrickie Hoogh- 

June 10. With L. Anthoni Kip and Catalyna Kip. 

June 19. With B. John Zeegers and Brcchie Wielaars. 

July 14. With L. Marten Van Buuren and Maria Van 
den Bergh. 

Aug. 5. With L. Jan Van Aalsteyn and Maria Staats. 

Sept. 6. With B. Dirk Bratt, Jr., and Cornelia Wal- 

Sept. 6. With B. Stoffel Muller and Halenbeek. 

Sept. 20. With B. Jacob Quakkenbosch and Geertruy 
Van der Werken. 

Sept. 21. With B. Daniel Brodhead and Hester Wyn- 

Oct. 4. With B. Theunis Slingerland and Elizabeth 
Van der Zee. 

Oct. 9. With B. Joannes De Garmoy and Eckbertie 

Oct. 11. With B. Abraham Vosburgh and Geertie Van 
den Bergh. 

Oct. 21. With L. Marten Vosburgh and Eytie Van 

Nov. 8. With B. Christyaan Syansch and Catryna Van 

Nov. 21. With L. John Bassett and Susanna Beek- 

Dec. 20. With B. Phillip Witbeek and Anna Wil- 

Dec. 25. With B. Marten Van Deusen and Ell- 
Van der Poel. 1 

Dec. 29. With L. Barent Van Buuren and Maria 

1720, Jan. 19. With B. Willem Walderom and Eliza- 
beth Beekman. 

Jan. 21. With B. Pieter Wenne, J!, and Rachel V. - 

Jan. 30. With B. Pieter Vosburgh. J., and Helena 

May 3. With L. Jacob Van der Heyden and Hest 


May 15. With B. Joannes Ouderkerk and Jannetie 

July 7. With L. Cornelis Van Hoorn and Joanna 

July 17. With L. David Schuyler and Anna Brad. 

Aug. 22. With L. Uldrik Van Franken and Geertruy 

Sept. 15. With L. Gozen Van Schayck and Neeitie 

Sept. 23. With B. Ephraim Bogardus and Agnietie De 

Sept. 23. With L. Christophel Abeel and Margarita 

Oct. 10. With B. Abraham Van Deusen and Anna 

Nov. 13. With L. Thomas Sharp and Maria Dewarran. 

Nov. 27. With L. Benjamin Bratt and Magdalena 

Dec. 4. With L. Gysbert Rooseboom and Christina 

Dec. 16. With B. Williaem Liddeson and Elizabeth 

Dec. 29. With L. Phillip Schuyler and Margarita 

17 21, Jan. 10. With B. Tobias Van Buuren and Anna 

Jan. 11. With B. Barent Vosburg and Jannetie Van 

Feb. 3. With L. John Van Aalsteyn and Cathrina 

Feb. 7. With B. William Rogiers and Susanna Foreest. 

Feb. 26. With B. Benjamin Van Vlek and Anna Gil- 

March 20. With B. Wynant Van den Bergh and Anna 

June 16. With B. Jochum Calliers and Christina Vos- 

June 18. With B. Roelef Kidny and Engel Burner. 

July[?] i[?]. With L. Cornelis' Van Dyck and Maria 

July 10. Abraham and Christina (Pros.). 

July 11. With B. Abraham Van Arahem and Alida 

July 15. With L. John Oothout and Chathalyna Van 

Aug. 20. With L. Henry Beekman and Jennit Living- 

Oct. 8. With L. John Walters and Sara Winne. 

Oct. 21. With B. Caspar Ham and Anna Leych. 


Nov. 5. With B. Jonas Bronk and Antie Conyn. 

Nov. 6. With B. Akes Bratt and Margarita Knoet. 

Nov. 8. With L. John Walrave and Anna Ridder. 

Nov. 12. With B. Harmen Van Aalsteyn and Dorothee 
Van SlycV 

Dec. 2. With B. Meyndert Van Iveren and Ariaentie 

Dec. 26. With B. Williaem Garland and Man* Lues. 

Dec. 28. With L. Marten Beekman and Geertruy 

1722, Jan. 2. With B. Charles Cunstable and Mary 

Jan. 3. With B. Gerrit Ridder and Anna Van den 

Apr. 22. With B. Augustinus Turk and Anna Ketel- 

May 24. With B. Johannes Vosburgh and Maria Van 

June 5. With L. Joh. Schoonmaker and Johanna Van 

June 9. With B. Jacob Sneyder and Elizabeth F- 

June 25. With B. Gerrit Vanden Berg and Alida Van 

June 26. With B. Thomas Wyllaer and Chath. Haver. 

July 24. With B. Jan Evertsen and Elizabeth Bou- 

July 29. With B. John Robberts and Susanna Lyster. 

Sept. 18. With L. Laurens Claassen and Susanna 
We Hive. 

Sept. 19. With B. John Schuts and Maria Kool. 

Sept. 20. With L. Frederick Van Cortlandt and Maria 
Van Rensselaar. 

Nov. 2. WithB. Isack Van Arnhem and Salisbury. 

Nov. 4. With L. Pieter Schuyler, J r , and Chatharina 
Groesbeek. - \ ,' 

Nov. 16. With L. Arent Van Dyck and - Van Men. 

Dec. 1. With L. Harmannus Schuyler and Jane 

Dec. 9. With L. Henry Cuyler, J r ., and Margarita Van 

Dec. 22. With L. Dirk Scherluyn and Maria Van N 

1723, Jan. 8. With B. Arien Gardenier and Elyial 
Van Slyk. 

March 7. With B. Pieter Bennewe and Anna Fort. 

Apr. 25. With L. John Hansen and Sara Cuyler. 

May 11. With B. David Qu:ukkenbosch and .'. 

June 9. With L. Johannes Marselis and Johanna B 

l 7 

June 17. With B. Joh. Jac. Eahl [?] and Johanna Van 

July 8. With B. Williaem Halenbeek and Cornelia 

July 16. With B. David Tr .iplank and Ariaentie 
Kojemans. * 

Oct. 5. With B. Van Aalsteyn and . At 

John Beekrnan's. 

Oct. 7. With L. Jacobus Van Alen and Helena Van 

Oct. 10. With B. Jacob Van Aalsteyn and Pietertie 
Van Yveren. 

Oct. 17. With B. Jacob V. Woert and Hendrikkie 

Nov. 1. With L. John Bensley and Lidia Van Ben- 

1724, Jan. 4. With B. Lambert Rettelyf and Anna 
Van Santen. 

Jan. 15. With B. Mathew Fanine and Mary Patrik. 

Jan. 16. With L. Joh. V. D. Heyde and Rachel V. D. 

Jan. 24. With B. Abr. Ouderkerk and Ariaentie Van 

Jan. 24. With B. Joh. Slingerlant and Anna Slinger- 

Feb. 4. With B. Caspar Conyn and Hendrickie Van 

March 7. With B. Pieter Fonda and Maria Beekman. 

Apr. 1. With L. John Dunbaarr and Maria Van 

Apr. 8. With B. Martinus Van Olinde and Jannetie 
Van der Werke. 

Apr. 20. With B. Claes Becker and Jannetie Van der 

Apr. 20. With L. Johannes Goes and Jannatie Van 

May 13. With B. Joh. Huyk and Madel Van Vlieren. 

June 4. With B. Pieter Uzile and Anna Ackerson. 

July 4. W T ith B. Rejer Schermerhoorn and Geertie Ten 

July 5. With L. Th. Slingerlant and Cornelia Kip. 

July 7 . With B . John Sithnem and Vol kie Van Hoesen . 

Aug. 20. W T ith B. Gerrit Van Nes and Sara Van den 
Berg [see Sept. 11]. 

Sept. 8. With B. Comclis Van Buuren and Maria 

Sept. 11. With B. Gerrit Van Nes and Sara Van Den 
Bergh [see Aug. 20]. 

Oct. 12. With B. Theunis Viele and Maria Fonda. 

Oct. 25. 

With L. 

Oct. 30. 

With B. 


Nov. 10. 

With L. 


Nov. 11. 

With B. 


Nov. 13. 

With B. 

Dec. 11. 

With B. 


Dec. 13. 

With L. 

Dec. 15. 

With B. 

Dec. 20. 

With B. 

Dec. 29. 

With L. 

Van Schav 



Hendr. Rooseboom and Elsie Cuyler. 
Jacobus Gardenier and Johanna 

Petrus Van Bergen and Christina 

David Groesbeek and Maria V. D. 

Daniel Hoioson and Jane Pouwel. 
Giliaen Verplank and Ariaentie V 

Joh. Bleeker and Jenn. Ten Eyck. 
Adam V. D. Bergh and Maria Spoor. 
Pieter Schuyler and Hendrickie Hun. 
Samuel Cojemans and Chatharina 

Register of the Children that have been baptized 
since July 21 of this year 1700. 

[For list of abbreviations, see page fronting index.] 

1700. July 21. Adam, ch. of Johannes Van Alen and 
Sara. Witnesses: Adam and Aeltje Dingrr.ans. 

Cornelis, of Thomas Harmense and Mekke Thomasze. 
Wit.: Gerret Van Nes, Weyntje Van Deusen. 

Henrikje, of Laurens Van Schayk and Jannetje Othout. 
Wit: Manuel Van Schayk, Maria Van Nes. 

Rachel, of Willem Van Alen and Maria Van Petten. 
Wit.: Johannes Van Alen, Elisabeth Van der Poel. 

Hermannus, of David Schuyler and Elsje Rutgers. Wit. : 
Anthony Rutgers, Anthony Bries, Henrikje Rutgers. 

Johannes, of Jacob Schermerhoren and Gerritje Hen- 
riks. Wit.: Reyer Schermerhoorn, Grictje Rykmans. 

Margariet, of Jacob Teunisz and Annigje Lokermans. 
Wit.: Jan Jansz Bleyker, Grietje Bleyker. 

Sara, of Arent Slingerlant and Geertruy Van Voust. 
Wit.: Johannes Thomasz, Anna Van V01 

Elisabeth, of Henrik Van Renselaar and Catharina Ver- 
bruggen. Wit.: Johannes Schuyler. Sara VerbraggOL 

Augustinus, of Jacob Turk and Catharina Van Bent- 
huysen. Wit.: James Peeruker, Margariet Lcvir.^>ton. 

johan, of Jacob and Marretje Conynen. Wit.: PeHx 
and Weintje Leenuersz. 

July 28. Annaetje, of Thomas Van Alsteyn and 
nigje Mingaal. Wit.: Pieter Mingaal, 

Dirk, of Abraham and Geertruy Schuyler. Wit.: 
bus Schuyler, Elsje Kuyler. 

Abraham, of Abraham and Elsje Starts. Wit.: Joel 
and Antje Staats. 



Aug. 4- Margaret, of Willem Hoogen and Martina 
Bekker. Wit.: Pieter Schuyler, Maria Van Renselaar. 

Anna, of [no parents given, perhaps the above]. Wit.: 
Abraham Wendel and sister. 

Aug. 11. Ephraim, of Johannes Lucasz Wyngaard and 
Susanna. Wit.: Hermannus Wendel, Sara Wyngaard. 

Jacob, of Wessel Ten Broek ^ad Katharina Lokerma'ns. 
Wit.: Jacob and Maria Lokermans. ^ 

Susanna, of David Ketelaar and Johanna Bratt. Wit.: 
Dirk and Susanna Bratt. 

Aug. 25. Ariaantje, of Hermanus and Anna Wendel. 
Wit.: Tjerk Hermansz, Ariaantje Wendel. 

Sept. 1. Laurens, of Gideon and Dorcas, pros. Wit.: 
Pieter and Rachel Schuyler, Canastasi, a pros. 

Samuel, of Jonathan Braadhazt and Cathalyntje Bensing. 
Wit.: Harmen Thomasz, Thomas Harmensz, Agnietje Van 

Marytje, of Willem Jacobse Van Deuse and Lysbeth 
Roseboom. Wit.: Pieter Mingaal, Gerritje Roseboom. 

Robert, of Robert Teewisz Van Deuse and Cornelia. 
Wit.: Marten and Marrytje Van Bueren. 

Sept. 8. David, of Philip and Tryntje Freest. Wit.: 
Abraham Lansing, Maria Wendel. 

Sept. 15. Gideon, of Benoni Van Korlaar and Lysbeth 
Van der Poel. Wit.: Anthony Van Schayk, Catharina 
Van der Poel. 

Jurriaan, of Claas Siewerts and Antje Claasse. Wit.: 
Henrik and Neeltje Douw. 

Jochem, of Dirk and Rachel Van der Heyden. Wit.: 
Johannes Bratt, Cornelia Van der Heyden. 

Sept. 22. Cornells, of Evert- Wendel and Lysbeth San- 
ders. -Wit.: Capt. Sanders from Sch., and Emilia Sanders. 

Rykje, of Goosse Van Schayk and Katharina Staats. 
Wit.: Jacob Staats, Benoni Van Korlaar, Rykje Staats.' 

Oct. 13. Rykje, of Hendrik Roseboom and Debora 
Staats. Wit.: Johannes Roseboom, Catharina Staats, 
wife of Goossen Van Schayk. 

Oct. 27. Anthony, of Joseph Janse and Sytje Marcelis. 
Wit.: Henrik Van Rensselaar, Maria Josephs. 

Nov. 3. William, of Jan Redly, alias Rattelife, and 
Rachel. Wit.: Henrik and Catharina Rensselaar. 

Hendrik, of Teunis Willemse and Annetje Hendriks. 
Wit. : Henrik and Marytje Van Dyk. 

Gysbert, of Henrik Franse Klaeuw and Cornelia. Wit.: 
Gysbert Andriesse Scherp, Margarita Livingston. 

Cornells, of Salomon Van Vechten and Alida Fonda. 
Wit.: Dirk Van Vechten, Helena Fonda. 

Cornells, of Daniel and Debora Ketelen. Wit.: David 
and Anna Ketelen. 


1 700-170 1 

Nov. 10. Jonas, of Andries Janse Witbeek and Engeltje 
Volkertse. Wit.: Henrik Rensselaar, Neeltje, wife of 
Nikes Douw. 

Harmen, of Isaac and Jannetje Janse. Wit.: Anthony 
and Marytje Van Schayk. 

Dec. 8. Teunis, of Albert Slingerland and Hester Bnk- 
kers. Wit.: Johannes Mingaal, Geertruy Slingerland. 

Dec. 15. Christina, of Antony Coster and Elisabeth Ten 

Broek. Wit. : Dirk Wesselse Ten Brock, Geertje Lanssing. 

Dec. 26. Harmen, of Nanning Harmense Visscher and 

Alida Vinhagel. Wit.: Johannes and Maria Harmense 


Dec. 29. Catharyn, of Jan Feyn and Alida Gardeniers. 
Wit.: Johannes Abeel, Margareta Vetch. 

Beertje, of Coenraad Hoogteeling and Tryntje Van Slyp. 
Wit.: Tames Williamse, Hilletje Gansevoort. 

1 70 1, Jan. 1. Catharina, of Gysbert Marselis and Barbar 
Groesbeek. Wit.: Ahasueros Marselis, Lysbeth Lanssing. 
Marretje, of Maarten Martense Van Buuren and Judikje 
Barentse. Wit.: Albert Rykman, Marytje Van Bueren. 

Andries, of Barent Gerritse and Geertruy Janse. Wit.: 
Goossen Van Schayk, Katharina Staats. 
Jan. 5, at Kinderhook: 

Jacob, of Johannes and Jannetje Van Hoesen. Wit.: 
Isaac and Antje Vosburg. 

Andries, of Johannes and Geertruy Scharp. Wit.: An- 
dries Scharp, Agnietje Jansse. 

Sander, of Abraham Van Aalsteyn and Maria Van Deuse. 
Wit.: Teeuwis Van Deuse, Cornelia Tysse. 

Cornelis, of Pieter Meesse Hogeboom and Jannetje. 
Wit. : Cornelis and Jannetje Mulder. 

Jan. 8. Johannes, of Johannes Beekman and Eva Vin- 
hagels. Wit.: Henrik Hansse, Neeltje Ten Eyk. 

Jan. 12. Margarita, of Johannes Schuyler and Lysbeth 
Staats. Wit.: Jochem Staats, Margareta Schuyler. 

Geurt, of Willem Hont and Geertruy Geurt'se Schoon- 
hoven. Wit.: Antony Bratt, Anna Andriesse. 

Jan. 26. Johannes, of Ahasueros Marselis and Sara 
Heemstrate. Wit.: Dirk Takelse Heemstraat, Claartje 

Laurens, of Melchert Van der Pocl and Catharina Van 
Alen. Wit.: Willem and Marrytje Van Alen. 

Jan. 29. Timotheus, of Abigael Bogerds. Wit.: Huy- 
bertje Jeeds. 

Feb. 5. Dorothee, of Gerrit Seaouten and Lysbeth Aar- 
nolds. Wit.: Philip Bosi, Dorothee Friddi. 

Feb. 9. Mary, of Henry Holland and Jenny Sehly. 
Wit.: Capt. James Wimps [Wcems], Capt, Bennit. wid. 



Feb. 16. Egbert, of Antony and Willempje Bratt. 
Wit.: Egbert Teunisse, Marytje Bratt. 

Feb. 23. Henrik, of Cornells Scherrnerhoorn and Mar- 
ry tje Henriks. Wit.: W r essel and Lidia Ten Broek. 
' March 2. Richard, of William and Anneke Hilten. 
Wit.: John Bennit, Ritchard Bruyas, Marry Ingolsbie. 

March 19. Johanna, of Evert Van Esch and Geertje Van 
den Berg. Wit.: Hendrik and Catharina Van Esch. 

March 23. Jannetje, of Barent Ten Eyk and Neeltje 
Scherrnerhoorn. Wit.: Coenraad Ten Eyk, Johannes and 
Jannetje Beekman. 

Caspar, of Johannes Jansse and Lysbeth Leendertse. 
Wit.: Thomas Harmanse, Hilletje Gansevoort. 

Dorothea, of Henrik Douw and Neeltje Meyndertse. 
Wit.: Reynier Meyndertse, Saartje Bratt. 

March 26. Johannes, of Richart Moor and Geesje Jansse 
Salsberry. Wit.: Johannes and Gerritje Roseboom. 

Lysbeth, of Johannes Claasse Groesbeek and Geertje 
Quakkenbosch. W T it.: Claas Jacobse Groesbeek, Antje 

March 30. Neeltje, of Johannes Abeel and Cathelina 
Schuyler. Wit. : Abraham Schuyler, Lysbeth Banker. 

Apr. 6. Jacob, of Maas Cornelisze and Jacomyntje Gar- 
deniers. Wit.: Albert Rykman, Marytje Lokermans. 

Apr. 13. Rebecca, of Jan Salomonse Goewey and 
Caetje Lokermans. Wit.: Arien Oothout, Marytje Loker- 

Apr. 20. Casper, of Caspar Melchertse and Jannetje 
Schermerhorn. Wit.: Levinus Winnen, Neeltje Scherrner- 

Apr. 27. Jan, of Willem Janse and Fytje Dirks Van 
Vechten. Wit. : Gerrit Teunisse Van Vechten, Grietje Van 

Rachel, of Cornelis Bogardus and Rachel Tjerks. Wit. : 
Johannes Van Alen, Margrietje Van Tricht. 

May 4. Taakel, of Dirk Taakelsej Heemstrate and 
Claartje Quakkenbosch. Wit.: Taakel Dirkse, Saartje 
Taakels, wife of Ahasuerus Marselis. 

May n. Anna, of Jacobus Lucasse Wyngaard and Maria 
Quakkenbosch. Wit.: Claas Lucasze Wyngaard and 
Geertruy Schuylers. 

Elisabeth, of Lucas Lucasze Hoogkerke and Judith Mar- 
selis. Wit.: Ahasuerus Marselis, Geertruy Groesbeek. 

June 1. Anne, of Matthys and Susanna Warmond. 
Wit.: Jan Hanse Berheit, Alida Oothout. 

Frans, of Jurrien Fransen and Marrytje Jansse. Wit.: 
Caspar and Racheltje Van Hoesen. 

Ariaantje, of Johannes Ouderkerk and Neeltje Claasse. 
Wit.: Egbert Teunisse and wife Marvtje. 



Alida, of Elbert Gerritse and Marytje Pruyn. Wit. : 
Reyer Gerritse, Aaltje Pruym. 

June 8. Elisabeth, of Johannes and Johanna Bekker. 
Wit.: Pieter Mingaal, Annetje Appels. 

June 15. Johannes, of Philip Leendertse and Weyntje 
Dirks. Wit.: Ruth Melehertse, Neeltje Meyndertse, alias 

June 22. Lyntje, of Henrik Janse and Lyntje Winnen. 
Wit.: Levinus and Willempje Winnen. 

June 29. Lysbeth, of Jan Harris and Moeset Tassama. 
Wit.: Philip Schuyler, Lambertje Oothout. 

July 6. Claas, of Dominicus and Rebecca Van Schayk. 
Wit. : Cornelis and Jannetje Van Schayk. 

Jannetje, of Henrik and Cornelia Van Salsberry. Wit. : 
Emanuel and Rebecca Van Schayk. 

Neeltje, of Andries Lees and Ariaantje Scharp. Wit.: 
Henrik and Debora Hansse, Gysbert Scherp. 

July 13. Margariet, of Henrik Oothout and Catharina 
Douw. Wit.: Gerrit Teunisse Van der Vechte, Grietje 
Van Vechten. 

July 20. Jacob and Cornelia, chn. of Abraham Kip and 
Geesje Van der Heyden. Wit.: Johannes and JLysbeth 
Schuyler, Johannes Hansse, Rachel Van der Heyden. 

Isaac, of Jochum Staats and Antje Reyndertse. Wit.: 
Johannes Schuyler, Rykje Staats. 

Sara, of Johannes D'Wandelaar and Lysbeth Gansevoort. 
Wit.: Johannes De Wandelaar, Hilletje Gansevoort. 

Cornelis, of Evert De Ridder and Anna Van Esch. Wit. : 
Thomas Harmanse and wife Mayke. 

Aug. 3. Storm, of Wouter Van der Zee and Jannetje 
Swart. Wit.: Barent Bratt, Maria Van der Volge. 

Aug. 24. Harmen, of Frederik Harmensse Visscher and 
Margareta Hansse. Wit. : Tjerk Harmensse Visscher, 
Marytje Wendels. 

Anna, of Gerrit Lucasse Wyngaard and Sara Visscher. 
Wit.: Johannes Lucasse Wyngaard, Ariaantje Wendel. 

Aug. 31. Jannetje, of Evert Banker and Elisabeth 
Abeel. Wit.: Henrik Van Rensselaar, Marta Duyk:: 

Magdalcna, of Robbert and Wyntje Berrith. Wit.: 
Lucas Lucasze Hoogkerke, Racheltje Schuyler. 

Sept. 7. Ariaantje, of Dirk and FytjeVan der K. 
Wit.: Anthony Van Schayk, Maria Duyking, Geesse Van 

Pieter, of Johannes Groenendyk and Delia Cuyler. Wit. : 
Pieter Van Brugge, Racheltje Schuyler. 

Marrytje, of Dirk Bratt and Anna Teunisse. V 
Isaac Bratt, Anna Van der Boog. 

W T illem, of Cornelis Van den Berg and Maria Winnen. 
Wit.: Willem Gysbertse Van den Berg and Catharina 



Sept. 14. Abraham, of Isaac Ouderkerk and Maeyke 
Van Esch. Wit.: Daniel Winnen, Marrytje Van den 

Sept. 28. Marta, of Hendrik Van Dyk and Marytje 
Schuyler. Wit. : Johannes and Cathalyntje Abeel. 

Margarita, of Anthony Bries and Tryntje Rykman. 
Wit. : Harmen and Margarita Rykman. 

Margrietje, of Tames Williams and Agnietje Gansevoort. 
Wit.: Johannes De Wandelaar, Jr., Millet je Gansevoort. 

Anna, of Gerrit and Agnietje Van Wyen. Wit.: 
Levinus and Willempje Winnen. 

Douwe, of Jan Fonda and Matje Lokermans. Wit.: 
Claas and Alida Fonda. 

Oct. 3. Anna, of Johannes and Maria Bratt. Wit.: 
Dirk and Antje Bratt. 

Oct. 5. Jan, of Daniel Winnen and Dirkje Van Esch. 
Wit. : Cornells and Hendrikje Van Esch. 

Susanna, of Reynier Meyndertse and Saartje Bratt. 
Wit. : Barent and Susanna Bratt. 

Magdalena, of Henrik and Annetje Matteuse. Wit.: 
Albert Rykman, Jr., Marytje Martense. 

Jacobus, of Willem Claesse Groesbeek and Geertruy 
Schuyler. Wit.: Johannes Groesbeek, Jacobus Schuyler, 
Geertje Groesbeek. 

Oct. 12. Jacob, of Edward and Josyntje Whiler. Wit.: 
Ariaantje and Jacob Janse Gardenier. 

Oct. 26. Catharina, of Wynand Willemse Van den Berg 
and Volkje Van Hoese. Wit. : Willem Gysbertse Van den 
Berg, Catharina. 

Nov. 2. Catharina, of Caspar Van Hoesen and Racheitje 
Slingerland. Wit.: Johannes Thomasze Mingaal, Maria. 

Heyltje, of Jacob Teunisse and Annetje Lokermans. 
Wit.:. Aryen Oothout, Lammertje Lokermans. 

Nov. 19. Margarita Johanna, of Johannes Lydius and 
Isabella Rachels. Wit. : Col. Pieter Schuyler, Margarita 
Selyns, Maria Schuyler. 

Jacob, of Herbert Jacobse Van Deuse and Marrytje 
Reyertse. Wit.: Willem Jacobse Van Deuse, Lysbeth 
Van Deuse. 

Dec. 21. Jacobus, of Robbert Livingston, Jr., and 
Margarita Schuyler. Wit.: Robbert Livingston, Sr., Jo- 
hannes Schuyler, Alida Levingston. 

Teunis, of Albert and Hester Slingerland. Wit.: Arent 
and Geertruy Slingerland. 

Dec. 28. Tjerk Harmense, of Philip Wendel and Maria 
Visschers. Wit. : Frederik Harmense Visseher, Lysbeth 

Marten, of Pieter Van Buere and Ariaantje Barents. 
Wit.: Jonathan Jansse, Marrytje Van Buere. 



Henrik, of Maas Van Buere and Ariaantje Van Wie. 
Wit. : Jacob and Catelyntje Schermerhoorn. 

Racheltje, of Kaspar and Alette Conyn. Wit.: Daniel 
and Willempje Winne. 

1702, Jan. 4. Meyndert, of Pieter Vosburg and Jannetje 
Barents. Wit.: Marten Van Bueren, Judith Barents. 

At K. Caspar, of Michiel Kaljer and Tiete Van Hoesen. 
Wit.: Jan Hoes, Maeyeke Goes. 

At K. Styntje, of Coenraat Borgat and Geesje Verwey. 
Wit.: Dirk Goes, Styntje Hoes. 

At K. Antje, of Isaac Vosburg and Anna Goes. Wit.: 
Henrik Rensselaar, Catharina Van Rensselaar, Jannetje 
Van Alen. 

Jan. 11. Sybrant, of Goosse Van Schayk and Catharina 
Staats. Wit.: Antony Van Schayk, Jr., Lysbeth Van 

Jan. 18. Susanna, of Cornelis Claasse Van den Berg and 
Susanna Ouderkerk. Wit.: Antony Van Schayk, Sr., 
Marytje Van Schayk. 

Jan. 21. Thomas, of Thomas Millington and Tryntje 
Wendel. Wit.: Thomas and Marry tje Wendel. 

Gerrit, of Daniel Brat and Lysbeth Lanssing. Wit.: 
Antony Brat, Alida Lanssing. 

Feb. 1. Marrytje, of Claas Siwers and Annetje Van 
Petten. Wit.: Willem Van Alen, Sara Meynderts. 

Feb. 15. Engeltje, of Henrik and Geertruy Vrooman. 
Wit. : Henrik Van Valkenburg, Jannetje Vrooman. 

Feb. 24. Reyer, of Jacob Schermerhoorn and Gerritje 
Henriks. Wit. : Cornelis Van Buere, Jannetje Beekman. 

March 22. Johannes, of Gerrit Roseboom and Maria San- 
ders. Wit.: Willem Jacobse Van Deuse, Sara Grevenraad. 

March 25. Rebecca, of Jan Janse Van Aarnhem and 
Hester Fonda. Wit. : Jan Fonda, Marretje Lokermans. 

March 29. Johannes, of John Appelstown and Annetje 
Casparus. Wit.: Willem Hondt, Geertruy Schoonhoven. 

Apr. 3. Abraham, of Pieter DeGarmo and Catharina 
Van der Hey den. Wit.: Philip Schuyler, Johannes Thom- 
asse Mingaal, Lysbeth Schuyler. 

Teunis, of Bastiaan Harmense Visscher and Dirkje 
Teunisse. Wit.: i\ntony and Anna Bratt. 

Apr. 11. Pieter, of Willem Van Alen and Marrytje Van 
Petten. Wit.: Gerrit Van Esch, Melchert Van dor Poel 
and Christina Van Alen. 

Apr. 19. Pieter, of Harmen Knikkelbakker and Lysbeth 
Bogert. Wit.: Wouter and Antje Quakkenbosch. 

Maria, of Wouter Quakkenbosch and Cornelia Be 
Wit.: Elbert Harmense and wife Catharina. 

May 3. Joachim, of Barent Staats and Xeeltje Van den 
Berg. Wit.: Jochcm and Antje Staats. 



May 10. Bartholomaus, of Pieter Hogeboom and Jan- 
netje Muller. Wit.: Jeremias Muller, Catharina Ten 

Cornells, of Gysbert Van den Berg and Dievertje Masten. 
Wit.: Cornelis and Cornelia Van den Berg. 

Sara, of Salomon Van Vechten and Alicia Fonda. Wit.: 
Henrik and Catharina Van Rensselaar. 

May 17. Antje, of Ritchart Janse Van den Berk and 
Tryntje Hoochteeling. Wit.: Helmer Janse Jeraleman, 
Antje Jeraleman. 

May 19. At K. Jochem, of Bartholomeus Van Valken- 
burg and Catharina Van Aalsteyn. Wit.: Jochem Lam- 
bertse Van Valkenburg, Eva Van Valkenburg. 

At K. Bartholomaeus, of Isaac Van Aalsteyn and Jan- 
net je Van Valkenburg. Wit.: Abraham Van Aalsteyn, 
Margarita Van Valkenburg. 

At K. Lysbeth, of Samuel Gardeniers and Helena Bye. 
Wit.: Burger Huyck, Rachel Dingmans. 

May 24. Weyntje, of Johannes Van Vechten and 
Marytje Bogardus. Wit.: Volkert Van Vechten, Antje 

June 14. Hermanus, of Frans Winnen and Elsje Ganse- 
voort. Wit.: Henrik Hansse, Hilletje Gansevoort. 

Sybrand, of Adriaan Quakkenbosch and Catharina Van 
Schayk. Wit.: Goosse Van Schayk, Lysbeth Corlaar. 

June 21. David, of Pieter Quakkenbosch and Neeltje 
Marens. Wit. : Dirk and Claartje Van Heemstrate. 

June 28. Ida, of Teunis Van Slyk and Jannitje Hend- 
rikse. Wit.: Levinus Winnen, Catharina Van Schayk. 

July 5. Claas, of Arent Schayk and Maria Van Loon. 
Wit. : Wynand Van den Berg, Lysbeth De Wandelaar. 

Harbert, of Thys Janse Hoes and Cornelia Van Deuse. 
Wit. : Ruth and Catelyntje Van Deuse. 

Johannes, of Jan and Geesje Albertse. Wit.: Willem 
Claasse Groesbeek, Geertruy Groesbeek. 

July 26. Egbert, of Antony Bratt and Willempje 
Teunisse. Wit.: Egbert Teunisse and wife Marrytje. 

Alida, of Jacob Lanssing and Helena Pruyn. Wit.: 
Henrik Lanssing, Antje Y verse. 

Aug. 2. Maria, of Kiliaan Van Rensselaar and Maria 
Van Cortland. Wit. : Pieter Schuyler, My Lady Cornbury. 

Aug. 9. Pieter, of Lambert Van Alstein and Jannetje 
Mingaal. Wit.: Pieter Mingaal, Margarita Roseboom. 

Aug. 16. Dorothea, of Volkert Douw and Margarita 
Van Tricht. Wit. : Willem Teller, Elisabeth Van far Poel. 

Margarita, of Pierre Benoit and Hendrikje Schoonltoven. 
Wit.: Hendrik and Maria Van Schoonhoven. 

Rachel, of Patrik Magrigeri and Sydje Hoogteeling. 
Wit.: Albert Rvkman, Lysbeth Rosier. 



Pietertje, of Henrik Douw and Neeltje Meynder.s. Wit.: 
Volkert Van Vechten, Lydia Ten Broek. 

Aug. 30. Gerrit, of Laurens Van Schayk and Jannetje 
Oothout. Wit.: Gerrit and Maria Van Esch, Maeyke 

Sara, of Levinus Winnen and Willempje Vile. Wit. : 
Francois Winnen, Agnietje Conyn. 

Geertje, of Barent Ten Eyck and Neeltje Schermerhoorn. 
Wit.: Cornelis Schermerhoorn, Geertje Ten Evck. 

Andries, of Gysbert Andnesse Scharp and Lysbeth 
Jansse Goewey. Wit.: Aryen and Lammertje Oothout. 

Sept. 6. Edward, of Herry Holland and Jenny Sehly. 
Wit.: My lord Cornbury, Maria Van Rensselaar. 

Barent, of Marten Van Bueren and Judith Barents. 
Wit.: Johannes and Elsje Cuyler. 

Sept. 20. Nicolaas, of Johannes Bleeker, Jr., and Anna 
Coster. Wit.: Nicolaas Bleeker, Gerretje Roseboom. 

Henrikje, of Thomas Harmense Hun and Mayke Ooth- 
out. Wit.: Ruth Melchertse Van Deuse, Kaatje Oothout. 

Sept. 27. Jannetje, of Gerrit Roelofse Van der Werk 
and Maria De Voor. Wit. : Albert and Aaltje Van der 

Geurt Henrikse, of Abraham Van Deuse and Jacomyntje 
Van Schoonhoven. Wit.: Jacobus and Marytje Van 

Marrytje, of Abraham Wendel and Maeyke Van Esch. 
Wit. : Henrik Van Esch, Anna Ridders. 

Oct. 4. Anna, of John Whoodkok and Ariaantje Gar- 
denier. Wit.: Jonathan Braadhast, Aaltje Fyn. 

Helena, of Henrik Van Rensselaar and Catharina Van 
Brug. Wit.: Ciliaan and Maria Van Rensselaar. 

Oct. 18. Jacobus, of Johannes Van Alen and Sara Ding- 
mans. Wit* : Laurens and Maria Van Alen. 

Jan, of Jan Fyn and Alida Gardenier. Wit.: Jan 
Woodkok, Ariaantje Gardenier. 

Oct. 25. Johannes, of Dirk Taakelse Heemstrate and 
Claartje Ouakkenbos. Wit.: Pieter Quakkenbos. Maria 

Nov. i. Katharina, of Abraham Staats and Elsje Wen- 
del. Wit.': Johannes Schuyler. Rykje Staats. 

Lysbeth, of Johannes Knikkelbakker and Anna Ouaek- 
enbosch. Wit.: Harmen and Lysbeth Knikkelbakker. 

Nov. 4. Elisabeth, of William Hond and Geertruy 
Schoonhoven. Wit.: Henrik Van Schoonhoven, Maria 

Nov. 22. Maria, of Jacob Van Hoese and Judith Clacuw. 
Wit.: Hendrik Hansse, Racheltje Van Hoese. 

Jacob, of Harmanus Wendel and Anna Glen. Wit.: 
Jonas Douw, Maria Van Vechten. 



Nov. 25. Maria, of Johannes Cuyler and Elsje Ten 
Broek. Wit.: Johannes Van Alen, Katharina Cuyler. 

Harnien, of Johannes De Wandelaar and Lysbeth Ganse- 
voort. Wit.: Thomas "Williams, Sara Van Brag. 

Nov. 29. AHda, of Johannes Beekman and Eva Vin- 
hagel. Wit. : Johannes Vinhagel, Debora Hansse. 

Johannes, of Adriaan Oothout and Lammertje Loker- 
mans. Wit.: Thomas Harmensse Hun, Maeyke Hun. 

Dec. 2. Maria, of Samuel Doksi and Barbar Goewey. 
Wit.: Jan Salomonse Goewey, Maria Van Rensselaar. 

Cornelia, of Pieter Walderon and Tryntje Van den Berg. 
Wit. : Cornelis and Maria Van den Berg. 

Dec. 6. Anna Margarita, of Antony Van Schayk and 
Maria Van der Poel. Wit. : Evert Banker, Gerritje Van 

Cornelis, of Daniel Keteluyn and Debora Vile. Wit.: 
Kornelis Vile, Johannes Dykman, Anna Kaneel. 

Dec. 20. Gerrit, of Cornelis Van Esch and Maria Van 
den Berg. Wit.: Cornelis and Gerritje Van den Berg. 

Dec. 25. Jannetje, of Barent Gerritse Van den Berg and 
Geertruy Janse Witbeek. Wit.: Johannes Claasse, Geertje 

Margarita, of Johannes Hansse and Sara De Foreest. 
Wit.: Henrik Hansse, Catelina De Foreest. 

Dec. 27. Geertruy, of Johannes Roseboom and Gerritje 
Coster. Wit.: Henrik Roseboom, Jr., Elisabeth Groes- 

1703, Jan. 3. At K. Frans, of Lambert Valkenburg 
and Jannetje Claeuw. Wit.: Jochem Valkenburg, Tryntje 
Van Aalstein. 

Barentje, of Pieter Slyk and Anna Hansse. Wit.: Lam- 
bert Huyck, Rachel Dingemans. 

Jan. 10. Maria, of Melchert Van der Poel, Jr.. and 
Catharina Van Ale. Wit. : Gerrit Wynandse Van der Poel, 
Willem Gysbertse, Catharina Van den Berg. 

Jan. 27. Teunis, of Andries Bratt and Cornelia Verwey. 
Wit. : Johannes and Maria Mingaal. 

Tames, of Jan Herris and Moeset Tassama. Wit.: Col. 
Pieter Schuyler, Maria Van Rensselaar. 

Feb. 7. Maria, of Johannes Van Alen and Christina Ten 
Broek. Wit.: Willem Van Alen, Styntje Ten Broek. 

Feb. 10. Elisabeth, of William Hilten and Anna Barko. 
Wit.: James Parker, Caatje Oothout. 

Feb. 21. Abraham, of Philip De Foreest and Tryntje 
Kip. Wit.: Levinus Winnen. Maria Wendel. 

Feb. 28. Judith, of William Hogen and Anna Bekker. 
Wit.: Colonel Staats, Jacobus and Catharina Turk. 

Lyntje, of Hendrik Witbik and Lyntje Winnc. Wit.: 
Jeremias Mulder and Teuntje Janse. 



March 3. Hendnk, of Hendrik Roseboom and Debora 
Staats. Wit. : Gerrit and Gerritje Roseboom. 

March 21. Elisabeth, of Willem Van Deuse and Lys- 
beth Roseboom. Wit.: Gerrit Roseboom, Marytje Van 

Jannetje, of Ritchard Moor and Geesje Salsberry. Wit. : 
Jan Lanssing, Anna Coster. 

March 26. Johannes, of Stephanus Groesbeek and Elisa- 
beth Lansing. Wit.: Jan Lanssing, Barbar Marselis. 

Apr. 4. Maria, of Abraham Cuyler and Catharina 
Bleeker. Wit.: Nicolaas Bleeker, Rachel Schuyler. 

Apr. 25. Marten Cornelisse, of Jonathan Witbeek and 
Catharina Van Bueren. Wit.: Henrik Rensselaar, Mag- 
dalena Van Bueren. 

Gerrit Teunisse, of Volkert Van Vechten and Lydia Ten 
Broek. W r it.: Dirk Wesselse Ten Broek, Grietje Van 

Pieter, of Cornelis Claasse and Susanna Ouderkerk. 
Wit.: Wouter Quakkenbosch, Neeltje Van den Berg. 

Pieter, of Jacob Winnen and Maria Bronk. Wit. : Leen- 
dert Bronk, Susanna Wendel. 

May 16. Johannes, of Johannes Barheith and Catharina 
Gilbert. Wit.: Jan Gilbert, Albert Rykman, Cornelia 

May 30. David, of Gideon and Dorcas, pros.. Wit.: 
Stephanus Groesbeek, Isabella Lydius. 

William, of Johannes Harmanse Visscher and Elisabeth 
Nottingham. Wit. : Bastiaan Harmanse Visscher, Geertruy 

Johannes, of Jacobus Lucasse Wyngaard and Maria 
Quakkenbosch. Wit. : Pieter and Machtilda Quakkenbosch. 

June 6. Jannetje, of Johannes Abeel and Catelyntje 
Schuyler. Wit.: Willem Groesbeek, Jacobus Schuyler, 
Catharina Van der Poel. 

June 13. Lucas, of Henrik Van Salsbefg and Cornelia 
Van Schaak. Wit.: Cornelis Teeuwisse Mulder, Hilletje 

Rachel, of Jurriaan Claeuw and Maria Jansse. Wit.: 
Wessel Ten Broek, Maria Claeuw. 

Samuel, of Willem Jansse and Fytje Dirkse Van Vechten. 
Wit.: Philip Leendertse Conyn, Anna Van' Vechten. 

Laurens, of Teunis Pieterse and Margarita Laurensse. 
Wit.: Hendrik Jansse Witbeek. Lyntje Witbeek. 

Franciscus, of Johannes Van Hoesen and Jannetje 
Jansse. Wit.: Jan Harding. Fytje Van Schaak. 

Sara, of Jan Van Hoesen and Jannetje Van Schaak. 
Wit.: Pieter and Jannetje Vosburg. 

June 20. Hendrik, of Coenraad Hoogteeling and Tryntje 
Van Slvk. Wit. : Henrik and Debora Hansse. 

2 9 


Isaac, of Marten Van Aalstein and Jannetje Cornelisse. 
Wit.: Cornells and Maria Bogaart. 

Anna, of Gerrit Rykse and Barbara Jansse. Wit. : Claas 
Gerritse, Antje Pruyn. 

June 27. Henrik, of Gerrit Van Wie and Annetje Conyn. 
Wit.: Johannes Van Wie, Tanna Conyn. 

July 2. Isaac, of Cornelis Swits and Hester Visscher. 
Wit.: Isaac and Susanna Swits. 

July 11. Neeltje, of Johannes Ouderkerk and Neeltje. 
Wit. : Cornelis and Marytje Van Esch. 

July 25. Christiaan, of Jillis De la Grange and Jenneke 
Adriaanse. Wit: Johannes and Eva Beekman. 

Aug. 1. Alida, of Nanning Harmense Visscher and 
Alida Vinhagel. Wit.: Johannes Vinhagel, Johannes 
Beekman, Sara Wyngaard. 

Celia, of Joseph Jansse and Sytje Marselis. Wit.: Gys- 
bert Marselis, Johanna Yeads. 

Aug. 8. Christina, of Roelof De Duytscher and Jannetje 
Brissi. Wit. : Claas and Antje Brissi. 

Pieter, of Henrik Fransse Claeuw and Cornelia Scharp. 
Wit. : Henrik and Debora Hansse. 

Aug. 15. xYbraham, of Abraham Van Aalsteyn and 
Maria Van Deuse. Wit.: Pieter and Margarita Mingaal. 

Jannetje, of Dirk Van der Karre and Sophia Van Schaak. 
Wit. : Goosse and Gerrit je Van Schayk. 

Rykaart, of Henrik Hansse and Debora Van Dam. 
Wit.: Johannes Beekman, Sara Hansse. 

Aug. 22. Pietertje, of Reynier Meyndertse and Sara 
Bratt. Wit. : Egbert and Marrytje Teunisse. 

Aug. 29. Abraham, of Lucas Janse Witbeek and Cathar- 
ina Van Deuse. Wit. : Ruth and Weyntje Van Deuse. 

Bernardus, of Johannes Bratt and Maria Keteluin. Wit. : 
Daniel Keteluin, Marrytje Egbertse. 

Sept. 5. Adam, of Cornelis Van den Berg and Maria 
Winne. Wit.: Jacob Teunisse, Catelyntje Winne. 

Neeltje, of Joha.nnes Claasse Groesbeek and Geertje 
Quakkenbosch. Wit.: Wouter and Neeltje Ouakkenbosch. 

Sept. 12. Jacobus, of John Rattelief and Rachel Valken- 
burg. Wit.: Lambert Huyk, Geertruy Scherluyn. 

Sept. 19. Henrik, of Johannes Groenendyk and Delia 
Cuyler. Wit. : Meindert Schuyler, Catharina Cuyler. 

Rachel, of Dirk Van der Heyden and Rachel Keteluyn. 
Wit.: Coenraet Ten Eyk, Margarita Colins. 

Jan, of Ritchart Jansse and Tryntje Hoogteeling. Wit: 
Coenraat and Rachel Hoogteeling. 

Gerrit, of Cornelis Van den Berg and Maria Van Buere. 
Wit.: Reyer Gerritse, Marretje Van Deuse. 

Oct. 1. Pieter, of Maarten Delmont and Lysbeth Vide. 
Wit. : Abraham and Catharina Cuyler. 



Oct. 3. Laurens, of Stephanus Van Alen and Maria 
Muller. Wit.: Laurens Van Alen, Hilletje Muller. 

Jacob, of Herbert Jacobse Van Deuse and Marretje Ger- 
ritse. Wit.: Elbert and Marytje Gerntse. 

Oct. 10. Geertruy, of Kiliaan Van Rensselaar and 
Maria Van Cortland. Wit. : Henrik and Catharina Van 
Rensselaar, Olof Van Cortland. 

Ariaantje, of Gerrit Lucasze Wyngaard and Sara Vis- 
scher. Wit. : Bastiaan Visscher, Maria Wendel. 

Oct. 17. Adrianus, of Evert Banker and Elisabeth 
Abeel. Wit.: Kiliaan Van Rensselaar, Isabella Lydius. 

Jacobus, of William Turner and Abigail Bogard. Wit.: 
Albert Rykman, St., Anna Gansevoort. 

Eva, of Antony Bries and Tryntje Rykman. Wit.: 
Wessel and Catharina Ten Broek, Harmen Rutgers. 

Oct. 24. Eva, of Claas Siwers and Antje Van Putten. 
Wit.: Reynier Meyndertse, Maeyke Hun. 

Katharina, of Matthys Nak and Agnietje Schaats. Wit.: 
Jan Nak, Sampson Bessing, Sophia Nak. 

Oct. 31. Ariaantje, of Evert Van Esch and Geertje Van 
den Berg. Wit. : Cornelis Van Esch, Gerritje Van den 

Willem, of Willem Rees and Maria Goewey. Wit.: 
Samuel Doksi, Saartje Goewey. 

Nov. 7. Thomas, of Tames Williams and Agnietje Gan- 
sevoort. Wit.: Johannes De Wandelaar, Maria Ganse- 

Johannes, of Jan Fonda and Matje Lokermans. Wit.: 
Jacob Teunisse, Hester Fonda. 

Nov. 24. Jannet, of Robbert Livingston, Jr. and Mar- 
garita Schuyler. Wit.: Antony Van Schayk, John Colins, 
Geertje Lanssing. 

Dec. 1. Henrik, of Jacob Lanssing and Helena Pruyn. 
Wit.: Johannes Pruyn, Huybert Van den Berg, Lysbeth 

Dec. 12. Magtel, of Isaac Lanssing and Jannetje Beek- 
man. Wit.: Gerrit and Elsje Lansing. 

Dec. 15. Jannetje, of Emanuel Van Schaak and Mar- 
garita Wyngaard. Wit.: Gerrit Lucasse Wyngaard. Sara 

Anna, of Henrik Oothout and Catharina Douw. Wit.: 
Jan Jansse Bleeker, Lydia Van Vechten. 

Martinus, of Cornelis Van Aalstein and Maria Van den 
Berg. Wit.: Marten and Jannetje Van Aalst 

Dec. 19. Catharina, of David Schuiler and Elsje Rut- 
gers. Wit.: Harmen Rutgers, Isaac Verplankc. Maria 

Johannes, of John Colinson and Rebecca Brat. Wit.: 
Barent Brat, Maria Slingerlant. 



Dec. 24 Anna, of Barent Staats and Neeltje Van den 
Berg. Wit. : Jochem and Anna Staats. 

Rykje, of Goosse Van Schayk and Catharina Staats. 
Wit. : Jacob and Rykje Staats. 

Dec. 25. Albertus, of Johannes Bekker and Anna Van 
der Zee. Wit. : Barent Bratt and Maria Lokermans. 

Kiliaan, of Evert De Ridder and Anna Van Esch. Wit, : 
Kiliaan and Maria Van Rensselaar. 

1704, Jan. 1. Geertruy, of Thomas Witbeek and Jan- 
netje Van Deuse. Wit.: Johannes Van Vechten, Engeltje 
Van Deuse. 

Jan. 2. Albertus, of Arent Slingerland and Geertruy 
Van Voste. Wit.: Albert and Hester Slingerland. 

Johannes, of Caspar Van Hoesen and Racheltje Slinger- 
land. Wit.: Johannes and Maria Mingaal. 

Jan. 5. Antony, of Wouter Van der Zee and Jannetje 
Swart. Wit.: Antony Brat, Johannes Lansing, Jr., Elsje 

Jan. 8. Ytje, of Coenraad Borgert and Geesje Van Wie. 
Wit.: Burger Huyk, Catharina Van Wie. 

Andries, of Johannes Scharp and Geertruy Rees. Wit. : 
Gysbert and Neeltje Scharp. 

Abraham . of Cornelis Martense and Cornelia Van Vreden- 
burg. Wit.: Abraham and Marrytje Van Aalstein. 

Hilletje, of Pieter Hogeboom and Jannetje Muller. 
Wit.: Stephanus Van Alen, Hilletje Muller. 

Jan. 12. Andries, of Johannes Witbeek and Lysbeth 
Conyn. Wit.: Andries Douw, Anna Gansevoort. 

Jan. 19. Kiliaan, of Daniel Winne and Dirkje Van Esch. 
Wit.: Albert Rykman, Jr., Maria Rykman. 

Jan. 30. Suster, of Daniel Keteluyn and Debora Viele. 
Wit.:, Dirk and Rachel Van der Heyde. 

Johannes, of Lucas Lucasse Van Hoogkerke and Judith 
Marselis. Wit.: Evert Banker, Rachel Schuyler. 

Feb. 6. John, of John Whoodkok and Ariaantje Gar- 
denier. Wit.: Gerrit Roseboom, Lysbeth Wendel. 

Aaltje, of Isaac Ouderkerk and Maeyke Van Esch. Wit. : 
Thomas Harmense Hun, Lena Van Esch. 

Jacob, of Barent Ten Eyk and Neeltje Schermerhoorn. 
Wit. : Coenraad Ten Eyk, Jannetje Lanssing. 

Feb. 16. Harmen, of Dirk Van Vechten and Margarita 
Luwes. Wit.: Robbert Levingston, Elbert Luv;es, Mar- 
garita Levingston. 

Feb. 19. Margarita, of David Keteluyn and Johanna 
Bratt. Wit.: Antony and Daniel Bratt, Margarita 

Johannes, of Philip Wendel and Maria Visscher. Wit.: 
Johannes Schuyler, Lysbeth Wendel. 



Feb. 13, at K. : Evert, of Edward Wieller and Josina 
Jansse. Wit.: Evert Van Alen, Helena Gardenier. 

Dirkje, of Isaac Van Aalstein and Jannetje Van Valken- 
burg. Wit. : Bartholomeus and Jannetje Van Valkerf' 

Isaac, of Isaac Vosburg and Anna Goes. Wit.: Burger 
Huyk, Teuntje Winnen. 

Johannes, of Jacob Dingmans and -Eva Swart woud. 
Wit.: Johannes and Sara Van Alen. 

Anna, of Dirk Goes and Elisabeth Wyngaard. Wit.: 
Jan Goes, Margarita Van Schaak. 

March 1. Henry, of Henry Holland and Jenny Sehly. 
Wit.: Capt. Mattheus, Capt. Shenks, Mad. Wimps" 

Abraham, of Joseph Yeads and Huybertje Marselis. 
Wit. : Christoffel and Johanna Yeads. 

March 5. Thomas, of Albert Slingerland and Hester 
Brikkers. Wit.: Johannes and Maria Mingaal. 

Catelyntje, of Johannes Schuyler and Elisabeth Staats. 
Wit.: Jacobus Schuyler, Antje Staats. 

March 8. David, of Thomas Nobel and Catharina Mar- 
ris. Wit. : Pieter and Neeltje Quakkenbosch. 

March 15. Franciscus, of Samuel Pruyn and Maria 
Bogert. Wit. : Jacob Bogert and Antje Van Yvere. 

March. 22. Jillis, of Pieter De Garmo and Catharina Van 
der Heyden. Wit.: Antony Bries, Maria De Garmo. 

Apr. 16. Christina, of Johannes Van Alen and Christina 
Ten Broek. Wit.: Dirk Wesselse Ten Broek, Gerrit Van 
Esch, Marrytje Van Alen. 

Engeltje, of Jacobus Mol and Lydia Winnen. Wit.: 
Levinus and Catelyntje Winnen. 

Machtel, of Dirk Taakelse Van Heemstrate and Catharina 
Quakkenbosch. Wit. : Pieter and Machtel Quakkenbosch. 

Apr. 23. Anna, of Thomas Millington and Tryntje Wen- 
del. Wit. : Pieter and Maria Mingal. 

Lysbeth, of Cornelis Van Bueren and Hendrikje Van 
Esch. Wit.: Albert Rykman, Lysbeth Van Bueren. 

Apr. 30. Gerrit, of Elbert Gerritse and Maria Pruin. 
Wit.: Reyer Gerritse, Marrytje Van Deusc. 

May 7. Lucas, of Johannes Lucasse Wyngaard and 
Susanna Wendel. Wit.: Claas Lucasse Wyngaard, Evert 
and Hester Wendel. 

Isaac, of Jan Janse Van Aarnhem and Hester Fonda. 
Wit.: Salomon and Alida Van Vechten. 

May 14. Abraham, of A-braham Lanssing and Mag- 
dalena Van Tricht. Wit. : Gerrit Lanssing, Lysbeth Van 
der Poel. 

May 21. Gerrit Cornelis, of Willem Van Alen and Mar- 
rytje Van Putten. Wit. : Laurens and Johannes Van Alen, 
Catharina Van der Poel. 

June 4. Maria, of Teunis Dirkse Van Vechten and 


Catelyntje Van Putte. Wit.: Johannes and Maria Van 

Gysbert, of Ahasueros Marselis and Sara Van Heem- 
strate. Wit.: Lucas Lucasse Hoogkerke and Huybertje 

June 1 8. Maria, of Willem Hond and Geertruy Schoon- 
hoven. Wit. : Jacobus and Maria Schoonhoven. 

Samuel, of Samuel Gardenier and Lena Dirkse By. Wit. : 
Cornelis Maasse, Catelyntje Dingmans. 

Lysbeth, of Andries Rees and Ariaantje Scharp. Wit.: 
Jan and Maria Rees. 

June 25. Johannes, of Henrik Douw and Neeltje Meyn- 
dertse. Wit. : Henrik and Maria Rensselaar. 

July 9. Johannes, of John Kidney and Maria Van der 
Werke. Wit.: Albert Van der Werke. Dirkje Van Aal- 

Johannes Henricus, of Johannes Lydius and Isabella 
Rachel. Wit. : Kiliaan Van Rensselaar, Elisabeth Banker. 

July 16, Lidia, of Hendrik Van Dyk and Maria Schuy- 
ler. Wit.: Jacobus Schuyler, Jacomina Van Dyk. 

July 23. Elisabeth, of Gerrit Roseboom and Maria San- 
ders. Wit.: Jacobus Turk. Emilia Sanders. 

July 30. Edward, of John Colins and Margarita Schuiler. 
Wit.: My lord and My lady Cornbury, Maria Schuyler. 

Aug. 6. David, of Joseph Jansse and Sydje Marselis. 
Wit. : Kiliaan and Catharina Van Rensselaar. 

Christina, of Matthys Goes and Cornelia Van Deuse. 
Wit. : Pieter and Margarita Mingaal. 

Alida, of Warner Van Ivere and Anna Pruyn. Wit.: 
Samuel Pruyn, Maria Gerritse. 

Aug. 13. Johannes, of Harmen Van Salsberry and 
Tanna Conyn. Wit. : Gerrit and Agnietje Van Wie. 

Johannes, of Maas Van Buere and Ariaantje Van Wie. 
Wit: Wessel and Catharina Ten Broek. 

Aug. 20. Catharina, of Gysbert Scharp and Lysbeth 
Goewey. Wit. : Jan Rees, Sara Goewey. 

Andries, of Burger Huyk and Mayeke Goes. Wit.: Lam- 
bert Huyk, Teuntje Winne. 

Pieter, of Patrik Magrigeri and Sydje Hoogteeling. Wit : 
Jan Rosier, Lieut. Bruwer, Anna Hoges. 

Aug. 27. Abraham, of Abraham Schuiler and Geertruy 
Ten Broek. Wit. : David and Rachel Schuiler. 

Sept. 17. Hester, of Johannes Harmenssc Visscher and 
Lysbeth Nottingham. Wit.: Nanning Harmensse Vis- 
scher, Ariaantje Wendel. 

Dirk, of Thomas Harmensse Hun and Maeyke Oothout. 
Wit.: Aryen and Lammertje Oothout. 

Andries, of Teunis Van Siyk and Jannetje Henrikse Van 
Wie. Wit. : Johannes Beek'man, Maria Mingaal. 



Sept. 24. Bernardus, of Daniel Bratt and Lysbeth Lans- 
sing. Wit. : Jacob Lanssing, Susanna Egbertse. 

Johannes, of Abraham Staats and Elsje Wendel.. Wit.: 
Barent Sanders, Susanna Wendel. 

Oct. 1. Lambert, of Bartholomeus Van Valkenburg and 
Catharina Van Aalstein. Wit.: Johannes Mingaal, Jan- 
netje Van Aalstein. 

Oct. 22. Johannes, of Johannes De Wandelaar and Lys- 
beth Gansevoort. Wit.: Leendert Gansevoort. Sara De 

Nov. 19. Abraham, of Pieter Quakkenbosch and Xeeltje 
Marens. Wit. : Jan and Machtel Quakkenbosch. 

Nov. 26. Catharina, of Andries Douw and Lydia De 
Meyer. Wit.: Henrik Douw, Margarita Van Vechten. 

Nov. 29. Henrik, of Oyje Oyjens and Maria Wendel. 
Wit: Thomas and Lysbeth Wendel. 

Dec. 6. Adriaan, of Adriaan Quakkenbos and Catharina 
Van Schayk. Wit. : Dirk and Claartje Van Heemstrate. 

Dec 17. Pieter Lokerman, of Adriaan Oothout and 
Lammetje Lokerman. Wit.: Jan and Marrytje Fonda. 

Volkert, of Wynand Van den Berg and Volkje Van 
Hoesen. Wit.: Ruth and Weyntje Van Deuse. 

Dec. 24. Catharina, of Jacobus Teunhse Van Woerd 
and Anna Lokermans. Wit.: Cornelis Teeuwisse Muller, 
Hilletje Muller. 

Isaac, of Abraham Van Deuse and Jacomyntje Van 
Schoonhoven. Wit.: Teeuwis and Marrytje Van Deuse. 

Johanna, of Cornelis Kierstede and Sara Elswaart. Wit. : 
Kiliaan Van Rensselaar, Maria Schuiler. 

Dec. 31. Evert, of Gerrit Lanssing, Jr., and Catharina 
Glenn. Wit.: Abraham Lanssing, Jacomina Van Dyk. 

Maria, of Samuel Doksi and Barbara Goewey. Wit.: 
Thomas Doksi, Marrytje Fonda. 

1705, Jan. 7, at K.: Elbertje, of Johannes Van Alen and 
Sara Dingmans. Wit. : Laurens and Jannetje Van Alen. 

Elisabeth, of Jacob and Jannetje Hoogteeling. Wit.: 
Jochem Valkenburg, Jannetje Vosburg. 

Stephanus, of Dominicus Van Schaak and Rebecca 
Groesbeek. Wit.: Laurens Van Schaak, Catharina Van 
Petten. . 

Helmer Johannes, of William Turner and Abigail Bo- 
gaart. Wit.: Helmer Jansse and wife Anna. 

Maria, of Johannes Van Hoesen and Jannetje Jansse De 
Ryk. Wit.: Dirk and Fytje Van dcr Kar. 

Maria, of Lambert Valkenburg and Jannetje Van Aal- 
stein. Wit.: Bartholomaeus Valkenburg. Maria Claeuw. 

Caspar, of Willem Jansse Casparsse and Fytje Dirkse Van 
Vechten. Wit.: Jurrien Claeuw. Weyntje Conyn. 

Jan. 10. Catharina, of Stephanus Groesbeek and Elisa- 


beth Lanssing. Wit.: Willem Groesbeek, Geertruy Lans- 

Catharina, of Harmanus Wendel and Anna Glen. Wit.: 
Evert and Susanna Wendel. 

Jan. 13. Femmetje, of Cornells Swits and Hester Vis- 
scher. Wit.: Tjerk Harmensse Visscher, Antje Visscher. 

Egbert Teunisse, of Barent Egbertse and Maria De 
Garmo. Wit.,: Antony Bratt, Marrytje Egberts. 

Jan. 3 1 . Lyntje, of Frans Winnen and Elsje Gansevoort. 
Wit.: Leendert Gansevoort, Anna De W T orm. 

Feb. 18. Jobje, of Henrik Jansse Van Salsberry and 
Cornelia Van Schaak. Wit.: Thomas Harmansse Hun, 
Maeyke Hun. 

Eva, of Bernhardus Swartwoud and Rachel Schepmoes. 
Wit.: Pieter Van Brugge, Maria Lokermans. 

Catelyntje, of Jacob Kip and Rachel Swartwoud. Wit. : 
Abraham Kip, Catelyntje De Foreest. 

Tecla, of Evert Wynkoop and Geertje Elmendorp. Wit. : 
Cornelis and Jenneke Cool. 

Nicolaas, of Gerrit Wynkoop and Hilletje Gerritse. Wit. : 
Moses and Maria Du Puis. 

Catharina, of Abraham Le Foy and Anna Maria Tower. 
Wit.: Henrik and Katharina Oothout. 

Jannetje, of Conielis Bogaart and Cornelia La Maitre. 
Wit.: Levinus Winne, Aaltje Bogaart. 

March 4. Johannes, of Melchert Van der Poel and 
Catharina Van Alen. Wit.: Johannes Van Alen, Geertruy 

March 25. Jeremy, of Kiliaan Van Rensselaar and 
Maria Van Cortlandt. Wit.: Henrik Rensselaar, Maria 

Apr. 5. Jannetje, of Laurens Van Schaak and Jannetje 
Oothout. Wit.: Elias Van Schaak, Lammertje Oothout. 

Margareta, of Gerrit Rykse and Barbara Jansse. Wit.: 
Johannes Pruyn, Margarita Rykse. 

Apr. 8. Alida, of Jan Huibertse and Lysbeth. Wit.: 
Henrik Douw', Antje Staats. 

Heyltje, of Stephanus Van Alen and Maria Muller. Wit. : 
Johannes Van Alen, Catharina Van der Poel. 

Apr. 29. David, of Johannes Abeel and Catelyntje 
Schuyler. Wit. : Meindert Schuyler, Geertruy Groes- 

Jacob, of Coenraat Ten Eyck and Gerrit je Van Schayk. 
Wit.: Antony Van Schayk, Geertje Ten Eyck. 

Jeremy, of Henrik Van Rensselaar and Catharina Van 
Brug. Wit.: Kiliaan Van Rensselaar, Anna Nicols. 

Johannes, of Johannes Brat and Maria Keteluin. Wit.: 
Daniel Brat, Margarita Caneel. 

May 6. Catharina, of Gerrit Roelofse Van der Werke 



and Marytje Jansse Diffoer. Wit.: Jan Jansse Diffoer, 
Catharina Van der Werke. 

May 13. Elisabeth, of Johannes Cuyler and Elsje Ten 
Broek. Wit.: Pieter and Sara Van Brugge. 

Ariaantje, of Pieter Hoogeboom and Jannetje Muller. 
W T it.: Henrik Rensselaar, Antje Hogeboom. 

Sara, of Cornelis Claasse and Susanna Ouderkerk. Wit. : 
Antony and Lysbeth Coster. 

May 17. Neeltje, of Dirk Van der Kerre and Fytje Van 
Schayk. W 7 it.: Coenraat Ten Eyk, Katharina Quakken- 

May 20. Catharina, of Matthys Xak and Agnietje 
Schaats. W r it.: Jonathan Braadhorst, Elsje Lanssing. 

May 27. Neeltje, of Johannes Beekman and Eva Vin- 
hagel. Wit.: Isaac Lanssing, Catharina Cuyler. 

June 3. Eva, of Caspar Leendertse Conyn and Aletta 
Winnen. Wit.; Pieter Winnen, Anna Gansevoort. 

June 24. Geertruy and Catharina, twins of Abraham 
Kip and Geesje Van der Heyden. Wit.: Johannes and 
Lysbeth Schuiler, Barent Egbertse, Sara Hansse. 

Geurt and Jacob, twins of Pierre Benoit and Henrikje 
Van Schoonhoven. Wit.: William Hont, Hilletje Mulder, 
Jacobus Van Schoonhoven, Maria Casparus. 

July 15. Marten Cornelis, of Marten Van Bueren and 
Judith Barents. Wit. : Pieter and Magdalena Van 

Robbert, of Barent Sanders and Maria Wendel. Wit.: 
Johannes Schuyler, Elsje Sanders. 

Christoffel, of Roelof De Duytser and Jannetje Bressy. 
Wit.: Andries Bressi and Hester Wendel. 

July 22. Johannes, of Anthony Bratt and Wilmpje 
Teunisse. Wit.: Teunis Egbertse, Hester Visscher, Jr. 

July 29. Abraham, of Jacobus Lucasze Wyngaard and 
Maria Wyngaart. Wit.: Abraham Schuyler, Sara Wyn- 

Aug. 5. Lysbeth, of Henrik Lanssing, Jr., and Jannetje 
Knikkelbakker. Wit.: Johannes Knikkefbakker, Lysbeth 

Aug. 12. Samuel, of Teunis Pietersse Sardam and I 
garita Laurensse. Wit.: Samuel and Antje Van Veckten. 

Joachim, of Daniel Kcteluyn and Debora Vile. Wit.: 
Dirk and Rachel Van der Heyden. 

Aug. 19. Jacobus, of William Hilten and Anna Barko. 
Wit.: Henrik Oothout, Anna Delmont. 

Sept. 9. Cornelis, of Cornelis Schtrmerhoom and Mar- 
rytje Van Bueren. Wit.: Albert Rykman, Johannes and 
Elsje Cuyler. 

Sara, of Lucas Lucasse Van Hoogkerke and Judith Mar- 
selis. Wit.: Evert Banker, Rachel Schuyler. 



Gerrit, of Johannis Lanssing and Helena Sanders. Wit. : 
Gerrit and Elsje Lanssing. 

Sept. 22. Melchert, Abraham, of Thomas Witbeek 
and Jannetje Van Deuse. Wit.: Jonas and Catharina 

Sept. 29. Jacobus, of Abraham Vosburg and Claartje 
Bressy. Wit.: Isaac Verplanke, Margarita Vetch. 

Teunis, of Coenraat Hoogteeling and Tryntje Van 
Slecht [?]. Wit.: Frans Winnen, Anna Gansevoort. 

Henrik, of Herbert Jacobse Van Deuse and Marry tje Ger- 
ritse. Wit.: Reyer Gerritse, Geertruy Gerritsen. 

Oct. 7, Omphry, of Ritchart Moor and Geesje Salsberry. 
Wit. : William and Anna Hoogen. 

Gerrit, of Claas Gerritsen Van Frank and Geertruy Quak- 
kenbosch. Wit.: Maas Rykse, Ariaantje Van Frank. 

Oct. 14, Jesje, of Henrik Hansse and Debora Van Dam. 
Wit.: Frederik Visscher, Eva Beekman. 

Gerrit, of Henrik Fransse Claeuw and Cornelia Scharp. 
Wit.: Andries Rees, Geertruy Scharp. 

Maria, of Henrik and Geertruy Vroman. Wit.: Levinus 
and Wilmpje W^innen. 

Roelof, Gerrit, of Albert Van der Werke and Dirkje Van 
Aalstein. Wit.: Roelof Gerritse and wife Geertruy. 

Oct. 21. Douwe, of Salomon Van Vechten and Alida 
Fonda. Wit.: Jan Fonda, Hesther Van Aarnhem. 

Oct. 28. Abraham, of John Whoodkoks and Ariaantje 
Gardenier. Wit. : John Pray, Maria Roseboom. 

David, of Cornelis Martense and Cornelia Vredenburg. 
Wit. : Levinus and Wilmpje Winnen. 

Dirk, of Pieter Van Slyk and Johanna Barheit. Wit. : 
Pieter Van Brug, Grietje Barheit. 

Nov. 4. Henrik, of Tames Williams and Agnietje Gan- 
sevoort. Wit. : Leendert and Hilletje Gansevoort. 

Nov. 11. Cornelis, of Emanuel Van Schaak and Mar- 
garita W r yngaard. Wit.: Claas and Maria Wyngaard. 

Elisabeth, of Goosse Van Schayk and Catharina Staats. 
Wit.: Antony Van Schayk, Lysbeth Corlaar. 

Nov. 18. Cornelis, of Pieter Walderon and Tryntje Van 
den Berg. Wit. : Cornelis and Maria Van Aalstede. 

Lena, of Abraham Van Aalstede and Maria Van Deuse. 
Wit.: Mattheus Van Deuse, Maria Wendel. 

Catharina, of Johannes Groesbeek and Geertje Quakken- 
bosch. Wit.: Stephanus Groesbeek, Barbar Marselis. 

Nov. 25. Nicolaas. of Nanning Visscher and Alida Vin- 
hagen. Wit.: Johannes Vinhagen, Jr., Lysbeth Visscher. 

Nov. 28. Gerrit, of Abraham Lanssing and Magdalena 
Van Tricht. Wit.: Gerrit Lanssing, Jr., Elsje Lanssing. 

Dec. 9. Margarita, of Johannes Van Vechten and Maria 
Bogardus. Wit.: Jonas Douw, Lydia Van Vechten. 


I705-I7 06 

Jonas, of Henrik Oothout and Catharina Douw. Wit.: 
Volkert and Margarita Douw. 

Dec. 12. Jannetje, of Barent Ten Eyk and Neeltje 
Schermerhoorn. Wit. : Andries and Maeyke Ten Eyk. 

Gerrit, of Isaac Lanssing and Jannetje Beekman. ' Wit.: 
Johannes and Eva Beekman. 

Dec. 21. Benjamin, of Levinus Winnen and Wilmpje 
Viele. Wit. : Henrik Vrooman and Sara Van Brug. 

Dec. 25. Henrik, Lysbeth, of Willem Van Dense and 
Lysbeth Roseboom. Wit. : Henrik and Debora Roseboom, 
' Marrytje Van Deuse. 

Dec. 30. Machtelt, of Pieter Quakkenbosch and Neeltje 
Marens. Wit.: Jan and Machtelt Quakkenbosch. 

1706, Jan. 6. Lucas, of Gerrit Lucasse Wyngaard and 
Sara Visschers. Wit.: Nanning and Dirkje Visscher. 

Barent, of Reynier Meyndertse and Sara Brat. Wit.: 
Daniel and Lysbeth Brat. 

Blandina, of Abraham Gaasbeek Chambers and Sara 
Bayard. Wit.:. Francois Salsbury, Maria Gaasbeek. 

Laurentia, of Wessel Ten Broek and Jacomina Gaasbeek. 
Wit.: Cornelis Vernoy, Sara Gaasbeek. 

Cornelis, of Cornelis Vernoy and Sara Ten Broek. Wit. : 
Cornelis Vernoy, Elsje Cuyler. 

Pieter, of Robbert Levingston, Jr., and Margarita Schuy- 
ler. Wit. : Pieter and Maria Schuyler. 

Jenneke, of Coenraad Elmendorp and Blandina Kier- 
stede. Wit.: Jan Gerritse, Antje Kierstede. 

Jan. 8. Willem, of Johannes Trephagen and Aagje Win- 
nen. Wit.: Levinus and Elsje Winnen. 

Magdalena, of Barent Borhans and Margarita Jansse. 
Wit.: Jan and Magdalena Matthysse. 

Jan. 13, at K.: Kiliaan, of Jacob Winnen and Maria 
Bronk. Wit.: Leendert Philipse Conyn ; Antje Van 

Henricus, of Johannes Spoor and Maria Singer. Wit.: 
Henrik and Jannetje Singer. 

Johanna. The father deceased, the mother Alida Tip- 
pings. Wit.: Andries and Ydje Gardenier. 

Alette, of Harmen Jansse Salsberry and Tanna Conyn. 
Wit.: Leendert Conyn, Lysbeth Scharp. 

Barbara, of Bastiaan Dewit and Margarita Pearson. 
Wit.: Jan Pearson and Antje Post. 

Apollonia, of Willem Van Vredenburg and He 
Van Etten. Wit.: Cornelis Martensse, Cornelia Vreden- 

Adam, of Matthys Pars and Tanna Winnen. Wit.: 
Jacob W r innen, Hilletje Muller. 

Rebecca, of Pieter Van Oostrande. Jr , and Rachel Ding- 
mans. Wit.: Adam and Aaltje Dingmans. 


Jacob, of Pieter Van Oostrande, Sr., and Rebecca Trop- 
hagen. Wit. : Pieter and Geesje Ploeg. 1 

Johannes, of Burger Huyg and Maeyke Hoes. Wit.: 
Jan Hoes, Catharina Huyg. 

Matthys, of Jan Henrikse Bout and Jannetje Scharp. 
Wit.: Matthys Jansse, Styntje Hoes. 

Magdalena, of Thomas Jansse and Maeyke Bogert. 
Wit. : Jan and Magdalena Matthysse. 

Jan, of Coenraat Borger and Geesje Van Wie. Wit.: 
Jan Borger, Lysbeth Hoes. 

Matthys, of Rykaart Jansse and Tryntje Hoogteeling. 
Wit.: Claas Siwers, Anna Van Pette. 

Johanna, of Adam Swart and Metje Van Slyk. Wit.: 
Pieter and Johanna Van Slyk. 

Jan. 23. Catharina, of Jan Fonda and Matje Loker- 
mans. Wit.: Antony Van Schaik, Johanna Van Stryen. 

Feb. 3. Comelis, of Jeremias Muller and Lysbeth Halen- 
beek. Wit.: Cornells Teeuwisse Muller, Hilletje Muller. 

Feb. 20. Sybrand of Gerrit Van Schayk and Sara 
Goewey. Wit.: Goosse Van Schayk, Lysbeth Corlaar. 

Feb. 24. Lysbeth, of Simon Groot, Jr., and Geertruy 
Rinkhout. Wit.: Cornelis Swits, Abraham Cuyler, Lys- 
beth Schuyler. 

Johannes, of Johannes Glen, Jr., and Jannetje Bleeker. 
Wit.: Johs. Bleeker, Jr., Catharina Cuyler. 

Feb. 27. Evert, of Abraham Wendel and Maeyke Van 
Esch. Wit.: Thomas Wendel, Tryntje Millington 

March 3. Margarita, of Volkert Van Vechten and Lydia 
Ten Broek. Wit.: Johannes Van Vechten, Elsje Cuyler. 

March 10. Ariaantje, of Philip Wendel and Maria Vis- 
scher. Wit.: Harmanus and Susanna Wendel. 

Cornelis, of Wessel Ten Broek and Catharina Lokermans. 
Wit.: Antony Coster, Tryntje Bries. 

Maria, of Cornelis Van Esch and Marry tje Van den Berg. 
Wit.: W^outer Quakkenbos, Sr., Maeyke Ouderkerk. 

March 17. Catharina, of Barent Gerritse Van den Berg 
and Geertruy Witbeek. Wit.: Willem Gysbertse Van den 
Berg, Antje Van den Berg. 

March 24. Anna, of Isaac Casparse Halenbeek and 
Dorothea Ten Bosch. Wit.: Caspar Van Hoesen, Daniel 
Bratt, Alida Lanssing. 

Jan Salomon, of Gysbert Scharp and Lysbeth Goewey. 
Wit.: Laurens Scharp, Catelyntje Winnen. 

Apr. 7. Gerardus, of Evert Banker and Elisabeth Abeel. 
Wit.: Johannes Banker, Goosse Van Schayk, Maria De 
Peyster, Lysbeth Van Corlaar. 

Barent, of Andries Bratt and Cornelia Vcrwey. Wit.: 
Daniel and Lysbeth Bratt. 

Apr. 21. Margarita, Anna, of Johannes Roseboom and 


Gerritje Coster. Wit.: Meyndert and Debora Roseboom, 
Geertruy Gerritse. 

Catelyntje, of Jacob Schuyler and Susanna Wendel. 
Wit.: David and Catelyntje Schuyler, Geertruy Groesbeek. 

Apr. 28. Rachel, of Evert Ridder and Antje Van Esch. 
Wit.: Evert Van Esch, Weyntje Van Deuse. 

May 5. Annaatje, of Johannes Bckker and Anna Van 
der Zee. Wit. : David Schuyler, Lysbeth Lansing. 

May 13. Ariaantje.of Barent Staatsand Neeltje Van den 
Berg. W T it. : Gysbert Van den Berg, Marrytje Van Esch. 

May 19. Laurens, of Pieter Van Alen and Josina Ding- 
mans. Wit. : Melchert and Catharina Van der Poel. 

Gerrit, of Teunis Van Slyk and Jannetje Van Wie. Wit. : 
Jan and Agnietje Van Wie. 

June 2. Henrik, of Johannis Bleeker, Jr., and Anna 
Coster. Wit. : Abraham Cuyler, Elisabeth Groesbeek. 

Sara, of Abraham Staats and Elsje Wendel. Wit.: 
Abraham and Jannetje Provoost. 

June 9. Margarita, of John Rattelift and Rachel Van 
Valkenburg. Wit.: Jochem Van Valkenburg, Catharina 

Eva, of Isaac Van Aalstein and Jannetje Van Valken- 
burg. Wit. : Jochem Van Valkenburg, Anna Rattelif . 

Pieter, of Wouter Quakkenbos and Cornelia Bogert. 
Wit.: Jan Fonda, Geertje Quakkenbos. 

June 16. Catharina, of Henrik Roseboom and Debora 
Staats. Wit.: Meyndert Roseboom, Lysbeth Van Deuse. 

June 30. Henrik, of Isaac Henrikse Burger and Judith 
Hoes. Wit.: Jacobus and Teuntje Turk. 

Elisabeth, of Jacob Lanssing and Helena Pruyn. Wit.: 
Daniel and Elisabeth Bratt. 

Neeltje, of Johannes Knikkelbakker and Anna Quakken- 
bosch. Wit.: Wouter Quakkenbosch, Jr., Neeltje Quak- 
kenbos ch. 

July 14. Maria, of Caspar Van Hoesen and Racheltje 
Slingerland. Wit.: Johannes and Maria Mingaal. 

Hans, of Johannes Hansse and Sara Foreest. Wit.: 
Pieter Winnen, Debora Hansse. 

Hanna, of Evert Van Esch and Geertje Van den Berg. 
Wit.: Gerrit Van Esch, Jr., Maeyke Wendel. 

July 28. Nicolaas, of Claas Siwers and Antje Van Pet- 
ten. Wit.: Coenraat Ten Eyck. Marrytje Van Alen. 

W T illem, of Cornells Van Bucren and Henrikjc Van Esch. 
Wit.: Cornelis and Aaltje Van Esch. 

Geertruvtje, of Anthonv Coster and Lysbeth Ten Broek. 
Wit.: Wessel Ten Broek, Elsje Cuyler. 

Aug. 4. Elisabeth, of Johannes Harmense Visscher and 
Elisabeth Nottingham. Wit.: Gerrit Lucasse Wyngaard, 
Alida Visscher. 



Cornelia, of Cornelis Van Aalsteyn and Marrytje Van den 
Berg. Wit.: Cornelis Gysbertse Van den Berg, Tryntje 

Aug. 18. Pieter, of Johannes Van Alen and Christina 
Ten Broek. Wit. : Wessel Ten Broek, Elsje Cuyler. 

Nicolaas Frederik, of William Van Alen and Marrytje 
Van Petten. Wit.: Gerrit Van Esch, in the father's ab- 
sence; Willem Teller, Elsje Schuyler. 

Aug. 25. Hilletje, of Wouter Van der Zee and Jannetje 
Swart. Wit.: Dirk Van der Hevden, Hilletje Van der 

Sept. 1. Pieter, of Pieter Bronk and Antje Bogardus. 
Wit.: Johannes Andriesse Witbeek, Marytje Van Vechten. 

Tryntje, of Thys Hoes and Cornelia Van Deuse. Wit.: 
Paulus Van Vleq, Maria Van den Berg. 

Sept. 22. Isaac, of Cornelis Swits and Hester Visscher. 
Wit.: Isaac and Susanna Swits. 

Levinus, of Pieter Wlnnen and Maria De Forest. Wit.: 
Levinus and Willemina Winnen. 

Martinus, of Martinus Van Aalstein and Cornelia Van 
den Berg. Wit.: Cornelis Van Aalstein, Dirkje Van der 

Cornelis, of Isaac Ouderkerk and Maeyke Van Esch. 
Wit.: Cornelis Van Esch, Dirkje Van Bueren. 

Gerrit, of Ahasueros Marselis and Sara Van Heemstrate. 
Wit.: Christ offel and Catelina Yeads. 

Sept. 29. Tobias, of Jonathan Witbeek and Catharina 
Van Deuse. Wit.: Anthony and Lysbeth Coster. 

Rebecca, of Johannes De Wandelaar, Jr., and Lysbeth 
Gansevoort. Wit.: Albert Van der Zee, Marytje Ganse- 

Oct. 6. Cornelia, of Jan Barheit and Catharina Gilbert. 
Wit. : Gerrit and Mary Wibusse. 

Sara, of Abraham Cuyler and Catharina Bleeker. Wit. : 
Johannes Bleeker, Jr., Elsje Cuyler. 

Nov. 17. Abraham, of Volkert Dou and Margarita Van 
Tricht. Wit.: Jonas Douw, Grietje Van Vechten. 

Rachel, of John Johnson Van Aarnhem and Hester 
Fonda. Wit. : Isaac and Rebecca Fonda. 

Alida, of Samuel Pruyn and Maria Bogert. Wit.: 
Elbert Gerritse, Barentje Pruyn. 

Abraham, of Herbert Jacobse Van Deuse and Marrytje 
Gerritse. Wit. : Christina Gerritse. 

Dec. 15. Anthony, of Cornelis Van Slyk and Claasje 
Bratt. Wit.: David Schuyler, Maria Rykman. 

Cornelis, of Dirk Van Vechten and Margarita Harmcnse. 
Wit.: Teunis Van Vechten, Anna Gansevoort. 

Hendrikje, of Adriaan Oothout and Lammetje Loker- 
mans. Wit.: Henrik and Catharina Oothout. 



Johannes, of Samuel Doksi and Barbara Goewey. Wit.: 
Geirit and Sara Van Schayk. 

Dec. 22. Elisabeth, of William Hont and Geertruy 
Schoonhoven. Wit.: William Hogen, Anna Corlaar. 

Gysbert, of Joseph Jansse and Zytje Marselis. Wit.: 
Gysbert and Barbara Marselis. 

Jacob, of Gerrit Lanssing, Jr., and Catharina Glen. Wit. : 
Jacob and Lena Lanssing. 

Dec. 25, b. Sept. 17. Edward Whieller and Josina Gar- 
denier. Wit.: Cornells and Geertruy Maasse. 

Henrik, of Henrik Brouwer and Marrytje Bosboom. 
Wit.: Jesse and Aaltje De Graaf. 

Catharina, of Albert Vedder and Maria Glen. Wit.: 
Stephanus and Lysbeth Groesbeek. 

Claas, of Jesse De Graaf and Aaltje Akkermans. Wit. : 
Caspar Van Hoesen, Annetje Akkermans. 

Maria, of Arent Danielse and Sara Van Eps. Wit.: 
Symon Danielse and Maria Peek. 

Marrytje, of Dirk Taakelse Van Heemstrate and Cathar- 
ina Quakkenbosch. Wit.: Takel Van Heemstrate and 
Grietje Vroman. 

Lysbeth, of Claas Gerrit se Van Franke and Geertruy 
Quakkenbosch. Wit.: Jan and Machteld Quakkenbosch. 

Dec. 29. Cornelis, of Stephanus Van Alen and Maria 
Muller. Wit.: Cornelis Teeuwisse Muller, Marrytje Van 

1707, Jan. 5. Sealy, of Henry Holland and Jeanny 
Sehly. Wit.: Robbert Levingston, Sr., Margarita Leving- 

Maria, of Coenraad Ten Eyk and Gerritje Van Schayk. 
Wit.: Barent Ten Eyk, Maria Van Schayk. 

Henrikje, of Johannes Oothout and Aaltje. Wit.: Cor- 
nelis Van Esch, Lammertje Oothout. 

Jan. 12. Robbert, of Johannis Lanssing and Lena San- 
ders. Wit.: Gerrit Roseboom, Lysbeth Visscher. 

Engeltje, of Samuel Gardenier and Lena By. Wit.: 
Nicolaas Gardenier, Josina Dingmans. 

B. Sept. 17, 1706. Jesje, of Jacob Dingmans and Eva 
Swartwouds. Wit.: Cornelis Maasse Van Bloemendaal, 
Catelyntje Dingmans. 

Jan. 12, 1707. Johannes, of Pieter Ouderkerk and Alida 
Cloet. Wit.: Robbert Livingston, Jr , Anna Quakken- 

Jan. 19. Evert, of Harmanus Wendel and Anna Glen. 
Wit.: Evert Wendel, Catharina Dou. 

Pieter, of Bartholomeus Van Valkenburg and Catharina 
Van Aalstein. Wit.: Johannes and Margarita ftfingaal. 

Jan. 29. Rachel, of Bartholomeus Pikkart and Aagje 
Claasse. Wit.: Wvnand Van den Berg, Anna Ganscvoort 



Feb. 2. Anna, of Oyje Oyjens and Maria Wendel. Wit. : 
Johannes Mingaal, Maria Wendel. 

Feb. 5. Alida, of Johannes Laurensse Van Alen and 
Sara Dingmans. Wit.: Johannes Pieterse Van Alen, Jaco- 
mvntje Van Bloemendaal. 

Feb. 9. Abraham, of Melchert Van der Poel, Jr., and 
Catharina Van Alen. Wit.: Abraham, Wynand and" 
Catharina Van der Poel. 

Feb. 16. Lysbeth, of Cornelis Schermerhoorn and Mar- 
ry tje Van Bueren. Wit.: Barent Ten Eyk, Pieternella 

Margarita, of Marten Van Slyk and Margarita Van 
Franken. Wit.: Robbert Livingston, Jr., Margarita Liv- 

Feb. 19. Susanna, of William Rodgers and Mary John- 
son. Wit.: Evert Ridder, Henrik Lanssing, Catharina 
Van den Berg. 

Sara, of Frederik Cloet and Francyntje Dumont. Wit.: 
Gysbert Marselis, Neeltje. 

Maria, of Pieter Symonse and Neeltje Van der Volge. 
Wit. : Marten and Lysbeth Delmont. 

Jean, of Jean Du Four and Catharina Van der Werke. 
Wit.: Henrik and Jannetje Van der Werke. 

Marry tje, of David Keteluyn and Anna Bratt. Wit.: 
Daniel Keteluyn, Susanna Egbertse. 

Sybrand, of Gerrit Van Schayk and Sara Goewey. Wit. : 
Jan Salomonse Goewey, Katharina Quakkenbos. 

Feb. 26. Juriaan, of Lambert Van Valkenburg and 
Jannetje Claeuw. Wit. : Henrik Van Valkenburg, Helena 

March 2. Johannes, of Dirk Van der Heyden and 
Rachel . Keteluyn. Wit.: Pieter De Garmo, Margarita 

March 9. Michiel, of Willem Jansse Halenbeek and 
Fytje Van Vechten. W 7 it.: Reynier Meyndertse Van 
Yveren, Alida Lanssing. 

March 16. Jacobus, of Abraham Van Valkenburg and 
Catelyntje Schermerhoorn. Wit.: Jacob and Gerritje 

Ruth, of Thomas Harmensse Hun and Maeyke Oothout. 
Wit.: Ruth Melchertse Van Deuse, Aertje [?] Ridder. 

March 23. Jacobus, of Abraham Schuyler and Geertruy 
Ten Broek. Wit.: Johannes Cuyler, Johannes and Cath- 
arina Ten Broek. 

Stephanus, of Kiliaan Van Rensselaar and Maria Van 
Cortlandt. Wit.: Philip and Lysbet Schuyler, in place of 
Geertruy Van Cortland. 

Maria, of Pieter Hoogeboom and Jannetje Muller. Wit. : 
Pieter Van Brug, Catharina Van Rensselaar. 



Alida, of Johannes Pruyn and Emilia Sanders. Wit.: 
Barent Sanders, Antje Van Yvere. 

March 30. Henricus, of Johannes Beekman and Eva 
Vinhagen. Wit.: Meyndert and Maria Roseboom. 

Apr. 6. Gerrit, of Jan Gerritson and Christina Pruyn. 
Wit.: Johannis Pruyn, Annetje Reyers. 

Jacob, of Jan Dekker and Tysje Bogert. Wit. : Helmer 
Jansse and wife Antje. 

Apr. 20. Catharina, of Marten Delmont and Lysbeth 
Viele. Wit.: Jan Delmont and Caatje Cuiler. 

Maria, of Daniel Bratt and Elisabeth Lanssing. Wit.: 
Dirk and Susanna Bratt. 

B. Nov. 8, 1706. Joseph, of Christoftel Yeads and 
Catelyntje Winnen. Wit.: Jacob Teunisse, Huybertje Yeads. 

1707, Apr. 27. Catelyntje, of Jan Rees and Maria Goe- 
wey. Wit.: Gerrit Van Schayk, Lammertje Lokerman or 

Meyndert, of Frederik Meyndertse Van Yvere and Sara 
De Wandelaar. Wit.: Reynier Van Yvere, Catharyna 
De Wandelaar. 

May 11. Geertruy, of Andries Rees and Ariaantje 
Scharp. Wit.: Ahasueros and Sara Marselis. 

Debora, of Goosse Van Schayk and Catharina Staats. 
Wit.: Gerrit Van Schayk, Debora Roseboom. 

May 22. Ariaantje, of Albert Van der Zee and Hilletje 
Gansevoort. Wit. : Leendert Gansevoort, Anna De Warm. 

June 1. Teunis, of Teunis Van Vechten and Catharina 
Van Putten. Both died before the baptism. Wit. : Jo- 
hannes Van Vechten, F. van Dirk [meaning probably "son 
of Dirk"], Reynier Meyndertse Van Yveren, Marrytje Van 

June 2. Jacob, of John Herris and Moeset Tassama. 
Wit.: Kiliaan Van Rensselaar, Anna Van Stryen. 

June 8. Cornelis, of Cornells Van den Berg, dec d , and 
Maria Winnen. Wit.: Will em Gysbertse and Wynand 
Van den Berg, Margarita Van Sant. 

Hermanus, of Johannes Vedder and Maria Fort. Wit.: 
Jan Fort, Elsje Cuyler. 

Margarita, of Johannes Meyndertse Van Yveren and 
Geertruy Van Slyk. Wit. : Albert Rykman. Sr., Hermanus 
Rykman, Saartje Van Yveren. 

June 15. Christoffel, of Nicolaas Bressy and Catelyntje 
Bont. Wit.: Abraham Kip, Lena Bont. 

Henrik, of Abraham Van Douse and Jacomyntje Van 
Schoonhoven. Wit.: Pierre and Henrikje Benoit, 

June 22. Lucas, of Dirk Hoes and Lysbeth Van Wyn- 
gaarde. Wit.: Caspar and Racheltje Van Hoese. 

Thomas, of Jacobus Turk and Teuntjc Hoes. Wit.: 
Pieter and Bata Winnen. 



June 29. Hendrik, of Jan Borgaart and Katharina Van 
Wie. Wit.: Gerrit and Agnietje Van Wie. 

Margarita, of Johannes Bratt and Maria Keteluyn. Wit. : 
David Keteluyn, Margarita Vetch. 

July 4. Andries, of Jan Witbeek and Agnietje Bronk. 
Wit.: Volkert and Engeltje Witbeek. 

Isaac, of John Whoodkok and Ariaantje Gardenier. 
Wit.: Patrik Martin, Rebecca Fonda. 

July 6. Neeltje, of Johannes' Scharp and Geertruy Rees. 
Wit.: Laurens Scharp, Hilletje Goewey. 

July 13. Harmanus, of Abraham Groot and Hester 
Visseher. Wit. : Johannes Visscher, Sara Wyngaard 

Susanna Catharina, of Johannes Lydius and Isabella 
Rachels. Wit.: Henrik Van Rensselaar, Johannes and 
Elisabeth Schuyler. 

July 27. Elisabeth, of Patrik Martin and Mary Cox. 
Wit. : John and Ariaantje Whoodkok. 

Aug. 3. Jacob, Mees, of Adam Vroman and Margarita 
Heemstraat. Wit.: Wessel Ten Broek, Dirk Van Heem- 
strate, Alida Levingston. 

Mattheus, of Isaac Van Deuse and Bata Van Ysselsteyn. 
Wit.: Cornelis Martense Van Ysselsteyn, Marrytje Van 

Johannes, of Wynand Van der Poel and Catharina. De 
Hooges. Wit.: Melchert *Van der Poel, Sr., Tryntje 

Cornelia, of Victor Pootman and Grietje Mebi. Wit.: 
Arent Pootman, Jacomyntje Van Dyk. 

Abraham, of Johannes Spoor and Maria Singer. Wit.: 
Gerrit and Marytje Spoor. 

Martha, of Pierre Benoit and Hendrik je Van Schoon- 
hoven. Wit.: Ariaan Oothout, Maeyke Ouderkerk. 

Aug. 17. Elisabeth, of Stephanus Groesbeek and Elisa- 
beth Lanssing. Wit. : Anthony Coster, Geertruy Groesbeek. 
Adriaan, of Adriaan Quakkenbosch and Catharina Van 
Schayk. Wit.: Gerrit Van Schayk, Albert Rykman, 
Neeltje Quakkenbosch. 

Aug. 24. Cornelia, of Pieter Martense Van Bueren and 
Ariaantje Barentse. Wit. : Johannes and Elsje Cuyler. 

Sept. 7. Dorothea, of Abraham Vosburg and Claartje 
Brussy. Wit.: Abraham Kip, Lydia Van Vechten. 

Sept. 14. Catharina, of William Van Alen and Marrytje 
Van Putten. Wit.: Laurens Van Alen, Maria Vinhagen. 

Sept. 21. Hendrik, of Meyndert Roseboom and Maria 
Vinhagen. Wit.: Jan Vinhagen, Sr., Margarita Ming; 

Niclaas, of Jan Thorn and Geertje Bresser. Wit.: 
Wynancl Van der Poel, Sara Hansse. 

Rachel, of Johannes Cuyler and Elsje Ten Broek. Wit.: 
Volkert Van Vechten, Rachel Schuyler. 

4 6 


Sept. 28. Franciscus, of Jan Hardinks and Maria Bek- 
ker. Wit.: William Hooges, Tames Carter, Antje Bekker. 

Oct. 5. Jan, of Jan Huybertse, dec d , and Lysbeth. 
Wit.: Baltus Van Benthuysen, Isabella Lydius. 

Henrik, of Pieter Cool and Jannetje Dingmans. Wit.: 
Cornells Maasse, Aaltje Dingmans. 

Douwe, of Daniel Keteluin and Debora Viele. Wit.: 
Dirk Brat, Hilletje Keteluin. 

Oct. 12. Andries, of Dirk Bratt and Maria Van Eps. 
Wit.: Evert and Elisabeth Banker. 

Helena, of Meyndert Bogart and Xeeltje Palmentier. 
Wit.: Cornells Schermerhoorn, Xeeltje Ten Eyk. 

Oct. 19. Anna Maria, of Gerrit Wibusse and Maria 
Gilbert. Wit.: Johannes and Dirkje Barheit. 

Jan, of Daniel Winnen and Dirkje Van Esch. Wit.: 
Jan and Aaltje Van Esch. 

Antoine, of Matthieu Beaufils and Catharina Barrois. 
Wit.: Carel and Aaltje Barrois. 

Comelis, of Hendrik Jansse Van Salsberry and Cornelia 
Van Schaak. Wit. : Jan Lanssing, Lysbeth Groesbeek. 

Nov. 16. Cornelis, of Dominicus Van vSchaak and Re- 
becca Groesbeek. Wit.: Willem Claasse Groesbeek, Ste- 
phanus and Geertje Groesbeek. 

Pieter, of Pieter Bronk and Anna Bogardus. Wit.: Jan 
W r itbeek, Sara Van Brug. 

Nov. 19. Tames, of Tames Luwesand Mary Tebueh [?] 
Wit.: Abraham Broeks, Susanna Wyngaard. 

Nov. 23. Henrik, of Jan Van Esch and Catelyntje 
Groesbeek. Wit.: Henrik Van Esch, Gecrtruy Groesbeek. 

Dec. 3. Maria, of Barent Sanders and Maria Wendel. 
Wit.: Gerrit Roseboom, Elisabeth Schuyler. 

Dec. 7. Robbert, of Charles Olver and Margarita Schuy- 
ler. Wit.: Henry Holland, John Colins, the mother. 

Bata, of Johannes Quakkenbos and Anna Cloet. Wit.: 
Jan and Bata Cloet. 

Claas Laurense, of Laurens Van Schaak and Jannetje 
Oothout. Wit.: Johannes Oothcut, Aaltje Van Esch. 

1708, Jan. 1. William, of Frederik Ilarmensc Visscher 
and Elisabeth Sanders. Wit.: Johs. Hannense Visscher, 
Helena Lanssing. 

Jan. 4. Gerrit, of Jacob Cloet and Gecrtruy Van Franke. 
Wit.: Jan Cloet, Ariaantje Camfort. 

Johannes, of Reynier Meyndertse Van Yvere and Sara 
Bratt. Wit.: Fredrik Meinderse, Willempje Bratt. 

Jan. n. Johannes, of Abraham Ouderkcrk and Lysbeth 
Cloet. Wit.: Anthony Coster. Bata CI 

Johannes, of Hendrik Van Renssclaar and Catharina V 
Brug. Wit.: Pieter Schuyler, Johannes Lydius, Catharina 
Van Brue. 



Jan. 18. Geesje, of Jan Henrikse Bont and Jannetje 
Scharp. Wit.: Johannes Beekman, Annetje Ryerts. 

Abraham, of Jan Fonda and Matje Lokermans. Wit.: 
Kiliaan and Maria Van Rensselaar. 

Coenraat, of Coenraat Borgert and Geesje Van Wie. 
Wit. : Marten and Lysbeth Delmont. 

Jan. 25. At Esopus. Pieternelle, of Jacobus Dubois, 
and Susanna Leg. Wit.: Jan Leg, x\ntje Fynhout. 

At Esopus. Catharina, of Pieter Ploeg and Aaltje Peld. 
Wit.: Henrik and Jannetje Beekman. 

Jacob, of Henrik Ten Eyk and Margarita Bleeker. W T it. : 
Jan Janse Bleeker, Geertje Ten Eyk. 

Johannes, of Roelof De Duytser and Jannetje Brussy. 
Wit.: Barent and Matje Sandertse. 

Jannetje, of Cornells Bogert and Dorothea Oothout. 
Wit.: Jacob Bogert, Grietje Van Vechten. 

Jan. 28. At Esopus. Tjaatje, of Tjerk Matthyse and 
Maria Ten Eyk. Wit.: Cornelis Wynkoop, Barbara 

At Esopus. Anna Catharina, of Cornelis La Maitre and 
Margarita Van Steenbergen. Wit.: Thomas and Maria 
Van Steenbergen. 

Isaac, of Abraham Van Aalstein and Marrytje Van Deuse. 
Wit.: Harbert Teeuwisse Van Deuse, Lena Van Deuse. 

Machtelt, of Jacobus Lucasse W T yngaard and Maria 
Quakkenbosch. Wit.: Adriaan and Caatje Quakkenbosch. 

Marytje, of Arent Van Schaak and Maria Van Loon. 
Wit. : Caspar Van Hoesen, Anna Gansevoort. 

Neeltje, of Barent Gerritse Van den Berg and Geertruy 
Witbeek. Wit.: Wynand and Gerritje Van den Berg. 

Feb. i. At Esopus. Jacob, of Bernardus Swartwoud 
and Rachel Schepmoes. Wit.: Jacob Kip, Willem Schep- 
moes, Elsje Schuyler. 

At Es. Cornelis, of Salomon Dubois and Tryntje Ger- 
ritse. Wit.: Daniel and Lea Dubois, Harmen and Maria 

At Es. Louis, of Abraham Bevier and Rachel Vernoy. 
Wit.: Louis and Hester Bevier, Jan Bevier, Maria Horen- 

At Es. David, of Pieter Usile and Cornelia Dauw. 
Wit. : Cornelis Schermerhoorn, Maria Roseboom. 

At Es. Blandina, of Jonas Le Roy and Maria Usile. 
Wit. : Johannes Van Kleek, Lena Lanssing. 

Feb. 8. Johannes, of Johannes Wendel and Elisabeth 
Walters. Wit. : Johannes and Elisabeth Schuyler. 

Feb. 11. Mary, of William Rodgers and Mary Johnson. 
Wit. : Johannes Hansse, Agnietje Nak. 

Feb. 15. Antje, of Charles Barrois and Aaltje Van der 
Werke. Wit.: Albert and Jannetje Van der Werke. 

4 8 


Sara, of Gerrit Lucasse Wyngaard and Sara Visscher. 
Wit.: Frederik Harmense Visscher, Alida Visscher. 

Feb. 22. Sybrand, of Gerrit Van Schayk and Sara Goe- 
wey. Wit.: Goosse Van Schayk, Lysbeth Van Corlaar. 

Marytje, of Isaac Vosburg and Annetje Hoes. Wit.: 
Johannes and Catelyntje Abeel. 

Racheltje, of Ritchart Jansse and Tryntje Hoogteeling. 
Wit. : Pieter Bronk, Judith Hoogkerke. ' 

Feb. 29. Tjerk, of Cornells Swits and Hester Visscher. 
Wit. : Jacob and Elisabeth Visscher. 

Apr. 4. Dirk, of Gideon and Dorcas. Wit.: Wessel 
Ten Broek, Geertruy Schuyler. 

May 2. Margrietje, of Tames Williams and Agnietje 
Gansevoort. Wit. : Pieter Bronk, Rachel Gansevoort. 

May 16. William, of William Hilten and Antje Barko. 
Wit.: Pieter Schuyler, Marghta Conns. 

Johannes, of Abraham Lanssing and Magdalena Van 
Tricht. W T it. : Volkert and Margarita Domv. 

Martinus, of Albert Roelofse Van der Werke and Dirkje 
Van Aalstein. Wit.: Cornelis and Marrytje Van Aalstein. 

May 23. Engeltje, of Pieter Walderon and Tryntje 
Van den Berg. Wit.: Gysbert Willemse Van den Berg, 
Cornelia Van Aalstein. 

May 24. Betty, of Tames Kadman and Margarita 
Yvens. Wit.: Daniel Killy, Annaatje Hogen. 

May 30. Cornelis, of Gysbert Scharp and Lysbeth Goe- 
wey. Wit.: Henrik and Catharina Van Rensselaar. 

Marytje, of Barent Ten Eyk and Neeltje Schcrmerhoorn. 
Wit.: Jacob Schermerhoom, Gerritje Ten Eyk. 

Caspar, of Harmen Van Salsberry and Tanna Conyn. 
Wit.: Dirk Philipse Conyn, Alida Lanssing. 

June 6. Johannes, of Coenraat Hoogteling and Tryntje 
Van Slyk. Wit.: Johannes and Eva Beekman. 

Robbert, of John Kidni and Marrytje Van der Werke. 
Wit. : Carel and Aaltje Barrois. 

June 13. Anna, of Evert Banker and Elisabeth Abeel. 
Wit.: Johannes Lydius, Maria Van Rensselaar. 

Eva, of Johannes Van Valkenburg and Margarita Bar- 
heit. Wit.: Hieronymus and Rebecca Barheit. 

Ida, of Marten Van Bueren and Judith Barentse. Wit.: 
Pieter Van Bueren. Ariaantje Barentse. 

July 4. Johannes, of Lambert Joachimse Van Valken- 
burg and Jannetje Claeuw. Wit.: Reinier Meyndertse, 
Agnietje Nak. 

Johannes, of Pieter Meesse Hoogeboom and Jannetje 
Mulder. Wit.: Jan Salomonse Goewey, Lammertjc Loker- 

Hendrikje, of Jeremias Mulder and Lysbeth Halenbeek. 
Wit.: Jacob Lanssing, Lysbeth Bratt. 



Elsje, of Johannes G. F. Lanssing and Helena Sanderse. 
Wit.: Gerrit G. F. and Catharina Lanssing. 

Franeyntje, of John Herris and Moeset Tassama. Wit.: 
Johannes Knikkelbakker, Jannetje Lanssing. 

July 9. Johannes, of Thomas Witbeek and Jannetje Van 
Deuse. Wit.: Melchert Abrahamse Van Deuse, Caatje 

July 11. Hendrik, of Hendrik Claeuw and Cornelia 
Scharp. Wit. : Jan Salomonse and Hilletje Goewey. 

July 18. Tjerk Harmen, of Philip Wendel and Maria 
Visscher. Wit. : Tjerk Harmense Visscher, Alida Visscher. 

Franciscus, of Jacob Lanssing and Helena Pruyn. Wit. : 
Samuel and Barent je Pruyn. 

Aug. 1. Weintje, of Dirk Philipse Conyn and Rachel 
Andriesse. Wit.: Leendert Bronk, Anna Gansevoort. 

Sybrand, of Antony S. F. Van Schayk and Anna Cath- 
arina Ten Broek. Wit.: W T essel Ten Broek, Lysbeth Van 

Aug. 8. Ritchard, of Ritchard Moore and Geesje Sals- 
bury. Wit. : Henrik and Debora Hansse. 

Aug. 15. Catharina, of Henrik. Witbeek and Lena Bout. 
Wit.: Frans and Elsje Winnen. 

Maria, of Johannes Vinhagen and Maria Van Trigt. Wit.: 
Johannes Vinhagen, Sr., Lysbeth Van Trigt. 

Adam, of Christoffel Yeads and Catelyntje Winnen. 
Wit.: Joseph Yeads, Anna Winnen. 

Aug. 15. Wouter, of Johannes Groesbeek and Geertje 
Quakkenbosch. Wit.: Wouter Quakkenbosch, Jr., Geer- 
truy Groesbeek. 

Daniel, of Anthony Bratt and Willempje Teunisse. Wit. : 
Reynier Van Yvere, Dirkje Barheit. 

Sept. 19. Johannes, of Willem Van Oostrande and 
Marytje De Hooges. Wit.: Wynand and Catharina Van 
der Poel. 

Abraham, of Pieter Quakkenbos and Neeltje Marinus. 
Wit.: Pieter Rykman, Caatje Quakkenbos. 

Johannes, of Balthazar Van Benthuysen and Lidia 
Dealy. Wit. : Barent Sanders, Catelyntje Van Benthuysen. 

Lena, of Johannes Van Alen and Christina Ten Broek. 
Wit.: Samuel Ten Broek, Henrik Van Balen, Catharina 
Ten Broek. 

Pieter, of Barent Egbertse and Maria De Garmo. Wit.: 
Dirk and Cornelia Van der Hcyden. 

Henrik, of Abraham Wendel and Maeyke Van Esch. 
Wit. : Henrik Van Es, Maria Mingaal. 

Sept. 26. Catharina, of Borger Huyk and Maeyke Hoes. 
Wit.: Reinier Van Yvere Sara Wyngaard. 

Geertruy, of Jean Du Fou and Catharina Van der Werke. 
Wit.: Johannes Van der Werke Marrytjc Kidni. 



Pieter, of Johannes Bekker and Annetje Van der Zee. 
Wit.: Johannes Roseboom, Lysbeth Van Deuse. 

Henrik, of Evert Whieller and Josina Gardenier. Wit.: 
Henrik and Catharina Van Rensselaar. 

Cornelis, of Marten Van Aalstein and Cornelia Van den 
Berg. Wit.: Gysbert Van den Berg, Marrytje Van Aal- 

Pieter, of Teunis Van Slyk and Jannetje Van Wie. Wit. : 
Johannes Mingal, Marrytje Visscher. 

Isaac, of Abraham Staats and Elsje Wendel. Wit.: 
Johannes and Elisabeth Wendel. 

Oct. 1. Hester, of Johannes Visscher and Lysbeth Not- 
tingham. Wit.: Nanning and Lysbeth Visscher. 

Oct. 3. Gerrit, of Niclaas Gerritse Van Franke and 
Geertruy Quakkenbosch. Wit.: Maas Rykse, Ariaantje 

Willem, of Wynand Van den Berg and Volkje Van 
Hoesen. Wit.: Gysbert and Marytje Van den Berg. 

Ephraim, of Stephanus Van Alen and Maria Mulder. 
Wit.: Melchert Van der Poel, Jr., Emmetje Van Alen. 

Marrytje, of Jan Dekker and Tysje Bogerd. Wit.: 
Ritchard Van den Berk, Rachel Hoogteeling. 

Jan Dirk, of Jan Janse Van Aarnhem, dec 1 !, and Esther 
Fonda. Wit.: Jan Fonda, in place of the father; Cornelis 
Maasse, Anna Fonda. 

Oct. 24. Johannes, of Gerrit Rykse Van Franke and 
Barbara jansse. Wit.: Warnar Karstense, Marrytje Van 

Oct. 31. Maria, of Isaac Van Aalstein and Jannetje Van 
Valkenbttrg. Wit.: Jan and Rachel Ratteliffe. 

Catharina, of Marten Delmont and Lysbeth Viele. Wit. : 
Johannes Bleeker, Jr., Maria Schuyler. 

Nov. 7. Henrik, of Jan Van Es. and Catelyntje Groes- 
beek. Wit.: Henrik Van Es, Geertruy Groesbeek. 

Nov. 14. Petrus, of Pieter Rykman and Cornelia Ketel- 
tas. Wit.: Harmen and Maria Rykman. 

Nov. 21. Joachim, of Abraham Van Valkenburg and 
Catelyntje Schermerhoorn. Wit.: Lambert Huyk. Maria 

Philip, of Pieter Winnen and Maria De Foreest. Wit.: 
Hans and Sara Hansse. 

Dec. 8. Maria, of Adriaan Oothout and Lammertje 
Lokermans. Wit.: Jan and Matje Fonda. 

Dec. 12. Johannes, of Kiliaan Van Rensselaar and 
Maria Van Cortlandt. Wit.: John Colins, Philip Cort- 
landt, Maria Van Rensselaar in place oi Anna Nictate. 

Catharina, of Barent Staats and Neeltje Wan den Berg. 
Wit.: Abraham Staats, Lysbeth Schuyler. 

Dec. 15. Andries, of Johannes De Wandelaar, Jr., and 


Lysbeth Gansevoort. Wit.: Frederik Meyndertse. Cath- 
arina De Wandelaar. 

Dec. 19. Sybrand, of Goosse Van Schayk and Catharina 
Staats. Wit.: Henrik Roseboom, Catharina Quakken- 

Douwe, of Daniel Keteluyn and Debora Viele. Wit. : 
Joachim Keteluyn, Antje Kaneel. 

Dec. 25. Isaac, of Jacob Anonsfontje and Jacomyn 
Kwanogweech. Wit : Robbert Wendel, Rachel Kajo- 

Robbert, of Philip Livingston and Catharina Van Brug. 
Wit.: Robbert Livingston, Sara Van Brug. 

Dec. 26. Henrik, of Pieter Van Buere and Geertruy 
Vosburg. Wit.: Cornelis Van Buere, Cornelis and Mar- 
rytje Schermerhoorn. 

1709, Jan. 1. Catharina, of Wouter Van der Zee and 
Jannetje Swart. Wit.: Joachim Keteluyn, Elsje Schuyler. 

Takel, of Ahazueros Marselis and Zara Van Heemstraat. 
Wit.: Takel Van Heemstraat, Pieter Van Brug, Grietje 

Johannes, of Arent Brat and Jannetje Vroman. Wit.: 
Reyer Schermerhoorn, Tryntje Bries. 

January 9, at Kinderhook: Ephraim, of Ty's Jansse Goes 
and Cornelia Van Deuse. Wit.: Jan Goes, Magdalena 
Van Bueren. 

Catharina, of Jacobus Turk and Teuntje Goes. 

Marrytje, of Emanuel Van Salsdyk and Rebecca West- 
faeling. Wit.: Pieter Cool, Jannetje Dingrnans. 

Annaatje, of Isaac Ouderkerk and Maeyke Van Es. 
Wit. : Johannes and Neeltje Ouderkerk. 

Andries, of Jan Rees and Maria Goewey. Wit.: Cor- 
nelis Stevense Muller, Hilletje Muller. 

Abraham, of Willem Jansse Halenbeek and Fytje Van 
Vegten. Wit.: Dirk Conyn, Antje Van Vegten. 

Gerardus, of Jacob Dingrnans and Eva Swartwoud. 
Wit.: Pieter Van Alen, Josyntje Dingrnans. 

Neeltje, of Stephanus Hiesoor and Sara Hoornbeck. 
Wit.: Jacob and Eva Dingrnans. 

Jan. 12. Johannes, of Volkert Dou and Margarita Van 
Trigt. Wit.: Volkert Jonasse Dou, Helena Van Trigt. 

Johannes, of Dirk Van Heemstrate and Catharina Quak- 
kenbos. Wit.: Jacobus Wyngaard, Neeltje Quakkenbos. 

Rebecca, of Salomon Van Vegten and Alida Fonda. Wit. 
Isaac Fonda, Alida Lanssing, now Fonda. 

Jan. 23. Johannes, of Mattheus Nak and Agnietje 
Schaats. Wit.: Thomas Harmanse Hun, Weyntje Van 

Jan. 26. Christoffel, of Andries Brussy and Engeltje 
Claeuw. Wit.: Abraham and Geesje Kip. 




Jan. 30. William, of Francois Salisbury and Maria 
Gaasbeek. Wit.: Jacob Marius Groen, Maria Salisbury. 

Catharina, of Teunis Pieterse and Margarita Laurensse. 
Wit. : Jacob and Dorothea Vosburg. 

Margarita, of Antoine Rowville and Heyltje Dekker. 
Wit.: Cornelis Teeuwisse Mulder, Jurriaan Dekker, Hilletje 

Feb. 6. Petrus, of Pieter Oostrander and Rachel Ding- 
mans. Wit. : Bernhardus Swartwoud, Rachel Schepmoes. 

Feb. 9. Anna, of Harmanus Wendel and Anna Glen. 
Wit.: Johannes and Hester Wendel. 

Grietje, of Claas Fransse and Barbara Heemstraat 
Wit.: Dirk and Caatje Heemstraat. 

Feb. 13. Abraham, of Wynand Van der Poel and 
Catharina De Hooges. Wit.: Melchert Van der Poel, Jr., 
Catharina Van der ^oel. 

Feb. 20. Catharina, of Abraham Cuyler and Katharina 
Bleker. Wit.: Henrik and Margarita Ten Eyk. 

Alexander, of Albert Vedder and Maria Glen. Wit.: 
Gerrit Lanssing, Jacomina Van Dyk. 

Feb. 27. Abraham, of Gerrit Lanssing and Catharina 
Glen. Wit.: Jan and Magdalena Lanssing. 

Andries, of Lambert Huyk and Anna RattelifTe. Wit.: 
Jan and Rachel RattelifTe. 

Cornelis, of Cornelis Van Aalstein and Marrytje Van den 
Berg. Wit.: Pieter Walderon, Dirkje Van der Werke. 

March 6. John, of Robbert Levingston, Jr., and Mar- 
garita Schuyler. Wit.: Philip Levingston, Margarita Vetch. 

Stephanus, of Jacobus Cromwel and Maria Philips. 
Wit.: Harmen Philipse, EUsje Cuyler. 

Ariaantje, of Johannes Wendel and Susanna Viele. Wit. : 
Harmanus and Ariaantje Wendel. 

March 9. Rachel, of Lucas Lucasse Hoogkerke and 
Judith Marselis. Wit.: Willem Van Aleh, Barbara Mar- 

March 13. Margarita, of Johannes Bleeker. Jr.. and 
Anna Coster. Wit.: Ruth Bleeker, Margarita Ten Eyk. 

March 16. Anna, of Herbert Jacobse Van Deuse and 
Marrytje Gerritse. Wit.: Johannes and Maria Mingaal. 

March 20. Hieronimus, of Jan Barheit and Catharina 
Gilbert. Wit.: Hieronimus and Rebecca Barheit. 

Eva, of Bartholomeus Van Valkenburg and Catharina 
Van Aalstein. Wit.: Johannes and Eva Beekman. 

March 27. Lena, of Jan Witbeek and Agnietje Br. 
Wit.: Pieter and Antje Bronk. 

Apr. 10. Jurriaan, of Caspar Van Hoescn and Racheltjc 
Slingerlandt. Wit.: Albert and Hester Slingerlandt. 

Apr. 17. ChristofTel, of Abraham Vosburg and Ch:v 
Brussy. Wit.: Cornelis Bogert, Alida Levingston. 



Jacobus, of Melchert Van der Poel and Catharina Van 
Alen. Wit. : Abraham Schuyler, Maria Van Dyk. 

Apr. 22. Jacobus, of Johannes Meyndertse and Geer- 
truy Van Slyk. Wit.: Henrik Douw, Reynier Meyndertse, 
Margarita Kip. 

Apr. 25. Antje, of Victor Pootman and Grietje Mebi. 
Wit. : Johannes and Maria Mingal. 

Lysbeth, of Johannes Van Alen and Sara Dingmans. 
Wit. : Willem Van Alen, Geertruy Maasse. 

Coenraad, of Jan Borgaart and Catharina Van Wie. 
Wit. : Jan and Catharina Van Wie. 

Aaltje, of Cornelis Van Bueren and Hendrikje Van Esch. 
Wit.: Jan and Catelyntje Van Esch. 

June 12. Engeltje, of Wouter Vroman and Maria Halen- 
beek. Wit.: Albert Rykman, Jannetje Van Slyk. 

Martinus, Barent, twins of Pieter Vroman and Geertje 
Van Aalstein. Wit. : Marten Van Aalstein, Dirkje Van der 
Werke, Cornelis Bogert, Abigail Verplanke. 

Jannetje, of Arent Pootman and Lysbeth Akkermans. 
Wit.: Johannes Mingal, Tryntje Bries. 

Johannes, of Johannes Pruyn and Emilia Sanders. Wit. : 
Frederik Visscher, Sara Grevenraad. 

Celia, of Joseph Jansse and Sydje Marselis. Wit. : Pieter 
and Sara Van Brug. 

Ephraim, Johannes, twins of Volkert Van Vegten and 
Lidia Ten Broek. Wit. : Samuel and Catharina Ten 
Broek, Jonas Douw, Marytje Van Vegten. 

Sara, of Frederik Meyndertse and Sara De Wandelaar. 
Wit. : Johannes and Lysbeth De Wandelaar. 
- June 19. Maria, of Willem Marinus and Bata Klein. 
Wit.: Jan and Johanna Clara Delmont. 
~ Simon, of Caspar Springsteen and Jannetje Schermer- 
hoorn. Wit.: Jacob Schermerhoorn, Susanna Beekman. 

June 26. Claas, of Tennis Van der Volge and Sara Freer. 
Wit. : Claas and Maria Van der Volge. 

Margriet, of Jan De Koning and Geertruy Jansse. Wit. : 
Jacob Pearson. 

Antony, of Johannes Bratt and Maria Keteluyn. Wit. : 
Dirk Van der Keyden, Anna Bratt. 

Magdalena, of Frederik Cloet and Francyntje Du Mont. 
Wit.: Jacob and Lena Lanssing. 

Storm, of Albert Van der Zee and Hilletje Gansevoort. 
Wit.: Willem and Hilletje Keteluyn. 

Pieter, of Pieter Symonse, dec 1 ?, and Neeltjc Van der 
Volge. Wit.: Johannes Symonse, Sara Van der Volge. 

Lydia, of Andries Douw and Lydia De Meyer. Wit.: 
Jonas Douw, Philip and Lysbeth Schuyler. 

July 3. Adam, of Johannes Tejasse and Rebecca 
Oodsdjchouwe. Wit.: Ezras, Xeeltje Tewagkerat. 



Marytje, of Johannes Christiaanse and Neeltje Cornelisse. 
Wit.: Bastiaan Visscher, Neeltje Christiaanse. 

Cornelia, of Isaac Van Deuse and Bata Van Yselstein. 
Wit.: Abraham Van Aalstein, Lena Van Deuse. 

July 10. Gerrit, of Jacob Cloet and Geertruy Van 
Franke. Wit.: Robbert Livingston, Jr.. AriaantjeCamp- 

Teunis, of Dirk Cornelisse Van Vechten and Margarita 
Harmensse. Wit.: Levinus and Egbertje Harmensse. 

July 24. Adriaan, of Thomas Harmensse Hun and 
Maeyke Oothout. Wit.: Jan and Catelyntje Van Esch. 

Douwe, of Isaac Fonda and Alida Lanssing. Wit.: 
Jan and Rebecca Fonda. 

Aug. 21. Adam, of Pieter Laurentse Van Alen and 
Josina Dingmans. Wit.: Johannes Maasse Bloemendaal, 
Geertruy Bloemendaal. 

Yda, of Jan Van Wie and Catharina Huyck. Wit.: 
Gerrit and Agnietje Van Wie. 

Catharina, of Dirk Hogeboom and Maria Delmont. Wit. : 
Johannes and Maria Mingaal. 

Sept. 11. Maria, of Andries Bratt and Weyntje Rosa. 
Wit.: Storm and Maria Bratt. 

Johannes, of Isaac Lanssing and Jannetje Beekman. 
Wit.: Gerrit Lanssing, Susanna Beekman. 

Oct. 16. Jan, of Pieter Bronk and Anna Bogardus. 
Wit.: Leendert Gansevoort, Maria Van Rensselaar. 

Emanuel, of Dirk Van der Karre and Fytje Van Schaak. 
Wit.: Evert Banker, Maria Van Schayk. 

Gerrit Teunis, of Johannes Van Vechten and Maria Bo- 
gardus. Wit.: Pieter Van Brugh, Jannetje Bogardus. 

Oct. 23. Cornelis, of Abraham Groot and Hester Vis- 
scher. Wit.: Evert Wendel, Lysbeth Visscher. 

Nicolaas, of Dirk Groot and Lysbeth Van der Volge. 
Wit.: Abraham Groot, Maria Van der Volge. 

Maria, of Meyndert Roseboom and Maria Vinhagel. 
Wit.: Johannes Roseboom, Alida Visscher. 

Maria, of Abraham Wendel and Maeyke Van Esch. Wit. : 
Johannes and Maria Mingaal. 

Gerardus, of Stephanus Van Groesbeek and Lysbeth 
Lanssing. Wit. : Johannes Groesbeek, Gerritje Roseboom. 

Jacobus, of Charles Barrois and Aaltje Van der Werke. 
Wit.: Johannes and Geertruy Van der Werke. 

Philippus, of Johannes Hansse and Sara De Forest. 
Wit.: Henrik Hansse, Catelyntje Van Esch. 

Oct. 30. Hendrik, of Samuel Gardenier and Helena B 
Wit.: Andries and Josina Gardenier. 

Simon, of Johannes Sy mouse Vedder and Susanna Wim- 
pel. Wit.: Volkert Symonse Vedder, Neeltje Van der 


1709-17 10 

Magdalena, of Volkert Syroonse Vedder and Jannetje 
Schermerhoorn. Wit.: Jobs. Symonse Vedder, Neeltje 

Petrus, of Marten Van Slyk and Margarita Van Franke. 
Wit.: Aldrik and Maria Van Franke. 

Weyntje, of Arent Van Petten and Jannetje Conyn. 
Wit.: Tames Williams, Anna De Warm. 

Jesaias, of Jesaias Swart and Eva Teunisse Van Schoon- 
derwoert. Wit.: Rutger Bleeker, Debora Hansse. 

Robbert, of Jonathan Rumney and Johanna Van Cor- 
laar. Wit.: John Colins, Goosse Van Schayk, Elisabeth 
Van Corlaar. 

Hendrik, of Cornelis Bogert and Dorothea Oothout 
Wit.: Henrik Oothout, Maria Pruyn. 

Geertruy, of Cornelis Van Slyk and Claartje Bratt. Wit. : 
Tobias Rykman, Maria Bries. 

Nov. 13. Laurens, of Cornelis Laurentse Van Wurmer- 
ink and Annaatje Van Petten. Wit. : Lucas Hoogkerke, 
Marrytje Bronk. 

Johannes, of Wouter Quakkenbos and Cornelia Bogert. 
W T it.: Johs. Knikkelbakker, Abigail Verplanke. 

Benjamin, of Barent Van den Berg and Geertruy Wit- 
beek. Wit.: Tames W r illiams, Anna De Warm. 

Nov. 20. Robbert, of John Dunbar and Bata Winnen. 
W T it.: Evert and Sara Wendel. 

Nov. 27. Neeltje, of Henrik Douw and Neeltje Van 
Yvere. Wit. : Jonas and Catharina Douw. 

Rachel, of Johs. Cuyler and Elsje Ten Brock. Wit: 
Johannes Ten Broek, Rachel Schuyler. 

Johannes, of Barent TenEyk and Neeltje Schermerhoorn. 
Wit.: Johs. Beekman, Jr. Marrytje Schermerhoorn. 

Robbert, of Johs. Wendel and Elisabeth Walthers. Wit. : 
Robbert and Catharina Walthers. 

Dec. 4. William, of William Rodgers and Mary John- 
son. Wit.: John Dunbar, William Hoges, Sara Hanssene. 

Dec. 18. Henrik, of Elbert Gerritse and Maria Pruyn. 
Wit.: Samuel Pruyn, Antje Van Yvere. 

Henricus, of Daniel Bratt and Lysbeth Lanssing. Wit.: 
Isaac Fonda, Jannetje Bogardus. 

Dec. 25. Harmen, of Johs. Knikkelbakker and Anna 
Quakkenbosch. Wit.: Kiliaan and Maria Van Rens- 

Catharina, of Gerrit S. Van Schayk and Sara Goewey. 
Wit.: Salomon Goewey, Catharina Quakkenbosch. 

1709-10, Jan. 8. Alida, of Samuel Doksi and L\ sbeth 
Bas. Wit.: Frans and Elsje Winnen. 

Jacob, of Nicolaas Van Woerd and Dirkje Barheit. 
Wit.: Jacob Teunisse, Barbar Marselis. 

Anna Margarita, of Cousset Vedder and Margarita Barrith 



(died the day before the ch.'s bapt.). Wit.: Jan 
Dellemont, Johanna Clara Delmont. 

Antony, of Reynier Van Yvere and Sara Brat. Wit.: 
Dirk and Anna Brat. 

Jan. 15. Barent, of Henrik Vroman and Marrytje 
Wimp. Wit.: Barent and Volkje Wimp. 

Gabriel, of Claas Brassy and Catelyntje Bont. Wit.: 
Barent and Maria Egbertse. 

Helena, of Harmen Van Slyk and Jannetje Vrooman. 
Wit.: Albert Rykman, Barent Vroman, Geertray Van 

Lysbeth, of Simon Danielse and Maria Peek. Wit. 
Jacobus and Lysbeth Peek. 

Joachim Lambert, of Isaac Valkenburg and Lydia Van 
Slyk. Wit.: Henrik Vroman, Rachel Ratteliffe. 

Gerritje, of Gerrit Lucasse Wyngaard and Sara Visscher. 
Wit.: Johs. Visscher, Claas Lucasse, Susanna Wyngaard. 

Jan. 22. Geertray, of Pieter Hogeboom and Jannetje 
Mulder. Wit.: Stephanus Van Alen, Matje Fonda. 

Willem, of Andries Rees and Ariaantje Scharp. Wit.: 
Johs. Scharp, Hilletje Goewey. 

Anna, of John Hardinx and Maria Bekker. Wit.: Johs. 
Bekker, Nicolaas Wyngaard, Anna Hoges. 

Hermanus, of Harmen Salsberry and Tanna Conyn. 
Wit.: Reuben Van Vechten, Anna Warm. 

Jan. 29. Johannes, of Albert Van der Werke and Dirkje 
Van Aalstein. Wit.: Johs. Van Aalstein, Geertje Vroman. 

Feb. 5. Johannes, of Laurens Van Schaak and Jan- 
netje -Oothout. Wit.: Henrik and Caatje Oothout. 

Claas Frederik, of Willem Van Alen and Marrytje Van 
Petten. Wit.: Claas Van Petten, Elsje Schuyler. 

Feb. 15. David, of Jillis Van Vorst and Lysbeth Van 
Eps. Wit.: Arent Slingerland, Rebecca Fonda. 

Maria, of Gerrit Gysbertse and Catharina Van der 
Volge. Wit.: Claas and Maria Van der Volge. 

Cornelia, of Mattheus Goes and Jannetje Bries. Wit.: 
Johannes Cuyler, Cornelia Goes. 

Baptisms by Do. G. Dr Bois. 

1 7 10, Apr. 23. Johannes, of Evert Banker and Elisa- 
beth Abeel. Wit.: Johs. De Peyster, Johs. and Mag- 
dalena Abeel, Neeltje Banker. 

Cornells, of Cornelis Claasz and Susanna Ouwderkerk. 
Wit.: Johs. Roseboom. Gerretje Costers. 

Willemyntje, of Matthys Xak and Aggenietje Schaats. 
Wit.: Andries Nak, Wyn'tje Harmensz. 

Maria, of Wynant Van den Berg and Folkie Van I loose. 
Wit.: Gysbert'and Cathalyna Van den Berg. 



Jacobus, of Abraham Lanse and Magdalena Van Trigt. 
Wit.: Joh. Lanse, Catharina Geele. 

Jannetje, of Cornells Schermerhoorn and Maria Van 
Buuren. Wit.: Jacob Schermerhoorn, Susanna Beekman. 

Apr. 28. Catharina, of Cornelis Slingelant and Eva 
Mebie. Wit.: Caspar Van Hoese, Maria Slingelant. 

Neeltje, of Arend Uanielsz and Sara Van Eps. Wit.: 
Dirk Bradt, Aggenietje Vedders. 

Isaak, of Louis Fiele and Maria Freer. Wit.: Abraham 
Cuiler, Catharina Bleekers. 

Mettje or Nieltje, of Jan Danielse and Aggenietje Ved- 
ders. Wit.: Robbert Levingston, Margritha Schuilers. 

Margrita, of Johs. Vedder and Maria Fort. Wit. : Albert 
Vedder, Eva Vinnagels. 

Magdalena, of Gerrit Simons and Tryntje Helmes. Wit. : 
Pieter Van Brugge, Jannetje Fromman. 

Johannes, of Evert Van Eps and Eva Tol. Wit.: Jan 
Baptist Van Eps, Heleena Geele. 

Apr. 30. Cornelis, of Johs. Scherp and Geertruy Rees. 
Wit.: Hendrik Van Renselaar, Catharina Van Brugge. 

Jannetje, of Coenraat Hoogteeling and Tryntje Van 
Slyk. Wit.: Isaac Lansen, Jannetje Beekman. 

Lammert, of Isaac Van Aalstein and Jannetje Valken- 
burg. Wit.: Johs. and Catharina Vrooman. 

Andries, of Lambert Van Valkenburg and Anna Huik. 
Wit.: Lammert Huik, Anna Raedelif. 

Elisabeth, of Jesse De Graaf and Aaltje Helston. Wit. : 
Abraham and Maria De Graaf. 

Thimotheus, of Jan Leenderdsz and Eliaan Jans. Wit.: 
Corset Vedder, Judik Marcellus. 

Dirkje, of Abraham Aalstyn and Maria Van Deuse. 
Wit.: Johs. and Jannetje Mingal. 

Evert, of Hendrik Bont and Jannetje Evertsz. Wit.: 
Hieronimus Barheit, Aaltje Everts. 

Dirk, of Johannes Spoor and Maria Singer. Wit.: Claas 
Van Woert, Dirkje Barheit. 

Pieter, of Pieter Kool and Jannetje Dinansse. Wit.: 
Samuel Pruin, Maria Bogaart. 

Margrita, of Daniel Fort and Gerrit je Van den Berg. 
Wit.: Cornelis Van Nes, Maria Van Berg. 

Tobias, of Marte Van Buuren and Judikje Barens. Wit.: 
Tobias and Magdalena Rykman. 

Oct. 27. Gerrit Lucasse, of Jacobus Wyngaart and 
Maria Kwakkenbos. Wit.: Lucas Wyngaart, Susanna 
Wend els. 

Catharina, of Baltus Van Benthuise and Lidia Daely 
Wit.: Johs. and Alida Turk. 

Neeltje, of Joh. Beekman and Eva Vinhagen. Wit 
Johs. Lansing, Maria Visscr. 



Johannes, of Job. Vinhagen and Maria Van Trigt. Wit.: 
Johannes Teller, Alicia Vinhage. 

Rykaart, of Evert Van Franken and Marytje Vissers. 
Wit.: Bastiaan Visser, Grietye Van Franke. 

Johannes, of Adriaan Kwakkenbos and Catharina Van 
Schaajk. Wit.: Dirk Takelse, Claartj Kwakkenbos. 

Johannes, of Hendrik Ten Eyk and Grietje Bleekers. 
Wit.: Coenraat Ten Eyk, Caatje Bleekers. 

Nicolaas, of Johs. Groesbeek and Geertje Kwakkenbos. 
Wit.: Willem and Barber Groesbeek. 

Teuntje, of Evert Van Es and Geertje Van den Berg. 
Wit.: Kiliaan Van Renselaar, Maria Van Kortlant. 

Dirk Wesselsse, of Johs. Van Alen and Christina Ten 
Broek. Wit.: Gualtherus Du Bois, Dirk Ten Broek, Anna 

Lena, of Jan Fonda and Marytje Lokermans. Wit.: 
Adriaan Oothouwt, Maria Schuiler. 

Oct. 30. . Rebekka, of Johs. Van Valkenburg and Mar- 
grita Barheit. Wit.: Wouter Barheit, Fietje Oothoudt. 

Doretea, of Ritgart Jansse and Tryntje Hoogteeling. 
Wit.: Lucas Lucasse, Lena Sanders. 

Benjamin, of Abraham Ouderkerk and Elisabeth Kloete. 
Wit. : Eldert and Susanna Ouwderkerk. 

Jacobus, of Thomas Witbeek and Jannetje Van Deuse. 
Wit.: Lucas Witbeek, Wyntje Hun. 

Philp, of Matthys Bovie and Catharyn Barwee. Wit.: 
Claas Bovie and Marytje Van der Werke. 

Dirk, of Dirk Bradt and Marytje Van Eps. Wit. : Dirk 
Barendse Brad, Marytje Bries, Jr. 

Adriantje, of Claes Van Franke and Geertruy Kwakken- 
bos. Wit.: Ulderik and Marytje V. Franke. 

Marytje, of Eldert Cornelisse and Hester Visser. Wit.: 
Bastiaan Visser, Marytje Timesse. 

Anna, of Gerrit Van Es and Cathalyntje Foreest. Wit. : 
Henderik Van Es, Catharyntje Voreest. 

Philip, of Gysbert Scherp and Elisabeth Gcewy. Wit.: 
Hendrik Hansse, Debora Van Dam. 

Jonathan, of Jonathan Witbeek and Cathalyntje Van 
Buure. Wit.: Wessel Ten Broek. Catharyna Lokermans. 

Nov. 3. Abraham, of Johs. Kwakkenbos and Anna 
Kloete. Wit.: Adriaan and Marya Kwakkenbos. 

Simon, of Evert Ridder and Antjc Van Es. Wit. : Simon 
Van Es, Cathalyntje Groesbeek. 

Nov. 5. Pieter, of Philp Livenston and Catharina Van 
Brugge. Wit.: Pieter Van Brugge. Alida Schuilers. 

Geertruy, of Jan Du Voe and Tryntje V. dr. Werke. 
Wit.: Carel Barrewee. Aaltje Van der Werken. 

Dorethe, of Eduard Wiler and Josyntje Gardenier. 
Wit.: Claas Gardenier, Mavke Ten Eyk. 



Jannetje, of Pietcr Van Buure and Geertruy Vosburg. 
Wit.: Cornelis V. Buure, Ytje Vosburg. 

Alida, of Teunis Van Slyk and Jannetje Van Wye. Wit. : 
Hendrik Van Wye, Elisabeth Van Dyk. 

Baptisms by D°- Petrus Vas. 

1711, March 4. Gerardus, of Gerrit Roelofsz and Maria 
Gerrits. Wit.: Evert Ridder, Annetje Ridders. 

Catrina, of Pieter and Maria Winne. Wit.: Frans 
Winne, Catalyntje Van Nes. 

Jannetjen, of Jacob Bogaard and Catalyntjen Schuylders. 
Wit.: Jacob Bogaard, Jannetjen Kwakkenbos. 

Barent, of Anthony Levis and Jannetjen Morenes. 
Wit. : Gosen Van Schayk, Johanna Van Strey. 

Egbert Theunisz, of Benjamin Egbers and Annetjen Vis- 
sers. Wit.: Barent and Marretje Egberts. 

Angenietjen, of Johannes and Elisabeth De Wandelaar. 
Wit.: Johannes Kuylcr, Rachel Gansevoort. 

Gerrit, of Jacob and Helena Lansen. Wit.: Isaak and 
Alida Vonda. 

Harmen, of Albert Van der Zee and Hilletjen Ganse- 
voort. Wit.: Frans Winne, Elsjen Gansevoort. 

Catrina, of Abraham Wendel and Mayke Van Es. Wit. : 
Gerrit and Marytjen Van Es. 

Pieter, of Schibolet and Anna Bogardus. Wit.: Johan- 
nes and Marytje Van Vechten. 

Anna Catrvna, of Adriaan and Lammertjen Oothoud. 
Wit. : Wessel'and Catryntje Ten Broek. 

Jeronimus, of Flip and Marytjen Wendel. Wit. : Johan- 
nes Glen, Elisabeth Schuyler. 

Willem, of Jan and Cathalina Van Es. Wit. : Willem 
Groesbeek, Catryn Van Es. 

Melchert, of Wynant and Catryntjen Van der Poel. 
Wit.: David Schuylder, Tryntje Waldere. 

March ir. Ephraim, of Pieter Martens Van Buuren and 
Adriaantjen Barents. Wit.: Johannes and Elisabeth Ten 

Rachel, of Lammert Huyk and Annaatjen Roelofs. 
Wit. : Pieter and Maria Schuylder. 

Johannes, of Marten Van Aalsteede and Cornelia Van den 
Berg. Wit.: Johannes and Lidia Van Aalsteede. 

Geertruy, of Barent Staats and Neeltje Van den Berg. 
Wit.: Gerrit Van den Berg, Marretje Schuylders. 

Abraham, of Abraham Van Valkenburg and Catlina 
Schermerhom. Wit.: Jacob Schermerhom, Magdalena 
Van Buure. 

Susanna, of Johannes and Elisabeth Wendel. Wit.: 
Anthony Van Scheyk, Elsje Staats. 



Christina Maria (Aborigine). Wit.: Abraham Schuyl- 
der and Rebecca (Aborigine). 

Oct. 7. Jacob, of Abraham and Elsjen Staats. Wit.: 
Jacob and Isabella Staats. 

Jacob, of Gosen Van Schayk and Catrina Staats. Wit.: 
Jacob and Isabella Staats. 

Margrita, of Meyndert and Marya Rooseboom. Wit.: 
Johannes Vinhagen, Elisabeth Van Deusen. 

Meyndert, of David Schuylder and Elsjen Rutgers. Wit. : 
Meyndert Schuylder, Harmanus Rutgert, Geertruy Groes- 

Theunis, of Casper Van Hoesen and Rachel Slingerland. 
Wit. : Johannes Appel, Arent Slingerland, Annetjen Appels. 

Petrus, of Arent Oostrander and Geertruy Van Bloe- 
mendaal. Wit.: Pieter Oostrander, Jacomyntje Masen. 

Geertruy, of Evert and Engeltje Wendel. Wit. : Jan 
and Geertruy Lansen. 

Maria, of Johannes and Helena Lansen. Wit.: Abra- 
ham Lansen, Maria Sanders. 

Johannes, of Harmanus and Anna Wendel. Wit.: Jo- 
hannes and Elsjen Wendel. 

Pieter, of Marten and Lysebet Delmond. Wit.: Louwis 
Viele, Susanna Wendel. 

Catalina, of Christoffel and Catalina Jets. Wit.: Hen- 
drik and Debora Hansen. 

Rykert, of Maas and Anna Rykse. Wit.: Gerrit and 
Margrietje Rykse. 

Gerrit, of Jacob and Lena Lansen. Wit.: Jonas Douw, 
Elsjen Lansen. 

Willem, of Isaak Ouderkerk and Mayke Van Es. Wit.: 
Hendrik Oothout, Caatjen Douw. 

Johannes, of Frederik and Sara Meenders. Wit.: Hen- 
drik Douwe, Sara Verbrugge. 

Oct. 12. Hillegont, of Gerrit Ryksz and Barbara Jans. 
Wit. : Johannes Pruym, Milia Sanderse. 

Catrina, of Jan and Catrina Van Wie. Wit.: Isaak and 
Alida Vonda. 

Oct. 14. Dina, of Dirk Jansz and Marretje Jans. Wit.: 
Jefta Cornelise, Dina Cornelis. 

Barentje, of Johannes and Catrina Barhcyd. Wit. : Wil- 
lem Gillebart, Cornelia Gillebartse. 

Angenietjen, of Matheus Goes and Jannetjen Bries. 
Wit.: Pieter Van Bueren, Geertruy Vosburg. 

Jerimias, of Pieter Hoogcboom and Jannetjen Mulders. 
Wit.: Ariaen Oothoud, Marytjen Wenne. 

Christyntjen, of Burger Huyk and Maayke Goes. Wit.: 
Klaas Wyngaart, Christvnticn Wenner. 

Ysaak, of Mclgert and Catrina Van der Poel. Wit.: 
Stephanus and Marytje Van Aalen. 



Antonies, of Karel Berwe and Aaltjen Van der Werke. 
Wit.: Anthoy Koster, Tryntjen Bries. 

Elisabeth, of iDirk Van der Kar and Fytjen Van Schayk. 
Wit.: Louweres Van Schayk, Annaatjen Rommeli. 

Jannetjen, of Pieter Bogaart and Rebekka Vonda. Wit. : 
Jacob Bogaart, Antjen Vonda. 

Oct. 24. Sara, of Johannes and Bethte Visscher. Wit.:- 
Nanning Visscher. 

'Catrina, of Pieter Walderen and Catrina Van den Berg. 
Wit.: Willem and Catrina Van den Berg. 

Elisabeth, of Volkert Doirwen and Margrietjen Van 
Trigt. Wit.: Andries Dotrwen, Madalena Van Trigt. 

1712, Feb. 10. Isaak, of Korset Vedder and Neeltjen 
Christiaans. Wit.: Corn, and Marytjen Christiaansz. 

Anna, of Dirk Van Vegten and Margriet jen Harmens. 
Wit.: Leendert Gansevoort, Antjen Van Vegten. 

Catalyntjen, of Cornelis Van Buuren and Hendrikjen 
Van Nes. Wit.: Pieter and Marretjen Van Buuren. 

Roelof, of Albert Roelofse and Dirkjen Van Aalstee. 
Wit. : Karel Broewee, Aaltjen Roelofs. 

Wessel, of Anthony Van Schayk and Anna Catryn Ten 
Broek. Wit. : Dirk W T essels Ten Broek, Gosen Van 
Schayk, Caatjen Ten Broek. 

Margriet, of Daniel Fort and Gerritjen Van 'den Berg. 
W r it. : Gerrit Van den Berg, Margriet Fort. 

Marretjen, of Baren Egberts and Maria De Garmo. Wit. : 
Benjamin and Marretjen Egbertse. 

Thomas, of Samuel Dakse and Lysebeth Jans. Wit.: 
Jan Fonda, Marretjen Lookerman. 

Elysabeth, of Jacob Kloet and Geertruy Van Franken. 
Wit,: Olderik V. Frankem Anna Kloet. 

Jacob, of Samuel Pruyn and Marretje Bogaart. Wit.: 
Jacob and Dorethe Bogaart. 

Catharina, of Corn, and Dorethe Bogaart. Wit,: Pieter 
Bogaart, Marytjen Oothoud. 

Hendrik, of Johannes and Zara Hansen. Wit.: Gerrit 
Van Es, Tryntjen Frees. 

Johannes, of Anthony and Catrina Abrahams. Wit.: 
Johannes and Margrieta Van Vegten. 

Marya, of Anthony and Jannetjen Bogardes. Wit.; 
Johannes and Annetjen Knikkerbakker. 

Catalina, of Flarpert Jacobsz and Marretjen Harpers. 
Wit.: Willem Jacobsz, Elysabet Rooseboom. 

Feb. 17. Wyntjen Francen, of Lammert V. Valken- 
burg and Jannetjen Klauw. Wit. : Johannes Lansen, Lena 

Elbertjen, of Pieter and Jesyna Van Alen. Wit.: Ste- 
fanus Van Aalen, Zara Dingman. 

Pieter, of Jacob Van Olinda and Eva De Graaff. Wit.: 
Robbert Jets, Maria De Graaff. 



Wiliem, of Niclaas Groesbeek and Marytjen Kwakken- 
bos. Wit.: Wiliem and Geertruy Groesbeek. 

Marretjen, of Thys Hoes and Cornelia Theuwese. Wit.: 
Melgert Van Deusen, Engeltjen Rutse. 

Baptisms by Dom. Pieter Van* Driessen. 

Apr. 20, (Easter). Maghter, of Claes Van Franke and 
Geertruy Quakkenbosch. Wit.: Isack Van den Bosch. 

Anna, of Joannes Bleecker and Anna Coster. Wit.: 
Gerrit Lancen, Elisabeth Coster. 

Dirckie, of Heldert Teimesen and Hester Vischers. 
Wit.: Evert Rycksen, Dirckje Vischers. 

Joannes, of Gerrit Van Schaick and Sara Goe. Wit.: 
Anthoni Van Schaik, Catrina Staets. 

Annatie, of Hannes Hansen and Neeltie Cornelissen. 
Wit.: Cornells Gertihanse. 

Jenneke, of Cornelis Van Alstee and Marretie Van den 
Berg. Wit.: Marten Van Alstee, Geertruy Van den Berg. 

Pieter, of Philip and Catrina Liphfeston. Wit.: Pieter 
Van Brug, Alida Liphfeston. 

Jannetie, of Marten and Judith Van Buren. Wit.: 
Barend Sandersen, Maria Sanders. 

Cornelia, of Gerrit and Marretie Spoor. Wit.: Wiliem 

and Cornelia Gilberd. 

Catryntie, of Maars Van Buren and Maddelena Bogaerd 
Wit.: Abraham Bogaerd, Catalyntie Scuyler. 

Cornelis, of Salomon Vechter and Alida Van Vechter. 
Wit.: Joannes Van Vechter, Elssie Cuylers. 

Lucas, of Lucas Hoogkerke and Judith Marselis. Wit.: 
Storler Jerres, Catalyna Wcnna. 

Susanna, of Folkert Symense and Janneke Scermerhorn. 
Wit.: Barend and Marretie Sandersen. 

Gerretie, of Nicolaes and Gerretie Van Woerdt. Wit.: 
Barend and Susanna Brad. 

Hendrik, of Henrie and Catrina Van Rensolaar. Wit.: 
Jacob Van Cortland. Maria Staets. 

Gerretie, of Joannes and — tie Wendel. Wit.: Philip 
Wendel, Willempie Van House. 

Pieter, of Frederik and Francyntje Kloet. Wit.: Bar- 
ber and Gerrit Ryxsen. 

Jonathan, of Koenraed and Tryntie Hoogteeling. Wit.: 
Rachel Hoogteeling, Ritser Van den Berg. 

Frederik, of Nicolaes Claessen Van Petten and Rebecca 
Groot. Wit.: Wiliem and Maria Van Alen. 

Eva, of Hendrik Valkenburg and Anna Huek [?]. Wit.: 
Joehem Van Valkenburg. 

Adam, of Hendrik Vrooman and Marretie Wenn. Wit.: 
Jan and Catryna Vrooman. 



Teuntie, of G. Gerritsen Van den Berg and Egbertie 
Harmsen. Wit.: Geertry Van den Berg, Theunis Harm- 

Pieter, of Thomas and Clara Langh. Wit.: Dirk and 
Anna Bratt. 

Harmen, of Leendert Gansevoord and Catrina Wande- 
laars. Wit.: Hannes Wandelaar, Maria Gansevoord. 

Gerrit Lukesen, of Jacobus and Maria Wyngaard. Wit. : 
Isak Quakenbosch, Maria Wyngaart. 

Annatie, of Jacob and Jannetie Persen. Wit.: Jan and 
Elisabeth Rosy. 

Frederik, of Cornelis Laurensen and Ana Van Petten. 
Wit.: Hendrik Ten Eyk, Jacob Egmontsen. 

Cornelis, of Laurens and Jannetie Van Schaik. Wit.: 
Thomas Harmsen, Dorothe Oothoud. 

Tjerk Harmsen, of Benjamin and Antie Everson. Wit.: 
Cornelis Wit, Hester Witsen. 

June 13. x\nna, of Jan and Geertruy De GraefT. Wit.: 
Abraham and Christina Truex. 

Harmen, of Harmen Meinderts and Geertruy Meindert- 
sen. Wit.: Freryck Meindertsen, Jannetie Van Slyck. 

Catryna, of Hermann and Jannetie Van Slyck.' Wit.: 
Hendrik Vroman, Catrina Lucassen. 

Anthony, of Coenraat and Gerretie Ten Eyck. Wit.: 
Anthoni and Catryna V. Schaik. 

— 12. Reynier, of Reinier and Sara Meinderssen. Wit. : 
Barent Egbertse, Sara Meindertsen. 

Folkert, of Gysbert and Catalyntie Van den Bergh. 
Wit.: Willem and Catryn Gysbertsen. 

Klaes, of Gerrit and Catryna Van Brakel. Wit.: Cor-, 
nelis Van der Volgen, Elisabeth Graaf. 

Oct. € 19. Hendrick, of Ryckert and Tryntie Jansen. 
Wit.: Isack Lansing, Annatie Gansevoord. 

Annatie, of Pieter and Jannetie Hogeboom. Wit.: Jan 
Gerritsen, Antie Hogeboom. 

Catryna, of Joannes and Elisabeth Wendel. Wit.: 
Joann Walter, Epraim and Sara Wendel. 

Jaroon, of Joan and Margaritic Van Valkenburg. Wit.: 
Joch. Valkenburg, Rebecca Funda. 

Gosen, of Adriaen and Catryna Quakkenbosch. Wit.: 
Antoni Van Schaik, Johanna Rumblis. 

Isack, of Abrah. Van Valkenburgh and Cataleyntie 
Valkenburg. Wit.: Isack Lansing, Susanna Beeckman. 

Dirck, of Folkert and Lidia Van Vechten. Wit.: Pieter 
Douw, Geertry Scuyler. 

Margarieta, of Hendrik and Debora Rosenboom. Wit.: 
Gosen Van Schaick. 

Wouter, of Joannes and Geertie Groesbeeck. Wit.: 
Nicolaes and Marretie Groesbeeck. 

6 4 


Wouter, of Joannes and Antie Knickerbakker. Wit. 
Wouter and Cornelia Quackenbosch. 

Laurens, of Gysbert and Lysbeth Scerph. Wit.: Wessel 
and Catie Ten Broeck. 

Catryna, of Gerrit and Catalyntie Van Nes. Wit.: 
Joannes Hansen, Catryna Van Nes. 

Cataleyna, of Christoffel and Catalyna Jeits. Wit.: 
Hendrik and Debora Hansen. 

Abram, of Joannes and Marretie Vinhagel. Wit.: Nan- 
ning Harmsen, Madelena Lansingh. 

Anna, of Comelis and Hesther Swits. Wit.: Tierik 
Harmsen, Rebecca Swits. 

David, of Daniel and Deborah Helmig. Wit.: Jacob 
Van der Heide, Annatie Ketelaer [?]. 

Dec. 6. Reynier Schaats. of Matthias and Agnitie Xack. 
Wit.: Thomas Hun, Bartholomeus Schaats, Maevke 

17 13, Jan. 4. Isack, of Pieter and Marretie Wenne. 
Wit.: Jesse and Tryntie Freest. 

Elizabeth, of Abram and Elzie Staats. Wit. : Joannis 
Schuyler, Elizabeth . 

Jan. 7. Pieter, of Abram and Maria Staats. Wit.: Col 
Pieter Scuyler, Margariet Levesthon. 

Jan. 18. Marytie, of Evert and Anke [?] Ridder. Wit.: 
Gerrit and Hendrik Van Nest, Caty Rynselaar. 

Wilhelmus, of Wynant and Volkie Van den Bergh. 
Wit. : Wilhelmus and Catryna Van den Berg. 

Geertie, of Hendr. and Grietie Ten Eick. Wit. : Joannes 
Bleeker, Neeltie Ten Eick. 

Jan. 27. Isack, of Hannes and Anna Quackenbosch. 
Wit.: Robbert Livveston, Geertr. Van Franken. 

Sara, of Dirck and Marretie Jansen. Wit. : Jacob 
Staats, Elizabeth Staas. 

Feb. 8. Joannes, of Rutgert and Cataleyna Bleeker. 
Wit.: Jan Jansen Bleeker, Catryna Cuyler. 

Feb. 22. Pieter, of Pieter and Geertruy Van Buren. 
Wit.: Harmen and Mary Ryckman. 

Feb. 27. Jannetie, of Barent and Neeltie Staats. Wit.: 
Comelis Gerritsen, Samuel Staats, Geertruy NygeL 

March 1. Cornelia, of Willem and Sara Sluyter. Wit.: 
Robbert Wielaar, Rosyna Gardenier. 

Geertruy, of Hendrik and Marytie Roelefs. Wit.: Geer- 
truy and Joannes Roelefsen. 

Hendrik, of Cornelis and Hendrikie Van Buren. Wit.: 
Dirck and Christyntie Ten Broeck. 

Dirck, of Tennis and Janetie Van Slyek. Wit.: Joannes 
and Sara Hansen. 

Pieter Lookkerman. of Ariaen and Lammetie Oothoud. 
Wit. : Wessel and Catryntie Ten Broeck. 


Ariaentie, of Wynant and Catryntie Van der Poel. Wit. : 
Abram and Antie Van der Poel. 

March 8. Frans, of Daniel and Dickie Winne. Wit.: 
Frans and Elsie Wenne. 

Elsie, of Abram and Magdalena Lansing. Wit.: Joan- 
nes and Maria Vinnagel. 

Marretie, of Asheur. and Sara Marselis. Wit.: Lukas 
Lukassen, Judith . 

March 23. Cornells, of Jan and Cataleintie Van Nes. 
Wit.: David Groesbeek, Marretie Van Nes. 

March 30. Anna, of Jan and Marretie Gerritsen. Wit.: 
Antoni Van Schaik, Marretie Van Deusen. 

Apr. 3. Jacobus, of Col. and Maria V. Renselaar. Wit.: 
Jac. and Philip Cortlant, Hendrik V. Renselaar, Margarita 
B avert, Margarita Liveston. 

Folkert, of Andries and Lidia Douw. Wit. : Folkert Van 
Vechten, Catryna De Meyer. 

Apr. 25. jannetie, of Evert and Geertie Van Nes. 
Wit. : Gerrit Van den Berg, Antie Ridders. 

Marretie, of Jan and Catryna Borgaet. Wit.: Hendrik 
Van Wie, Hilletie Bickker. 

May 17. Dirckie, of Evert and Marretie Rycksen. 
Wit.: Theunis Egbertsen, Dirckie Visschers. 

May 24. Maria, of Storm and Sophia Brat. Wit.: 
Joannes Appel, Maria' Bratt. 

Pieter, of Samuel and Elyzabeth Dackzy. Wit. : Jacob 
and Agnietie Muller. 

Maria, of Pieter and Annatie Bronk. Wit.: Jonas 
Bronk, Marritie Willems. 

May 25. Pieter, of Jacob and Anna Snyder. Wit.: 
Pieter Spys. 

Francoy, of Mattheus Bouphi[?] and Catrina Barrowa. 
Wit.: Wouter Quakkenbosch, Old Rebecca Douw. 

Christian Willem, of Nicolaes Roul and Dort. Marg. Royl. 
Wit.: Christ. Willem Walborn, Ann. Doret. Mary Roul. 

May 31. Harmen, of Thomas and Hilletie Williaems. 
Wit.: Jan Witbeek, Catharina Gansevoort. 

June 2. Alida, of Jacob and Chataleintie Bogaart. 
Wit.: Cornells Bogaart, Alida Scuyler. 

June 21. Magdalena, of Arent and Jannetie Bratt. 
Wit.: Hendrik Vroman, Engeltie Veeder. 

Anna, of Hannes and Marytie Vedder. Wit.: Jacobus 
and Jacomyn Van Dyck. 

June 28. Joannes, of Evert and Engeltie Wendel. Wit.: 
Joannes and Gerritie Roseboom. 

July 5. Jannetie, of Willem and Fey tie Halebeek. 
Wit.: Jacob Mulder, Philip Conyn, Catie Renselaar. 

Marretie, of Jonathan and Catalyna Witbeek. Wit.: 
Mart, and Judithie Van Buren. 



July 26. Cornells, of Elderd and Hesther Tymenzen. 
Wit. : Dirk and Anna Bratt. 

Aug. 2. Catryna, of Joannes and Geertruy Scerp. Wit.: 
Pieter Ver Brugge, Maria Ten Broek. 

Aug. 7. Anna, of Cortzett and Neeltie Vedder. Wit.: 
Arent Vedder, Catryna Cuylers. 

Mattheus, of Mattheus and Joanna Goes. Wit.: Claes 
Lukassen, Annatie Gansevoort. 

Engel, of Pieter Vrooman and Geertry Vroman. Wit.: 
Joannes and Abigael V. Aalsteyn. 

Antony, of Daniel and Elisabet Bratt. Wit.: Teunis 
Bratt, Sara Renjejz [?]. 

Joanna, of Abraham and Cristina Truex. Wit.: Abra- 
ham Cip, Sara Hansen. 

Sept. 20. Pieter, of Joannes and Elizabeth Wandelaar. 
Wit.: Frans Wenne, Racheltie Scuyler. 

Marretie, of Samuel and Marretie Pruyn. Wit.: Cor- 
nells and Cataleyntie Bogaart. 

Cornelia, of Marten and Cornelia Van Aalsteyn. Wit.: 
Wynant Van de Berg, Tryntie Van Aelstem. 

Alida, of Meindert and Maria Roseboom. Wit.: Gerrit 
Roseboom, Eva Beekman. 

Sept. 24. Joannes, of Joannes and Elizabet Visscher. 
Wit.: Frerik Visscher, Ariaentie Wendel. 

Hendrik, of Jan and Catryntie Van W r ie. Wit.: Agnitie 
Van Wie. 

Sep. 27. Robbert, of Joannes and Styntie Van Deusen. 
Wit.: Harpert Van Deusen, Tryntie Bries. 

Engeltie, of Hendrik and Maria Vrooman. Wit. : Barent 
Vroman, Cristyna Swarts [?] or V. Wart [?]. 

Jan Petist, of Jan Petist and Helena Van Ness. Wit.: 
Robbert Wendel, Catrintie Lansing. 

Catyrna, of Lambert and Anna Huyck. Wit.: Stoflei 
and Cathalyna Jets. 

Marytie, of Isack and Maycke Ouderkerk. Wit.: Hen- 
drik and Aaltie Van Nes. 

Margaritie, of Isak and Lidia Volkenburg. Wit.: Rob- 
bert Liveston, Margaritie Livingston. 

Tryntie, of Dirk and Claartie Heemstraat. Wit.: Pieter 
Quackenbosch, Maretie Pruym. 

Teuntie, of Daniel and Gerretie Fort. Wit.: Evert and 
Marretie Van Nes. 

Jan, of Jan and Agnitie Witbeek. Wit.: Andries and 
Lydia Douw. 

Catrvna, of Antony and Anna Catryna Van Scayck. 
Wit.: Dirck and Cristina Ten Broeck. 

Oct. 8. Maria, of [Joannes Pruym] Joannes and Bar- 
entie Evertsen. Wit.: Joannes and Amelia [?] Pruym. 

Nicolaes, of Andries Van Putten and Mavke Van Petten. 
Wit.: Claes Frerikse Van Petten, Geertie ten Eik. 



Oct. 12. Catryntie, of Abram and Marretie Van Aal- 
steyn. Wit.: Ruth and Catalyntie Van Deusen. 

Neeltie, of Teunis and Sara Van der Volge. Wit.: Rob- 
bert and Margarietie Liveston. 

Joannes, of Jan and Rebekka Fort. Wit.: Joannes 
Beekman, Margarietie Fort. 

Thomas, of Bartholomcus and Catryna Van Volkenburg. 
Wit. : Abram Van Valkenburg, Lisebeth Van Deusen. 

Oct. 19. Hendrik, of Abram and Majeke Wendel. Wit. : 
Hendrik Van Nes, Catalyntie Freest. 

Melchert, of Harpert and Lena Van Duese. Wit. : Ruth 
Van Deusen, Catie Witbeek. 

Jacobus, of Stephanus and Marretie Van Alen. Wit.: 
Jan Fonda, Agnitie Mullers. 

Oct. 26. Eva, of Jacob and Christina Valkenburg. 
Wit.: Joannes Beekman, Gritie Valkenburgh. 

Jeremias, of Pieter and Neeltie Quakkenbosch. Wit.: 
Joannes Visscher, Geertruy Scuyler. 

Nov. 1. Gerrit, of Meindert and Titie Marselis. Wit.: 
Gysberd Marselis, Alida Oothoud. 

Ephraim, of Ephraim and Anna Wendel. Wit.: Frerik 
Visscher, Elizabeth Visschers. 

Nov. 29. Joannes, of Gerrit and Marretie Spoor. Wit.: 
Joannes Cuyler, Annatie Gilberd. 

Jacob, of Jacob and Helena Lansing. Wit.: Arent and 
Barentie Pruym. 

Dec. 6. Antony, of Antony and Anna Van Scayck. 
Wit.: Antony and Marretie Van Schayk. 

Dec. 12. Samuel, of Edderd and Josyne Wiele. Wit.: 
Obedias and Cornelia Couper. 

Dec. 27. Abraham, of xYbram and Catryna Cuyler. 
Wit.: Petrus Van Driessen, Sara Van Brugh. 

1 7 14, Jan. 10. Jacob, of Visschert and Elsie [?] Moor. 
Wit.: Joannes Bykman, Eva Beekman. 

Elbertie, of Leendert[?] and Emmetie Conyn. Wit.: 
Melchert and Catryna Van der Poel. 

Emmetie, of Hendrik and Cornelia Salsberi. Wit. Har- 
men and Flanna Salsberi. 

Jan. 17. Petrus, of Petrus, Jr., and Eva Van Driessen. 
Wit.: Joannes Cuiler in place of Petrus Van Driesen, Sara 
Verbrughe in place of Johanna Van Driesen. 

Jan. 31. Joannes, of Albert and Dirckie Van der Werke. 
Wit. : Jacob and Abigael Van Aalst. 

Jacob, of Ruth and Elizabeth Van Woerd. Wit. : David 
Groesbeek, Elizabeth Marselis. 

Feb. 7. Christina, of Samuel and Maria Ten Broeck. 
Wit.: Hendrik and Catryna Van Renselaar. 

Neeltie, of Joannes and Maria Van Vechten. Wit.: 
Antony Bogaardus, Neeltie Douw. 



Melchert, of Abram and Antie Van der Poel. Wit.: 
Melchert and Catryna Van der Poel. 

Feb. 14. Petrus, of Fredrick Meindertsen and Sara 
Meyndertsen. Wit.: Leendert Gansevoort, Annatie Wan- 

Joannes, of Barent and Geertruy Gerritsen. Wit.: 
Lucas and Geertruy Witbeek. 

Elsie, of Joannes and Amilia Pruym. Wit.: Gerrit 
Roseboom, Elyzabeth Vischer. 

Feb. 21. Jan Tyssien, of Jan and Margarita Goes. 
Wit.: Hendrik Hansen, Teuntie Goes. 

Geertruy, of Joannes and Marretie Fonda. Wit.: Isak 
Fonda, Hester Slingerlant. 

Sara, of Claes and Geertruy Van Franken. Wit.: Sam- 
uel Crieger, Annatie Quakkenbosch. 

Eizabeth, of William and Elizabeth Poel. Wit.: Eliza- 
beth Scuyler. 

March — . Marretie, of Volkert [?] and Antie Ekbersen. 
Wit.: Jacob and Janna [?] Visscher. 

Rebecca, of Isack and Alida Fonda. Wit. : Claas and 
Anna Fonda. 

March 21. Dirck, of Dick[?] and Marretie Jansen. 
W T it.: Hendrik and Debora Roseboom. 

March 26. Marritie, of Levynus and Catryna Harmen- 
sen. Wit.: Theunis and Marretie Harmensen. 

March 28. Benjamin, of Salomon and Alida Goev.yck. 
Wit. : Gosen Van Schaik, Lysebeth Van Corlaar. 

Apr. 11. Harmannus, of Harmanus and Anna Wendel. 
Wit.: Jacob Lansingh, Sanna Wendels. 

Eva, of Pieter Walderingh and Catrina Waldering. 
Wit.: Gerrit Van den Berg, Engeltie Beekman. 

Joannes, of Philip and Catryna Livingston. Wit.: 
Joannes Cuyler, Joannes Livingston, Margarieta Collins. 

Joseph, Catryna, of Nicolaes and Catryna Staring. Wit. : 
Joseph and Catryna Essching, Catryna Engelspreken. 

May 2. Symon, of Dirk and Elizabeth Grood.7; Wit.: 
Barent Zanders, Susanna Swits. 

^May 16. Andries, of Laurens and Hilletie Scerp. Wit.: 
Gysbert Scerp, Agnitie Mullers. 

May 23. Joannes, of Folkert and Jannetie Symensen. 
Wit.: Joannes Symensen, Anna De Waaran. 

June 13. Joannes, of G[?]R. and Maria G. Van der 
Werke. Wit.: Joannes R. Van der Werk, Matty Van 

Petrus, of Marten and ike Van Buren. Wit.: 

Antony Coster, Geertruy Scuyler. 

July 12. Eva, of Cornelis and Eggie Slingerlant. Wit.: 
Albert Slingerlant, Neeltie Beekmans. 

Joseph, of Robert and Mem- Jojcts. Wit. : Joseph Jo jets. 

6 9 

Jacob, of Jacob and Lena Lansing. Wit. : Abram Lan- 
sing, Antie Wendels. 

Joannes, of Barent and Maria Zanders. Wit.: Joannes 
Wendel, Elizabeth Visscher. 

Aug. 14. Elize Margarieta, of Pieter and Elizabart 
Knyskerk. Wit.: Hannes and An. Marg. Gremmer, Eliza- 
beth Hanghin. 

. Eliza Barber, of Hannes and A. Marga Gremmer. Wit.: 
Pieter and Elizabeth Knyskerk, Elizabeth Hoanghin. 

Abram, of Joannes and Elizabeth Wendel. Wit.: 
Abram Wendel, Merry Walter. 

Tierk Harmsen, of Cornelis and Hester Swits. Wit.: 
Benjamin Ekbertsen, Geertruy Visscher. 

Aug. 29. Alida, of Pieter and Jesyna Van Alen. Wit.: 
Cornelis Maarsen, Cornelia Gardenier. 

Wouter, of Nicolaes and Marretie. Groesbeek. Wit.: 
Wouter Quakkenbosch, Geertruy Groesbeek. 

Ariaentie, of Joannes and Hessi Beekman. Wit.: Har- 
manus and Ariaentie Wendel. 

Sept. 12. Isack, of Joannes and Sara Hansen. Wit.: 
Joannes Hendriksen, Sanna Schermerhoorn. 

Sep. 19. Jonas, of Jonas and Marretie Lerway. Wit.: 
Storm Bratt, Cornelia Uzile. 

Maycke, of Pieter and Elizabeth Kojeman. Wit.: An- 
dries Kojeman, Anna Greveraad. 

Sep. 20. Eduward, of Willem and Sara Sluiter. Wit.: 
Hendrik Hansen, Breghie Wielaar. 

Oct. 3. Geertruy, of Kilyaen and Maria Van Renselaar. 
Wit.: Stephanus and Geertruy Cortlant, Robbert Living- 
ston, Jr. 

Barend, of Coenraad and Gerretie Ten Eik. Wit.: 
Tobias and Neeltie Ten Eik. 

Dorethee, of W r outer and Marretie Vroman. Wit.: 
Daniel and Elisabeth Brat. 

Oct. 8. Margariete, of Ruthgert and Catalyna Bleeker. 
Wit.: Abram Senyly, Maria Van Dyck. 

Oct. 10. Catalyntie, of Arent and Antie Schermerhoorn. 
Wit. : Joannes Beekman, Neeltie Ten Eik. 

Oct. 17. Goosen, of Gerrit and Sara Van Schaik. Wit.: 
Gysbert Scherph, Maria Van Corlaar. 

Oct. 31. Jannetie, of Joannes and Margaritie Valken- 
burg. Wit.: Hendrik and Margarietie Ten Eick. 

Hester, of Jesse and Aaltie De Graaf. Wit.: Abram 
Truex, Marretie Wendels. 

Nov. 7. Hubertie, of Christoffel and Catalyntie Jets. 
Wit.: Joannes and Eva Beekman. 

Hendrik, of Claes and Rachel Gardenier. Wit.: Hen- 
drik and Syntie Gardenier. 

Nov. 29. Robberd, of Thomas and Barentie Berrit. 
Wit.: Claes Van Woerd, Wvntie Berrit. 


Dec. 12. Engeltie, of Harpert and Lena Van Deusen. 
Wit.: Melchert Abramsen, Catalyntie Van Deusen. 

Dec. 25. Jannetie, of Jan and Catryna Du Fou. Wit.: 
Kitni, Marretie Kitni. 

Anna, of Cornells and Antie Lanzensen. Wit.: Helmer 
and Antie Jansen. 

Jacob, of Reinier and Sara Meindertsen. Wit.: Hen- 
drik Douw, Zanna Visscher. 

Gideon, of Adriaen and Catryna Quakkenbosch. Wit.: 
Gozen Van Schaik, Maria Van Corlaar. 

Margarieta, of Wynant and Catena Van der Poel. Wit. : 
Willem Claassen, Marytie Bries. 

17 15, Jan. t. Maria, of Gerrit and Eckbertie Van 
den Bergh. Wit.: Cornells Van den Bergh, Eckbertie 

Jan. 5. Anna, of Eldert and Hester Tymensen. Wit.: 
Tierck and Eckbertie Visscher. 

Jan. 9. Abraham, of Hendrik and Debora Roseboom. 
Wit.: Willem Jacobsen, Maria Roseboom. 

Jan. 23.- Agnietie, of Thomas and Hilletie Williams. 
Wit.: Jonas Bronck, Agnietie Witbeek. 

Catryna, of Barent and Maria Eckbertsen. Wit.: 
Abram Kip, Agnietie Germoor. 

Anna, of Eldert and Lena Ouderkerk. Wit.: Abram 
Ouderkerk, Mettie Jansen. 

Jan. 26. Maria, of Joannes and Elizabeth Oostrander. 
Wit.: Jacob Lansingh, Maria Van den Bergh. 

Jan. 30. Hendrik, of Gerrit and Catalyna Van Xes. 
Wit.: Jan Van Nes, Sara Hansen. 

Feb. 4. Ysack, of Isack and Ammerency Verplanck. 
Wit.: Jacob Bogaard, Abigail Verplanck. 

Feb. 13. Elsie, of Joannes and Zuzanna Wendel. Wit.: 
Evert Wendel, Zuzanna Wyngaard. 

Marten, of Pieter and iVIarretie Wenne. Wit.: Abram 
and Geesie Kip. 

Feb. 20. Catryna, of Epraim and Anna Wendel. Wit.: 
Hendrik and Marretie Van Xess. 

March 2. Jacob, of Joannes and Anna Bleeker. Wit.: 
Hendrik Bleeker, Geertruy Gerritsen. 

Rebecka, of Jan and Annetie Danielsen. Wit.: Symon 
Danielsen, Marretie Peeks. 

Harmen, of Isack and Lidia Valkenburgh. Wit.: liar- 
men and Madalena Ryckman. 

March 6. Rachel, of Cornells and Dorothe Bogaard. 
Wit.: Jacob Bogaard, Madelena Ryckmans. 

Apr. 7. Joannes, of Joannes and Geertruy Lansingh. 
Wit.: Joannes Lansingh, Margarieta Livingston. 

Maria, of Jan and Rebecca Fort. Wit.: Simon and 
Marretie Danielsen 



Apr. 24. Anna, of Dirck and Marretie Hagedoorn. 
Wit.: Joannes and Anna Appel. 

Lidia, of Ritser and Tryntie Jansen. Wit.: Willem 
Hoogtelink, Marretie Wenne. 

Grietie, of Daniel and Debora Ketelhuin. Wit.: Wil- 
lem Ketelhuin, Sanna Bratt. 

Abraham, of Evert and Engeltie Wendel. Wit.: An-' 
tony Coster, Hester Beekmans. 

May 1. Aryaantie, of Jacob and Geertruy Knoet. Wit. : 
Gerrit Van Franken, Catie Cuyler. 

Dirck Wessels, of Samuel and Maria Ten Broeck. Wit. : 
Hendrik and Catryna V. Renselaer. 

May 8. Elbertie, of Joannes and Christina Van Deusen. 
Wit.: Willem and Maria Van Alen. 

May 10. Margarita, of Hendrik and Margarieta Ten 
Eick. Wit.: Tobias Ten Eick, Rachel Bleeker. 

Joannes, Heyltie, of Jeremias and Elizabeth Muller. 
Wit.: Joannes and Agnietie Muller, Jacob Muller and Man- 
tie Van Alen. 

Alida, of Meindert and Fytie Marselis. Wit.: Wouter 
Barhait, Rebecca Oothout. 

May 23. Cristyna, of Frans and Margarita Pruim. 
Wit.: Jacob and Lena Lanzingh. 

May 27. Elberd, of Dirck and Margarita Van Vegten. 
Wit.: Theunis and Rachel Harmensen. 

Jacob, of Joannes and Geertruy Groesbeek. Wit. : Gys- 
berd Marselis, Catalyna Van Ness. 

July 10. Willem, of Jan Barhajck and Catryna Bar- 
haik. Wit.: Willem Gilbert, Christina Cuylers. 

Catryna, of Jacob and Zuzanna Schermerhoorn. Wit.: 
Jesse and Tryntie Freest. 

July. 30. Abraham, of Albert and Dirckie Roelefsen. 
Wit.: Pieter Walderingh, Tryntie Van Aalsteyn. 

Elsie, of Anthony and Anna Van Schayck. Wit.: 
Joannes and Elsie Cuyler. 

Aug. 7. Bastyaen, of Evert and Marretie Rycksen. 
Wit.: Elderd and Hessie Tymensen. 

Andries, of Gerrit and Barber Rycksen. Wit.: Elberd 
Gerritsen, Anna Van Franken. 

Aug. 27. Teunis, of Jan and Catryna Barhait. Wit.: 
Balthus and Lidia Van Benthuisen. 

Harmen, of Teunis and Rachel Harmensen. Wit.: Bas- 
tyaen Harmensen, Maria Gansevoort. 

Sept. 4. Catryna, of Dirck and Margarita Ten Broeck. 
Wit.: Abram Cuyler, Catryna Ten Broek. 
■ Teuntie, of Kilyaen and Maretie Wenne. Wit.: Pieter 
Wenne, Emilia Pruim. 

Sara, of Willem and Fey tie Halenbeek. Wit.: Daniel 
and Elizabeth Bratt. 


Elizabeth, of Joannes and Maria Vinhagel. Wit. 
Joannes and Eva Beekman. 

Sept. 18. Jan, of Cornelis and Hendryckie Van Buren. 
Wit. : Daniel and Dirckie Wenne. 

Elizabeth, of Nicolaas and Elsie Schuyler. Wit. : Philip 
Schuyler, Margarita Livingston. 

Geertruy, of Jan and Catalyntie Van Ness. Wit. : Symon 
Van Ness, Geertruy Groesbeek. 

Pieter, of Jacob and Catalyntie Bogaard. Wit. : Samuel 
Pruym, Alida Schuyler. 

Joannes, of Daniel and Gerretie Fort. Wit.: Abram 
Fort, Bethi Van den Bergh. 

Sept. 26. Catryna Johanna, of Tobias and Marretie 
Ten Broek. Wit.: Wessel Ten Broeck, Johanna Van 

Abraham, of Lowys and Marritie Vielc. Wit.: Simon 
Danielsen, Marretie Peeks. 

Oct. 9. Pieter, of Dirck and Maretie Jansen. Wit.: 
Pieter Cornelissen, Elsie Staats. 

Sara, of Pieter and Alida Comyn. Wit.: Frans Wenne, 
Anna De Wandelaar. 

Oct. 16. Debora, of Gerrit and Anna Van Bergen. 
Wit.: Petrus Van Bergen, Dorothe Douw. 

Oct. 30. Henderik, of P. and Eva Van Driessen. Wit.: 
Joannes Cuyler, Sara Van Brugh. 

Dirck Wessels, of Joannes and Catryna Ten Broek. 
Wit. : Hendrik and Catryna Van Renselaar. 

Machtel, of Jacob and Debora Beeckman. Wit.: Joan- 
nes and Eva Beekman. 

Anthony, of David and Elsie Schuyler. Wit.: Ruth 
Bleeker, Anthony Rutgers. 

Anneke, of Maas and Anna Rycksen. Wit.: Jacob 
Teunissen, Maria Gerritsen. 

Jacob, of Joannes and Anna Quakkenbosch. Wit.: 
Gerardus Kloet, Alida Ouderkerk. 

Nov. 13. Marritie, of Harpert and Marretie Jacobsen. 
W^it.: Ruth Melchersen, Maria Gerritsen. 

Susanna, of Isack and Jannetie Lansingh. Wit.: Joan- 
nis and Catryntie Lansingh. 

Nov. 20. Engeltic, of Joannes and Margariet Roelefsen. 
Wit. : Hendrik and Barber Roelefsen. 

Nov. 27. Sara, of Gozen and Cataryna Van Schayck. 
Wit.: Antony and Anna Cataryna Van Schayck. 

Dec. 3. Laurens, of David and Susanna Litte". 
Wit.: Robb. Livingston, Jr., Lysbeth Groesbeek. 

Dec. 11. Anna, of Joannes and Cornelia Becker. Wit.: 
Storm Becker, Lybetie Van Deusen. 

Dec. 1 8. Maria, of P. M. and Ariaentie Van Buren. 
Wit.: Joannes and Elsie Cuyler. 



Willempie, of Barent, Jr., and Maria Bratt. Wit.: 
Albert Ryckman, Willempie Bratt. 

Dec. 23. Joannes, of Jacob and Lena Lansmgh. Wit.: 
Joannes and Catryna Lansingh. 

Dec. 25. Abraham, of Bartholomeus and Cataryna V. 
Valkenburgh. Wit.: Thomas Van Aalsteyn, Maria Min- 

Rachel, of Claes and Geertruy Van Franken. Wit.: 
Jacob Quakkenbosch, Grietie Van Franken. 

Maria, of Joannes and Lysebeth De Wandelaar. Wit.: 
Joannes Witbeek, Grietie Van Vegten. 

17 16, Jan. 1. Anna, of Adriaen and Lammetie Oothout. 
Wit.: Kilyaen and Maria Van Renselaar. 

Jan. 15. Joannes, of Meyndert and Marya Roseboom. 
Wit.: Hendrik and Gerretie Roseboom. 

Wilhelmus, of Levinus and Catryna Harmensen. Wit.: 
Wynant and Catryna Van den Bergh. 

Agnitie, of Jan and Catryna Van Wie. Wit.: Harmen 
Ryckman, Alida Van Wie. 

Jan. 22. Rachel, of Pieter and Neeltie Quackenbosch. 
Wit.: Wynant Van der Poel, Neeltie Ten Eick. 

Jacob, of Joannes and Elizabeth Wendel. Wit. : Jacob 
and Sara Wendel. 

Anna, of Andries and Lidia Douw. Wit.: Folkert 
Douw, Gerrit Van Bergen, Anna Mejers. 

Feb. 12. Wilhelmus, of Gerrit and Maria Spoor. Wit.: 
Thomas and Barentie Berrit. 

Hieronimus, of Wouterf?] and Rachel Barhayt. Wit.: 
Jan Barhayt, Grietie Van Valkenburg. 

March n. Elizabeth, of Joannes and Neeltie Cristyaen- 
sen. Wit.: Joannes and F21sie Cuyler. 

Alida, of Arent and Catlyna Prumi. Wit.: Joannes 
Pruim, Elsie Wenne. 

March 18. Andries, of Nicolaes and Dirckie Van Woerd. 
Wit.: Bastyaen Visscher, Rachel Scrmyler. 

March 31. Maria, of Henderik and Maria V. der Wer- 
ken. Wit.: Jan and Maria Kithni. 

Geurt, of Jacob and Susanna Schoonhoven. Wit. : Dirck 
Bratt, Maria and Henderikie Schoonhoven. 

Apr. 8. Anna, of Jan and Margarita Goes. Wit.: 
Evert Wendel, Hessie Wyngaart. 

Apr. 15. Marritie, of Evert and Geertie Van Ness. Wit. : 
Abram Van der Poel, Marretie Van Ness. 

Ariaentie, of Cornelis and Hester Swits. Wit.: Jacob 
and Sanna Visscher. 

Apr. 22. Willem, of Daniel and Dirckie Wenne. Wit.: 
Gerrit Van Ness, Marytie Wenne. 

Cornelis Andriessen, of Isack and Bata Van Deusen 
Wit.: Willem Yselstevn. Lvbetie Van Deusen. 








May 10. Hester, of Benjamin and Rachel De 
Wit.: Joannes and Anna Van Vegten. 

Evert, of Joannes and Barentie Evertsen. Wit.: 
uel Pruym, Antie Van Yveren. 

May 13. Sara, of Simon and Maria Danielsen. 
Lowys and Maria Viele. 

Tobias, of Pieter and Geertruy Van Buren." Wit. : 
Scermerhoorn, Maria Bries. 

Gysbert, of Cornelis and Maria Van Aalsteyn. 
Joannes and Cornelia Van Aalsteyn. 

May 20. Albert, of Wouter and Johanna Van der Zee. 
Wit.: Isack and Lena Lansingh. 

Joachim, of Abram and Elsie Staats. Wit.: Hendrik 
and Debora Roseboom. 

May 21. Pieter, of Anthony and Johanna Bogardus. 
Wit. : Pieter and Sara Van Brugh. 

June 3. Andfies, of Frerik and Sara Meyndertsen. 
Wit.: Pieter Conyn, Sara Reynier. 

Martin Gerretsen, of Marten and Catrvna Van Bergen. 
Wit.: Hendrik and Neeltie Douw. 

Nelletie, of Tobias and Helena Ryckman. Wit.: Albert 
and Nelletie Ryckman. 

June 24. Jonas, of Jonathan and Maria Larway. Wit.: 
Pieter and Helena Uzile. 

Omphry, of Ritsert and Gesie Moor. W T it.: Stephanus 
Groesbeek, Engeltie Wendel. 

Abraham, of Harmanus and Anna Wendel. Wit.: 
Nicolaas Schuyler, Engeltie Wendels. 

June 28. Nicolaas, of Abram and Catrina Cuyler. Wit. : 
Ruth and Gatalyna Bleeker. 

Elizabeth, of Salomon and Alida Goewey. Wit.: Arent 
and Maria Van Corlaar. 

June 31 [sic]. Susanna, of Abram and Maycke Wendel. 
Wit. : Philiph and Maria Wendel. 

July 15. Maritie, of Theunis and Engeltie Eckbertsen. 
Wit.: Barent Bratt, Maritie Eckbertsen. 

Anna, of Jacob and Helena Lansingh. Wit.: Frans 
Pruyn, Anna Van Yveren. 

Henderik, of Isack and Alida Fonda. Wit.: Jacob 
Lansingh, Susanna Bratt. 

July 22. Jacob, of Pieter and Rebecca Bogaardt. Wit. : 
Cornelis Bogaardt, Sara Van Arnhem. 

July 29. Cornelia, of Isack and. Amarencie Verplanck. 
Wit.: Gelyn and Marritie Verplanck. 

Rachel, of Dirck and Eckbcrtie Van dor Hcyde. Wit.: 
Jacob and Rachel Van der Heyde. 

Aug. 13. Alida, of Mathys and Agnietie Nack. Wit.: 
Ruth Van Deusen, Jenneke Nack. 

Aug. 19. Hendrik, of Lcendcrt ana Catrina Gansevcort. 
Wit.: Frans and Elsie Wenne. 



Jacobus, of Burger and Maicke Huyck. Wit.: Joannes 
and Mia Vinhagel. 

Sept. 23. Gerrit, of Mathias and Maria Bovy. Wit.: 
Dirck Ten Broeek, Catie Cuyler. 

Willem, of Jan and Tryntie Du Four. Wit.: Cornelis 
and Hendrikie Van Buuren. 

Ephraim, of Anthoni and Elizabeth Coster. Wit.: Ger- 
rit Lansingh, Gcrrittie Roseboom. 

Elizabeth, of Anthony and Catrina Van Schaik. Wit.: 
Gerrit and Catrina Van Schaick. 

Isack, of Isack and Maycke Ouderkerk. Wit.: Abram 
and Meytie Ouderkerk. 

Johanna, of Joannes and Margarita Valkenburgh. Wit.: 
Lambert and Rachel Rately. 

Anna Maria, of Thomas and Barentie Berrit. Wit.: 
Gerrit and Maria Spoor. 

Thomas, of Jacob and Christina Valkenburgh. Wit.: 
Wouter and Rachel Barhayt. 

Cornelis, of Gerrit and Tryntie Van den Bergh. Wit.: 
Matheus Van den Bergh, Marretie Van Aalsteyn. 

Ariaentie, of Abram and Anna Van der Poel. Wit.: 
Wynant and Ariaentie Van der Poel. 

Oct. 12. Jan, of Pieter and Christina Bratt. Wit.: 
Wouter and Elizabeth Van der Zee. 

Oct. 14. Sara, of Samuel and Elsie Bebbington. Wit.: 
Isack Greveraad, Maria Roseboom. 

Joannes, of Christophel and Catalyna Jets. Wit.: Jan 
and Maretie Gerretsen. 

Oct. 21. Cornelia, of Joannes and Antie Knikkerbakker. 
Wit.: Antony and Jannetie Bogardus. 

Oct. 27. Lysebeth, of Pieter and Lysbeth Koyeman. 
Wit.: Pieter Van Brughe, Geertie Ten Eick. 

Catalyna, of Wynant and Folkie Van den Bergh. Wit.: 
Gerrit and Geertie Van den Bergh. 

Nov. 4. Joannes, of Matheus and Maria Vlensburgh. 
Wit.: Daniel Killy, Annetie Van Zanten. 

Neeltie, of Gerrit, Jr., and Elizabeth Lansingh. Wit.: 
Evert and Elizabeth Banker. 

Nov. 12. Petrus, of Joannes and Elizabeth Oostrander. 
Wit.: Gerrit and Gerrittie Van den Bergh. 

Dec. 9. Jacobus, of Ruth and Catalyna Bleecker. Wit. : 
Joannes Bleeker, Rachel Schuyler. 

Dec. 16. Catryna, of Melchert and Catryna Van 
der Poel. Wit.: Jacobus Van Alen, Arientie Van der 

Salomon, of Laurens and Hilletie Scerph. Wit.: Salo- 
mon Goewey, Agnietie Germoy. 

Elbertie, of Joannes and Christina Van Deusen. Wit. 
Jan Van Aalsteyn, Engeltie Van Ness. 



Dec. 21. Geertruy, of Nicolaas and Maria Groesbeek. 
Wit.: David Groesbeek, Catalyna Van Ness. 

Dec. 23. Gysbert, of Marten and Cornelia Van Aalsteyn. 
Wit.: Mathias and Aaltie Van den Bergh. 

17 1 7, Jan. 6. Catryna, of Joannes and Catryna 
Ten Broeck. Wit.: Dirck, Wessel, and Christina Ten 

Jan. 13. Sara, of Jacob and Geertruy Roseboom. Wit. : 
Jacob Staats, Debora Roseboom. 

Jan. 16. Phillip, of Philip and Catryna Livingston. 
Wit.: Meindert Schuyler, Johanna Livingston. 

Franciscus, of Frans and Anna Pruym. Wit.: Arent 
and Catryna Pruym. 

Jennetie, of Benjamin and Antie Eckbertsen. Wit.: 
Tjerk and Femmetje Visschers. 

Wilhelmus, of Wilhelmus and Geertie Van den Bergh. 
Wit.: Gysbert and Folkie Van den Bergh. 

Jan. 20. Hendrik, of Hendrick and Hilietie Van Wie. 
Wit.: Storm Becker, Eytie Delmont. 

Feb. 3. Jan Petist, of Kilyaen and Maria Van Rense- 
laar. Wit.: Alida Livingston, John Collins. 

Catryna, of Coenraed and Gerretie Ten Eick. Wit.: 
Anthoni and Anna Van Schayck. 

Feb. 10. iVbraham, of Marten and Elizabeth Delmond. 
Wit.: Lowys and Maretie Viele. 

Roelef, of Joannes and Margariet Roelefsen. Wit.: 
Albert and Dirckie Roelefsen. 

Feb. 27. Sophia, of Eldert and Lena Ouderkerck. Wit.: 
Anthoni and Elizabeth Coster. 

Joannes, of Matheus and Engeltie Van Deusen. Wit.: 
Harpert Van Deusen, Geertruy Slingerlant. 

March 3. Jannetie, of Samuel and Geertruy Criegier. 
Wit. : Bastyaen Visscher, Jannetie Criegier. 

March 6.' Catryn, of Ruth and Elizabeth Van Woerdt. 
Wit.; Willem and Geertruy Groesbeeck. 

Maria, of Jacob and Antie Schermerhoorn. Wit.: Philip 
and Jannetie Van Vegten. 

Geertruy, of Thomas and Jannetie Witbeeck. Wit.: 
Ruth and Catalyna Van Deusen. 

March 10. Anna, of Hendrick and Catryna Caarn. 
Wit.: Joannes and Anna Appel. 

March 20. Barent, of Abram and Maria Staats. Wit.: 
Geertruv and Joannes Lansingh. 

March 24. Hendrik, of Samuel and Maria Ten Broeck. 
Wit.: Dirck Wessels, Wessel and Cristyna Ten Broeck. 

March 31, Anna Maria, of Philip and Madalena Laucks. 
Wit.: Andries Bratt, Wyntie Roos. 

Petrus, of Claes and Cornelia Bovy. Wit.: Matheus 
and Maria Bow. 


Apr. 14. Margarita, of Folkert and Margarita Douw. 
Wit.: Hendrik and Lidia Douw. 

Dirck, of Tobias and Marretie Ten Broek. Wit. : Dirck 
Wessels Ten Broeck, Cristyna Ten Broeck. 

Anna, of Abraham and Cristina Truex. Wit.: Hans 
Hansen, Sara Wendels. 

Apr. 18. Wouter, of Wouter and Cornelia Barhayt. 
Wit.: Wouter and Neeltie Quackenbosch. 

Apr. 2i. Jacobus, of Albert and Dirckie Roelofsen. 
Wit.: Jesse and Catryna Freest. 

Jacobus, of Abram and Maria Van Aalsteyn. Wit.: 
Thomas Van Aalsteyn. Engeltie Van Vegten. 

Isack, of Cornells and Geertruy Huygh. Wit.: Ruth 
and Catalyna Bleeker. 

Lucas, of Pieter and Josyna Van Alen. Wit.: Willem 
and Maria Van Alen. 

Joannes, of Abram and Catalyna Valkenburgh. Wit.: 
Jacob and Elizabeth Schermerhoorn. 

Wyntie, of Scibboleth and Anna Bogardus. Wit. : Hen- 
drik Renselaar, Catryna Van Renselaar. 

Apr. 28. Ariaentie, of Daniel and Gerritje Fort. Wit.: 
Nicolaes Fort, Antie Van der Poel. 

May 19. Ariaentie, of Evert and Engeltie Wendel. 
Wit.: Joannes Lansingh, Jr., Antie Bleekers. 

May 26. Pieter, of Pieter and Alida Conyn. Wit.: 
Gerrit and Agnietie Van Wye. 

May 30. Maria, of Jan and Maria Gerrit sen. Wit.: 
StofTel and Catalyntie Jets. 

June 2. Petrus, of Jeftaf?] and Maria Conielissen. 
Wit.: Barent Staats, Dina Conielissen. 

June 9. Lucas, of Jacobus and Maria Lucassen. Wit.: 
Wynant Van den Bergh, Cristina Cuyler. 

Comelis, of Joannes and Lybetie Muller. Wit.: Jacob 
and Agnietie Muller. 

Joannes, of Joannes, Jr., and Esther Beekman. Wit.: 
Joannes and Eva Beekman. 

Tryntie, of Harpert and Helena Van Deusen. Wit.: 
Lucas and Catie Witbeek. 

Anna, of Dirk and Margarita Ten Broeck. Wit. : Wessel 
Ten Broeck, Catie Cuyler. 

June 10. Breghie, of Meindert and Titie Marselis. Wit : 
Gysbert Mazelis, Alida Oothout. 

June 16. Commertie, of Pieter and Antie Bronk. Wit.: 
Joannes Van Vegten, Agnietie Witbeek. 

June 31 [sic], Joannes, of Joannes and Zelia Redly. 
Wit.: Lambert and Rachel Redly. 

Jms [sic], of William and Marretie Letteson. Wit.: 
Jan De Graaf, Blandyna Tyssen. 

Robbert, of Ritser and Tryntie Van den Berck. Wit.: 
Gerrit Van Bergen, Hendrickie Hooghkerk. 


Susanna, of Reynier and Sara Meindertsen. Wit.: 
Theunis Eckbertsen, Maria Bratt. 

Eva, of Lucas and Tanneke Van Vegten. Wit.: Daniel 
and Dirkie Wenne. 

Simon, of Casper and Jannetie Van Steents. Wit.: 
Isack and Johanna Lansingh. 

July 13. Anhtoni, of Anthoni, Jr., and Anna Van 
Schayck. Wit. : Anthoni and Maria Van Schayck. 

Anna, of Jan and Maria Tannson. Wit.: Hieroon and 
Margariet Van Vlieren. 

July 19. Isack, of Pieter and Maria Wenne. Wit.: 
Jesse and Catrina Foreest. 

July 26. Jan, of Storm and Sophia Bratt. Wit. : Albert 
Slingerlant, Maria Barway. 

Pieter, of Pieter and Tryntie Walderon. Wit. : Wilhelm 
and Geertie V. den Bergh. 

Alida, of Matheus and Agnitie Xack. Wit.: Ruth Van 
Deusen, Jenneke Nack. 

Aug. 4. Elizabeth, of Gerrit and Sara Van Schayck. 
Wit.: Kiliaen and Maria Van Renselaer. 

Aug. 11. Jacob, of Dirk and Clara Takelsen. Wit.: 
Isack Quakkenbosch, Lena Ryckman. 

Aug. 18. Anthoni, of Wynant and Catryna Van der 
Poel. Wit.: Meindert Schuyler, Catryna Bries. 

Tobias, of Hendrik and Griettie Ten Eyck. Wit. : Ruth 
Bleeker, Jenneke Ten Eyck. 

Bata, of Jacob and Geertruy Knoet. Wit.: Joannes 
and Bata Knoet. 

Aug. 2$. Elizabeth, of Joannes and Anna Wendel. 
Wit.: Abram Kip, Elizabeth Visscher. 

Coenraet, of Willem and Lena Hoogtelink. Wit. : Coen- 
raet and Tryntie Hoogtelink. 

Sept. 4. Elizabeth, of Thomas and Hilletie Williaems. 
Wit.: Arent and Catryna Pruym. 

Gerardus, of Gerrit and Eckbertie Van den Bergh. Wit. : 
Barent Staats, Antic Van der Pocl. 

Teuntie, of Wouter and Rachel Barhayt. Wit.: Daniel 
and Dirckie Wenne. 

Sept. 15. Joachim, of Barent and Neeltie Staats. Wit.: 
Joannes and Elyzabeth Schuyler. 

Sept. 22. Adam Wenne, of Nicolaes and Rachel Gar- 
denier. Wit.: Pieter Van Woerdt. Sara Gardenier. 

Sept. 29. Joannes, of Petrus and Eva Van Drie- 
Wit.: Abram Cuyler, Joannes Van Driessen, Rachel 

Oct. 6. Jochum, of Hendrik and Anna Valkenburgh. 
Wit.: Joannes and Emilia Pruym. 

Maria, of Theunis and Rachel Harmensen. Wit.: 
Thomas Williaems, Grietie Van Vegten. 



Agnietie, of Leendert and Jennietie Conyn. Wit. : Jacob 
Muller, Antie Conyn. 

Oct. 13. David, of Caspar and Rachel Van Housen. 
Wit.: Theunis Eckbertsen, Neeltie Beekman. 

Catryna, of Joannes and Geertie Groesbeek. Wit. : Joan- 
nes Knikkerbakker, Anna Fonda. 

Anthoni, of Adriaen and Catryna Quakkenbosch. Wit. 
Goozen and Catryna Van Schayk, Robbert Livingston. 

Oct. 20. Cornelia, of Matheus and Jannetie Goes. Wit. 
Harp. V. Deusen, Lena Van Deusen. 

Oct. 27. Philiph, of Nicolaes and Elzie Schuyler. Wit. 
Harmannus and Ariaantie Wendel. 

Nov. 3. Catryna, of Andnes and Maria Fuyck. Wit. 
Jan and Catie Verwie. 

Nov. 10. Elizabeth, of Abraham and Magdalena Lan- 
singh. Wit.: Jacob Lansingh, Lena Van Tricht. 

Elizabeth, of Epraim and Anna Wendel. Wit.: Rob- 
bert Wendel, Susanna Schuyler. 

Nov. 17. Cornelia, of Joannes and Cornelia Becker. 
Wit. : Pieter and Cornelia Uzile. 

Maria, of Jacob and Catalyna Bogaard. Wit.: Pieter 
Schuyler, Marretie Pruym. 

Nov. 27. Kiljaen, of Hendrik and Catryna Van Rense- 
laar. Wit.: Joannes and Catryna Ten Broeck. 

Dec. 4. Maria, of Joannes and Geertruy Lansingh. 
Wit.: Pieter Schuyler, Gerretie Roseboom. 

Dec. 8. Anna, of Jan and Catalyna Van Ness. Wit.: 
Stephanus and Elyzabeth Groesbeek. 

Adam, of Maes and Anna Rycksen. Wit.: Jan Fonda, 
Catalyna Joeyts. 

Phillippus, of Gerrit and Catalyna Van Ness. Wit.: 
Kilyaen and Maria Van Renselaar. 

Dec* 11. Catalyna, of Cornelis and Henderikie Van 
Buuren. Wit.: Barent and Maria Bratt. 

Dec. 29. Catryna, of Jacob and Maria Brouwer. W T it.: 
Cornelis and Dorothee Bogaard. 

1 7 18, Jan. 11. Wilhelmus, of Marten and Catryna Van 
Bergen. Wit.: Gerrit Van Bergen, Lidia Douw. 

Anthony, of Joannes and Anna Bleeker. Wit.: Joannes 
Lanzingh, Rachel Bleeker. 

Catryna, of Ariaen and Lammetie Oothout. Wit.: Cor- 
nelis and Dorothe Bogaart. 

Elizabeth, of Pieter and Geertruy Van Buuren. Wit.: 
Maas and Madalena Van Buuren. 

Jan. 28. Elsie, of Jacob and Anna Egmont. Wit.: 
Gerrit and Catryna Lansingh. 

Harmen, of Levinus and Catryna Iiarmensen. Wit.: 
Gysbert V. den Berg, Catalyna V. Hoesen. 

Feb. 2. Abraham, of Gerrit and Maria Spoor. Wit.: 
Joannes Spoor, Cornelia Gilbert. 



Feb. 6. Jannatie, of Pieter and Geertruy Vroman. 
Wit.: Jacob and Lidia Van Aalsteyn. 

Feb. 16. Harmen, of Joannes and Elizabeth De Wan- 
delaar. Wit.: Thomas Williaems, Catryna Gansevoort. 

Catryna, of Joannes and Elizabeth Wendel. Wit.: Rob- 
bert and Catryna Walters. 

Joannes, of Jurjaen and Maria Hoogen. Wit.: Joannes 
and Eva Beekman. 

March 2. Johanna, of Joannes and Maria Vinhagel. 
Wit.: Folkert and Margariet Douw. 

March 9. Hendrik, of Joannes and Catryna Ten Broeck. 
Wit.: Joannes and Elsie Cuyler, Samuel Ten Broek. 

March 16. Jacob, of Anthoni and Anna C. Van Schayk. 
Wit.: Jacob Ten Broek, Maria Van Corlaar. 

Apr. 6. Susanna, of Barent and Maria Ekbertsen. 
Wit.: Jacob and Susanna Visscher. 

Apr. 11. Geurt, of Jacobus and Susanna Schoonhoven. 
Wit.: Dirk and Anna Bratt. 

Wilhelmus, of Andries and Lidia Douw. Wit.: Kilyaen 
Van Renselaar, Petrus Douw. 

Neeltie, of Gerrit and Elizabeth Lansingh. Wit.: Evert 
Banker, Gerritie Roseboom. 

Apr. 13. Marten Gerritsen, of Gerrit and Anna Van 
Bergen. Wit.: Kilyaen and Maria Van Renselaar. 

Cornells, of Mathias and Catalyna Van den Bergh. Wit. : 
Ruth and Margarita Van Deusen. 

Elizabeth, of Nicolaes and Maria Van der Werken. 
Wit.: David and Christyna Van Dyk. 

Apr. 14. Rebecka, of Claes and Annetie Fonda. Wit.: 
Jan Fonda, Barber Marselis. 

Apr. 20. Jannetie, of Jan Tyssen Goes and Eytie Goes. 
Wit.: Joannes and Hessie Beekman. 

Apr. 27. Jacob, of Isack and Johanna Lansingh. Wit.: 
Joannes Beekman, Jr., Neeltie Ten Eyck. 

May 4. Jacob, of Phillip and Madalena Lauxs. Wit.: 
Andries Bratt, Wyntie Roos. 

Hendrik, of Jacob and Debora Beekman. Wit.: Hen- 
drik and Debora Hansen. 

May 11. Nicolaes, Catryna, of Claes and Dirckie \ 
Woerd. Wit.: Willem, Joannes, Geertruy, Geertie Groc 

May 18. Margariet, of Joannes and Catryna V. der 
Wilge. Wit.: Storm Beckers. Elysabeth Van der Zee. 

May 22. Maria, of Elderd and Lena Ouderkcrk. Wit.: 
Isack and Mayke Ouderkerk. 

June 2. Ysack, of Isack and Bata Van Deusen. Wit.: 
Melchert and Lena Van Deusen. 

June 30. Elizabeth, of Balthus and Lidia Van Benthuy- 
sen. W^it.: Marten Van Benthuvsen, Elizabeth Greveraat. 



Joannes, of Joannis and Lena Lansingh. Wit.: Pieter 
Schuyler, Joannes and Emilia Pruym. 

Hiilegon, of Andries and Wyntie Bratt. Wit.: Theunis 
Bratt, Geertruy Visseher. 

Joannes, of Daniel and Johanna Flensburgh. Wit.: 
Daniel and Margariet Killy. 

Joannes, of Jan and Chatarina Van Wie. Wit.: Ariaen 
De Gardenier, Susanna Bratt. 

Willempie, of Anthoni and Rebekka Bratt. Wit.: 
Theunis and Willempie Bratt. 

Joannes Appel, of Dirck and Maria Hagedoorn. Wit.: 
Joannes and Anna Appel. 

Neeltie, of Theunis and Engel Egbertsen. Wit.: Jacob 
Schermerhoorn, Neeltie Beekman. 

Elsie, of Abraham and Elsie Staats. Wit.: Barent and 
Neeltie Staats. 

July 20. Cornelis, of Wynant and Aaltie Van den 
Bergh. Wit.: Pieter and Tryntie Walderom. 

Alida, of Jacob and Maria Halenbeek. Wit.: Nanningh 
and Alida Visseher. 

July 27. Joseph, of Joannes and Sara Van Zanten. 
Wit.: Joseph and Zetie Van Zanten. 

Maria, of Jeremias and Elizabeth Muller. Wit. : Joannes 
and Elizabeth Muller. 

Aug. 3. Cornelia, of Anthoni and Jannetie Bogardus. 
Wit.: Joannes Van Vegten, Susanna Bratt. 

Marretie, of Jan and Catryna Du Foy. Wit. : Jacob and 
Jannetie Peersen. 

Magdalena, of Petrus and Anna Douw. Wit.: Jonas 
Douw, Catryna Van Renselaar. 

Teuntie, of Abram and Anna Van der Poel. Wit.: 
Gerrit Van den Berg, Maria Van Alen. 

Aug. 4 10. Folkert, of Jan and Agnitie Witbeek. Wit.: 
Folkert Witbeek, Margarieta Douw. 

Abraham, of Isack and Alida Fonda. Wit.: Salomon 
Van Vegten, Hessie Van Arnhem. 

Aug. 24. Catalyna, of Laurens Scerp and Hilletie 
Scherp. Wit.: Gerrit Van Schayk, Catalyna Goewey. 

Catryna, of Matheus and Maria Vlensburg. Wit.: 
Daniel Vlensburgh, Anneke Broecks. 

Aug. 31. Joannes, of Hendrik and Elsie Schermerhoorn. 
Wit : Jacob and Gerretie Schermerhoorn. 

Rebecca, of Joannes and Elizabeth Oostrander. Wit.: 
Gerrit and Eckbertie Van den Bergh. 

Sept. 7. Catryna, of Jacob and Lena Lansingh. Wit.: 
Isack and Magdalena Lansingh. 

Sept. 14. Pieter, of Pieter and Rebekka Bogaard. Wit, : 
Samuel Pruym, Catalyna Bogaardt. 

Sept. 21. Rebecka, of Jacob and Elizabeth Evertsen. 
Wit.: Ysack and Barentie Fonda. 



Sept. 28. Hendrik, of Cornells and Dorothee Bogaard. 
Wit.: Hendrik Oothout, Maria Pruym. 

Oct. 5. Ephrajm, of Stephanus and Maria Van Alen. 
Wit.: Pieter and Johanna Hogeboom. 

William, of Obedie Ouoper and Cornelia Couper. Wit.: 
Cornells and Jacomyn Maassen. 

Anneke, of Christorlel and Catalyna Jets. Wit.: Pieter 
and Ariaentie Van Woerd. 

Oct. 10. Ysack,of Abram and Jannetie Provoost. Wit.: 
Jacob Staats, Elizabeth Schuyler. 

Rachel, of Barent, Jr., and Maria Bratt. Wit.: Pieter 
and Nelletie Ryckman. 

Oct. 12. Anna, of Joannes and Catryna Zeller. Wit.: 
Willem and Geertruy Groesbeek. 

Marretie, of Jacob Corn, and Anna Schermerhoorn. Wit. : 
Joannes Beekman, Marretie Schermerhoorn. 

Oct. 19. Abraham, of Isack and Amerency Verplank. 
Wit.: David Verplank, Maria Daevids. - 

Jan, of Jona[?] and Maria Larway. Wit.: Joannes 
Beekman, Elizabeth Uzile. 

Maria, of Gysbert and Catalyna Van den Berg. Wit.: 
Joannes Hun, Geertie Van den Berg. 

Pieter, of Willem and Lena Hoogtelink. Wit.: Pieter 
and Cornelia Uzile. 

Joannes, of Jacob and Helena Lansing. Wit.: Joannes 
and Elizabeth Oostrander. 

Nov. 1. Geertruy, of Joannes and Margarieta Van der 
Werke. Wit.: Robbert and Margarieta Livingston. 

Tanneke, of Daniel and Dirckie Wenne. Wit.: Isack 
and Maycke Ouderkerk. 

Nov. 9. Joannes, of Anthony, Jr., and Anna Van 
Schayk. Wit. : Joannes and Elsie Cuyler. 

Nov. 15. Sara, of Joannes and Neeltie Christyaensen. 
Wit.: Dirck Ten Broeck, Elizabeth Marselis. 

Joannes, of Ysack and Catalyne Wendel. Wit. : Joannes 
and Elizabeth Schuyler. 

Nov. 23. Philip, of Dirck and Grietie Van Vegtcn. 
Wit.: Philip Van Vegten, Maria Williaems. 

Nov. 30. Anna, of Joannes and Zelia Redly. Wit.: 
Stoffel and Hubert ie Jojets. 

Dec. 6. Catryna, of Schibboleth and Anna Bogardus. 
Wit.: Joannes Garnoy, Cornelia Van der Heyde. 

Dec. 17. Andries, of Coenraet and Gcrretie Ten Eyk. 
Wit.: Hendrik and Grietie Ten Eyck. 

Dec. 21. Eva, of Daniel and Gcrretie Fort. Wit.: 
Abram and Antie Van der Poel. 

Dec. 28. Neeltie, of Nicolaes and Rachel Gardcnier. 
Wit.: Maas Van Franken, Rebekka Bloemendaal. 

Sara, of Leendert and Catryna Gansevoort. Wit.: 
Joannes De Wandelaar, Sara Meyndertsen. 


17 19, Jan. 1. Christyna, of Dirck and Margarita Ten 
Broek. Wit.: Hendrik Cuyler, Anna Catryna V. Schayk. 

Anna, of Ruben and Geertruy Van Vegten. Wit. 
Philip Van Vegten, Antie Schermerhoorn. 

Cornelis, of Jacob, Jr., and Antie Schermerhoorn. Wit. 
Ruben and Engeltie Van Vegten. 

Breghie, of Gerrit and Tryntie Van den Berg. Wit. 
Cornelis V. Aalsteyn, Dirckie Van der Werken. 

Jan. 4. Anna, of Kiliaan and Maria Van Renselaar. 
Wit.: Samuel Bajart, Catryna Van Renselaar, Anna De 

Jan. 18. Eva, of Abraham and Catalyna Valkenburgh. 
Wit.: Johannes and Eva Beekman. 

Jan. 21. Abraham, of Cornelis and Marretie Van Aal- 
steyn. Wit. : Mathias and Catalyna V. den Berg. 

Feb. 1. Joannes, of Joannes and Sara Becker. Wit.: 
Laurens Becker, Rebecca Van Arnhem. 

Geessie, of Joannes E. and Anna Wendel. Wit. : Ephrajm 
Wendel, Geessie Kip. 

Feb. 4. Joannes, of Jacob and Geertruy Roseboom. 
Wit.: Hendrik Roseboom, Isabella Staats. 

Feb. 11. Nicolaas, of Evert and Marretie Rycksen. 
Wit. : Maas and Anna Rycksen. 

Feb. 26. Styntie, of Jan and Grietie Goes. Wit.rjoan- 
nis and Hessie Beekman. 

Martynus, of Samuel and Geertruy Cregier. Wit.: 
Harmen Visscher, Anna Criegier. 

Philip, of David and Abigael Foreest Wit.: Joannes 
Van Aalsteyn, Catryne Foreest. 

March 8. Maria, of Frans and Margarieta Pruym. Wit. : 
Elbert and Anna Gerritsen. 

Margarita, of Thomas and Barentie Berrit. Wit.: Joan- 
nes and Amilia Pruym. 

Catryna, of Claes and Cornelia Bovy. Wit.: Ulrich V. 
Franken, Maria Brouwers. 

Maria, of Jacob and Catelyna Bogard. Wit.: Pieter 
Schuyler, Marretie Pruym. 

Apr. 5. Geertruy, of Jacob and Jannetie Peersen. 
Wit. : Roelef and Geertruy Gerritsen. 

Joannes, of Joannes and Annetie Paree. Wit.: Claes 
Van Woerden, Maria Spoor. 

Hendrik, of Philip and Catryna Livingston. Wit.: 
Pieter and Rachel Schuyler. 

Ephraim, of Evert and Engeltie Wendel. Wit. : Joannes 
Bleeker, Elyzabeth Groesbeek. 

Apr. 12. Jan, of Thomas and Hilletie Williams. Wit.: 
Jan Bronk, Catryna Gansevoort. 

Ysack, of Hendrik and Susanna Halenbeek. Wit.: 
Joannes Muller, Lybetie Bratt, Jr. 

8 4 


Neeltie, of Frerik and Sara Meyndertsen. Wit. : Joannes 
Van Vegten, Maria De Warant. 

Apr. 19. Rachel, of Theunis and Rachel Harmensen. 
Wit.: Leendert Gansevoort, Elsie Wenne. 

Wyntie, of Pieter and Antie Bronk. Wit.: Sciboleth 
and Jannetie Bogardus. 

Arent, of Tewys and Engeltie Van 'Deusen. Wit.: 
Theunis Slingerlant, Maria Mingaal. 

Maria, of Gerrit Dinghmans and Cornelia Dingmans. 
Wit.: Cornelis Maassen, Sara Van Alen. 

May 3. Marten, of Abram and Marretie Van Aalsteyn. 
Wit.: Gerrit, Jr., and Catalyna Lansingh. 

Jacob, of Albert and Dirckie Roelefsen. Wit.: Cor- 
nelis Bogaard, Geertruy V. den Berg. 

Hendrik, of David and Christyna Van Dyk. Wit. : Cor- 
nelis and Maria Van Dyk. 

May 7. Abraham, of Gosen and Catryna Van Schayk. 
Wit. : Jacob Roseboom, Maria Van Corlaar. 

Ysack, of Joannes and Elysabeth Muller. Wit.: Ysack 
Fonda, Susanna Bratt. 

May 17. Christyna, of Tobias and Marretie Ten Broek. 
Wit.: Dirck and Christyna Ten Broeck. 

Christyna, of Jacobus and Maria Wyngaart. Wit.: 
David Schuyler, Elsie Cuyler. 

May 24. Jannetie, of Cornelis and Griettie Scher- 
merhoorn. Wit.: Joannes Schermerhoorn, Geertie Ten 

May 31. Arientie, of Joannes and Sanna Symensen. 
Wit.: Barent Sanders, Sara L/uyckassen. 

Maas, of Joannes Maassen and Rebecka Massen. Wit.: 
Cornelis Massen, Jacomyntie Maassen. 

Catryna, of Jesse and Neeltie D. Foreest. Wit.: Sara 
Hansen, Gerrit Van Ness. 

Maria, of Arent and Catryna Pruym. " Wit.: Samuel 
Pruym, Anna Kitsenaar. 

June 7. Cornelia, of Storm and Sophia Bratt. Wit.: 
Barent Bratt, Cornelia Uzile. 

June 21. Jacob, of Lowys and Maria Viele. Wit.: 
Ysak and Mayke Ouderkerk. 

June 28. Antie, of Hendrik and Hilletie Van Wie. 
Wit.: Wouter V. der Zee, Antie Beckers. 

Catalyna, of Gerrit and Sara Van Schayk. Wit.: Arent 
V. Corlaar, Catalyna Goewey. 

Joannes, of Joannes and Zantie Wendel. Wit. : Joannes 
and Hassie Beekman. 

Jochum, of Joannes Valkenburgh and Margarita Valken- 
burg. Wit.: Barent and Maria Sanders. 

July 19. Maria, of Lucas and Tanneke Van Vegten. 
Wit.: Jacob and Anna Egmond. 



July 26. Gerrit, of Gerrit, Jr., and Engeltie Lansingh. 
Wit. : Gerrit and Catryna Lansingh. 

Aug. 22. Machtel, of Tobias and Helena Rykman. 
Wit.: Joannes and Eva Beekman. 

Jannetie, of Marten and Cornelia Van Aalsteyn. Wit.: 
Gerrit Van den Bergh, Margariet Van Zanten. 

Aug. 30. Rebecca, of Pieter and Tryntie Walderon/ 
Wit.: W T ynant Van der Poel, Catryna Gilbert. 

David, of Wynant and Tryntie Van der Poel. Wit.: 
Harmanus Schuyler, Margarieta Van Zanten. 

Comelis, of Cornelis and Hessie Swits. Wit.: Jacob 
and Lena Visser. 

Sept. 6. Jacob, of Joannes and Elizabeth Wendel. 
Wit.: Isack and Jacob Wendel, Merry Zanders. 

Cornelis, of Jacob and Agnietie Muller. Wit.: Joannes 
Muller, Antie Konyn. 

Sept. 13. Anna, of Casper and Rachel Van Hoesen. 
Wit.: Albert and Engeltie Slingerlant. 

Sept. 20. Joannes, of Joannes and Catryna Ten Broek. 
Wit.: Tobias Ten Broek, Petrus and AnnaDouw. 

Sept. 27. Christyna, of Ruth and Elizabeth Van 
W r oerdt. Wit. : Pieter and Ariaentie Van Woerdt. 

Hendry kus, of Marten and Catryna Van Bergen. Wit.: 
Henricus Douw, Anna Van Bergen. 

Oct. 4. Cornelis, of Claes and Antie Van den Bergh. 
Wit. : Pieter and Ariaentie Van Woerdt. 

Oct. 9. Cornelis, of Mathias and Catalyna Van den 
Bergh. Wit.: Cornelis and Marretie Van Aalsteyn. 

Oct. 11. Gerrit Hendriksen, of Jan and Catryna Burger. 
Wit.: Gysbert Van den Bergh, Alida Van Wie. 

Cornelia, of Anthony and Jannatic Bogardus. Wit.: 
Joannes and Anna Van Vegten. 

Oct. 18. Jacob, of Pieter and Dirckie Vosburgh. Wit.: 
Joannes Mingaal, Maretie Beekman. 

Elizabeth, of Adriaan and Catryna Quakkenbosch. 
W r it.: Gozen, Jr., and Margarieta Van Schayk. 

Oct. 25. Alida, of Joannes and Catalyna Barhayt. Wit. : 
Cornelis Maassen, Anna Warms. 

Catryna, of Mathias and Maretie BofTy. Wit.: Hendrik 
Cuyler, Neeltie Beekman. 

Margarieta, of Pieter and Maretie Wenne. Wit.: Jesse 
De Foreest, Sara Hansen. 

Eva, of Joachim and Elsie Van Valkenburg. Wit.: 
Joannes Mingaal, Jannetie Valkenburgh. 

Joannes, of Claes and Geertruy Van Franken. Wit.: 
Joannes and Elizabeth Schuyler. 

Nov. 1. Elizabeth, of Gerrit and Anna Nicukerke. Wit.: 
Joannes and Elizabeth Visser. 

Nov. 8. Maria, of Jacob and Anna Egmond. Wit.: 
Claes Egmond, Judith Hooghtelink. 


I 7 I 9 _I 7 2 ° 

Nov. 15. Jannetie, of Joannes, Jr., and Hester Beek- 
man. Wit.: Jacob Beekman, Jannetie Lansingh. 

Joannes, of Jacob and Geertruy Knoet. Wit.: Dirk 
Ten Broek, Neeltie Beekman. 

Elsie, of Anthoni and Anna Van Schayk. Wit. : Joannes 
and Elsie Cuyler. 

Anna, of Petrus and Eva Van Driessen. "Wit.: Pieter 
Van Brugh, Hendrik and Elsie Cuyler, Maria Cmger. 

Nov. 22. Neeltie, of Anthoni and Catryna Abrams. 
Wit.: Joannes and Neeltie Ouderkerk. 

Neeltie, of Hendrik and Margarita Gardenier. Wit.: 
Claes and Rachel Gardenier. 

Nov. 29. Pieter, of Nicolaes and Maria Groesbeek. 
Wit.: Joannes and Antie Knikkerbakker. 

Wouter, of Wouter and Jannetie Van der Zee. Wit.: 
Theunis Van Slingerlant, Jannetie Beekman. 

Dec. 26. Geertruy, of Gerrit and Elizabeth Lansingh. 
Wit.: Joannes Lansingh, Jannetie Bankers. 

Dec. 27. Joannes, of Joannes and Cornelia Becker. 
Wit.: Gerrit and Maryke Becker. 

Melchert, of Harpert and Lena Van Deusen. Wit.: 
Philliph and Engeltie V. Vegten. 

1720, Jan. 7. Christyaen, of Corset and Neeltie Vedder. 
Wit. : Nicolaes Bleeker, Catie Cuyler. 

Jan. 14. Geertruy, of Marten and Maria Van Buuren. 
Wit. : Maas Van Buuren, Geertruy Van den Bergh. 

Jan. 27. Jacob, of Samuel Dokzy and Elizabeth Dockzy. 
Wit.: Jan Maassen, Anna Ridders. 

Feb. 3. Abraham, of Joannes and Sara Becker. Wit.: . 
Abraham and Hester Van Arnhem. 

Anthoni, of Dirck and Cornelia Bratt. Wit.: Theunis 
and Willempie Bratt. 

Feb. 7. Dirk Bratt, of Jacobus and Susanna Van 
Schoonhoven. Wit.: Dirk and Anna Bratt, Pieter Ben- 

Feb. 21. Cornells, of Wilhelmus and Geertie Van den 
Bergh. Wit.: Pieter and Tryntie Walderom. 

March 6. Jannetie, of Thomas and Maria Van Aalsteyn. 
Wit.: Willem Van Alen, Jannetie Van Valkenburgh. 

March 9. Jochum, of Jacob and Styntie Van Valkcn- 
burgh. Wit.: Isack and Lena Lansingh. 

Joseph, of Joseph and Hendrikie Jets. Wit.: Luca^ 
Hooghkerk, Huybertie Jets. 

March 13. Susanna, of Theunis and Engeltie Eckbert- 
sen. Wit.: Jacob and Susanna Visser. 

Nelletie, of Jacob and Maria Brouwer. Wit.: Joannes 
and Eckbertie De Garmoy. 

March 20. Teuntie, of Barent and Neeltie Staats. Wit. : 
Isack Staats, Margarita Schuyler. 



March 27. Folkert, of Pieter and Anna Douw. Wit.: 
Hendrik Van Renselaar, Catryna Ten Broek. 

Apr. 3. Anna, of Jurryaan and Maria Hoogen. Wit.: 
Daniel and Maria Hoogen. 

Jacob, of Isack and Maycke Ouderkerk. Wit.: Joannes 
and Catalyntie Hun. 

Margarita, of Andries and Wyntie Bratt. Wit. : Wynant 
and Catryna Van der Poel. 

Joannes, of Jephta [Cornetisse *] and Maria Christma 
[Martensen *]. Wit.: Jacob Roseboom, Margarta Schuy- 

Apr. 10. Catalyna, of Jan and Catalyna Van Ness. 
Wit.: Nicolaes and Maria Groesbeek. 

Joannes, of Eldert and Lena Ouderkerk. Wit.: Jesse 
Foreest, Anna Van den Bergh. 

Joannes, of Phillip and Anna Witbeek. Wit.: Thomas 
and Hilletie Williaems. 

Isack, of Pieter and Margarieta Van Aalsteyn. Wit.: 
Jochum Van Aalsteyn, Engeltie Valkenburgh. 

Apr. 24. Abraham, of Jacob and Helena Lansingh. 
Wit.: Samuel and Maria Pruym. 

Arent, of Theuis and Elizabeth Slingerlant. Wit.: 
Albert Slingerlant, Anna Appels. 

May 7. Phillip, of David and Abigael Foreest. Wit.: 
Jacob Van Aalsteyn, Catryna Foreest. 

Pieter, of Joannes and Eckbertie De Garmoy. Wit.: 
Pieter Garmoy, Anna Bogardus. 

Hendrik, of Hendrik and Margarita Ten Eyck. Wit.: 
Abraham Cuyler, Antie Bleekers. 

May 8. Catharina, of Ephraim and Anna Wendel. 
Wit.: Joannes Wendel, Maria Van Ness. 

Alida, of Joannes and Chatharina Van der Wilge. Wit.: 
Joannes and Antie Appel. 

Pieter, of Pieter and Alida Ouderkerk. Wit.: David 
Schuyler, Jentie Livingston. 

May 15. Anneke, of Nicolaes and Rachel Gardenier. 
Wit.: Jacob and Hyltie Van Woert. 

Philliph, of Leendert and Immetie Conyn. Wit.: Leen- 
dert Gansevoort, Agnietie Mullers. 

Marretie, of Isack and Bata Van Deusen. Wit.": Abram 
and Marretie Van Aalsteyn. 

Anna, of Gerrit and Anna Van Bergen. Wit.: Nicolaes 
Mejer, Elsie Schoonmaker. 

Margarita, of Wouter and Rachel Barhayt. Wit.: 
Barent and Mattie Sanders. 

May 22. Lena, of Benjamin and Antie Eckbertsen. 
Wit.: Barent Eckbertsen, Lena Visser. 

♦These patronymics had been added in lead pencil probably a 
century or more after the entries were originally made. 



June 12. Barent, of Jan Tyssen Goes and Eytie Goes. 
Wit.: Gozen and Catie Van Sc'hayk. 

June 19. Jacob, of Bartholomeus and Catharina V. 
Valkenburg. Wit.: Joannes and Sara Hansen. 

Effie, of Jacob and Debora Beekman. Wit.: Joannes 
Becker, Jr., Maria Hansen. 

Dirck, of Jacob and Hester Van der Heyde. Wit.: Dirk 
and Anna Van der Heyde. 

Agnietie, of Theunis and Jannetie Van Slyck. Wit.: 
Isack and Alida Fonda. 

June 26. Pieter Meessen, of Pieter and Geertie Vroman. 
Wit.: Comelis Van Aalsteyn, Marretie Van den Bergh. 

July 3. Jacobus, of Cornelis and Margarita Schermer- 
hoorn. Wit.: Cornelis Schermerhoorn, Hester Beek- 

Jannetie, of Jochum and Elsie Van Valkenburg. Wit.: 
Lamberd Redly, Eva Beekman. 

Meyndert, of Ruthger and Chathalyna Bleekers. Wit.: 
Meyndert Schuyler, Margarita Ten Eyk. 

Rebecka, of Meindert and Fytie Marselis. Wit.: Claes 
and Antie Fonda. 

July 10. Chatharina, of Ruben and Geertruy Van Veg- 
ten. Wit.: Lucas and Chatharina Witbeek. 

July 15. Huybert, of Joannes and Elizabeth Van Oos- 
trant. Wit. : Isack and Alida Fonda. 

Pieter, of Willem and Elizabeth Walderom. Wit.: 
Pieter and Tryntie Walderom. 

Cornelis, of Levinus and Chatharina Harmensen. Wit.: 
Wilhelmus Van den Berg, Marretie Gerritsen. 

Isack, of Abraham and Geertie Vosburg. Wit.: Gerrit 
Van den Berg, Neeltie Abeel. 

Aug. 20. Jacobus, of Joannes and Maria Vinhagel. 
Wit. : Meindert and Maria Roseboom. 

Catharina, of Joannes and Christina Van Deusen. Wit.: 
Melchert and Chatharina Van der Poel. 

Aug. 28. Anna, of Pieter and Lena Vosburgh. Wit.: 
David and Christina Van Dyck. 

Sept. 4. Johannes, of Samuel and Maria Ten Broek. 
Wit. : Johannes and Christina Ten Broek. 

Levinus, of Anthoni and Chatharina Van Schayk. Wit. : 
Anthoni Coster, Margarita Ten Broek. 

Cornelia, of Laurens and Hilletie Seherp. Wit.: Jacob 
Goewcy, Alida Fonda. 

Joseph, of Johannes and Sara Van Sin ten. Wit.: Joseph 
and Setie Janscn. 

Sept. 11. Nanningh, of Jacob and Maria Halenbeek. 
Wit.: Johannes Visser, Hester Van dor Heyde. 

Cornells, of Claes and Antie Van den Bergh. Wit.: 
Cornelis Claessen, Susanna Van den Bergh. 

8 9 


Marten, of Jacob C. and Anna Schermerhoorn. Wit.: 
Theunis Eckbertsen, Neeltie Beekman. 

Sara, of Gerrit and Chathalyna Van Ness. Wit. : Hen- 
drik De Ridder, Neeltie Foreest. 

Sep. 18. Hans Hendrik, of Dirk and Maria Hagedoorn. 
Wit.: Hans Hendrik Matyssen, Neeltie Beekman. 

Benjamin, of Dirck and Grietie Van Vegten. Wit. : Ben- 
jamin and Engeltie Van de Waater. 

Gerrit, of Daniel and Gerretie Fort. Wit.: Gerrit Van 
den Bergh, Ariaentie Van Ness. 

Sept. 25. Gysbert, of Claes and Anna Fonda. Wit.: 
Gysbert and Elizabeth Marselis. 

Oct. 2. Marytie, of Thomas and Elizabeth Ecker. Wit.: 
Johannes Appel, Marytie Mingaal. 

Anna Maria, of Philliph and Madelena Laucks. Wit.: 
Casper Ham, Anna Leybin. 

Eytie, of Andries and Josyna Gardenier. Wit. : Nicolaes 
and Rachel Gardenier. 

Schibboleth, of Scibboleth and Anna Bogardus. Wit.: 
Ephraim Bogardus, Maria Eckberts. 

Oct. 9. Obedie, of Obedie and Cornelia Couper. Wit.: 
Jan and Rebecca Maassen. 

Oct. 14. Philliph, of Jesse and Neeltie Foreest. Wit.: 
Johannes and Chatharina Foreest. 

Joseph, of Matheus and Maria Flensburg. Wit. : Joseph, 
Jr., and Hendrickie Jets. 

Oct. 30. Hendrik, of Joannes and Margariet Van de 
Werke. Wit. : David and Christyna Van Dyk. 

Hendrik, of Dirk and Madalena Van der Karre. Wit.: 
Anthoni and Catharina Van Schayk. 

Abigael, of Isack and Amarency Verplank. Wit. : Jaco- 
bus/ Cornelis and Catalyna Verplank. 

Nov. 6. Williaem, of Edmond and Antie Groen. Wit.: 
W r illiam Baalden, William Poel, Elyzabeth Corlaar. 

Nov. 13. Abraham, of Jacob and Lena Lansing. Wit.: 
Meindert and Lena Lansing. 

Nov. 20. Daniel, of Pieter and Rachel Wenne. Wit.: 
Daniel and Dirckie Wenne. 

Andries, of Jan and Catharina Van Wie. Wit.: Johan- 
nes and Catalyna Hun. 

Nov. 22. Geessie, of Hendrik and Elsie Schermerhoorn. 
Wit.: Joannes Beekman, Geertie Ten Eyck. 

Joannes, of Jacob and Jannetie Peersen. Wit.: Har- 
manus and Antie Wendel. 

Folkie, of Wynant and Folkie Van den Berg. Wit.: 
Gysbert and Catalvna Van den Berg. 

Dec. 11. Ysack, of Jan and Catrina De Fou. Wit.: 
Isack and Alida Fonda. 

Joannes, of Joannes and Geertie Grocsbeek. Wit.: 
David and Elizabeth Groesbeek. 


I720- I 721 

Dec. 23. Joseph, of Johannes and Zelia Redly. Wit.: 
Joseph and Huybertie Jets. 

Dec. 25. Jacob, of Hendrik and Margarita Gardenier. 
Wit. : Andries and Sara Gardenier. 

Hendrik, of Robbert and Catharina Wider. Wit. : Claes 
and Rachel Gardenier. 

Tryntie, of Willem and Lena Hoogtelink. Wit. : Mathias 
and Maria Hoogtelink. 

Gerretie, of Abraham and Catalyna Valkenburg. Wit.: 
Jacob Schermerhoorn, Gcertie Ten Eyk. 

Dec. 26. Jannetie, of Stephanus and Maria Van Alen. 
Wit. : Stephanus and Ariaentie Muller. 

1721, Jan. 1. Catharina, of Hendrik and Maria Van der 
Werken. Wit.: Jacob Beekman, Elizabeth Groesbeek. 

Jan. 8. Petrus, of Leendert and Hendrikkie Conyn. 
Wit.: Willem Kool, Maria Wenne. 

Elizabeth, of Tobias and Marretie Ten Broek. Wit.: 
Folkert and Lidia Van Vegten. 

Jan. 11. Magdalena, of Frans and Margariet Pruym. 
Wit.: Casparus Van Yveren, Alida Gerritsen. 

Ryckert, of Claes and Cornelia Bovy. Wit.: Ryckert 
and Bethsie Hilten. 

Susanna, of Joannes and Anna Wendel. Wit.: Isack 
and Susanna Kip. 

Jan. 15. Ephraim, of Johannes and Catharina Ten 
Broek. Wit.: Antoni and Elizabeth Costers. 

Jacobus, of Phillip and Geertruy Verplank. Wit.: John 
Collins, Gleyn Verplank, Maria Van Renselaar. 

Jan. 18. Jannetie, of Willem and Feytie Iselsteyn. 
Wit.: Johannes and Maria Van Vegten. 

Feb. 1. Isack, of Cornells and Marritie Van Aalsteyn. 
Wit.: Gerrit and Cathrina Van den Bergh. 

Feb. 5. Elizabeth, of Hendrik and Susanna Halenbeek. 
Wit. : Dirk and Elizabeth Bratt. 

Feb. 12. Catharina, of Christyaen and Catharina 
Schans. Wit.: Barent Bratt, Maria Iluyser. 

Alida, of David and Anna Schuyler. Wit.: Meindert 
and Alida Schuyler. 

Elizabeth, of Ahasuerus and Anna Wendel. Wit.: 
Ephraim Wendel, Susanna Schuylers. 

Maria, of Anthoni, Jr., and Anna Van Schajk. Wit.: 
Anthony and Maria Van Schayk. 

Elizabeth, of Johannes and Elizabeth Wendel. Wit.: 
Phillip and Margariet Schuylers. 

Feb. 15. Anna Margarieta, of Cocnraat and Gerretie 
Ten Evck. Wit.: Gozen Van Schayk, Jenneke Ten 

Feb. 26. Rachel, of Gerrit and Echbertie Van den 
Bergh. Wit.: Jacob and Susanna Visser. 


March i. Johannes, of Johannes and Rebecca Maassen. 
Wit.: Johannes and Maria Fonda. 

Albert, of Albert and Dirckie Roelef sen. Wit.: Samuel 
and Maria Pruym. 

Ariaentie, of Anthoni and Rebecka Bratt. Wit.: Dirck 
Bratt, Cornelia Van der Heyde. 

Catharina, of David and Christina Van Dyck. Wit.: 
Wessel and Chatharina Ten Broek. 

Harmannus, of Gerrit and Catrina Van den Berg. Wit. : 
Marten and Cornelia Van Aalsteyn. 

Apr. 7. Johannes, of Lcendert and Catharina Ganse- 
voort. Wit.: Pieter Werme, Anna Kitsenaar. 

Apr. 9. Reyer, of Jacob, Jr., and Antie Schermerhoorn. 
Wit.: Jacob and Elizabeth Schermerhoorn. 

Frederyk, of Abraham and Anna Fort. Wit. : Walrave 
Knoet, Emilia Pruym. 

Apr. 10. Petrus, of Ephraim[?] and Agnietie Bogardus. 
Wit.: Schibboleth Bogardus, Maria Van Vegten. 

Rebecka, of Pieter and Rebecka Bogard. Wit.: Jan 
and Marretie Fonda. 

Apr. 16. Pieter, of Thomas and Hilletie Williaems. 
Wit.: Jan Witbeek, Anna Wenne. 

Apr. 23. Anna, of Daniel and Johanna Flensburg. 
Wit.: Joseph and Huibertie Jets. 

Maria, of Dirk and Margarita Ten Broeck. Wit. : Jacob 
Ten Broek, Maria Cuyler. 

Cornelis, of Wilhelmus and Geertie [or Geessie] V. d. 
Berg. Wit.: Pieter and Tryntie Walderom. 

May 7. Jannetie, of Reyk and Geertruy Van Franken. 
Wit.: Joh. Van 0. Linde, Jennetie Criegier. 

Sarah, of Phillip and Chatharina Livingston. Wit. : John 
Collins, Chatharina Van Rensselaar. 

May 14. Maria, of Isack and Cathalina Wendel. Wit.: 
Cornelis and Maria Van Dyck. 

Abraham, of Jacob and Geertruy Quakkenbosch. Wit.: 
Isack Quakkenbosch, Anna Wyngaard. 

Adriaen, of Pieter and Christina Bratt. Wit.: Albert 
and Hester Slingerlant. 

May 18. Johannes, of Matheus and Jannetie Goes. 
Wit.: Joh. Beekman, Jr., Lybetie Wenne. 

May 28. Hendrik, of Jacob and Geertruy Rooseboom. 
Wit.: Joh. Lydius, Elisabeth Rooseboom. 

Antoni, of Gozen and Neeltie Van Schayk. Wit.: An- 
toni Van Schayk, Catalyna Bleeker. 

June 4. Maria, of Isack and Alida Fonda. Wit.: Joh. 
and Elizabeth V. Oostrande. 

Maria, of Jonas and Maria Larway. Wit.: Piete 
Uzile, Geertruy Visser. 

June 11. Jannetie, of Jeremias and Elizabeth Muller. 

Wit.: Jan and Maria Fonda. 

9 2 


Gerrit, of Abraham and Anna V. D. Poel. Wit.: Cor- 
nells and Theuntie V. D. Bergh. 

June 18. Nicolaes, of Jan and Antie Parys. Wit.: 
Math Flensburg, Barentie Barrit. 

Rachel, of Wilhelmus Rykman and Anna Van der Heyde. 
Wit.: Dirk and Rachel Van der Heyde. 

Catharina, of Gysbert and Catalyna V. D.'Berg. Wit.: 
Wilhelm and Geertie V. D. Berg. 

July 2. Lidia, of Antoni and Chatharina Abrahams. 
Wit.: Barent Staats, Lydia Douw. 

Maria, of Cornells Van Buuren, Hendrikkie Van Ness. 
W 7 it.: Benjamin Bratt, Madalena Rykman. 

July 7. Johannes, of Salomon and Alida Goewey. Wit. : 
Pieter Schuyler, Maria Van Rensselaar. 

July 9. Phillip, of Jacob and Agnitie Muller. Wit.: 
Cornelis Muller, Jannetie Meessen. 

July 16. Maria, of Balth and Lidia V. Benthuysen. Wit. : 
Augustinus Turck, Maria Rooseboom. 

Pieter, of Tobias and Anna V. Buuren. Wit.: Lucas 
and Anna Wyngaart. 

Jacob, of Joh. and Elyzabcth Muller. Wit.: Jacob and 
Anna Van Woerdt. 

Catalyna, of Jacob of Catah. Bogardt. Wit.: Meyndert 
Schuyler, Anna Peyster. 

July 30. Jannetie, of Hieroon and Margariet Van 
Vlieren. Wit.: Robbert and Margarieta Livingston. 

Anna, of Abraham and Methy Ouderkerk. Wit.: Joh. 
Ten Broek, Maria Van Ness. 

Aug. 6. Pieter, of Joh., Jr., and Geertruy Lansingh. 
Wit.: Philip and Margarita Schuyler. 

Fytie, of StofTel and Rachel Muller. Wit.: Joh. and 
Elizabeth Muller. 

Aug. 13. Dirkie, of Samuel and Geertrui Criegier. 
Wit.: Barent Bratt, Dirckie Visser. 

. Neeltie, of Willem and Elizabeth Walderom. Wit.: 
Teunis Eckbertsen, Neeltie Beekman. 

Cornelia, of Joh. and Sara Becker. Wit.: Abram and 
Alida V. Arnhem. 

Sept. 17. David, of Wynant and Catrina V. D. Poel. 
W T it. : Harmannus and Catharina Schuyler. 

Oct. 1. Margarita, of Simon and Maria Van Antwerpen. 
Wit.: Robbt. and Margarita Livingston. 

Jannetie, of Claes and Dirkie Van Woerdt. Wit.: 
Theunis Eckberts, Susanna Visser. 

Cornelia, of Marten Van Buuren and Maria V. D. Bergh. 
Wit.: Isack and Madalena Bogaardt. 

Oct. 8. Harmen, of Joh. and Elizabeth Vissers. Wit.: 
Tierk Visser, Maria Wendels. 

Oct. 22. Lena, of Theunis and Engeltie Ekbertsen. 
Wit.: Willem Walderom, Susanna Bas 



Oct. 29. Maria, of Daniel and Dirckie Wenne. Wit.: 
Ephraim and Anna Wendel. 

Nov. 5. Elizabeth, of Jems and Margariet Bort. Wit.: 
John Makinthos, Grees Garrits. 

Arientie, of Hendrik and Hilletie Van Wie. Wit.: Hen- 
drik Van Buuren, Mally Hoogen. 

Nov. 20. Maria, of Gysbert and Catharina Rooseboom. • 
Wit.: Gerrit and Maria Rooseboom. 

'Nov. 23. Merry, of Gzysyn and Merry Weydt. Wit.: 
John and Zara Walters. 

Nov. 25. Elsie, of Thomas and Maria Barth. Wit.: 
Joseph and Hendrickie Jojets. 

Nanningh, of Jacob and Hester V. D. Heyde. Wit.: 
Math. V. D. Heyde, Geertruy Visser. 

Nov. 30. Lucas, of Jacobus and Maria Wyngaart. 
Wit.: Gysbert and Catalyna V. D. Bergh. 

Dec. 10. Willem, of Thomas and Maria Van Aalsteyn. 
Wit. : Johannes and Marretie Van Alen. 

Dec. 17. Tryntie, of Dirk and Cornelia Bratt. Wit.: 
Pieter and Tryntie Walderom. 

Wyntie, of Mathias and Catalyna V. D. Bergh. Wit.: 
Gerrit and Engeltie Lansingh. 

Phillip, of Joh. and Cath. V. D. Wilge. Wit.: Wouter 
and Hilletie V. D. Zee. 

Ariaentie, of Mart and Eytie Vosburgh. Wit.: David 
Van Dyk, Marytie Van Buuren. 

Johannes, Jacob, of Abrah. and Alida V. Amhem. Wit.: 
Jacob Lansingh, Joh. Becker, Lena Lansing, Hester V. 

Cornells, of Pieter and Geertruy V. Buuren. Wit.: 
Hendr. and Marritie V. Buuren. 

Dec. 31. Marretie, of Roelef and Engel Kidny. Wit.: 
Wynant and Catharina V. D. Poel. 

Pieter, of Joh. and Cornelia Becker. Wit.: Pieter 
Uzile, Maria Larway. 

Johannes, of Lucas and Tanna V. Vegten. Wit.: Leen- 
dert and Geertruy V. Vegten. 

1722, Jan. 7. Samuel, of Akes and Margarita Bratt. 
Wit.: Jacobus Van Slyk, Margarita Bratt. 

Hartman, of Abram and Cath. V. Deusen. Wit.: Har- 
pert and Lena V. Deusen. 

Margariet, of Williaem and Rachel Naarten. Wit.: 
Math and Geertie V. D. Bergh. 

Elizabeth, of Nicolaas and Catharina Kithel. Wit.: 
Christ and Cath. Schayns. 

Jan. 24. Meyndert, of Abraham and Madalena Lan- 
singh. Wit.: Meyndt Lansingh, Ariaentie V. D. Poel. 

Pieter, of Math and Rebecka Garmoy. Wit.: Joh. 
Garmoy, Anna Bogardus. 


Christina, Lidia, of Arent and Catharina Pruym. Wit.* 
Hendr. and Emilia Pruym, Leend. and Mar. Ganse- 

Margarita, of Daniel and Debora Kithel. Wit.: Jacob 
V. D. Heyden, Susanna Bratt. 

Jan. 28. Maria, of Benjamin and Madalene Bratt. Wit.: 
Albert Ryckman, Willempie Bratt. 

Isack, of Jacob and Lena Lansing. Wit.: Casparus and 
Alida Van Iveren. 

Huibert, of Joannes and Elizabeth Oostrander. Wit.: 
Pieter V. D. Lyn, Antie V. D. Poel. 

Feb. 28. Albert, of Andries and Wyntie Brat. Wit.: 
Hendr. Douw, Tryntie Bries. 

William, of John and Sara Bromly. Wit.: Jeremias 
Pamerton, Anna Heyne. 

Jacob, of Jacob and Anna Egmond. Wit.: Joh. Lan- 
singh, Jacomyna Van Dyk. 

March 4. John, of Jems and Anna Wilson. Wit.: 
Gryphyn Wyet, Charles and Rachel Bockly. 

March 11, Johannes, of Marten and Geertruy Beekman. 
Wit.; Jacob Visser, Eva Beekman. 

Cornelia, of Wynant and Anna V. D. Berg. Wit.: Ger- 
rit V. D. Bergh, Marretie Van Aals — . 

William, of Isack and Elizabeth Tryer. Wit.: Andries 
Douw, Sara Walters. 

Jannetie, of David and Abigael Foreest. Wit.: Abra- 
ham Foreest, Lidia Van Aalst. 

March 18. Sara, of Meindert and Ariaentie Van Iveren. 
Wit. : Reinier and Sara Van Iveren. 

Christina, of Joh. and Cath. Ten Brcek. Wit.: Folkert 
V. Vegten, Elizabeth V. Rensselaar. 

Adriaen, of Storm and Sophia Bratt. Wit.: Pieter 
Uzile, Jr., Engeltie Slingerlant. 

Ruthgert, of Gerrit and Engeltie Lansingh. Wit. : Ruth- 
gert and Margarita V. Deusen. 

Apr. 1. Abraham, of Frederyk and Sara Meyndertsen. 
Wit.: Petrus and Eva Van Driesscn. 

Susanna, of Eldert and Lena Ouderkerk. Wit. Ephraim 
and Anna Wen del. 

Apr. 8. Johannes, of Christ, and Margarita Abcel. Wit. : 
Ruth Bleeker, Catharina Bries. 

Martha, of Jurriaen and Maria Hoogen. Wit.: Joh. 
Beekman, Jannetie Lansingh. 

Goozen, of Mart, and Corn. V. Aalsteyn. Wit.: Willi, 
and Geertie V. D. Bergh. 

Apr. 15. Hendrik, of Petrus and Anna Douw. Wit.: 
Hendr. Douw, Elizabeth V. Rensselaar. 

Heyltie, of Stcph. and Maria Muller. Wit.: Cornelis 
and Agnietie Muller. 



Teuntie, of Jacob and Styntie V. Valk. Wit.: Pieter 
and Anna Wenne. 

Apr. 22. Johannes, of Andries and Lidia Douw. Wit.: 
Jan Witbeek, Margarita Douwe. 

Luycas, of Joseph and Hendrikie Jets. Wit.: Claes 
and Antie Van den Bergh. 

Apr. 29. Petrus, of Jacob and Maria Brouwer. Wit.: 
Isack Fonda, Maria Hilten. 

Chatharina, of Joan and Catalina Oothout. Wit.: 
Hendr. Oothout, Elizabeth Van Deusen. 

Maria, of Christofiel and Chathalina Joets. Wit.: Abra- 
ham Joets, Zara Bosch. 

Benjamin, of Pieter and Maria Wenne. Wit.: John and 
Sara Waaters. 

May 3. Maria, of Joh. and Christina V. Deusen. Wit.: 
Pieter and Lydia Van Dyk. 

Gerrit, of Math, and Maria Bovy. Wit.: Joh. V. 0. 
Linde, Geertruy V. Franken. 

May 6. Pieter, of Jan and Agnietie Witbeek. Wit.: 
Lucas Witbeek, Hilletie Williaems. 

Michiel, of Jochum and Christ. Calliers. Wit.: Abra- 
ham and Geertie Vosburg. 

Maycke, of Joh. and Jann. Ouderkerk. Wit.: Daniel 
and Dirkie Wenne. 

May 13. Dirck, of Burger and Mayke Huyck. Wit.: 
Lambert and Rachel Redly. 

Agnietie, of Theunis and Rachel Harmensen. Wit.: 
Gerrit V. D. Bergh, Math. Williams. 

Wilhelmus, of Gerrit and Anna Van Bergen. Wit.: 
Marten Van Bergen, Lidia Douw. 

May 19. Adriaan, of Joh. and Elyzabeth De Wande- 
laar. Wit.: Arent Pruym, Anna Kitsenaar. 

May 27. Marytie, of Joh. and Marg. Valkenburgh. 
Wit.: Ysack and Alida Fonda. 

June 3. Gerrit, of Barent and Neeltie Staats. Wit.: 
Ritsert and Anna Staats. 

June to. Laurens, of Leendert and Immetie Conyn. 
Wit.: Ruben V. Vegten, Lybetie Wenne. 

Nicolaes, of Nicolaas and Merry Saxburry. Wit.: Isack 
and Jannetie Lansingh. 

Evert, of Anthony and Jannetie Bogardus. Wit. : Joh. 
Schoonmaker, Wyntie V. Vegten. 

June 17. Neeltie, of Hendr. and Marg. Gardenier. Wit.: 
Andr., Jr., and Josyna Gardenier. 

Maria, of Co. and Maria V. Dvk. Wit.: David and 
Maria V. Dyk. 

Margarita, of Daniel and Gerritie Fort. Wit.: Hendr. 
Ten Eyck, Anna Staats. 

July 1. Cornelia, of Schibboleth and Anna Bogardus. 
Wit.: Math. De Garmoy, Agnietie. Bogardus. 

9 6 


July 22. Maria, of Epraim and Anna Wendel. Wit.: 
Abr. Wendel, Maria V. Renss, Jr. 

July 29. Elsie, of Job., Jr., and Hester Beekman. 
Wit.: Evert Wendel, Elsie Schuylers. 

Aug. 12. Cornells, of Ruben and Geertr. V. Vegten. 
Wit.: Joh. Witbeek, Engeltie V. Vegten. 

Bastyaen, of Joh. and Eck. De Garmoy. m Wit.: Bast, 
and Dirckie Vissers. 

Maria, of Jak. and Susanna V. Schoonhoven. Wit.: 
Isack Bratt, Eckbert V. D. Heyden. 

Jacobus, of Thom. and Maria Scherph. Wit.: Leendt 
Gansevoort, Eliz. De Warran. 

Petrus, of Jacob and Geertruy Knoet. Wit.: Joh. and 
Eliz. Schuyler. 

Aug. 26. Thomas, of Thomas and Mary Davids. Wit.: 
Joh. and Sara Hansen. 

Sept. 2. Maria, of Carel and Aaltie Barreway. Wit.: 
Hendr. V. D. Werke, Maria Corlaar. 

Jochum, of Pieter and Grietie V. Aalsteyn. Wit.: 
Joch. and Jany Valkenburg. 

Isack, of Harm, and Dorothe V. Aalsteyn. Wit.: Jan 
and Dirkie V. Aalsteyn. 

Goozen, of Anth. V. Schajk and Anna C. Ten Broek. 
Wit.: David V. Dyck, Ryckie V. Schayk. 

Barent, of Hendr. and Marg, Ten Evk. Wit.: Xicol. 
Bleeker, Gerr. Ten Eyck. 

Sept. 16. Maria, of Petrus and Eva Van Driessen. 
Wit. : John Cruger, Meyndert Schuyler, Maria Van Dries- 
sen, Catie Cuylers. 

Rachel, of Jan and Catalyna Van Nes. Wit. : Meyndert 
and Rachel Schuyler. 

Catalyna, of Gerrit and Catalyna Van Nes. Wit.: Abra- 
ham and Geessie Kip. 

Chatharina, of Ephraim and Agnietie Bogardus. Wit.: 
Joh. Garmoy, Corn. V. D. Heyde. 

Sept. 23. Cornelis, of Jacob and Anna Schermerhoorn. 
Wit.: Corn, and Elyzabeth Schermerhoorn. 

Tryntie, of Isack and Batha Van Deusen. Wit.: Isack 
Yselsteyn, Engeltie Van Ness. 

Tryntie, of Willem and Elyzabeth Walderom. Wit.: 
Pieter and Tryntie Walderom. 

Cornelia, of Willem and Lena Hooghtelink. Wit.: 
Pieter Uzile, Maria Larvv-ay. 

Oct. 7. Elyzabeth, of Jacob and Jann. Peers. Wit.: 
Carel and Aaltie Barway. 

Elyzabeth, of Sam. and Elsie Bibbingthon. Wit.: Joh. 
Pruym, Helena Lansingh. 

Mathias, of Pieter and Lena Vosburg. Wit.: Sander 
Van Aalsteyn, Christ. Goes. 



Ritsert, of Benjamin and Elizabeth Woud. Wit.: 
Luuk Hackings, Sara Boel. 

Oct. 14. Chatharina, of Marten and Elbertie Van 
Deusen. Wit.: Laurens and Ariaentie V. D. Poel. 

Oct. 21. Antie, of Walderom and Anna Knoet. Wit.: 
Cornells and Chatharina Ridder. 

Gerrittie, of Pieter and Charloth Kojemans. Wit.:. 
Bern." Freeman, Gerr. Drajers. 

Sara, of Obedie and Cornelia Couper. Wit.: Isack and 
Alida Fonda. 

Anna, of Anth. and Anna V. Schayk. Wit.: Cornelis 
and Christ. Cuyler. 

Nov. 4. Wouter, of Theunis and Eliz. Slmgerlant. 
Wit.: Wouter and Jann. Van D. Zee. 

Maria, of Wyn. and Chath. V. D. Poel. Wit.: Harm, 
and Chath. Schuyler. 

Johannes, of Jacob and Debora Beekman. Wit.: Joh. 
Hansen, Jann. Lansingh. 

Nov. 11. Jacob, of Joh. and Marg. V. D. Werke. Wit. : 
Joh. Beekman. 

Maas, of Maas and Anna Rycksen. Wit.: Dirk and 
Marg. Ten Broek. 

Nov. 18. Ysack, of Joh. and Marr. Vosburgh. Wit.: 
Mart, and Marr. V. Buuren. 

Nov. 25. Anna, of Joh. and Sara V. Santen. Wit.: 
Ryckert and Maria Hilten. 

Dec. 2. Patrick, of Charles and Mary Connstable. Wit. : 
John Bromley, Elizabeth Stevens. 

Margarita of Matth. and Maria Flensburgh. Wit. : Jos. 
and Zytie V. Santen. 

Cornelis, of Joh. and P.ebekka Maassen. Wit.: Jac. 
Maassen, Maria Fonda. 

Willem, of Abr. and Geertie Vosburgh. Wit.: Wyn. 
and Alida V. D. Bergh. 

Dec. 9. Maria, of Pieter, Jr., and Rachel Wenne. Wit.: 
Will, and Marva V. Alen. 

Routh, of Willi, and Routh Tuck. Wit. : Chad Wikken- 
son, Mary Couck. 

Rachel, of Joh. and Zelia Redly. Wit.: Willem and 
Elyzabeth Redly. 

Katryn, of Tho. and Helena Story. Wit. : Christ Kan- 
neda, Elizabeth Stevens. 

Dec. 16. Gcrrit, of Jan and Maria Gerritsen. Wit.: 
Harpert Jacobsen, Geertruy Lansingh. 

Ritzart, of Rogier and Zara Jeems. Wit.: Abraham 
and Meetie Ouderkerk. 

Maria, of [names of parents blank]. Wit.: Ree and 
Zara Freely. 

Elizabeth, of [names of parents blank]. Wit.: Will and 
Elyzabeth Steevens. 



1723, Jan. 6. Maria, of Dirk and Maria Hagedoorn. 
Wit.: Hendrik Koorn, Maria Beekman. 

Maria, of Joh. and Elyz. Wendell. Wit.: Arent, Joh., 
Jr., and Maria Schuyler. 

Jan. 8. Johannes, of Jems and Elyz. Wils. Wit.: Joh 
D. Garmoy, Anna Bogardus. 

Margarita, of Dan. and Joh. Flensburg.- Wit.: Math 
and Maria Flensburgh. 

Jan. 9. Catalvna, of Gozen, Jr., and Neeltie V. Scavk. 
Wit.: Rutg. Bleeker, Maria V. Schayk. 

Jan. 13. Evert, of Evert and Engeltie Wendel. Wit.: 
Steph. and Elyz. Groesbeek. 

Jan. 20. Jannetie, of Jan and Cat. De Fou. Wit.: 
Corn, and Marr. V. Nesch. 

Eduard, of Thorn, and Cath. Wyllaar. Wit.: Obedia 
and Corn. Couper. 

Hilletie, of Joh. and Brechie Zeeger. Wit.: Joh. Ten 
Broeck, Elyz. Rensselaar. 

Jan. 24. Jacob, of Edmond and Aaltie Gruum. Wit.: 
Jacob and Elyzabeth Sneyder. 

Jan. 30. Isack, of Pieter and Geertruy Vroman. Wit.: 
Barent and Marytie Sanders. 

Agnietie, of Gerr. W. and Alida V. D. Berg. Wit.: 
Gerrit and Ann. Van Wie. 

Maria, of Jacob, Jr., and Antie Schermerh. Wit.: Ph. 
and Jann. V. Vegten. 

Feb. 10. Mayke, of Arien and Lamb. Oothout. Wit.: 
Joh. and Catal. Htm. 

Feb. 17. Maria, of David and Christ. Van Dyk. Wit.: 
Dirk Ten Brock, An. Cath. V. Schayck. 

Jacobus, of Nicol and Maria Groesbeek. Wit.: Jacob 
Groesbeek, Elyzab. Marselis. 

Feb. 20. Pieter, of Pieter, Jr., and Cath. Schuyler. 
Wit.: Steph. Groesbeek, Geertruy Lansingh. 

Johannes, of Ph. and Geertr. V. Plank. Wit.: Joh. 
Schuyler, Corn. Cortlant. 

Cornelia, of Jesse and Neeltie D. Freest. Wit.: Joh. 
Knikkerbacker, Maria Ouakkenbosch. 

Johannes, of Casper and Anna Ham. Wit.: Jan and 
Rebecka Maassen. 

March 3. Ariaentie, of Ulryck and Geertruy V. Fran- 
ken. Wit.: Claes V. Franken, Maria Bovy. 

Hendrik, of Claes and Corn. Bovy. Wit.: Petrus 
Bromver, Hendr. Oothout. 

March 6. Chatharina, of Levinus Harmensen and Cath. 
Van den Bergh. Wit.: Abram Vbsburg, Geertie V. D. 

March 10. Volkie, of Wynant and Folkte \ . D. Bergh. 
Wit.: Levinus Harmensen, Maria Gerritsea. 



Pieter, of David and Anna Schuylers. Wit.: Dirck 
Bratt, Alida Schuyler. 

March 13. Anna, of Evert and Marr. Ryksen. Wit.: 
Ryck and Anna V. Franken. 

Isack, of Joh. and Sara Becker. Wit.: Isack and Jann. 
V. Arnhem. 

March 17. Antie, of Gerrit and Anna Ridders. Wit.: 
Corn, and Antie Ridders. 

Anna, of Andries and Maria Huyck. Wit.: Isack and 
Alida Fonda. 

March 24. Johannes, of Joh. and Antie Knikkerbacker. 
Wit.: Nicol. and Maria Groesbeek. 

Cornelis, of Abrah. and Catal. Valkenburg. Wit.: Joh. 
and El. Schermerhoorn. 

David, of Christ, and Chath. Schyans. Wit.: Jac. 
Lansingh, Marg. Douw. 

Antie, of Fran's and Marg. Pruym. Wit.: Hendr. Lan- 
sing, Alida V. Iveren. 

Matheus, of Harp, and Lena V. Deusen. Wit.: Gerr. 
V. D. Berg, Engelt. V. Nes. 

March 31. Catalyntie, of Joh. and Anna Visser. Wit.: 
Barent Sanders, Cornelia Kip. 

Anna, of John and Anna D. Peyster. Wit.: Meindt 
and Rachel Schuyler. 

Neeltie, of Isack and Jann. Lansing. Wit.: Jac. Lan- 
sing, Geer. T. Eyk, Jr. 

Apr. 7. Gerrit, of Pieter and Trvntie Walderom. Wit. : 
Gerr. V. D. Bergh, Chath. V. D. Poel. 

Apr. 12. Johannes, of Sam. and Bethi Docks. Wit.: 
Pieter and Anna Bennewe. 

Jannetie, of John and Zara Waaters. Wit.: John Tum- 
baar, Elzie Wenne. 

Apr. 28. Eva, of Joch. and Elsje Valkenburg. Wit.: 
Joch. V. Aalsteyn, Marg. Redly. 

Gerrit, of Jan and Cath. Van Wie. Wit.: Hendr. and 
Anna V. Wie. 

Gysbert, of Gerrit and Tryntie V. D. Berg. Wit.: Goz. 
and Geertr. V. D. Berg. 

Wessel, of Dirk and Marg. Ten Broek. Wit.: Anth. 
Van Schayk, Christ. V. Dyk, Jr. 

May 5. Gerrit, of Jacob and Anna Egmond. Wit.: 
Gerrit and Sanna Lansing. 

Elyzabeth, of Hendr. and Elsie Schermerhoorn. Wit.: 
Corn, and Marretie Schermerhoorn. 

Rebecka, of Roelef and Engeltie Kiclny. Wit.: 
Flensburg, Maria Burger. 

Willempie, of Eckbert and Elyzeb. Bratt. Wit.: Barent 
and Willempie Bratt. 

Margarita, of Wouter and Rachel Barhayt. Wit.: Bar. 
and Mattie Sanders. 



May 12. Margarita, of Joh. and Maria Vinhagel. Wit.: 
Abr. Lansingh, Ariaentie V. D. Poel. 

Jacob, of Gerr. and Sara Van Schayk. Wit.: Jacob 
Goewey, An. Catr. V. Schayk. 

May 19. Tobias, of Coenraad and Gerretie Ten Eyk. 
Wit.: Gozen and Marg. Van Schayk. 

Catharina, of Benjamin and Geertruy Rees. Wit.: 
Daniel and Dirckie Wenne. 

May 23. Maria, of Gysbert and Elyzab. Scerp. Wit.: 
Jacob and Catalyna Goewey. 

Catharina, of Gvsbert and Catal. V. D. Bergh. Wit.: 
Wilh. and Geertie V. D. Bergh. 

May 26. David, of Jems and Marg. Bath. Wit.: Jeems 
and Elyz. Wellews. 

June 2. Joohne, of Benj. and Elyz. Wood. Wit. : Will. 
Liedts, Zara Jeims. 

June 9. Maria, of Leendt. and Cath. Gansevoort. Wit. : 
Arent Pruym, Rachel Harmensen. 

Fytie, of Dirck and Co mm. Halenbeek. Wit.: Jan 
Halenbeek, Lybetie Cony 11. 

William, of Will, and Jenne Haylingh. Wit.: Eduard 
Holland, Anna D. Peyster. 

Andries, of Nicol. and Rachel Gardenier. Wit.: Hend. 
and Cath. V. Rensselaer. 

June 16. Anthony, of Benj. and Madal. Bratt. Wit.: 
B arent Bratt, Nelletie Rykmans. 

Andries, of Hieroon and Marg. V. Vlieren. Wit.: Daniel 
Flensburgh, Lena V. Vlieren. 

Eckbert, of Teunis and Engeltie Eckbertsen. Wit.: 
Dirk Brat, Dirkie Vissers. 

June 19. Elyzabeth, of Isack and Catarina Wendel. 
Wit. : Jacob and' Sara Wendel. 

Cornelia, of Wilh. and Geertie V. D. Berg. Wit.: Pieter 
and Tryntie Walderon. 

Isack, Jacob, of Isack and Alida Fonda. Wit.: Pieter 
Bogaart, Alida Van Vegten, Jacob and Lena Lansingh. 

July 14. Dorothee, of Hendr. and Susanna Halenbeek. 
Wit. : Isack Fonda, Anna Halenbeek. 

Catharina, of Hendr. and Margar. Cuyler. Wit.: Abrah. 
and Cath. Cuyler. 

Jan, of Leendt. and Anna Bronk. Wit. : Claes and Marr. 

Johannes, of Sam. and Marr. Pruym. Wit.: Arent and 
Cath. Pruym. 

Aug. 5. Andries, of Andries and Engeltie Witbeek. 
Wit.: Albert and Hester Slingerlant. 

Aug. 18. Sander, of Jacob and Lena Lansing. Wit.: 
Jacob and Cath. Wendell. 

Catalvna. of Vincent and Cat. Mettens. Wit.: Goz., 
Jr., and'Nceltie V. Schayk. 



Aug. 25. Thomas Garton, of Daniel and Hester Brod- 
head. Wit.: Ritser Piek, Anna Garton. 

Anthoni, of Corn, and Maria V. Dyk. Wit.: Albert 
Ryckman, Tryntie Bries. 

Abraham, of Wyn. and Anna V. D. Bergh. Wit.: Abr. 
and May eke Wendell. 

Sept. 29. Gerrardus, of Joh. and Geertruy Lansingh. 
Wit. : Anth. Coster, Antie Bleeker. 

Lena, of Tob. and Lena Rykman. Wit.: Joh. Beek- 
man, Jr., Cath. Bries. 

Anthoni, of .Anth. and Rebekka Bratt. Wit.: Bar. and 
Corn. Bratt. 

Oct. 6. Adam, of Jan and Catal. Barhayt. Wit.: 
Claes and Rachel Gardenier. 

David, of Jonas and Maria Lanvay. Wit.: David and 
Corn. Uzile. 

Oct. 20. Hendrik, of John and Sara Hansen. Wit.: 
Hendr. and Debora Hansen. 

Dirck, of Dirk and Madal. V. D. Karre. Wit.: Ger., 
Jr., and Neeltie V. Schayk. 

Pieter, of Laur. and Hilletie Scherph. Wit.: Jan and 
Rebecka Bloemendaal. 

Nov. 3. Madalena, of Jeremias and Susanna Schuyler. 
Wit.: Pieter Schuyler, Madal. Bajen. 

Theuntie, of Abrah. and Anna V. D. Poel. Wit.: Gerr. 
V. D. Bergh, Geertr. Groesbeek. 

Johannes, of Math, and Reb. D. Garmoy. Wit.: Abr. 
and Bessie V. Arnhem. 

Nov. 10. Bastyaen, of Sam. and Geertr. Criegier. Wit. : 
Theunis and Anna Visser. 

Lidia, of Isak and Elvz. Frver. Wit.: Joh. and Zelia 

Nov. 22. Jannetie, of Jak. and Pietert. V. Aalsteyn. 
Wit.; Joh. V. Aalsteyn, Abigael D. Freest. 

Dec. 8. William, of Philip and Cath. Livingston. Wit.: 
Robert Livingston, Albany; Robert Livingston, N. Y. ; 
Anna D. Peyster. 

Dec. 15. Johannes, of Salomon and Alida Goewey. 
Wit.: Pieter Schuyler, Maria Van Rensselaar. 

Dec. 18. Alida, of Rykert and Maria Van Franken. 
Wit.: Ger. R. and Barbar. Van Franken. 

Abraham, of Pieter and Rebecka Bogaart. Wit.: Ysack 
Fonda, Sara Van Vegten. 

Jacob, of Corn, and Marr. V. Aalsteyn. Wit.: Alb. V. D. 
Werke, Lidia V. Aalsteyn. 

Dec. 21. Adam, of Pieter and Christina Bratt. Wit.: 
Storm and Sophia Bratt. 

Dec. 26. Petrus, of Marten and Maria Van Buuren. 
Wit.: Jacob Lansingh, Teuntie Van D. Bergh. 



1724, Jan. 8. Ulderyck, of Math, and Maria Bovy. Wit. : 
Christ, and Catalyna Yoets. 

Jacob, of Jacob and Hendr. V. Woert. Wit.: Jacob and 
Zara V. Woert. 

Jan. 12. Adam, of Daniel and Dirckie Wenne. Wit.: 
Hendr. and Cath. V. Rensselaer. 

Jan. 15. Eva, of Harm, and Dorothee* Van Aalsteyn. 
Wit.: Isack and Alida Fonda. 

Jan. 18. Hendrickie, of Piet and Anna Bennewe. Wit.: 
Jac. V. Schoonhoven, Maria Bennewe. 

Jeremias, of Joh. and Cath. Ten Broek. Wit.: Jeremias 
and Lena V. Rensselaar. 

Storm, of Joh. and Corn. Becker. Wit.: Albert Becker, 
Lidia Beasely. 

Jan. 22. Chatharina, of Marten and Cath. V. Bergen. 
W r it. : Jan and Dorothee Nieuwkerk. 

Anthony, of Christ, and Marg. Abeel. Wit.: Hendr. 
and Nell. Bries. 

Maria, of Joh. and Cath. V. D. Wilge. Wit.: Jon. Lar- 
way, Maliy Williaems. 

Ariaentie, of Hendr. and Hill. Van Wie. Wit.: Jan and 
Cath. Van Wie. 

Jan. 26. Jacob, of Joh. and Eckbertie Garmoy. Wit.: 
Math. Garmoy, Maria Eckbcrtsen. 

Maria, of Arent and Heyltie V. Dyk. Wit.: Corn, and 
Maria V. Dyk. 

Feb. 2. Doirwe, of Claes and Anna Fonda. Wit. : Isack 
and Rebecka Fonda. 

Franciscus, of Arent and Cath. Pruym. Wit.: El. Ger- 
ritsen, Cath. Gansevoort. 

Feb. 12. Lea, of Joh. and Elyz. V. Oostrander. Wit.: 
Will. Borhans, Alida Fonda. 

Ephraim, of Schibb. and Anna Bogardus. Wit.: Pieter 
V. Brugh, Geessie Kip. 

Feb. 23. Neth Ethweth, of Neth and Marg. Telleth. 
Wit.: Albert and Eva Bratt. 

Ritsert, of Will, and Rachel Northern Wit.: John and 
Judy Marroew. 

Feb. 26. Maria, of Tho. and Eleon. Story. Wit.: Will. 
Williams, Mary Mahane. 

Johannes, of Joh. and Neeltie Christyaen. Wit.: Corn, 
and Maria Cuyler. 

Lucas, of Th. and Jann. Witbcek. Wit.: Gerr. and 
Engeltie V. D. Bergh. 

March 1. Philip, of Th. and UM. Williaems. Wit.: 
Phill. and Engeltie V. Vegten. 

Anna, of Lucas and Tanna V. Vegten. Wit.: Joh. and 
Anna Schermerhoorn. 

Daniel, of Nic. and Cath. Kittel. Wit.: Gerr. and Cath. 


March 8. Frerik, of Wald. and Anna Knoet. Wit.: 
Frerik and Francyntie Knoet. 

Maria, of Jacob and Maria Halenbeek. Wit.: Jacob V. 
D. Heyde, Geertruy Visser. 

Wyntie, of Ephr. and Agnietie Bogardus. Wit.: Anth. 
Bogardus, Antie Bronk. 

March 15. Gerrit, of Jac. and Geert. Ouakkenbosch. 
Wit.: Gerr. and Mar. V. D. Werken. 

Rachel, of Claes and Dirkie Van Woert. Wit.: Jan and 
Catal. Van Nes. 

Sara, of Joh. and Sara V. Santen, Wit. : Sam and Anna 

March 29. Gysbert, of Joh. and Anna Marselis. Wit.: 
Gysbert and Anna Marselis. 

Catharina, of Petr. and Anna Douw. Wit.: Joh. Ten 
Broek, Lena Van Rensselaar. 

Apr. 25. Hendrik, of Joh. and Brechie Zeeger. Wit.: 
Hendr. and Griettie Gardenier. 

Jeremias, of Joh. and Elyz. Muller. Wit.: Hendr. and 
Anna Halenbeek. 

May 3. Abraham, of Eldert and Helena Ouderkerk. 
Wit.: Andries and Sara Gardenier. 

Isack, of Abrah. and Ariaentie Ouderkerk. Wit.: Isack 
and Mayke Ouderkerk. 

Heyltie, of Jacob and Agnietie Muller. Wit.: Joh. and 
Catal. Goewyk. 

Geertruy, of Andries and Wyntie Bratt. Wit.: Barent 
and Maria Bratt. 

May 14. Marten, of David and Abigael Freest. Wit.: 
Joh. and Sara Hansen. 

May 17. Maria, of John and Zelia Brunly. Wit.: 
Jems t Davids, Mary Constable. 

Jacobus, of Simon and Mar. V. Antwerpen. Wit. : Jacob 
and Sara Glen. 

Jannetie, of John and Maria Tumbarr. Wit.: John and 
Sara W r aaters. 

May 24. Cornelia, of Math, and Cat. Van Den Bergh. 
Wit. : Pieter and Tryntie Walderon. 

Wyntie, of Tho. and Mary Barth. Wit.: Will. Berrit, 
Geertr. Verplank. 

May 31. Maria, of Joh. and Jann. Ouderkerk. Wit.: 
Lowys and Maria Viele. 

June 7. Philip, of Ph. and Cath. Conyn. Wit.: Jacob 
and Agnietie Muller. 

Henry, of John and Lidia Beasely. Wit.: Ro. and 
Elsie Rooseboom. 

Pieter, of Dirk, Jr., and Corn. Brat. Wit.: Anth. and 
Rebecca Bratt. 

Maria, of Pieter and Mar. Fonda. Wit.: Joh. and Mar. 



Antie, of Jacob and Maria Brouwer. Wit.: Math, and 
Chath. Bovy. 

June 28. Jesse, of Pieter and Maria Wenne. Wit.: 
Jon. and Neeltie Foreest. 

Isack, of Dan. and Gerr. Fort. Wit.: Isack Fort, Geer- 
truy V. Der Lyn. 

July 5. Maria, of Will, and Anna Hooghtelink. Wit.: 
Pieter Hooghtelink, Jane Lansingh. 

Hendrik, of Corn, and Dorothee Bogaart. Wit.: Hendr. 
and Hendrikie Oothout. 

Cornelia, of Pieter, Jr., and Anna Uzile. Wit.: Pieter 
and Corn. Uzile. 

Onar, of Math, and Mar}* Fanine. Wit.: Dan Flens- 
burgh, Anna Hoogen. 

July 26. Petrus, of Gerr. and Anna Van Bergen. Wit.: 
David and Christ. Van Dyk. 

Mettie, of Jeems and Elyz. Walles. Wit.: Cath. Ley- 

Hester, of Joh. and Anna Slingerlant. Wit.: Alb. and 
Hest. Slingerlant. 

Mary, of Sam. and Corn. Borghtal. Wit.: John Dum- 
bar, Iriary Banks. 

Johannes, of Jacob and Matnamskwaa Sinhoo. 

Elyzabeth, of Gerrit and Corn. Dinghmans. Wit. : Jacob 
Goewey, Sara Gardenier. 

Aug. 9. Tjerk Harmensen, of Mart, and Geert. Beek- 
man. Wit.: Tjerk H. Visser, Antie Eckbertsen. 

Elyzabeth, of Isack and Bata V. Deusen. Wit.: Teunis 
V. Aalsteyn, Elyz. V. Rensselaar. 

Susanna, of Ab. and Mad. Lansingh. Wit.: Jan B. 
Wemp, Jann. Lansingh. 

Marten, of Joh. and Marr. Vosburgh. Wit.: Jan and 
Marr. V. Aalsteyn. 

Aug. 16. Samuel, of John and Judy Morrow. Wit.: 
Samuel Bortsen, Mary Van der Lin. 

Hester, of Isack and Jann. V. Arnhem. Wit.: Abr. and 
Fla. Van Arnhem. 

Maria, of Jan and Rebecca Maassen. Wit.: Pieter and 
Cath. Fonda. 

Aug. 23. Abraham, of Christ, and Catal. Joets. Wit.: 
Dan Flensburg, Sara Gardenier. 

Elyzabeth, of Obecly and Corn. Couper. Wit.: Joh. 
and Elizabeth Van Oostrander. 

Sept. 13. David, of Tho. and Mary Davids. Wit.: 
John and Lidia Beasely. 

Jacob, of Bar. and Maria Eckbertsen. Wit.: Joh. D. 
Garmov, Geessie Kip. 

Susanna, of Ephr. and Anna "Wendell. Wit.: Dirk V. 
Scherluvn, Catal. Schuvler. 



Sept. 20. Catharina, of Gerr. and Alida V. D. Bergh. 
Wit.: Wilh. and Geertie V. D. Bergh. 

Johannes, of Math, and Rebecka Garmoy. Wit.: 
Abrah. and Hessie V. Arnhem. 

Helena, of Abr. and Alida V. Arnhem. Wit.: Jacob 
and Helena Lansingh. 

Jacob, of Jacob and Elyz. Evertsen. Wit.: Jacob 
Lansingh, Elyz. Bratt. 

Johannes, of Roel and Engeltie Kidny. Wit. : Joh. and 
Maretie Kidny. 

Mayke, of Gerr. and Catal. V. Nes. Wit.: Gerr. and 
Engeltie V. D. Bergh. 

Sept. 27. Elyzabeth, of John and Catal. Oothout. 
Wit.: Will. V. Deusen, Dorothee Bogaart. 

Eckbert, of Petr. and Sara Bogardus. Wit.: Jonas 
Douw, Catl. Schoonmaker. 

Thomas, of Tho. and Maria Scherp. Wit.: John and 
Marg. Olyvier. 

Lambert, of Tho. and Marr. V. Aalsteyn. Wit.: Joh. 
Mmgaal, Eva Van Aalsteyn. 

Oct. 4. Albertus, of Toseph and Hendr. Jets. Wit.: 
Math. Flensburgh, Zelia Rettelyf. 

Margarita, of Dan. and Joh. Flensburgh. Wit.: Math. 
Flensburgh, Anna Rettelyf. 

Jacob, of Abr. and Metty Ouderkerk. Wit.: Ephraim 
and Anna Wendel. 

Hendrick.of Eckbert and Elyz. Brat. Wit.: Anth. and 
Jann. Bogardus. 

Oct. 9. Johannes, of Gerrit and Elyz. Lansingh. Wit.: 
Anth. Coster, Elvz. Groesbeek. 

Oct. 11. Wessel, of David and Christ. Van Dyk. Wit. : 
Francis Harrisson, Arent Van Dyk, Joh. Harrisson, Catal. 

Gerretie, of Jak. and Antie Schermerhoorn. Wit.: 
Hend. and Marr. Schermerhoorn. 

Commertie, of Ph. and Sara Bronk. Wit.: Th. and 
Hilletie Williams. 

Abraham, of Mart, and Corn. V. Aalsteyn. Wit.: Jac. 
Lansingh, Abigael De Foreest. 

Oct. 25. Catharina, of Fr. and Sara Meindertsen. Wit. : 
Ph. and Cath. Livingston. 

Jan, of Jonas and Antie Bronk. Wit.: Ph. and Cath. 

Luycas, of Rub. and Geertr. V. Vechten. Wit.: Sal. 
and Jan. V. Vegten. 

Gerrit Lucas, of Dan. and Hester Broadhcat. Wit.: 
Lucas and Sara Wyngaart. 

Catharina, of Anth. and Anna V. Schayk. Wit.: Goz. 
Van Schavk, Gerretie Ten Evk. 



Nov. 8. Ariaentie, of Barent and Maria Van Buuren. 
Wit.: Leend. Gansevoort, Aryaentie Van Buuren. 

Nicolaas, of Job. and Sara Becker. Wit.: Xicol. Van 
Schayk, Rachel V. Arnhem. 

Nov. 22. Levynus, of Kiliaan and Maria Wenne. Wit.: 
Corn, and Rebecka Bloemendal. 

Marten, of Will, and Elyz. Walderom." Wit.: Pieter 
Fonda, Neeltie Beekman. 

Nov. 29. Catharina, of Casp. and Anna Ham. Wit.: 
Casp. Leyb [?], Sara Gardenier. 

Anthony, of Math, and Maria Flensburg. Wit.: Jos. 
and Zytie V. Srmten. 

Elyzabeth, of Ev. and Eng. Wendell. Wit.: Joh. Beek- 
man, Elyz. Coster. 

Sept. [sic] 27. Anna, of Jacobus and Susanna Schoon- 
hoven. Wit.: Dirk, Jr., and Marr. Bratt. 

William, of Joh. and Immetie Gaaf. Wit.: Eduard and 
Zeely Hollant. 



A., Albany (same as N. A). 
A. Co., Albany County. 
b., B., born or banns, 
br., brother. 
C, Claverack. 
Can., Canistagioene. 
cert., certificate. 
ch., chn., child; children. 
Chu., chu., Church. 
Col. R., Colony Rensselaerswyck. 
dec d ., deceased. 
Eng., E., England. 
Es., Esopus. 
h., house. 

J. P., Justice of the Peace. 
K., Kinderhook. 
King., Kingston. 
L., Licence. 
1., living. * 
L. I., Long Island. 
Ma., ma., Married. 
N. A., New Albany. 
N. E., New England. 
N. H., New Haarlem. 
N. Y., New York. 
O. E., Old England. 
P., the Parsonage, 
pr., proclamations. 
Pros., Proselyte, proselytes. 
R., Rensselaerswyck. 
Reed, cert., Received Certificate. 
Reg., Registered. 
Sch., Schenectady. 

V. D. M., Yerbi Divini Minister (Minister of the Word of God). 
Wid., widr., widow; widower. 
Wit., Witness, witnesses, 
y^ d., unmarried woman, 
y. m., unmarried man. 

Cornelis, of Thomas Harmense, means Cornells, child of Thomas 
Harmense, etc., etc. 



There was some question as to the best mode of preparing this 
index, inasmuch as there are so many variations in spelling the 
cognomens as well as the baptismal names in these records. Those 
entering the names in these records appear to have exercised their 
own judgment as to orthography, and frequently varied it without 
apparent reason even in the same entry. If all the names 
indexed separately just as they appear in the records, with the 
original spelling, it is evident that the work of tracing family 
lineages by the unskilled searcher would be greatly increased. It 
was concluded, therefore, that it would facilitate reference to 
embrace under one heading all names evidently belonging to the 
same family, indexing them, as far as practicable, under that form 
which now seems to be in commonest use. 

It is also to be observed that most of the early Dutch families 
were not regularly entered under their family name until many years 
had passed. They were mostly known by their patronymics. For 
instance, the Heemstraats will have to be looked for, sometimes, 
under Dirks or Takels, the Groesbeeks under Claasze, the Vander 
Poels under Wynandtsz, the Van Deusens under Teuisz or Harpers, 
the Van Beurens and Vroomans under Meesz or Maas, the Van 
Bergens under Gerrits, etc., etc. 

Appended will be found a list of the most numerous variations 
in the surnames that appear in these records : 

Barheit, Barhayt, Barheith, Barheyd, Barhaik, Barhajck, 
Barhait, Berheit, Berheith. 

Barrit, Berrit, Barrith, Berret, Berrith. 

Barrois, Barreway, Barway, Berwoir, Barrewee. Berwe, Broewee, 
Bar wee, Barrowa. 

Beaufils, Bov}-, Boffy, Bouphi, Bossy, Bovie, Bosi. 

Becker, Beckers, Beekers, Beckingh, Bekker. 

Beekman, Beeckman, Bykman, Beekmans. 

Bleecker, Bleeker, Bleekers, Bicker, Bleyker. 

Bogaert, Bogert, Bogaart, Bogard, Bogerds, Bogaerd, Bogaard, 
Bogaardt, Bogardt, Vanden Bogaart, Bogart, Bogerd. 

Borgert, Borgaet, Borgart, Borgat, Borger, Borgaart. 

Bratt, Brat, Brad, Brath. 

Brussy, Brusy, Brissi, Bressy, Bressi. 

Christiaansz, Christyaen, Christyaensen, Cristyaensen, Chris- 
tiaanse, Chrystiaensen, Christiaans. 

Claas, Claassc, Claessen, Claassen. 

Cojeman, Cojemans, Kojeman, Kojcmans, Koyeman. 

Conyn, Comyn. Conynen, Konyn. 

Cornells, Comelise, Cornelisse, Cornelissen, Cornells 

Cuyler, Cuylcrs, Cuiler, Kuilors, Kuyler. 

Davids, Davidse, Daevids, Davis. 


De Fou, De Four, Difloer, Du Fou, Du Four, Dufour, Du Foy, 
De Voor, Du Voe. 

De Garmo, De Garmoy, Germoy, Garmoy, Garnoy, D. Garmoy. 

De Graaf, Graaf, De GraafT, De Graeff. 

Delmond, Delmont, Dellemont, Dellomont. 

De Wandelaar, Wandelaar, Wandelaars, D'Wandelaar. 

De Warran, De Waaran, De Warm, De Warant, De Worm, 

Dingman, Dingmans, Dinghsmans, Dinghmans, Dingemans, 

Dockzy, Dackzy, Dakse, Docks, Doksi, Dokzy. 

Douvr, Douwen, Dou, Dauw, Douwe. 

Dunbar, Dunbaarr, Dumbar, Tumbaar, Tumbarr. 

Egberts, Egbertse, Eckbertse, Ekbertse, Eckbertsen, Ekbertsen, 
Egbers, Egbertsen, Eckberts, Eghbertsen, Ekbersen. 

Everson, Everts, Evertsen, Evertsz. 

Flensburg, Flensburgh, Vlensburg, Vlensburgh. 

Foreest, De Foreest, D. Freest, Freest, Frees, Voreest, De Forest, 
D. Foreest. 

Gansevoort, Gansevoord, Ganssevoort, Ganzevoord. 

Gerritsen, Gerritse, Garrits, Gerretsen, Gerritson. 

Gilbert, Gilberts, Gilberd, Gillebartse, Gillebart. 

Goewey, Goe, Goewyck, Goewyk, Goewy. • 

Harding, Hardinks, Hardiks, Hardinx. 

Harmensz, Flarmensen, Harmsen, Harmensse, Harmens, Har- 
mense, Harmanse, Hermansz. 

Heemstraat, Van Heemstraat, Heemstrate, Van Pleemstrate. 

Hendriks, Hendrikse, Hendriksen, Henriks. 

Hoges, Hogen, Hoogen, Hoghen, Hooges. 

Hoogteeling, Hoogtelinck, Hooghtelink, Hoogtelink, Hoogteling, 

Huyck, Huyk, Huik, Fluek, Huyg, Huygh. 

Jansz, Jansse, Jansen, Jans, Janse, Janssen. 

Jeeds, Joets, Yoets, Jeits, Yeads, Joeyts, Jojets, Jets, Jeads. 

Ketelluyn, Ketelen, Keteluyn, Keteluin, Ketelhuin. 

Kidn\ T , Kidni, Kidney, Kithni, Kitni. 

Knickerbacker, Knikkerbakker, Knikkelbakker, Knikkenbakker. 

Lansing, Lanssing, Lansingh, Lanse, Lansen, Lanzenzen, Lanzen- 
sen, Lancen, Lanzingh. 

Livingston, Levingston, Liphfeston, Levesthon, Liveston, Liven- 

Lucassen, Lukassen, Lucasse, Luyckassen. 

Maassen, Maasse, Maarsen, Massen, Meessen, Maazen. 

Marselis, jMarcelis, Ma^elis, Marcellus. 

Matteuse. Matthysse, Matyssen, Matysen, Matthyse. 

Meyndertse, Meinderse, Meenders, Meindertsen, Meinderts, 
Meynders, Meindersen, Meynderts. 

Muller, Mullers, Mulder, Mulders. 

Oothout, Othout, Oothoud, Oothouwt, Oothoudt. 


Ouderkerck, Ouderkerk, Ouwderkerk, Oudekerk. 

Pearson, Peersen, Peers, Persen. 

Pruyn, Pruim, Pruin, Pruym. 

Quackenbosch, Quackkenbosch, Quakkenbosch, Quakkenbos, 
Kwakkenbos, Quakenbosch. 

• Ratteliffe, Rattelif, Raedelif, Redly, Rettelyf, Ratteliff, Ratte- 
lief, Rately. 

Roelofs, Roelefsen, Roelofsen, Roelofsz, Roelofse. 

Rommeli, Rumbly, Rumblis, Rumney. 

Ryckman, Ryckmans, Rykman, Rykmans. 

Rykse, Ryksen, Rycksen, Ryxsen, Rykse, Ryksz. 

Sanders, Sandersen, Sanderse, Sandertse, Zanders. 

Schans, Schayns, Schyans Syansch. 

Scharp, Scherp, Scherph, Scerph, Scerp, Sharp. 

Schermerhoorn, Schermerh., Scermerhoorn, Schermerhorn, Scher- 
merhoren, Scermerhorn. 

Schuyler, Schuiler, Schuylder, Schuilers, Scuyler, Schuylers, 

Slingerland, Slingerlandt, Slingerlant, Slingelant. 

Symense, Symensen, Simons, Symonse, Symonson. 

Ten Eyk, Ten Eyck, Ten Eick, Ten Eik, T. Eyk. 

Tymensen, Teiraesen, Timesse, Tymenzen. 

Van Alen, Van Aalen, Van Ale, V. Alen. 

Van Aalsteyn, Van Aalst, V. Aalsteyn, Van Aalstein. Van 
Aalstede, Aalstyn, Van Aelstein, Van Aalstee, Van Aalsteede, Van 
Alstein, Van Aals. 

Van Benthuysen, Van Benthuise, Van Benthuisen, V. Ben- 

Van Brug, Van Brugge, Van Brugh, Ver Brugge, Van Brughe, 
V. Brugh, Verbrughe. 

Van Bueren, V. Buuren, Van Buuren, Van Buren, Van Buure, 
Van Buere, V. Buure, Van Beuren. 

Van Corlaar, V. Corlaar, Van Korlaar, Corlaar, Corlar. 

Van Cortlant, Van Cortlandt, Van Cortland,. Cortlant, Van 
Kortlant, Cortlandt. 

Van den Bergh, V. D. Bergh, V. D. Berg, Van den Berg, Van 
Bergen, V. den Berg, Van den Berck, V. Bergen, V. den Bergh, 
Van Berg, Van den Berge, Van den Berk, Van de Berg. 

Van der Heyde, Van der Heyden, V. D. Heyde, V. D. Heyden, 
Van der Heide. 

Van der Karre, Van der Kar, Van der Kerre, V. D. Karre. 

Van der Werke, Van der Werk, Van der Werken. V. D. Werke, 
V. D. Werken, V. dr Werke, V. der Werken. 

Van der Zee, Van I). Zee, V. D. Zee. V. der Zee. 

Van Dcusen, Van Dense. V. Dcusen, Van Duese 

Van Dyck, Van Dyk, V. Dyck, V. Dyk. 

Van Eps, see Van Ness. 

Van Franken, V. Franken, Van Frank, Van Franke, V. Franke. 

Van Hoesen, V. Hoesen, Van Hoese, Van House, Van Housen. 


Van Iveren, V. Iveren, Van Ivere, Van Yvere, Van Yveren. 

Van Ness, Van Esch, Van Nes, Van Es, V. Nes, V. Nesch, Van 
Eps, Van Nest. 

Van Petten, Van Pette, Van Putten, Van Putte. 

Van Renselaar, Rensselaar, Van Rensselaar, Rynselaar, Ren- 
sclaar, V. Renselaer, V. Rensselaer, V. Renselaar, V. Rensselaar, 
Van Renselaer, V. Renss. 

Van Salsberry, Salsberi, Salsbury, Salsberry, Van Salsberg. 
' Van Santen, Van Zanten, V. Santen, Van Sant. 

Van Schayck, Van Scayck, Van Schayk, Van Schajk, V. Schayk, 
V. Schayck, Van Schaik, Van Scheyk, V. Schaik, V. Schajk, Schayk, 
Van Schaak, Van Schaajk, V. Scayck, Van Schaick, V. Scayk. 

Van Slyk, Van Slyck, Slyk, Van Slyp, Van Slecht. 

Van Valkenburg, Van Valkenburgh, Yalkenburgh, Valkenburg, 
Van Volkenburg, V. Valkenburgh, V. Valkenburg, V. Valk., 

Van Vechten, Van Vecht, Van Vegten, Van Vechter, V. Vegten, 
V. Vechten, Van der Vechte, Vechter. 

Van Woerd, Van Woert, V. Woert, Van Schoonderwoert, Van 
Woerdt, Van Woerden. 

Van Wyen, Van Wie, Van Wye, V. Wie, Venvei, Verwey. 

Van Yselstein, Van Ysselsteyn, Yselsteyn, Iselsteyn. 

Verplanck, Verplanke, Verplank, V. Plank. 

Vinhagel, Vinhagen, Vinhage, Vinhagels, Vinnagels, Vinnagel. 

Visscher, Vischer, Visser, Visschers, Vissers, Vischers. 

Walderon, Waldere, Waldering, Walderom, Walderen, Wal- 

Walthers, Walters, Walter, Waaters. 

Wielaars, Wielaar, Wieller, Whiler, Wyllaar, Wyllaer, Wieler, 
Wiler, Wiele, Whieller. 

Vv r imp, Wimph, Wemp, W impel. 

Winnen, Wenn, Wenne, Wenna, Wenner, Winne. 

Witbeek, Witbeeck, Witbeck, Witbik. 

Woodcock, Woedkook, Whoodkoks, Whoodkok, Woodkok. 

Wyngaard, Wyngaart, Wyngaert, Van Wyngaarde.Wyngaarts. 

Aarnolds, Lysbeth, 20. 

Abeel, Cathalyntje, Catelyntje, 

23, 48. 
Christophel, Christ., 15, 94, 

Elisabeth, 22, 30, 39, 48, 56. 
Jan, Johannes, 9, 20, 21, 23, 

2S, 35, 48, 56. 
Magdalen a, 56. 
Margarita, Marg., 94, 102. 
Nt-ehie, 15, 8S. 
Abrahams, Abrams, Abramsen, 

Anthony, 61, 86, 92. 
Catrina, Catryna, Chatha- 

rina, 61, 86, 92. 
Melchert, 70. 

Ackerson, Anna, 17. 
Adriaanse, Jenneke, 29. 
Akkermans, Aaltje, 42. 

Annetje, 42. 

Lysbeth, 53. 
Albertse, Geesje, 25. 

Jan, 25. 
Albert ti, Margritie, 10. 
Andriessc, Anna, 20. 

Rachel, 7, 4.9. 
Anonsfontje, Jacob, 51. 
Anthony, Hendnk, 12. 
Appel, "Appels, Annerje. Anna, 
22, 60, 71, 76, Si, 87. 

Johannes, Joannes, do, 6^, 
71, 76, Si, 87, 89. 


Appelstoun, Appelstown, John, 

2, 24. 
Askley, Man', 16. 
Baalden, William, 89. 
Baar, Margarieta, 11. 
Baart, Magdalena, 13. 
Bajcn, Madal, ioi. 
Banker, Bancker, Bankers, 

Elizabeth, Lysbeth, 11, 

21, 33. 46, 75- 
Evert, 22, 27, 30, 31, 36, 39, 

46, 48, 54, 5 6 . 75. 8o - 
Jane, Jannetie, 16, 86. 
Johannes, 39. 
Neeltje, 56. 
Banks, Mary, 104. 
Barclay, John, 8. 
Barents, Barentse, Barens, 
Ariaantje, Adiiaantjeii, 
23, 45. 48, 59- 
Jannetje, 24. 

Judith, Judikje, 20, 24, 26, 
36, 48, 57- 
Barhayt, Berheith, Barent, 12. 
Catalyna; Catal., 85, 101. 
Catharina, Catrina, Catryna, 

40, 60, 71. 
Cornelia, 77. 
Dirkje, 8, 46, 49. 55- 57- 
Hieronymus, 48, 52, 57. 
Jan, 21, 41, 52, 7.1, 73, 101. 
Johanna, 37. 
Johannes, Joannes, 2, 13, 28, 

46, 60, 85. 
Margarita, Grietje, 6, 37, 48, 

Rachel, 73, 75, 78, 87, 99. 
Rebecca, 48, 52. 
Wouter, Walter, 11, 5S, 71, 
73- 75, 77. 78, 87, 99. 
Barko, Anna, Antje, 27, 36, 48. 
Barrit, etc., Barentie, 69, 73, 75, 

83, 92. 

Margarita, 8, 9, 55. 

Robbert, 22. 

Thomas, 10, 69, 73, 75, S3. 

Will., 103. 

Wyntje, Wyntie, 22, 69. 
Barrois, Barreway, etc., Aaltjc, 
46, 48, 96. 

Catharina, Catharyn, Ca- 
trina, 46, 58, 65. 

Charles, Carel, 7, 46, 47, 48, 
54, 58, 61, 96. 

Maria, 78. 
Barth, Maria Mary, 93, 103. 

Thomas, Tho., 93, 103. 
Bas, Lysbeth, 8, 55. 
Bassaleyn, Antony, 11. 
Bassett, Basset, John, 14. 

Susanna, 92. 

Bayard, Bayert, Bajart, Mar- 
garita, 65. 
Samuel, 83. 
Sara, 38. 
Bcasely, John, 103, 104. 
Lidia, 102, 103, 104. 
Beaufils, Bovy, Bossi, etc., 
Chath., 104. 
Cornelia, Corn. ,"76, 83, 90, 

Maria, 12, 75. 76, 85, 95, 98, 

Matthieu, Matthys, Mathias, 
Math., etc., 46', 5S, 65, 75, 

76, Ss, 95, 102, 104. 
Nicolaas, Claes, 11, 5b, 76, 

83, 90, 98. 
Philip, 20. 
Becker, Albert, 102. 

Anna, Antie, Antje, 27, 46, 

Claes, 17. 
Cornelia, Corn., 72, 79, 86, 

93. 102. 
Gerrit, 86. 
Hilletie, 11. 
Johanna, 22. 
Johannes, Joannes, Johs., 

Joh., 11, 13, 22, 31, 40, 50, 

56, 72, 79, 83, 86, 88, 92, 

93. 99, 102, 106. 
Laurens, 8^. 

Maria, Maryke, 6, 46, 56, 86. 
Martina, 19. 

Sara, 83, 86, 92, 99, 106. 
Storm, 72, 76, 80. 
Beekman, Bvkman, Debora, 72, 

80, 88/97. 
Elizabeth, 14. 
Engeltie, 12, 68. 
Eva, 29, 37, 38, 4S, ,-:, 66, 

67, 69, 72, 77, So, 83, S;, 

88, 94. 
Geertruy, Gtcrt., 94, 104. 
Helena, 1 1, 43. 
Henry, Henrik, 15, 47. 
Hester, Hessi. Hassie Esther. 

60, 71, 77, 80, S3. S4, 86, 

8S, 96. 
Jacob, 11, 72, 80, 86, 88, 90, 

Jannetje. Jannetie. 4. 21. 24, 

30, 3S. 47. 54. 57- 80. 
Johanna, 13. 16. 
Johannes. Joannes, John, 

Joh., Jobs., 10, 17, 20, 21. 

27. Sf$, 33, J . j8, .«, 1. J?. 

48, 5a, ;=;. >7- f1 7- 69. 7-. 

77. So. >:. 83, M, 85, 86, 
80. 91. Q4, 06, 07, 101, 106. 

Maria. Maretie, 11. 17,85, oS. 


Beekman, Bykman, etc. — Con'd 
Marten, Mart., 16, 94, 104. 
Neeltie, 68, 79, 81, 85, 86, 89, 

Q2, 106. 

Susanna. 14, 53, 54, 57, 63. 
Bcllamont, Gov., 1. 
Bcnnit, Capt., 20. 

John, 2, 21. 
Ik-noit, Bennewa, Bennewe, 
Anna, 99, 102. 

Henrikje, 44. 

Maria, 102. 

Pierre, Piet., Pieter, 16, 25, 
36, 44, 45» 86 > 99> 102- 
Bensing, Bessing, Cathalyntje, 

Sampson, 30. 
Bt-nsley, John, 17. 
Bevier, Abraham, 47. 

Hester, 47. 

Jan, 47. 

Louis, 47. 
Bibbingthon, Bebbington, Elsie, 

75» 96. 
Samuel, Sam., 75, 96. 
Bickker, Hilletie, 65. 
Bleecker, Bleeker, Anna, Antie, 

70, 77, 79, 87, 101. 
Cataleyna, Cbatalyna, 64, 

69. 74, 75. 77, 88, 91. 
Catharina, Katharina, 

Caatje, 28, 41, 52, 57, 58. 
Hendrik, 70. 
Jan, 18, 30, 47, 64. 
Jannetje, 39. 
Johannes, Joannes, Job.., 18, 

26, 39, 40, 41, 50, 52, 62, 

64, 7p, 75. 79- .83- 
Margarita, Grietje, 6, 18, 47, 

Nicolaas, Nicol., 26, 28, 86, 

Rachel, 71, 79. 
Ruthger, Rutger, Rutgert, 

Rutgher, Ruth, Rutg., 9, 

52, 55, 64, 69, 72, 74, 75, 

77, 78, 88, 94, 98- 
Bloemendal, Bloemendaal, Van 

Bloemendaal, Cornelis, 

Corn., 42, 106. 
Geertruy, 54, 60. 
Jacomyntje, 43. 
Jan, 101. 
Johannes, 54. 
Rebecka, Rebekka, 82, 101, 

Bockly, Charles, 94. 

Rachel, 94. 
Bocl, Sara, 97. 
Bogaert, Bogerds, Vanden Boo- 

gaerd, etc., Aaltje, 35. 

Abigael, Abigail, 3, 20, 30, 

Abraham, 62. 
Catalyna, Chataleintie, Cata- 

leyntie, Catah., 65, 66, 72, 

79, 8i, 83, 92. 
Catharina, 2. 
Cornelia, 24, 40, 55. 
Cornelius, Cornells, Corn., 7, 

2 9. 35» 47. 5 2 - 53, 55. 61, 
65, 66, 70, 74, 79, 82, 84, 
Dorethe, 61, 70, 79, 82, 104, 

Isack, 92. 

Jacob, 32, 47, 59, 61, 65, 70, 

72, 79, 83, 92. 
Lysbeth, 24. 
Maddelena, Madalena, 62, 

Maeyke, 39. 
Maria, Marrytje, Marretje, 4, 

23, 29, 32, 41, 57, 61. 
Meyndert, 46. 
Pieter, 61, 74, Si, 91, 100, 

Rebecca, 74, 81, 91, 101. 
Tysje, 44, 5°- 
Bogardus, Bogaardus, Bogardes, 

Agnietie, 91, 95, 96, 103. 
Anna, Antje, 5, 25, 41, 46, 

54, 59, 77* 82, 87, 89; 93, 

95, 98, 102. 

Anthony, Antoni, A.nth., 8, 
61, 67, 74, 75, 8i, 85, 95. 
103, 105. 

Cornelis, 21. 

Ephraim, Ephr., 15, 89, 91, 

96. 103. 

Johanna, Jannetie, Jannetje, 
Jann., 54, 55- 61, 74, 75. 
Si, 84, 85, 95, 105. 

Maria, Marytje, 25, 37, 54. 

Petr., 105. 

Sara, 105. 

Schibboleth, Scibboleth, 

Schibolet, Schibb., 59, 77, 
82, 84, So, 91, 95, 102. 
Bon, Rachel, 11. 
Bont, Catelyntje, 44, 56. 

Hendrik, 57. 

Jan, 47. 

Lena, 44. 
Borgert. Borgaet, Catryna, 65. 

Claas, 3. 

Coenraat, 24, 31, 30, 47- 

Jan, 7, 39, 45. 55. 65. 
Borghtal, Corn., 104. 

Sam., 104. 
Borhans, Barent, 3S. 

Will., 102. 


Bort, Bath, Jems, 93, 100. 

Margariet, Marg., 93, 100. 
Bortsen, Samuel, 104. 
Bosboom, Marry tje, 42. 
Bosch, Zara, 95. 
Bouman, Cristina, 12. 
Elizabeth, 15, 16. 
Bout, Catelyntje, 6. 
Helena, Lena, 7, 49. 
Jan, 4, 39- 
Braadhazt, Braadhorst, Jona- 
than, 19, 26, 36. 
Bradt, Akes, 16, 93. 
Albert, 102. 
Andries, 8, 27, 39, 54, 76, 80, 

81, 87, 94, 103. 
Anna, Antje, 15, 23, 24, 43, 

53, 56, 63, 66, 80, 86. 
Anthony, Antony, Ant., 12, 
20, 2i, 24, 25,' 31, 35, 36, 
49, 81, 91, 101, 103. 
Arent, 51, 65. 
Barent, 11, 22, 23, 30, 31, 62, 

73, 74, 79, 82 > 8 4, 9°. 9 2 > 

99, 100, 101, 103. 
Benjamin, Benj., 15, 92, 94, 

Christina, 75, 91, 101. 
Claartje, 55. 
Claasje, 41. 
Cornelia, Corn., 86, 93, 101, 

Daniel, 24, 31, 34, 35, 3 8 , 39. 

40, 44, 55, 66, 69, 71. 
Dirk, 14, 19, 22, 23, 44, 16, 

56, 57, 58, 63, 66, 73, 80, 

86, 90, 91, 93, 99, 100, 103, 

Eckbert, 99, 105. 
Ekbertie, Eckbertie, 12, 70. 
Elisabeth, Lysbeth, Elyz., 

38, 39, 40, 48, 66, 69, 71, 

90, 99, 105. 
Eva, 102. 

Isaac, Isack, 22, 96. 
Johanna, Jarinetie, 19, 31, 

Johannes, 19, 23, 29, 35, 45, 

Lybetie [see Elisabeth], 83. 
Madalene, Madal., 94, 100. 
Margarita, 93. 
Maria, Marytje, Marr., 21, 

23, 54, 65", 73, 7$, 7Q, 82, 

103, 106. 
Pieter, 12, 75, 91, 101. 
Rebecca, Rebekka, 3, 30, 81 , 

91, 101, 103. 

Sara, Saartje, 21, 23, 29, 38, 

46, 56. 
Sophia, 65, 78, S4, 94, 101. 

Storm, 54, 65, 69, 78, 84, 94, 

Susanna, Sanna, 10, 13, 19, 

23, 44, 62, 71, 74, 81, S4, 

Teunis, Theunis, 66, 81, 86. 
Willempje, Willempie, 21, 

46, 73, 81, 86, 94, 99. 
Wyntie, 81, 87, 94, 103. 
Bresser, Geertje, 5, 45. 
Brewer, Bruwer.Bruuwer, Lieut. 

Ritchart, Ritsiert, 3, 14. 
Bries, Anthony, Antony, iS, 23, 

3°, 3 2 - 
Catharina, Catryna, Cath., 

Tryntje, 39, 51, 53, 61, 66, 

•78, 94, 101. 
Christina, 15. 
Hendr., 102. 
Jannetje, 56, 60. 
Margarita, 15. 
Maria, Marytje, 15, 55, 58, 

7°, 74- 
Nell, 102. 
Brikkers, Hester, 20, 32. 
Brodhead, Broadheat, Daniel, 
14, 101, 105. 
Hester, 101, 105. 
Broeks, Broecks, Abraham, 46. 

Anneke, Si. 
Bronk, Bronck, Agnietje, 5, 45, 

5 2 - 
Anna, Antje. Annatie, 52, 

65, 77, 84, 100, 103, 105. 
Helena, 9. 
Jan, 83. 

Jonas, 16, 65, 70, 105. 
Leendert, Leendt, 12, 28, 49, 

Maria, Marretie, Marrvtie, 

n, 28. 38,-55. 
Ph., 105. 
Pieter, =;, 41, 46, 48, ^2. ^4, 

65, 77~, $4. 

Sara. 105. 
Brouwer. Brouwers, Cornelia , 1 1. 

Henrik, 42. 

Jakob, 12, 79, 86, 95, 104. 

"Maria, 70. 83, 86, 95, 104. 

Petrus, oS. 
Bnmly, Bromly, Bromley, 
John, 04, Q7- IC 3- 

Sara, 04. 

Zeli:'-, 103. 
Brussy, BfCSsi, Andries. 7,36,51. 

Antic. 20. 

Claartje, 37, .',5. 5 1. 

Jannetje, 29, 30. 47. 

Nicolaas, Claas, 6, :o. 44, 56. 
Bruyas, Ritchard, 21. 


Bruyne, Barentie, 9. 
Burner, Catryna, 85. 

Engel, 15. 

Isaac, 40. 

Jan, S 5 . 

Maria, 99. 
Bye, By, Bey, Helena, Lena, 25, 

33 > 42," 54- 
Caarn, Catryna, 76. 

Hendrick, 76. 
Calliers, Kaljer, Christ., 95. 

Jochurn, 15, 95. 

Michiel, 24. 
Comfort, Campfort,Kampvoord, 

Arlaantje, 46, 5c, 54. 
Caneel, Kaneel, Anna, Antje, 27, 

5 1 - . 

Margarita, 35, 43. 

Carter, Tames, 46. 
Casparsse, Willem, 34. 
Casparus, Annetje, 2, 24. 

Maria, 6, 26, 36. 
Chambers, Abraham Gaasbeek, 

Christ iaam.z, Corn,, 61. 

Johannes, Joannes, Job.., 8, 
54, 73> 82, I02 - 

Mary tj en, 61. 

Neeltje, 9, 54, 61, 73, 82, 102. 
Claas, Claasse, Aagje, 42. 

Antje, 19. 

Cornells, 28, 36, 56, 88. 

Johannes, 27. 

Laurens, 16. 

Neeltje, 21. 

Willem, 70. 
Claeuvv, Klaeuw, Klauw, En- 
gelt je, 7, 51. 

Henrik, Hendrik, 19, 29, 37, 


Jannetje, 27, 43, 48, 61. 

Judith, 26. 

Jurriaan, Jurrien, 28, 34. 

Maria, 28, 34. 
Clement, Pieter, 8. 
Cloet, Kloet, Kloete, Alida, 42. 

Anna, 1, 46, 58, 61. 

Bata, 46. 

Elisabeth, Lysbeth, 5, 46, 58. 

Francyntje, 62. 

Frederik, 43, 53, 62. 

Gcrardus, 72. 

Jacob, 7, 46, 54, 61. 

Jan, 46. 
Cojeman, Kojemans, Andries, 

Anacntic, 17. 

Charloth, 97. 

Elizabeth, Lysbeth, 69, 75. 

Pieter, 10, 69, 75, 97. 

Samuel, 18. 

Colins, Collins, John, 30, ^^> 4^, 

_ 5°. 55t 76, 90, 91. 

Margarita, Margarieta, 29, 
48, 68. 
Colinson, Collinson, John, 3, 30. 
Connstable, Constable, Con- 
stable, Charles, 16, 97. 

Mary, 97, 103. 
Conyn, Comyn, Agnietje, 26. 

Alette, 24. 

Alida, 72, 77. 

Antie, Annetje, 16, 29, 79, 

Caspar, Kaspar, 17, 24, 36. 
Cath., 103, 105. 
Dirk, 7, 48, 49, 51. 
Emmetie, Immetie, 67, 87, 

Hendrikkie, 90. 
Jacob, 18. 

Jannetje, Jannietie, 3, 55, 79. 
Leendert, 10, 38, 67, 79, 87, 

9°, 95- 

Lysbeth, Lybctie, 31, 100. 

Marretie, 18. 

Philip, Ph., 28, 65, 103, 105. 

Pieter, ji, 72, 74, 77. 

Tanna, 4, 29, ^3^ 3 8 > 48, 56. 

Weyntje, 34. 
Cool, Kool, Cornelis, 35. 

Henderikie, 10. 

Jenneke, 35. 

Joannes, 11. 

Lambert, 13. 

Maria, Marretie, 10, 16. 

Pieter, 46, 5 1 . 57- 

Willem, 90. 
Cornbury, Lady, 25, ^^. 

Lord' 26, 33. 
Cornelis, Cornelis ze, Dina, 60, 

Eldeit, 9, 58. 
Jannetje, 29. 

Jephta, Jefta, 12, 60, 77, 87. 
Maas, 21. 
Maria, 9, 7 7- 

Neeltje, Neeltie, S, 54, 62. 
Pieter, 72. 
Coster, Costers, Koster, Anna, 

26, 2S, 40, 52, 62. 
Antony, Anthony. Ant hoy, 

Anth., 20, 36, 39, 40, 41, 

45, 46, 61, 68, 71, 75, 76, 

88, 90, 101, 105. 
Christina, 18. 
Elisabeth, Lysbeth, Elyz., 

36, 41, 62, 75, 76, 90, 106. 
Gerritje, 27. 40, 56. 
Couck, Mary, 07. 
Couper, Cuopcr, Cornelia, Corn., 

67, 8a, 89, 97, 9S, 104. 


Couper, — Continued. 

Obedia, Obcdias, Obedy, 
Obedie, 67, 82, 89, 97, 98, 
Cox, Mary, 7, 45. 
Cregier, Crieger, Criegier, Anna, 

Geertruy, Gecrtrui, Geertr., 

i5» 7&. S3, 92, 101. 
Jannetie, Jennetie, 76, 91. 
Samuel, Sam., 12, 68, 76, 83, 
92, 101. 
Cromwel, J a cob vis, 52. 
Cruger, John. 96. 

Maria, 86. 
Cuyler, Kuilers, Abraham, 28, 

29, 39. 4o, 41, 5 2 < 57. 6 7» 
71, 74, 7S, 87, 100. 

Anna, 9, 58. 

Catharina, Catryna, Catie, 
Caatje, Katharina, Cath., 
27, 29, 36, 39, 44, 64, 66, 
67, 71, 74, 75, 77, 86, 96, 

Christina, Cristina, Christ., 

7^ 77> 97- 
Cornelis, Corn., 97, 102. 
Delia, 22, 29. 
Elsie, Elsje, 18, 26, 36, 38, 

39. 4o, 41, 44, 45. 5 2 , 62, 

71, 72, 73, 80, 82, 84, 86. 
Eva, 9. 
Henry, Hendrik, Hendr., 16, 

83, 85, 86, 100. 
Johannes, 26, 27, 36, 43, 45, 

55. 56, 59. 67, 68, 71, 72, 

73, 80, 82, 86. 
Margarita, Margar., 11, 100. 
Maria, 91, 102. 
Sara, 16. 
Daely, Dealy, Lidia, 49, 57. 
Danielsz, Danielsen, Danielse, 

Annetie, 70. 
Arent, Arend, 42, 57. 
Jan. 57, 70. 

Maria, Marretie, 70, 74. 
Simon, Symon, 6, 42, 56, 70, 

_ . 7 2 > 74- 

Davids, Daevids, Andries, 2. 
James, Jems, 7, 103. 
Maria, Mary, 82, 96, 104. 
Thomas, Tho., 96, 104. 
De Duytscher, De Duytser, 

Roelof, 29, 36, 47. 
De Four, Du Fou, etc., Catryna, 
Tryntie, Cat., 70, 75, 81, 
89, 98. 
Jan, Jean, 6, 36, 43. 49. 5 s . 

70, 75, 81, 89, 98. 

Maria, Alarytjc, 26, 36. 

De Garmoy, Agnietie. 15, 75. 

Eckbertie, Eck., 86, 87, 96, 

Joannes, Joh., 14, 82, 86, 87, 
93. 96, 98, 102, 104. 

Maria, 4, 32, 35, 49, 61. 

Math., 93, 95, 101, 102, 105. 

Pieter, 24, 3 2 - 43. 87 

Rtbccka, Reb., 93, 101, 105. 
De Graaf, Aaltje, Aaltie, 42, 69. 

Abraham, 57. 

Arnout ,11. 

Elisabeth, 63. 

Eva, 61. 

Geertruy, 63. 

Jan, 63/77. 

Jesse, 42, 57, 69. 

Maria, 57, 61. 
De Hoogcs, Catharina, 6, 45, 52. 

Marytje, 49. 
Dekker, Hcyltje, 8, 52. 

Jan, 44, 50. 

Jurriaan, 52. 
De Koning, Jan, 53. 
De la Grange, Le Gransie, 
Tannetie, 10. 

Jillis, 29. 
De U 

,ance, Anna, 83. 
Delmond, Delmont, Anna, 36. 
Elizabeth, Lysbcth, 43, 47, 

60, 76. 
Eytie, 13, 76. 
Jan, 44, 53. 5 6 - 
Johanna Clara, 53, 56. 
Johannes, 7. 
Maria, 54. 

Mail. en, Maarten, 3, 29, 43, 
44, 47, 50, 60, 76. 
De Mess, Benjamin. 74. 

Rachel, 7 4- 
De Meyer, De Mejcr, Catryna, 
11, 65. 
Elizabeth, 14. 
Lydia, 34. 53. 
De Peystcr, D. Peyster, Peyster, 
Anna, Q2. 90. ico, 101. 
Joannes, John, Johs., 12, 56, 

Maria, 39. 
De Ridder, Kidder, Ridders, 
Anna. Annetje, Anke, 
Antie, 16, 26, ^9, 64, 65, 
86. 99. 
Aertje, 43. 
Chatharina. q-j . 
Cornelis, Con-,.. 97, 99. 
Even 22, 31, 40, 43, 5S, 59, 

6 4; 
Gerrit, 16, 99. 
Hendrik. B 
Maria, 11. 
De Ryk, Jannetje, 34. 


Dc Wandelaar, Wandelaars, 
Alida, ii, 13. 
Anna, Annatie, 12, 68, 72. 
Catharina, Catryna, 9, 44, 

£*, 6 3- 

Elisabeth, Lysbeth, 25, 53, 

59, 66, 73, 80, 95. 
Johannes, Hannes, Joh., 1, 

22, 23, 27, 30, 34, 41, 50, 


Sara, 6, 34, 44, 53. 

De Warran, Warms, Worm, 

Anna, 35, 44, 55, 56, 68, 


Eliz., 96. 

Maria, 15, 84. 
Dcwit, Bastiaan, 38. 
Dingmans, Adam, 18, 38. 

Aeltje, AaUje, 18, 38, 46. 

Catalyna, Catclyntje, 13, 33, 

Cornelia, Corn., 84, 104. 
Eva, 51. 

Gerrit, 10, 84, 104. 
Jacob, 32, 42, 51. 
Jannetje, 46, 51, 57. 
Josina, Josyntje, 5, 40, 42, 

5 1 . 54- 
Rachel, 4, 25, 27, 38, 52. 
Sara, Zara, 26, 34, 43, 53, 61. 
Dirkse, Dirks, Taakel, 21. 

Weyntjc, 22. 
Dockzy, Dakse, etc., Elyzabeth, 

Bethi, 65, 86, 99. 
■ Samuel, Sam., 8, 27, 30, 34, 

42, 55, 61, 65, 86, 99. 
Thomas, 5, 34. 
Douw, Andries, 31, 34, 53, 61, 

65. 66, 73, 80, 94, 95. 
Anna, 81, 85, 87, 94, 103. 
Catharina, Caatjen, 22, 30, 

37, 38, 42, 55. 60. 
Cornelia, 47. 
Dorothe, 14, 72. 
Hendrik, Henricus, Hendr. 

19, 21, 26, 33, 34, 35, 53. 

55, 60, 70, 74, 77, 85, 94. 
Jonas, 5, 26, 37, 41, 53, 55, 

60, 81, 105. 

Lydia, 65, 66, 73, 77, 79, 80, 

*9 2 - 95- 
Margarita, Marg., 3S, 48, 77, 

80, 81, 95, 99. 
Neeltje, Neeltie, 19, 22, 67, 


Nikes, 20. 

Petrus, Pieter, Petr., 13, 63, 
80, 81, 85, 87, 94, 103. 

Rebecca, 6^. 

Volkert, Folkert, 2, 25, 3S, 
41, 48, 51, 61, 73, 77, So. 

Drajers, Gerr., 97. 
Dubois. Daniel, 47. 

G., Gualtherus, 56, 58. 

Jacobus, 47. 

Lea, 47. 

Salomon, 47. 
Dumont, Du Mont, Francyntje, 

43. 53- 
Dunbar, Tumbarr, John; 17, 55, 
99, 103, 104. 
Maria, 103. 
Du Puis, Maria, 35. 

Moses, 35. 
Duyking, Maria, 22. 

Marta, 22. 
Dykman, Johannes, 27. 
Eahl, Joh. Jac, 17. 
Ecker, Elizabeth, 89. 

Thomas, 89. 
Edwards, Thomas, 7. 
Eechars, Thomas, 1. 
Egberts, Ekbersen, Antie, 68, 
76, 87, 104. 
Barent, Bar., 4, 35, 36, 49, 
56, 5Q, 61, 63, 70, 80, 87, 
Benjamin, 59, 61, 69, 76, 87. 
Engeltie, Engel, 74, 81, 86, 

92, 100. 
Maria, Marrytje, Maritie, 29, 

35. 5 6 . 59. 6l , 7°. 74, 80, 

89, 102, 104. 
Susanna, 8, 34, 43. 
Theunis, 12, 36, 65, 74, 78, 

79, 81, 86, 89, 92, 100. 
Volkert, 68. 
Egmont, Egmond, Egmont?en, 

Anna, -jq, 84, 85, 94, 99. 
Claes, 11, S5, 100. 
Jacob, 12, 63, 79, 84, 85, 94, 


Marr., 100. 
Elmendorp, Coenraad, 3S. 

Gecrtje, 35. 
Elswaart, Sara, 34. 
Engelspreken, Catryna, 6S. 
Eshoven, Catryna, 14- 
Essching, Catrina, bS. 

Joseph, 68. 
Everson, Everts, Aaltje, 57. 

Antic, 63. 

Barentie, 66, 74. 

Benjamin, 63. 

Elizabeth, Elyz., Si, 105. 

Jacob, 81, 105. 

Jan, 16. 

Jannetje, 57. 

Joannes, 9, 66, 74. 
Fanine, Mary, 104. 

Mat hew, Math., 17. 104. 
Feek, Elizabeth, 10. 


Flensburg, Vlensburgh, Anna, 7. 
Daniel, Dan., 81, 91, 98, 100, 

104, 105. 
Johanna, Joh., 81, 91, 98, 

10 5- 
Maria, 75, 81, 89, 97, 98, 106. 
Matheus, Math., 12, 75, 81, 

89, 92, 97, 98, 99, 105, 106. 
Fonda, Funda, Vonda, Alida, 

i9» 23, 25, 37, 51, 59, 60, 

68, 74, Si, 88, 89, 91, 95, 

97, 99, 100, 102. 
Anna, Antie, Antjen, 10, 50, 

61, 68, 79, 80, 88, 89, 102. 
Barentie, Si. 
Cath., 104. 
Claes, Claas, 12, 23, 68, 80, 

88, 89, 102. 
Helena, Lena, 3, 19. 
Hester, Esther, 24, 30, 32, 

41, 5°- 

Isaac, Isaack, Ysack, 8, 41, 

Sh 54, 55, 59> 6o, 68, 74, 

81,-84, 8S, S9, 91, 95, 97, 

99, 100, 101, 102. 
Jan, 23, 24, 30, 34, 37, 39, 40, 

47, 5°, 54, 5 s - 6i f 67, 79, 

80, 91. 
Joannes, Johannes, 68, 91. 
Maria, Marrytje, Marretie, 

Mar., 17, 34', 68,91,97, 103. 
Matje, 50, 56. 
Pieter, 17, 103, 104, 106. 
Rebecka, Rebecca, 13, 41, 

45, 54, 56, 61, 63, 102. 
Foreest, De Forest, etc., Abi- 

gael, 83, 87, 94, 101, 103, 

Abraham, 94. 
Catelina, Cathalyntje, 8, 27, 

35, 58, 67. 
Cathrina, Catharyntje, Ca- 

tryna, Tryntje, etc., 15, 

19, 5S, 61' 64, 71, 77, 7 8 > 

David, 13, Ss. 87, 94, 103. 
Jesse, Jessey, 13, 64, 71, 77, 

78, 84, 85, 87, 89, 9S. 
Johannes, joh., 89, 104. 
Maria, 6, 41, 50. 
Neeltie, S4, 89, 98, 104. 
Philip, 19, 27. 
Sara, 2, 27, 40, 54. 
Susanna, 15. 
Fort, Le Fort, Abram, Abraham, 
12, 72. 91. 
Anna, 16, 91. 
Daniel, Dan., 9, 57, 61, 66, 

72, 77, 82, 89, 95. 104. 

Gerretie, Gerritje, Gerr., 66, 

72, 77, 82, 89, 95, 104. 

Isack, 104. 
Tan, 44, 67, 70. 
Margriet, Margarietie, 61, 67. 
Maria, 44, 57. 
Nicolacs, 77. 

Rebckka, Rebecca, 67, 7c. 
Fransse, Fransen, Claas, 3-'. 

Jurrien, 21. 
Freely, Ree, 97. 

Zara, 97. 
Freeman, Bern., 97. 
Freer, Maria, 57. 

Sara, 53. 
Friddi, Dorothee, 20. 
Fryer, Tryer, Elizabeth, F.'yz., 
94, 101. 
Isack, Isak, 94, 101. 
Fuyck, Andries, 79. 

Maria, 79. 
Fyn, Feyn, Aaltje, 26. 

Jan, 20, 26. 
Fynhout, Antje, 47. 
Gaafj immetie, 106. 

Joh., 106. 
Gaasbeek, Jacomina, 38. 
Maria, 38, 52. 
Sara, 38. 
Gansevoort, Agnietje, 23, 30, 37, 
4 S. 
Anna, Annatie, 30, 31, 36, 
37, 41, 42, 47, 49, 63, 66. 
Catharyna, Calrina, Cath., 
11, 65, 74, So, 82, 83, 91, 
100, 102. 
Elsje, Elsjen, 25, 35, 59. 
Hilletje, 5, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 

37, 44. 53. 59- 

Leendert, Leend., 9, 34, 35, 

37, 44, 54, 61, 63, 68, 74, 

82, 84, S7, 91, 94, 96. 100, 


Lysbeth. 1, 22,27, 54. *i, 51. 

Maria, Marytje, Mar., 30, 41, 

63, 71, 94- 
Rachel, 11. 4S, 59. 
Gardenier, Gardeniers, De Gar- 
denier, Alida, 20, 20. 
Andries, Andr., 10. 12, 3S. 
54, 89, 90, 95. 103. 


Arien, Ariaen, 16, 81. 
Cornelia, 10, 69. 


Hendrik, Hendr. 

90, 95, 103. 
Jacob. 1 : . 
Jacobus, 1S. 
Jacomyntje. 21, 
Jan. 9.' 
Josina. Josvntie, 

58, 89, 95. 

13, 69, So, 

; ~ 

ii 9 

Gardinier — Continued. 

Margarita, Griettie, Marg., 

86, 90, 95, 103. 
Nicolaes, Claas, Nicol., 10, 
42, 58, 69, 78, 82, S6, 87, 

89, 90, 100, 101. 
Rachel, 69, 78, 82, 86, 87, 89, 

90, 100, 101. 
Rosyna, 64. 
Samuel, 25, 33, 42, 54. 
Sara, 78, 90, 103, 104, 106. 
Syntie, 12, 69. 

Ydje, 38. 
Garland, Williaem, 16. 
Garton, Anna, 101. 
Geele, Catharina, 57. 

Heleena, 57. 
Germoor, Agnietie, 70. 
Gerritsen, Alida, 90. 

Anna, S^. 

Barent, 20, 68. 

Christina, 41. 

Ciaas, 29. 

Cornelis, 64. 

Elbert, El., 22, 30, 32, 41, 55, 
71, 83, 102. 

Geertruy, 37, 40. 68, 70, 83. 

Grees, 93. 

Hilletje, 35. 

Jan, 38, 44, 63, 65, 75, 77, 97. 

Johannes, 6. 

Maria, Marretje, 30, 33, 37, 
41, 52, 59, 65, 72, 75, 77, 
88, 97, 98. 

Rever, 4, 22, 29, 2>2, 37- 

Roelof, 37, 83. 

Tryntje, 47- 
Gertilianse, Cornelis, 62. 
Gilbert, Gilberts, Anna, Annatie, 

15. 67. 
Catharina. Catryna, 2, 28, 

41, 5 2 > 85. 
Cornelia, 28, 60, 62, 79. 
Jan, 28. 
Maria, 6, 46. 
Willem, 60, 62, 71. 
Glen, Glenn, Anna, 26, 35, 42, 

„ 5 2 - . 

Catharina, 34, 42, 52. 
Jacob, 13, 103. 
Johannes, 39, 59. 
Maria, 42, 52. 
Sander, 11. 
Sara, 103. 
Goewey, Goewyck, Alida, 68, 

74, 9 2 > ioi- 
Antjc, 5. 
Barbara, Barbar, S, 27, 34, 

Catalyna, Catal., 81, S4, 100, 


Elisabeth, Lvsbeth, 2, 26, 33, 

39. 48, 58.' 
Hilletje, 45, 49, 56. 
Jacob, 83>, 100, 104. 
Jan, Joh., 7, 21, 27, 43, 48, 

Maria, 3, 30, 44, 51. 
Salomon, 55, 68, 74, 75, 92, 

Sara, Saartje, 30, ^^, '39, 43. 

48, 55, 62. 
Gremmer, An. Marg., 69. 

Hannes, 69. 
Grcveraad, Grevenraad, Gre~ 
veraat, Anna, 69. 
Elizabeth, 10, 80. 
Isack, 75. 
Sara, 24, 53. 
Groonendyk, Johannes, 22, 20. 
Groesbeek, Van Groesbeek, 
Groesbeeck, Barbar, Bar- 
ber, 20, 58. 
Cathalyntje, Catelyntje, 6, 

46, 5°. 5 8 - 
Chatharina, 16. 
David, 18, 65, 67, 76, 89. 
Elisabeth, Lysbeth, Elyz., 

27, 40, 42, 46, 7 2 > 79. 83, 

89, 90, 9S, 105. 
Geertruy, Geertje, Geertr., 

21, 23, 25, 35, 40, 45. 46, 

49, 50, 60, 62, 63, 69, 71, 
72, 76, 79, 80, 82, 89, 101. 

Jacob, 98. 

Johannes, Joannes, Johs. ,21, 

23. 2 9> 37» 49- 54, 58. 63, 

71, 70, 80, 89. 
Maria, Marretie, 63, 69, 76, 

86, 87, 98, 90. 
Nicolaas, Niclaas, Claas, 

Nicol., 21, 62, 63, 69, 76, 

86, 87, 98, 99. 
Rebecca, 34, 46. 
Stephanus, Steph., 28, 34. 

37. 42,45.46, 54,74,79.98. 
Willem, 23, 25, 28, 35, 46, 58, 

59, 62, 76, 80, S2. p 

GrooC Grood. Abraham, 45i 54- 
Dirk, 54, 68. 
Elizabeth, 68. 
Rebecca, 62. 
Simon, 39. 
Gruum, Groen, Aaltie, 9S. 
Antie, S9. 
Edmond, 89, 9S. 
Jacob Minus. 52. 
Gunterthan, Hans Janyaen, 13. 
Gysbertsen, Gysbertsc. Catryn, 

6 3 : 

Gerrit , 56. 
"Willem, 27, 44, 6$. 


Hackings, Luuk, 97. 
Haeger, Rev., 9. 
Hagedoorn, Dirk, Dirck, 10, 71, 
81, 89, 98. 
Maria, Marretie, 71, 81, 89, 
Hale, William, 6. 

Halenbeek, Halebeek, , 14. 

Anna, 100, 103. 

Comm., 100. 

Dirck, 100. 

Elizabeth, Lysbeth, 5, n, 

39. 48. 
Feytie, 65, 71. 
Hendrik, Hendr., 13, S3, 90, 

100, 103. 
Isaac, 39. 

Jacob, 11, 81, 83, 103. 
Jan, 100. 

Maria, 8, 53, 81, 88, 103. 
Susanna", 83, 90. 100. 
Williaem, Willeni, 17, 43, 51, 
65, 71. 
Hani, Anna, 98, 106. 

Caspar, Casp., 15, 89, 98, 
Hanghin, Hoanghin. Elizabeth, 

Hansse, Hansen, Hanssene, 
Anna, 27. 
Debora, 11, 22, 27, 28, 29, 40, 

49, 55, 60, 64. So, 101. 
Henrik, Hendrik, Hendr., 
20, 22, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 
37, 49, 54, 5 8 - 6o > 6 4, 68, 
69, 80, 101. 
Johannes, Joannes, John, 
Hannes, Hans, 2, 16, 22, 

27, 40, 47, 50, 54, 61, 62, 
64, 69, 77, 88, 96, 97, ioi, 

io 3- . 

Margarita, 5, 22. 

Maria, 88. 

Sara, Zara, 29, 36, 45, 50, 55, 
61, 64, 66, 69, 70, 84, 85, 
8S, 96, 101, 103. 
Harding, Hardiks, Jan, John, 6, 

28, 46, 56. 

Harmensz. Harmensen, Bas- 

tyaen, 71. 
Catryna, Chatharina, 6S, 73, 

79* 88. 
Egbert je, Egbertie, 54, 63. 
Elbert, 2, 24. 
Levynus, Levinus, 10, 54, 6S, 

73, 70, S8, oS. 
Margarita, Margrietjen. 41, 

54, 61. 
Marretie, 6S. 
Nanning, 64. 
Rachel. 71. 7S. 84, 95. 100. 

Theunis, Teunis, n, 63, 68, 
71, 78, 84, 95- 

Thomas, ift, 19, 21, 22, 63. 

Tjerk, Tierik, 19, 64. 

Wyntje, 56. 
Harpers, Marretjen, 61. 
Harris, Herris, Jan, John, 1, 22, 

27, 44, 49. 
Harrisson, Francis, 105. 

Joh., 105. 
Haver, Chath., 16. 
Havlingh, Jenne, ico. 

'Will, 100. 
Heemstraat, Barbara, 52. 

Caatjc, 52. 

Claartje, Claartie, 25. 34. 66. 

Dirk, 1, 20, 21, 25. 26, 32. 34, 

42, 45. 5i, 5 2 - 66 - 

Margarita, 45. 

Sara, Zara, 20, 33. 41, 51. 

Takel. 42, 51. 
Helmes, Tryntje, 57. 
Helmig, Daniel, 64. 

Deborah, 64. 
1 Helston, Aaltje. 57. 
Herdriks, Henriks, Annetje, 19. 

Gerritje, 18. 24. 

Jannitje, 25. 

Joannes, 69. 

Marytje, 21. 
Heyne. Anna, 94. 
Heyps, Catharina, 13. 
Hiesoor, Stcphanus, 51. 
Hilt en, Anneke, 21. 

Bethsie, 90. 

Maria, 05, 97. 

Ryckert, 90, Q7. 

William, 21, 27, 36, 48. 
Hoes, Goes. Anna, Annetje, 15, 
24, 3- 1 . 4S. 

Christ., Styntje [Christina], 

24. 39. 96.. 
Cornelia. 17. 56. 
Dirk, 24, 3-'. 44- 
Eytie, 80. SS. 
Helena, 14. 

Jan, Johannes, q. :;. 1 . 

39. 5i. 68. 73. So. S;. 88. 
Joanna, Jannetie, 60, 70, 91. 
Judith. 40. 
Lysbeth. 39. 
Macyke, Maeyeke. 4. 24, 33, 

39, 40. 60. 
Margarita, Grietie, 8 
Matheus, Nfatthys.Tys.Thys, 

25. ja **, 5*. 5*i oc 
66. 70. 91. 

Teuntje, 5. 44. 51, 6S, 
Hogeboom, H tVntje, 

Antic. ;d. ;. 
Dirk, 54. 


Hogeboom — Continued. 

Johanna, Jannetie, 63, 82. 
Pieter, 20, 25, 31, 36, 43, 48, 
56, 60, 63, 82. 
Hoges, Hoogen, Anna, Annaatje, 
33.> 37. 48, 56, 104. 
Daniel, 87. 
Juryaan, Jurriaen, ir, 80, 87, 


Maria, Mally, 80, 87, 93, 94. 
Willem, William, 19, 27, 37, 

42, 46, 55. 
Hoioson, Daniel, 18. 
Holland, Hollant, Eduard, 100, 

Henry, 20, 26, 32, 42, 46. 
Zeely, 106. 
Hont, Hond, Hondt, Willem, 

William, 20, 24, 26, 33, 36, 

Hoogkerke, Hooghkerk, Van 

Hoogkerke, Anna, 13. 
Hendrickie, 14, 77. 
Judith, 48. 
Lucas, 2i, 22, 31, 33, 36, 52, 

55, 62, 86. 
Hoogteeling, etc., Anna, 104. 
Coenraad, Coenraet, Koen- 

raed, 20, 2S, 29, 37, 48, 57, 

62, 78. 
Jacob, 34. 
Jannetje, 34. 
Judith, 85. 
Lena, 78, 82, 90, 96. 
Maria, 90. 
Mathias, 90. 
Pieter, 104. 
Rachel, 29, 50, 62. 
Sydje, 25, 33. 
Tryntje, Tryntie, 25, 29, 39, 

48, 58, 62, 78. 
Willem, Will., 12, 71,78, 82, 

90, 96, 104. 
Horenbeek, Hoornbeek, Maria, 

Sara, 51. 
Hun, Catalvna, Catalyntie, 

Catal., 87, 89, 98. 
Hendrickie, iS. 
Joannes, Johannes, Job.., 82, 

87, 89, qS. 
Maeyke, 27, 30, 35, 64. 
Thomas, 26, 27, 31, 33, 35. 

43. 5*. 54, 64. 
Wyntje, 58. 
Huybertse, Huibertse, Jan, 4, 

rr ' 35 ' 46 ' 

Huyck, Andnes, 10, 99. 

Anna, 9, 57, 62, 66. 

Borger. Burger, 4, 25, 31, 32, 

33> 39^ 49. 6 °. 75, 95- 

Catharina, 39, 54. 
Cornelis, 77. 
Geertruy, 77. 
Johannes, Joh., 10, 17. 
Lambert, Lammert, 7, 27, 

, 2 9, 33^ 5o, 52, 57. 59, 66. 

Maicke, Mayke, 75, 95. 

Margarita, 12. 

Maria, 12, 99. 
Huyser, Maria, 90. 
Ingerson, Moses, 14. 
Ingolsby, Ingolsbie, Col., 7, 

Marry, 21. 

Wid., 20. 
Jacobse, Jacobsen, Jacobsz, Har- 
bert, Harpert, 8, 61, 72, 97. 

Marretie, 72. 

Willem, 61, 70. 
Jansz, etc., Agnietje, 20. 

Antie, 70. 

Barbara, 29, 35, 50, 60. 

Dirk, Dirck, Dick, 8, 60, 64, 

68, 72. 
Eliaan, 57. 
Engeltje, 5. 
Geertruy, 20, 53. 
Helmer, 34, 44, 70. 
Henrik, 22. 
Isaac, 20. 
Jannetje, 20, 28. 
Johannes, 2 1. 
Jonathan, 23. 

Joseph, 19, 29, 33, 42, 53, 88. 

Josina, 32. 

Lysebeth, 61. 

Margarita, 38. 

Maria, Marrytje, Marctie, 21, 
28, 60, 64, 6S, 72. 

Matthys, 39. 

Mettie, 70. 

Ritchart, Ritser, Ritgart, 
Rykaart, Rvckert, 29, 39, 
48, 58, 63, 71. 

Setie, 88. 

Teuntje, 27. 

Thomas, 39. 

Tryntie, 63, 71. 

Willem, 21, 28. 
Jeeds, Joets, Yeads, etc., Abra- 
ham, 95. 

Catelina, Catalyntje, Catal., 
etc., 41, 60, 64, 66, 69, 75, 
77, 70, S2, q>, 10:, TC4. 

Christoffel, StOttel, Christ.. 6, 
32, 41, 44. -\9- D ^, 64, 66, 

69, 75. 77. 82. 05, ::.\ 104. 
Hendrikie, Hendr., 86, S9, 

93. 05, 105. 
Huybertje, Hubertie, 20, 33, 

44. S2, 86, 90, 9r . 
Johanna, 20. 3a, 


Jeeds, Joets — Continued 

Joseph, 14, 32, 49, 68, S6, 89, 
90, 91, 93, 95, 105. 

Merry, 68. 

Robbert, 61, 68. 

Selia, 12. 
Jeems, Jeims, Rogier, 97. 

Zara, 97, 100. 
Jenkins, Sara, 7. 
Jeraleman, Antje, 25. 

Helmer, 25. 
Jerres, Stoffer, 62. 
Johnson, Mary, 6, 43, 47, 55. 
Josephs, Maria, 19. 
Kadm an, Tames, 48. 
Kajodarontje. Rachel, 51. 
Kanneda, Christ., 97. 
Karstense, Warnar, 50. 
Ketelaer, Ketelaar, Annatie, 64. 

David, 19. 
Ketelluyn, Ketelen, etc., Anna, 
16, 19. 

Daniel, 19, 27, 29, 31, 36, 43, 

46, 51. 7 1 - 

David, 19, 31, 43, 45- 

Debora, 19, 71. 

Hilletje, 46, 33. 

Joachim, 51. 

Margarita, 31. 

Maria, 29, 35, 45, 53. 

Rachel, 29, 43. 

Willem, n, 53, 71. 
Keteltas, Cornelia, 50. 
Kidny, Engel, Engeltie, 93, 99, 

John, Jan, Joh., 33, 4S, 73, 

Maria, Marrytje, 49, 70, 73, 

Roelef, Roel, 15, 93, 99, 105. 
Kierstede, Antje, 3S. 

Blanclina, 3S. 

Cornells, 34. 
Killy, Daniel, 48, 75, 81. 

5largariet, 81. 
Kilt ens, Sara, 13. 
Kip, Cip, Abraham, Abram, 22, 

35. 3 6 - 44, 45- 5 1 . 66 « 7°. 

78, 96. 
Anna, 12. 
Anthoni, 14. 
Catalyna, 14. 
Cornelia, 17, 99. 
Geesje, Geessie, 51, 70, S3, 

96, 102, 104. 
Isack, 90. 
Jacob, 35, 47- 
Margarita, 53. 
Samuel, 5. 
Susanna, 90. 
Tryntje, 27. 

Kithel, Kittel, Catharina, Cath., 

93. 102. 

Daniel, 94. 

Debora, 94. 

Xicolaas, 93, 102. 
Kitsenaar, Anna, 84, 91, 95. 
Klein, Kleyn, Bat a, 53. 

Johanna Clara, 7. 
Knickerbakker", Annetjen, Antic, 
61, 64, 75, S6, 99. 

Harmen, 24, 26. 

Jannetje, 4, 8, 36. 

Johannes, Joannes, Johs., 
Joh., 2, 26, 36, 40, 49, 55, 
61, 64, 75, 79, 86, 98, 99. 

Lysbeth. 26. 
Knipping, Helena Sophia, 10. 
Knoet, Anna, 12, 97, 103. 

Bata, 78. 

Francyntie, 103. 

Frerik, 103. 

Geertruv, 71, 7S. 86, 96. 

Jacob, 71, 78, 86, 96. 

Joannes, 7S. 

Margarita, 16. 

Walderom, Wald., 97, 103. 

Walrave, 91. 
Knyskcrk, Elizabart, Elizabeth, 

Pieter, 69. 
Koorn, Hendrik, 98. 
Kwanogweech, Jacomyn, 51. 
La Maitre, Cornelia. 35. 

Cornells. 47. 
Langet, Frans, 4. 
Langh, Clara, 63. 

Thomas, 63. 
Lansing, Abraham, Abram, 
Abr., Ab., 4, 19, 32, 34, 37, 

48, 57, 60, 65, 69, 70, 93, 
ioc, 104. 

Alida, S, 15, 24, 39, 43, 48, 

5 X » 54 

Anna, Antie, 12, 70. 

Catalyna, 84. 

Catharina, Catryntie, Ca:h., 

49, 66, 72. 73, 79, 85, tot, 
Cornelis. 70. 

Elisabeth, Lysbeth. Elyz., 
20, 24, 2S. 30, 34. 35, 36, 
40, 44. 45- 54. 55i 75- 80, 
86, 105. 

Elsje, 30. 31, 36. 37. 60. 

Engeltie. 85, 93, 04- 

Geertruy, Geertje, 4. 1 

35- ' %; - 7"- : ■ 
9S, 10 1. 
Gerrit, Gcrr., tl, 13 

34. 3;. 43, 40. S I 

75. 70. 80. 84. 85, 86, 93, 

94, 99, 1 or, 105. 


Lansing — Continued. 

Helena [see Lena], 46, 59, 60, 

67, 74, 82, 87, 96, 105. 
Henrik, Hendr., 4, 8, 25, 36, 

43. 99- 
Isaac, Isack, 4, 30, 36, 38, 54, 

57. 6 3, 7 2 , 74, 78, 80, 81, 
86, 95, 99. 
Jacob, Jac, 2, 25, 30, 34, 40, 
42, 48, 49. 53. 59. 60, 67, 

68, 69, 70, 71, 73, 74, 79, 
81, 82, 87, 89, 93, 94, 99, 

100, 101, 105. 
Jan, 28, 46, 52, 60. 
Jannetje, Jann., Jane, 31, 49, 

72, S6, 94, 95, 97, 99, 104. 

Johanna, 78, 80. 

Johannes, Joannis, Johs., 
Joh., 4, 10, 31, 37, 42, 49, 
57, 60, 61, 70, 72, 73, 76, 
77, 79, 81, 86, 92, 94, 101. 

Lena [see Helena and Mag- 
dalena], 42, 47, 53, 60, 69, 
71, 73, 74, 81, 86, 89, 93, 
94, 100. 

Magdalena, Madalena, Mad., 
52, 64, 65, 79, Si, 93, 104. 

Meindert, Meyndt, 89, 93. 

Pietcr, 5. 

Susanna, Sanna, 3, 99. 
Lapp, Anna L T rzula, 9. 
Laucks, Lauxs, Madalena, 76, 
80, 89. 

Philip, Philliph, 76, 80, 89. 
Laurensen, Laurensse, Comelis, 

6 3- 

Margarita, 28, 36, 52. 
Leenderdsz. Leendersz, Leen- 
dertse, Felix, iS. 

Jan, 57. 

Lysbeth, 21. 

Philip, 22. 

Weintje, 18. 
Lees, Andries, 22. 
Le Foy, Abraham, 35. 
Leg, Jan, 47. 

Susanna., 47. 
Le Roy, Larway, Lenvay, Jonas, 
Jona, Jon., 47, 69, 82, 91, 

101, 102. 
Jonathan, 74. 

"Maria, Marretie, 69, 74, 82, 
91, 93, 96, 101. 
-Letteson, Liddeson, Marretie, 

Williaem, William, 15, 77. 
Levis, Anthony, 59. 
Leyb, Casp., ic6. 
Ley bin, Anna, 89. 
Leych, Anna, 15. 
Leyster, Cath., 104. 

Liedts, Will., 100. 
Litser, Maria, 17. 
Littelriel, David, 72. 

Susanna, 72. 
Livingston, Liphfeston, Alida, 
23, 45. 5 2 . 62, 76. 
Catryna, Chatharina, Cath., 
62, 68, 76, 83, 91, 101, 105. 
Jennit, Jentie, 15, 87. . 
Joanna, Johanna, 15, 76. 
Joannes, 68. 

Margaret a, Margariet, etc., 

1, 18, 19, 31, 42, 43, 64, 65, 

66, 67, 70, 72, 82, 92. 

Philip, Philp, Ph., 8, 51, 52, 

58, 62, 68, 76, 83, 91, ioi, 

Robbert, Robbt., Robb., 23, 

30, 31, 3H, 42, 43, 5 1 . 5 2 - 

54, 57, 6 4, 66, 67, 69, 72, 

79, 82, 92, 101. 
Lokermans, Lokerman, Looker- 
man, Anna, Annigje, An- 

netje, 18, 23, 34. 
Catharyna, Caetje, Kath- 

arina, 19, 21, 39, 58. 
Jacob, 19. 
Lammertje, Lammetje, 1, 

23, 27, 34, 4i, 44, 48, 50. 
Maria, Marytje, Marretjen, 

19, 21, 24, 3°, 3 1 - 35, 5&> 

Matje, 23. 30, 39, 47- 
Pieter, 34. 
Lucassen, Catrina, 63. 
Claas, Claes, 56, 66. 
Jacobus, 77. 
Lucas, Lukas, 58. 65. 
Maria, 77. 
Sara, 84. 
Luwes, Lues, Elbert, 31. 
Margarita, 4, 31. 
Mary, 16. 
Tames, 46. 
Lydius, Lidius, Geertruy, 12. 
Isabella, 28, 30, 40. 
Johannes, Joh., 23, 33, 45, 

46, 4S, 91. 
Lyster, Susanna. 16. 
Maassen, Cornclis, 33, 4:, 46, ;o, 

69, 82, 84, 85. 
Geertruy, 42, 53. 
Jac, 97. 
Jacomvntje, Jacomvn, 6c, 

S2, S4. 
Jan, So, S9, oS, 104. 
Jannetie, 02. 
Joannes, Johannes, Joh., 13, 

84. Qi, 07. 

Rebecka, Rebekka, 84, 89. 
91, 97, 98, 104. 

I2 4 

Magrigeri, Patrik, 25, 33. 

Mahane, Mary, 102. 

Makinthos, John, 93. 

Marens, Marinas, Neeltje, 2, 25, 

34, 38, 49- 

Willem, 53. 
Marris, Catharina, 32. 
Marsclis, Ahasucros, Asheur., 

20, 21, 23^ 4i, 44, 5 r , 6 5- 
Anna, 12, 103. 
Barbara, Barbar, 28, 37, 42, 

52, 55, 80. 
Elizabeth, Elvzab., 67, 82, 

89, 98. 
Fytie, Titie, 67, 71, 77, 88. 
Gysbert, 20, 29, 42, 43, 67, 

71, 77, 89, 103. 
Huybertje, 32. 
Johannes, Joh., 16, 103. 
Judith, Judik, 21, 31, 36, 52, 

57, 62. 
Meyndert, 10, 67, 71, 77, 88. 
Sara, 44, 65. 
Sytje, Zytje, 19, 29, 33, 42, 

Martensen, Martense, Martensse, 
Cornells, 31, 37, 3S. 
Cristina, 12. 
Maria Christina, 87. 
Marytje, 23. 
Martyn, Martin, Patrick, 7, 45. 
Hasten, Dievertje, 1, 25. 
Matteuse, Matyssen, Annetje, 

2 3- 

Barbara, 47. 

Hans, 89. 

Henrik, 23. 

Jan, 38, 39. 

Magdalena, 38, 39. 

Maria, 10. 

Tjerk, 47. 
Mattheus, Capt., 32. 
Mcbie, Mebi, Eva, 57. 

Margarita, Grietje, 6, 45, 53. 
MecCaisland, Alexander, 7. 
Meek, Agnitie, 9. 
Mejers, Mejer, Anna, 73. 

Nicolaes, 87. 
Melchertse, Melchersen, Caspar, 

Rutgert, Ruth, 12, 22, 72. 
Melchior, Anna Elizabeth, 13. 
Mettens, Cat., 100. 

Vincent, 100. 
Meyndertse, Frederik, Frerik, 
Fr., 6, 46, 51, 53, 6o, 63, 
6S, 74, 84. 94, 105. 

Geertruy, 63. 

Harmen, 63. 

Johannes, 53. 

Neeltje, 21, 22, 26, 33. 

Reynier, Reinier, 21, 23, 29, 
30, 38, 46, 4 3, 53, 63, 7 o,' 

o 78 " 

Sara, 24, 60, 63, 68, 70, 74, 

78, 82, 84, 94, IC5. 
Millington, Thomas, 24, 32. 

Tryntje, 39. 
Mingaal, Mingaals, Mingal, Jan- 

netie; Jannigje, 10, 18, 25, 

Johannes, Johs., Joh., 1, 2, 

20, 23, 24, 27, 31, 32, 34, 

40, 42, 43, 50, 52, 53- 54, 

57, 85, 103, 105. 
Margarita, 29, ^1, 42, 45- 
Maria, Mary tie, Mar., 27, 31, 

3 2 , 33, 40, 49- 5 2 , 53- 54. 
73, 84, 89. 103. 
Pieter, 18, 19, 22, 25, 29, 32, 

Mol, Jacobus, 32. 
Moor, Elsie, 67. 

Gcsie, 74. 

Richart, Ritsert, 1, 21, 2S, 

37. 49, 74- 

Visschcrt [probably Richard], 

Morenes, Jannetjen, 59. 
Morrow, Marroew, John, 102, 
Judy, 102, 104. 
Muller, Agnietie, 65, 67, 68, 71, 
77, 85, 87, 92, gd, 103. 
Ariaentie, 90. 
Cornelis, 20, 2$, 34, 39. 42, 

51, 52, 92, 94. 
Elizabeth, Lybetie, Elys., 
71, 77, 81, 84, 91, 92. 103. 
Hilletje, 2S, 30, 31, 34, 36, 

38, 39. 51, 52. 

Jacob, 65, 71, 77, 79, 85, 92, 

Jannetje, 20, 25. 31, 36, 43, 

4S, 56, 60. 
Jeremias, 5, 25, 27, 39, 48, 

71, Si, 91. 
Joannes, Joh., 11. 71. 77, Si. 

83, 84/85, Q2, 103. 
Maria, 3. 30, 35. 4:. 50, 94. 
Rachel, 92. 

Stephanus. Steph.. 00, 94. 
StofYel, 14, 92. 
Myrryn. Anna, 15, 
Nack', Xak. .itie. 

47..-^. 64, 74 f% 
Andrics. 10, 56. 
Jan. 30. 
tenneke, 74-7^ 
Matthys, Mathys, Matthias. 

3- 3°- 3°- 5 1 - 5 6 - D ^- 7-i ■ " B 
Sophia, 30 

Nicols, Nickols, Anna, 35, 50. ( 
Nieukerke, Nieuwkerk, Anna, 

Dirk, 13. 
Dorothee, 102. 
Gerrit, 85. 
John, Jan, 14, 102. 
Nobel, Thomas, 32. 
Northen, Naarten, Rachel, 93, 

Williaem, Will., 93, 102. 
Nottingham, Elisabeth, Lys- 

beth, 28, 33, 40, 50. 
Nygel, Geertruy, 64. 

Ogleby, , 7. 

Olver, Olyvier, Charles, 46. 
John, 105. 
Marg., 105. 
Oodsdjchouwe, Rebecca, 53. 
Oostrander, V. Oostrander, Van 

Oostrander, Arent, 60. 
Elizabeth, Elyz., 70, 75, Si, 

82, 94, 102, 104. 
Joannes, Joh., 70, 75, 81, 82, 

94, 102, 104. 
Pieter, 52, 60. 
Oothout, Othout, Adriaan, 

Arien, Aryen, etc., 1, 21, 

23, 26, 27, 33, 34, 41, 45. 

50, 58, 59, 60, 6 4) 73» 79, 

Alida, 21, 67, 77. 
Catalina, Catal., 95, 105. 
Catharina, Kaatje, 26, 27, 

Dorothea, 7, 47, 55, 63. 
Fietje. 58. 
Henrik, Hendrik, Hendr., 

22, 30, 35, 36, 38, 41, 55, 

56, 6.0, 82, 95, 104. 
Hendrikkie, Hendr., 17, 98, 

Jannetje, 18, 26, 35, 46, 56. 
John, Johannes, Joan, 15, 

42, 46, 95, 105. 
Lambertje, Lamb., Lam- 

metie, etc., 22, 26, 33, 35, 

42, 44, 59, 64, 73, 79, 98. 
Maeyke, 26, 33, 43, 54. 
Marytjen, 61. 
Rebecca, 71. 
Tyke, 10. 
Ouderkerck, Abraham, Abrah., 

Abr., 5, 17, 46, 58, 70, 75, 

92, 97, 103, 105. 
Alida, 72, 87. 
Ariaentie, 103. 
Elderd. Elder t, 10, 5S, 70, 

76, 80, 87, 94, 103. 
Helena, Lena, 70, 76, 80, 87, 

94, 103. 

Isaac, Isack, Ysak, 23, 31, 
41, 51, 60, 66, 75, 80, 82, 
84, 87, 103. 
Jann., 95, 103. 
Johannes, Joannes, Joh., 15, 

21, 29, 51, S6, 95, 103. 
Maria, 10. 

Maycke, Maeyke, Mayke, 39, 

45,66,75,80,82,84,87, 103. 

Meytie, Methy, Meetie, 

Metty, 75, 92/97, 105. 
Neeltje, 51, 86. 
Pieter, 42, 87. 
Susanna, 24, 28, 36, 56, 58. 
Owens, John, 7. 
Oyjens.'Oyje, 4, 34, 43. 
Pace, Ftrancois, 7. 
Palmentier, Neeltje, 46. 
Pamerton, Jeremias, 94. 
Paree, Parys, Annetie, Antie, 

83, 92. 

Joannes. Jan, 83, 92. 
Parker, James, 27. 
Pars, Matthys, 2, 38. 
Patrik, Mary, 17. 
Pearson, Persen, Jacob, 53, 63, 
81, 83, 89, 96. 

Jan, 38. 

Jannetie, Jann., 63, Si, S3, 
89, 96. 

Margarita, 38. 
Peek, Peeks, Piek, Jacobus, 56. 

Lysbeth, 56. 

Maria, Marretic, 6, 42. 56, 70, 

Ritser, 10 1. 
Peeruker, James, 18. 
Peld, Aaltje, 47 • 
Philipsen, Philips, Philipse", Har- 
men, 9, 52. 

Maria, 52. 
Pieterse, Teunis, 28, 52. 
Pikkart, Bartholomeus, 42. 
Ploeg, Geesje, 39. 

Pieter, 39, 47. 
Poel, Elizabeth, 68. 

William, 6S, 89. 
Pootman, Arent, 45, 53. 

Victor, 6, 45, 53- 
Post, Antje, 38. 
Pouwel. Jane, iS. 
Pray, John, 37. 

Provoost, Abraham, Abram, 
40, 82. 

Jannetje, 40. S2. 
Pruyn, Pruim, Aaltje. 22, 

Amelia, Emilia, W, 08, 71, 
78, Si, 83, 91. 04 

Antje, Anna, 29, ^3> 7 6 - 

Arent, 11, 67, 73, 76, 78, 84, 
94, 95, ico, 102. 


Pruvn, Pruim — Continued. 

Barentje, Barentie, 41, 49, 

Catlyna, 73. 
Catryna, Catharina, Cath., 

76, 78, 84, 94, 100, 102. 
Christina, 6, 44. 
Frans, 2, 71, 74, 76, 83, 90, 

Helena, 2, 25, 30, 40, 49. 
Hendr., 94. 
Johannes, Joannes, Joh., 5, 

30. 35. 44, 53. 6 °> 66, 68, 

73, 78, Si, 83, 96. 
Margarita, Margariet, Marg., 

71, 83, 90, 99. 
Marytje, Maretie, Maria, 

Marr., 22, 32, 55, 66, 79, 

82, St,, 87. 91, 100. 
Samuel, Sam., 4, 32, 23, 4 1 , 

49. 55. 57. 6i, 66, 72, 74, 

81, S4, 87, 91, ICO. 
Quakkenbosch, Adriaan, 25, 34, 

45. 47. 58, 63, 70, 79, 85. 
Annetje, Antje, Anna, 2, 21, 

24, 26, 40, 42, 55, 64, 68, 

Catharina, Catryna, Katha- 
rina, Caatje, 32, 36, 42, 43, 

47. 49. 5 1 . 55. 6 3> 7°, 79. 

Claartje, 1, 20, 21, 26, 58. 
Corneka, 12, 64. 
David, 16. 
Geertruy, Geertje, 21, 27, 29, 

37, 40, 42, 49, 50, 5S, 62, 
91, 103. 

Isak, Isack, 63, 78, 91. 
Jacob, Jac., 14, 73, 91, 103. 
Jan, 34, 38. 42. 
Jannetjen, 59. 
Johannes, Joannes, Hannes, 

]ohs., 1/46, 58, 64, 72. 
Machtilda, Machtel, Mach- 

telt, 28, 32, 34, ^S, 42. 
Maria, Marytjen, 1, 21, 28, 

47. 57. 53. 62, 9S. 
Neeltie, 13, 29, 32, 40, 45, 51, 

67. 73- 77- 
Pieter, 2, 25, 26, 28, 32, 34, 

38, 49. 66 . 6 7, 73- 
Wouter, 24, 28, 29, 39, 40, 

49, S5> 6 4, 65, 69. 77. 
Rachels, Rachel, Isabella, 2^, 

33, 45- 
Ratteline, Redly, etc., Anna, 7, 

40, 5 2 « 57, 1C 3> io 5- 
Elyzabeth, 07. 
Jan, John, 19, 20, 40, 50, 52. 
Joannes, Joh., 12, 77, 82, 90, 

97, 101. 

Lambert, 17, 75, 77, 88, 95. 

Marg., 99. 

Rachel, 50, 52, 56, 75. 77, 95. 

Sam., 103. 

Willem, 97. 

Zelia, 77, 82, 90, 97, 101, 105. 
Rees, Andries, 33, 37, 44, 56. 

Benjamin, 100. 

Cornelia, 5. " 

Geertruy, 31, 45, 57, 100. 

Jan, 3, 33, 44, 51. 

Mana, S3- 

Willem, 30. 
Renjejz, Sara, 66. 
Reyers, Reyertse, Ryerts, An- 

netjc'44, 47- 
Marrytje, 23. 
Reyndertse, Antje, 22. 
Reynier, Sara, 74. 
Reypel, John, 14. 
Rinkhout, Geertruy, 39. 
Robberts, John, 16. 
Roelofs, A alt j en, 61. 

Albert, 61, 71, 76, 77, 84, 91. 
Annaatjen, 59. 
Barber, 72. 

Dirckie, 71, 76, 77, 84, 91. 
Geertruy, 64. 
Gerrit. 6, 59. 
Hendrik, 64, 72. 
Joannes, 64, 72, 76. 
Margariet, 72, 76. 
Marvtie, 64. 
Rogers,' Rodgers, Rogiers, Wil- 
liam, 6, 15, 43. 47. 55- 
Rommeli, Rumblv, Annaatjen, 
Johanna, 63. 
Jonathan, S, 55. 
Rooseboom, Roseboom, Rosen- 
boom, Catharina. 93. 
Debora, 38. 40. 44, 63, 68, 7c, 

74. 76. 
Elisabeth, Lysbeth, Elsie, 

10, 28, 38. 61, 91, 103. 
Geertruv, 76, S3. 91. 
Gerrit, 24, 28, 31, 33, 4*1 46, 

66, 6S, 03. 
Gerritie, Gerretie, 19. 21. 26. 

28, 54. 65, 73 n - . so. 

Gvsbert. 15, 03. 

Hendrik, Henrik. lienor . iS. 

10. 27. »8, j8, 40. 5: 

6S. 70. 73. 74. S3. 
Jacob, it, 7< 
Johanna. Joh-., IQ, :i. 2%, 

39,50,54 ; • ^ 5 • 
Margariet, Margarii '2. iS, 

- 5 • 
Maria, 37. 44. 47- 6 °. 66 - 7°« 
73. 75. 88. 99, 


Rooseboom — Continued. 

Meyndert, Meiridert, 5, 40, 
44, 45. 54, 60, 66, 73, 
Ro., 103. 
Rosa, Roos, Weintje, Wvntie, 

8, 54, 76, 80. 
Rosier, Rosy, Elisabeth, Lys- 
beth, 25, 63. 
Jan, 33, 63. 
Roul, Royl, Ann. Doret. Mary, 

Dort. Marg., 65. 
Nicolaes, 65. 
Rouwvillc, Rowville, Antoine, 

7. 5 2 - 
Rutgers, Rutgert, Anthony, 18, 

Elsje, 18, 30, 60. 
Harmen, Harmanus, 30, 60. 
Henrikje, 18. 
Tryntje, 45. 
Rutse, Engeltje.n, 62. 
Ruytter, Anna, 8. 
Ryckman, Rykmans, Albert, 3, 
20, 21, 23, 25, 28, 30, 31, 
32, 36, 44, 45- 53, 5 6 > 73, 
74, 94, 1 or. 
Hannen, Hermanus, 23, 44, 

47, 5°»- 6 4> 7°, 73- 
Helena, 74, 85. 
Lena [see Helena and Mag- 

dalenaj, 78, 101. 
Magdalena, Madelena, 15, 

57, 7?, 92. . . 
Margarita, Grietje, 5, 18, 23. 
Maria, Mary, 11, 31, 41, 47, 

.5°, 6 4- 
Pieter, 49, 50, 82. 
Pieternella, Nelletie, 43, 74, 

82, 100. 
Tobias, Tob., 11, 55, 57, 74, 

85, 101. 
Tryntje, 23, 30. 
Wilhelmus, 92. 
Rykse, Ryxsen, Anna, 60, 72, 

79, 83, 97- 
Barbar, Barber, 62, 71. 
Evert, 62, 65, 71, 83, 99. 
Gerrit, 29, 35, 60, 62, 71. 
Maas, Maes, 37, 50, 60, 72, 

79,S 3 ,97. 
Margarita, Margnctje, 35, 

Marretie, Marr., 65, 71, S3. 
Salomonse, Jan, 49. 
Sanders, Zanders, Barertt, Bar., 
4. 34, 36, 44, 46, 47, 49. 6 -> 
68, 69, 84, 87, 98, 99. 
Capt., 19. 

Elisabeth, Lysbeth, Elsje, 

5, 19, 36, 46. 
Emilia, Milia, 5, 19, 33, 44, 

53. 60. 
Helena, Lena, 4, 37, 42, 49, 

58, 61. 
Maria, Marretie, Merrv, 24, 

33, 60, 62, 69, 84, 85, 98. 
Matje, Mattie, 47, 87,. 99. 
Sardam, Tennis Pietersse, 36. 
Saxburry, Merry, 95. 

Nicolaas. 95. 
Schaats, Agnietje, Aggenietjc, 
3, 30, 36, 51, 56. 
Bartholomeus, 64. 
Schans, Syansch, Catharina, 
Cath., 90, 93, 99. 
Christyaan, Christ., 14, 90, 

93, 99- 
Scharp, Andries, 20. 

Ariaantje, 22, 33, 44, 56. 
Catryna, Katharina, 3, 14. 
Cornelia, Neeltje, 29, 31, 37, 

Elyzab., Lysbeth, 38, 64, 

Geertruy, 20, 37, 66. 
Gysbert', 2, 19, 22, 26, 31, 33, 

39, 48, s8, 64, 6S, 69, 100. 
Hilletie, 68, 75, 81, 88, 101. 
Jannetje, 4. 39, 47- 
Johannes, Jobs., 20, 31, 45, 

5 6 - 57, 66 - 
Laurens, Laur., 39, 45, 68, 

75, Si, SS, ior. 
Maria, 96. 105. 

Thomas, Thorn., Tho., 15, 96, 
Schepmoes, Rachel, 35, 47, 5 2 - 

Willem, 47. 
Schermerhoorn, Anna, Antic, 
69, 76, S2, S3, 89, 91, 96, 
98, 102, 105. 
Arent, 10, 69. 
Catlina, Catelyntje, 6, 9, 24, 

43, 50. 59- 

Cornells, Corn., 10, 21, 26, 

36, 43. 46, 47. 5 1 - 57- ^4, 

88, 96. 90. 
Elizabeth, El., 77, 91, 9 6 > 99- 
Elsie, Si, 8q, 99. 
Gerritie, GcrTetie, 43, 81. 
Hendrik, Hend., Si, S9, 99, 

Jacob, Jak., 9, 10, 13. 18, 1 :. 

43, 4S, 53, 57. 59, 7 T - 74. 

76, 77, Si, 82, S3, 89, 90, 

91, Q(>, 9S, IOn. 

Jannetie, Janneke, 21, 53. 

55, 62. 
Joannes, Joh., S4. 00, 102. 


Schermcrhoorn — Continued. 
Margarita, Gricttic, 84, 88. 
Marrytje, Marretie, Marr., 

r 5** 55. 82, 99, 105. 
ISeeltje, 1, 21, 26, 31, 38, 48, 

Rejer, Reyer, 17, 18, 51. 
Sanna, Zuzanna, 69, 71. 
Schoonmaker, Catl., 105. 
Elsie, 87. 
Joh., 16, 95. 
Schoth, Anna, 16. 
Schouten, Gcrrit, 20. 
Schuts, John, 16. 
Schuyler, Abraham, 18, 21, 33, 

36, 43- 53. 60. 
Alida, 58, 65, 72, 90, 99. 
Anna, 12, 90, 99. 
Arent, 98. 
Catalyna, Catelyntje, Catal., 

9, 2i, 28, 35', 40, 59, 62, 

Catharina, Chath., 92, 97, 98. 
David, 15, 18, 30, 52, 40, 41, 

59, 60,^72, 84, 87, 90, 99. 
Elisabeth, Lysbeth, 22, 23, 

24, 36, 39, 43, 45, 46, 47, 

5°. 53^59,68,78,82,85,96. 
Elsje, Elzie, 41, 47, 51, 56, 

72, 79, 96. 
Geertruy, 10, 18, 21, 23, 48, 

63, 67, 68. 
Harmannus, Harm., 16, 85, 

9 2 , 97- 
Jacob, 40. 

Jacobus, 4, 18, 23, 28, 32, 33. 
Jeremias, 101. 
Johannes, Joh., 4, iS, 20, 22, 

23, 26, 31. 32, 36, 45. 47, 

64, 78, 82, 85, 96, 98. 
Margarita, Margritha, 15, 20, 

23, 30, 33, 38, 46, 52, 57, 
86, 87, 90, 92. 
Maria, Marytje, Marretje, 25, 

33, 34, 35, 3S, 50, 58. 59, 

Meindert, Meyndert, Meindt, 

29, 35, 60, 76, 78, 88, 90, 

92, 96, 99. 
Nicolaes, 11, 72, 74, 79. 
Phillip, 14. 15, 22, 24, 43, 53, 

72, 90, 92. 
Pieter, Pr., 2, 7, 16, 18, 19, 

23, 25, 27, 38, 46, 4S, 59, 

64, 79, 81, 83, 92, 9S, 101. 
Rachel, Racheltje, 19, 22, 28, 

31, 33, 36. 45. 55, 66 , 73- 

75, 7$, 8 3> 9^, 99- 
Susanna, 70, 90, 101. 
Sehly, Jenny, Jeanny, 20, 26, 32, 


, Selyns, Margarita, 23. 
I Senyly, Abram, 69. 
Shenks, Capt., 52. 
Sieverse, Siewerts, Siwera, Class, 

8, 19, 24, 30, 39, 40. 
Singer, Henrik, 38. 
Jannetje, 38. 
Maria, 38, 45, 57. 
Sinhoo, Jacob, 104, 

Matnamskwaa, 104. 
Sithnem, John, 17. 
Slingerland, Van Slingerlant, 
Albert, Alb., 2c, 23, 31, 32, 
52, 68, 78, 85, 87, 91, ico, 
Anna, 17, 104. 
Arent, 18, 23, 31, 56, 60. 
Cornells, 57, 68. 
Eggie, 68. 

Elisabeth, Eliz., 1, 87, 97. 
Engeltie, 12, 85, 94. 
Geertruy, 20, 23, 76. 
Hester, "Hest., 23, 31, 52, 68, 

91, 100, 104. 
Joh., 17, 104. 
Maria, 30, 57. 
Neeltie, 55. 
Rachel, Racheltje, 1, 23, 31, 

40, 52, 60. 
Theunis, Theuis, Th., 14, 17, 
84, S6, 87, 97. 
Sluyter, Sluiter, Cornells, 14. 
Sara, 64, 69. 
Wfllem, 64, 69. 
Snvder, Snevder, Anna, 65. 
Elyzabeth, 9S. 
Jacob, 16, 65, 9S. 
Spoor, Barentie, 10. 

Gen-it, 45, 62. 67, 73, 75, 70. 
Johannes, Joannes, 3S, 45, 

57, 79- 
Maria, Marytje, 18, 45, 62, 

67, 73, 75. 79,-83- 
Springsteen, Caspar, 53. 
Spys, Pieter. 65. 
Staats, Staas, Staets, Abraham, 

Abram, iS. 26, 34, 40, 50. 

60. 64. 74. 76. 81. 
Anna. Antje, iS, 24, 31, 5:, 

35. 05- 
Barent, 2, 24, 31. 4c. >o, 59, 

64, 77, 78. Si. 86, o.\ 05- 
Catharina, Katharir.a, Ca- 

trina, 10. 20. ?4. JX, 37. 44. 

51. 60, 62. 
Colonel, 27. 
Debora, 10, *8, 4c 
Elisabeth. Elsje. Lysbeth, 

iS, to, 3:, 50, co, 04, 72, 

74. 81. 
Isabella, 6c, S3. 


St&ats. Staas — Continued. 
I sack, 80. 

Jacob, 19, 31, 60, 64, 76, 82. 
jochcm, Jochum, 18, 20, 22, 

24, 3*« 

Maria, 14, 62, 64, 76. 
Neeltie, 04, 7 8 » 8l . 86 . 95- 
Ritsert, 95- 

Rykje, 19. 22, 26, 31. 

Samuel, 64. 
Blaring, Catryna, 68. 

Nicolnes, 68. 
Stevens, Steevens, Elizabeth, 97. 

Will., 97- 
Storv. Eleon, 102. 

Helena, 97. 

Tho., 97, 102. 
Stout, Willem, 1. 
Swart, S warts, Adam, 39. 

Cristyna, 66. 

Jannetje, 22, 31, 41, 51. 

Jesaias, 55. 
Swartwoud, Bernhardus, Bar- 
nardus, 35, 47. 5 2 - 

Eva, 32, 42, 51. 

Rachel, 35. 
Sw*its, Ariaantje, 9. 

Cornelis, 3, 29, 35, 39, 41, 48, 
64, 69, 73, 85. 

Hesther, Hester, Hessie, 64, 

69. 73- s 5- 

Isaac, 29, 41. 

Rebecka, Rebecca, 11, 64. 

Susanna, 29, 41, 68. 
Syinense, Folkert, 62, 68. 

Gesrit, 57. 

Jannetie, 68. 

Joannes, Johannes, 13, 53, 
68, 84. 

Pieter, 43 . 53- 

Sanna, 84. 
Takelsen, Takelse, Taakels, 
Clara, 78. 

Dirk, 58, 78. 

Saartje, 21. 
Tannson, John, -Jan, 12, 78. 

Maria, 78. 
Tassama, Moeset, 1, 22, 27, 44.49. 
Tebuch, Mary, 46. 
Tejasse, Johannes, 53. 
Teller, Tellers, Johannes, 5S. 

Margarita, 9. 

Willem, 25, 41. 
Telleth, Marg., 102. 

Neth., 102. 
Ten Bosch, Dorothea, 39. 
Ten Broek, Ten Broeck, Anna 

Cm 96. 

Anna Catharina, 7, 49, 61. 
Catharina, Catryntje, Caat- 
jen, Cat Cathie., 25, 30, t>3> 

43. 49. 53. 59. 61, 64, 71, 7 2 - 

76, 79, 80, 85, 87, 90, 91,94, 


Christina, Styntje, 2, 13, 27, 

32, 41, 49, 58, 64, 06, 76, 

77, 84, 88. 
Dirck, Dirk, 11, 20, 28, 32, 

58, 61, 64, 66, 71, 75, 76, 

77, 82, 83, 84, 86, 91,-97, 
^ 98, 99- 

Elisabeth. Elsje, Lysbeth, 

20, 27, 36, 40, 45, 55, 59. 
Geertruy, 33, 43- 
Jacob, 80, 91. 
Johannes, Joh., 8, 11, 43, 55, 

59. 7 2 - 7 6 » 79. So, 85, 88, 
90, 92, 94, 98, 102, 103. 

Lydia, Lidia, 3. 21, 26, 28, 

39. 53- 
Margarita, Marg., 71, 77, 83, 

88, 91, 97, 99. 
Maria, Marretie, 66, 67, 71, 

72, 76, 77, 84, 88, 90. 
Samuel, 9, 49. 53. 67, 71, 76, 

So, 88. 
Sara, 38. 

Tobias, 11, 72, 77, 84, 85, 90. 
Wessel, 1, 19, 21, 28, 30, 33, 

38, 39, 40, 41, 45- 48, 49. 

58, 59, 64, 72, 76, 77, 91. 
Ten Eyk, Andries, 38. 

Barcnt, 1, 21, 26, 31, 38, 42, 

43. 4S, 55. 
Coenraat, Coenraad. 5, 21, 

29. 3i. 35- 36, 40, 42, 58, 

63, 69, 76, 82, 90, 100. 
Geertie, Geertje, Geer., 17, 

26, 3$, 47, 66, 75, S4, S9, 

90, 99. 
Gerritje, Gerretie, Gerr., 4S, 

63, 69, 76, S2, 90, 96, 100, 

Henrik, Hcndrik, IIendr.,-6, 

47, 5 2 . 5 s . 6 3, 64, 69, 71, 

78, S2, S7, 95, 96. 
Jenn., Jenneke, 18, 78, 00. 
Margarita, Griettie. Marg., 

^2, 64, 69, 71, 7S, Sj. 87, 

SS, 96. 
Maria, 47. 
Moycka, Mavke, Maeyke, 10, 

3 S, 58. 
Neeltje, Neeltie, 20, 46, 64, 

6 9. 73. So - 
Tobias, 6q, 71. 
Teunisse, Tcunissen, Teunisz, 

Anna, 22. 
Dirkje, 24. 
Egbert. 2, 21 , 25. I 
Jacob, iS, 23. 20. 30, 44. 55< 


Teunisse — Continued. 

Marrytjc, 29. 

Willempje, 25, 36, 49. 
Tewagkerat, Ezras, 53. 

Necltje. 53. 
Thcuwese, 1 ewezen, Cornelia, 62. 

Robbert, 13. 
Thomasz, Thomasse, Thomasze, 
Hariri en, 19. 

Johannes, 18. 

Mekke, iS. 

Thomas, 2. 
Thorn, John, Jan, 5, 45. 
Tippen, Johanna, 18. 
Tipping, Tippines, Aaltje, Alida, 


Tjerks, Rachel, 21. 
Tol, Eva, 57. 
Tower, Anna Maria, 35. 
Trephagen, Trophagen, Johan- 
nes, 38. 

Rebecca, 39. 
Truex, Abraham, Abram, 63, 
66, 69, 77. 

Christina, 63, 66, 77. 
Tuck, Rouih, 07. 

Wilh., 97. 
Turk, Turck, Alida, 57. 

August inns, 16, 92, 

Catharina, 27. 

Jacobus, Jacob, 5, iS, 27, 33, 

40, 44, 5 T - 
Johs., 57. 
Teuntje, 40. 
Turner, William, 3, 30, 34. 
Tymensen, Teimesen, Heldert, 

Elderd. 62, 66, 70, 71. 
Hesther, Hessie, 66, 70, 71. 
Marytje, 58. 
Tyssen, Tysse, Blandyna, 77. 

Cornelia, 20. 
Uzile, Usilc, Anna, 104. 

Cornelia, Corn., 11, 69, 79, 

82, 84, ici, 104. 
David, 101. 
Elizabeth, 82. 
Helena, 12, 74. 
Maria, 47. 
Pieter, 17, 47, 74, 79, 82, 91, 

93, 94. 9 6 - io 4- 

Van Alen, V. Alen, , 16. 

Catharina, 20, 27, 35, 43, 53. 
Christ yna, 9, 24. 
Emme : tje, 50. 
Evert. 2> 2 - 
Jacobus, 17, 75. 
Jannetje. 24, 34. 
Jesyna, Josyna, 61, 69, 77. 
Johannes, johs., 2, iS, 21, 

26, 27, 32, 34, 35, 41, 43> 

49, 53, 5S, 03. 

Laurens, 26, 30, 32. 3 ; 
Maria, Marreiie. Mai 

13, 20, 26, 32, 40, 42^ 44.' 

60, 62, 67, 71. 77 

9°, 93. 97- 
Pivier, 5, 40, 51, 54, 61, 69, 

Rachel, 14. 
Sara. 18, 32, 84. 
Stephanus, "Slefanus, 3, 30, 

3 1 , 35. 42, 50, 56, 60, 61, 

67, 82, 90. 
Wiilem, William, Will.. 18, 

20, 24, 27, 32, 41, 45, 52, 

53. 5 6 - 62, 71, 77, 86, 97. 

Van Alsteyn, , 17. 

Abigael, 13, 66, 67. 
Abraham, 20, 25. 29, 31, 37, 

47. 54. 57- 67, 77, 84, 87. 
Catharina, Tryntje, 2, 25, 27, 

34, 42, 52, 66, 71. 
Cornelia, Corn., 48, 66, 74, 

76, 85, 91, 94, 105. 
Cornells, Corn., 3, 30, 37 

48, 52. 62, 74, 83, 85, SS, 
90, 101. 

Dirkje, Dirckie, 4, 12, $3> 

37, 4S. 56, 61, 96. 
Dorothe, 96, 102. 
Eva, 10, 105. 
Geertruy, Geertje, 6, $3- 
Harmcn, Harm., 16, 96, 1:;. 
Helena, 17. 


40, 5°, 57- 

Jacob, Jak., 17, 67, 80, 87, 

Jan, Johannes, John, Joh., 

14, 15, 56. 59, 66, 74, 75, 

S3, Q(.. JOT, IO4. 

Jannetje. 30. 34. 
Joehum, Joch., S7, 99. 
Lamberd, 10, 25. 
Liclia, 50. So, 94, 101. 
Margarieta, Grietic, S7. 06. 
Maria, Marrytjc. Marri: ie. 
Marr., 31, 37, 4?. 50. 67, 

74, 7 5-77, *3. ^4. 85. S6 < 

S7, 90, 93, 94, 101, 104, 

io 5- 
Marten, Maninus. Mart g, 

29, 30. 41, jo, 53, 5 

66, 76, 85, or, 04. 105. 
Pieter, $7. 00. 
Pictert, 101. 
Sander, 06. 
Teuius, i: ;. 
Tito::.. ' Tit. v. 13,18,7. 

86, 93 ' 
Van An rpen, 

Maria. Mar.. 02. 103. 
Simon, or, 1:; 


Van Arnhem, Van Aarnhcm, V. 
Arnhem, Abrani, Abra- 
ham, Abrah., Abf., 15, 86, 
92, 93, 101, 104, 105. 

Alida, 92, 93, 105. 

Bessie, 101. 

Ha., 104. 

Hesther, Hessie, 37, 81, 86, 

93- i°5- . 

I sack, 16, 99, 104. 

Jan, John, 24, 32, 41, 50. 

Jann., 99, 104. 

Rachel, 106. 

Rebecca, P>$. 

Sara, 13, 74. 
Van Baleri, Henrik, 49. 
Van Benthuysen, Bait us, Bal- 
thazar, Balth., 46, 49, 57, 

71, 80, 92. 
Catelyntje, 49. 
Catharina, 5, iS. 
Geerlruy, 13. 
Lidia, 17, 71, 80, 92. 
Marten, 80. 

Van Brakel, Catryna, 63. 

Gerrit, 63. 
Van Brug, Ver Brugge, Catha- 
rina, S, 26, 35, 46, 51, 57, 

Pieter, 22, 35, 36, 37, 43, 51, 

53- 54, 57. 5 8 . 62 > 66 » 74, 

75, 86, 102. 
Sara, 27, 36, 38, 46, 51, 53, 

67, 7 2 , 74. 
Van Bueren, V. Buuren, Anna, 

Ariaentie, 72, 106. 
Barent, 14, 106. 
Cathalyntje, 58. 
Catharina, Catryna, 14, 28. 
Cornells, 3, 17, 24, 32, 40, 51, 

Dirkje, 41. 
Eytie, 14. 

Geertruy, 64, 74, 79, 93. 
Hcndrik, Hendr., 93. 
Hendrikie, Hendryckie, 64, 

72, 75, 79- 

Judith, Judithie, 62, 65. 

Lysbeth, 32. 

Maas, Maars, 24, 33, 62, 79, 

Magdalena, Madalena, 28, 

36, 51, 59, 79. 
Maria, Marrytje, Marntie, 

Marr., 3, 16, 19, 20, 23, 29, 

36, 43. 57, 6r, 86, 93, 97, 

10 1, 106. 
Marten, Maartcn, Mart., 14, 

19, 20, 24, 26, 36, 4S, 57, 

Pieter, P., 8, 23, 36, 45, 48, 
51, 59, 60, 61, 64, 72, 74, 

Tobias, 15, 92. 
Van Corlaar, Arent, 74, 84. 
Benoni, 19. 
Elisabeth, Lysbeth, 24, 25, 

37. 39. 4», 49. 55. 6S, 89. 

Johanna, Anna, 8, 42, 55. 
Maria, 69, 70. 74, 80, 84, 96. 
Van Cortlant, Kortland, etc., 

Corn., 98. 
Frederick, 16. 
Geertruy, 43, 69. 
Jacob, Jac, 62, 65. 
Maria, 25, 30, 35, 43, 50, 58. 
Olof, 30. 
Philip, 50, 65. 
Stephanus, 69. 
Van Dam, Debora, 29, 37, 58. 
Van den Bergh, Van Bergen, etc., 

Aaltie, Alida, 76, 81, 97, 

98, 105. 
Adam, iS. 
Antic, Anna, Antje, 10, 16, 

39, 72, 80, 85, 87, SS, 94, 

95, 101, 104. 
Ariaentie, 11. 
Barent, 27, 39, 47, 55. 
Bethi, 72. 
Cathalyna, Catalyntie, Catat. , 

Cat." 56, 63, So, 82, S3, 8s, 

89, 92, 93, 100, 103. 
Catryna, Catharina, Tryntje, 

Ca'th., 10, 27, 37, 43, 48, 

61, 64, 73, 74, 75, 77. 79, 

83, 85, 90, 91, 98, 99, 102. 
Claes, 13, 85, 88, 95. 
Cornelia, 5, 25, 41, 50, 59. 
Comelis, 2, 3, 22, 24, 25, 27, 

29, 41, 44, 7°. 9 2 - 
Eckbertie, Echbertie, 70, 78, 

81, 90. 
Engeltie, 102, 10;. 
Cx., 63. 
Geertje, Geertruy, Geertr.. 1. 

14, 21, 30, 40, 58, 62, 6^, 

75- 7 6 - 78, 82, 84, So, 91, 

02, 93, 94, 9S, 9Q. 100, 105. 
Gerrit, Gcrr., 16, 59, I 

68, 70, 7 2 > 73. 75. 77. 7». 
79, So, Si, S3, 85, 87, 58, 

S9, 90, qi, 94, 05, 9 s . 99. 
101, 102, 104, 105. 
Gerritje, Gcrreiie. 9, 12, 27, 

30, 47, 57, 61, 75. 
Goz., og. 

Gvsbert, i, 2^, 40, 48, 5°. 5°- 
'63, 76. 79- 82, S5, 89, 92, 

03, 100. 
Huvbert, 30. 

x 3 2 

Van den Bergh, — Continued. 
Marretje, Maria, Marytje, 3, 

14, 27, 30, 39, 41, 50, 52, 

57, 62, 70, 88, 92. 
Marten, 11, 74, 79, 85, 95, 

Mathias, Matheiis, Math., 12, 

75, 76, 80, 83, 85, 93, 103. 
Neeltje, 2, 24, 28, 31, 4c, 50, 

T. 59 " 

Petrus, 18, 72. 

Ritchart, Ritser, 25, 50, 62, 

c 77 ' 

Sara, 17. 

Susanna, 8S. 

Theuntie, Teuntie, 92, 101. 

Volkie, Folkie, 64, 75, 76, 89, 

Wilhelmus, Willem, WUhelm, 

Wilh., 12, 22, 23, 39, 61, 

64, 76, 78, 86, 88, 91, 92, 

94, 100, 105. 
Wynand, Wyn., 1, 11, 15, 23, 

25, 34, 42', 44, 47, 5°, 5 6 . 

64, 66, 73, 75, 77, 81, 89, 

94, 97, 98, 101. 
Van den Bosch, Isack, 62. 
Van der Boog, Anna, 22. 
Van der Heyde, Anna, ^, 92. 
Catharina, 24, 32. 
Cornelia, Corn., 19, 49, 82, 

91, 96. 
Dirck, Dirk, 12, 19, 29, 31, 

36, 41, 43- 49, 53, 74, 88, 

Eckbenie, Eckbert., 74.. 96. 
Geesje, 22, 36. 
Hester, 88, 93. 
Jacob, 14, 64, 74, 8S, 93, 94, 

Joh., 17. 
Math., 93. 
Rachel, 17, 19, 22, 31, 36, 74, 

Rebccka, 12. 
Van der Karre, Dirck, Dirk, 13, 

22, 29, 34, 36, 54, 61, S9, 

Fytje, 22, 34. 
Jannetie, 17. 

Madalena, Madal., 89, ici. 
Van Der Lin, V. D. Lyn, Van 

der Lyn, Geertruy, 104. 
Mary, 104. 
Pieter, 04. 
Van der Poel, V. D. Pocl, 

Abraham, Abram, Abrah., 

10, 43- 65, 68, 73, 75, 8r, 

82, 92, xox. 
Antie, Anna, 65, 68, 75, 77, 

7S, Si, 82, 92, 94, 101. 

Ariacntie. Alicntie, : 

93, 97, is°- 
Catharina, Catryntjen, Tryn- 

tie, Chath., 19, 28, 32, 35, 

40, T5.-49, 5 2 > 50, 60, 65, 

67, 68, 70, 75. 78, 85, 6 7> 

88, 92, 93, 97, 99. 
Elbertie, 14. 

Elisabeth, Lysbeth, 18, 19, 
^ 2 5- 32. 
Gerrit, 27. 
Laurens, 97. 
Maria, 18, 27. 
Melchert, Melgert, 20, 24, 27, 

35, 40, 43, 45, 50. 52, 53, 

60, 67, 68, 75, 88. 
Wynand, "Wyn., 6, 43, 45, 49, 

52, 59, 65, 70, 73, 75, 7 o, 

85, 87, 92, 93, 07. 
Van der Schuive, Cornelia, n. 
Van der Volge, Van der \ 

Ariaentie. 11. 

Cornells, 63. 
Lysbeth, 54. 

Maria. 22, 53, 54, 56. 
Neeltje, 43, 53. 54. 
Sara, ^^, 07. 
Teunis, 53, 67. 
Van der Werke, Aaltje, 7, 26, 47, 

54, 55, 61. 
Albert, Alb., 4, 26, 33, 37, 47, 

48, 56, 67. 10 1. 
Catharina, Katharina, Tryn- 

tje, 6, 36, 43, 49, 58. 
Dirkje, Dirckie, 41, 52, 53, 

G.. 6S. 

Geertruy, 14, 54. 

Gerrit, Gcrr., 26, 35, 103. 

Henrik, Hendr., 43, 73, 93, 

Jannetie, Jannetje, 17, 43, 

Joannes, Johannes. Job., n, 

40, 54, 68, 8 j. 89, ( - 
Marqariera, Marg., 82, So, 97. 
Maria, Manytje, Mai 

48, 58, tS. 73. So, 90, 103. 
Nicolaes, So. 
Van der Wilge, V. der Wi 

D. Wilge, Cat 1 

arina, Cath., So, 87, |, 

Joannes, J eh., 13. 

Van der Zee. Albert, 5. 41, 4; 

53- 50- 
Anna. Anne: ie. 31. 40, 
Elizabel h, 14, 75, So. 


Van der Zee, — Cont'd. 

Hilletje, Hilletie, 41, 93. 
Johanna, Jannetie, Jann., 

74, 86, 97. 

Wouter, 22, 31, 41, 51, 74, 

75, 84, 86, 93, 97. 

Van Deusen, Abraham, Abram, 

15, 26, 34, 44, 93- 
Bala, 73, 80, 87, 96, 104. 
Catalyna, Catalyntie, 12, 13, 

15, 25, 67, 70, 76. 
Catharina, Cath., 29, 41, 93. 
Christina, Styntie, 66, 71, 75, 

88, 95- 

Cornelia, 25, 33, 41, 51. 
Elbertie, 97. 

Elizabeth, Lisebeth, Lysbeth, 
Lybetie, 23, 40, 50, 60, 67, 

7 2 > 73, 95- 
Engeltie, Engel, 10, 13, 31, 

76, 84. 

Harbert, Harpcrt, Harb., 
Herbert, 8, 23, 30, 37, 41, 
47, 52, 66, 67, 70, 76, 77, 

79, 86, 93, 99. 

Helena, Lena, 8, 47, 54, 67, 

70, 77, 79, So, 86, 93, 99. 
Isaac, Isack, 6, 43, 54, 73, 80, 

87, 96, 104. 
Jan, Joannes, Joh., 3, 9, 66, 

71, 75, 88, 95. 
Jannetjc, 3, 31, 37, 49, 5 8 - 
Margarita, 16, 80, 94. 
Maria, Marytje, Marretie, 20, 

28, 29, 32, 34, 37, 38, 45, 

47- 5°, 57, 6 5- 
Marten, 14, 97. 
Mat hens, Teeuwis, Tewys, 

12, 20, 34, 37. 76, 84. 
Melchert, Melgert, 49, 62, 80. 
Robert, 19. 
Ruth, Ruthgert, 3, 2^, 26, 

20, 34, 43, 67, 74, 7 6 > 7 8 > 

80, 94. 
Sara, 2. 

Weyntje, 18, 29, 34. 40, 51. 

Willem, Will., 19, 23, 24, 28, 
38, 105. 
Van de \\ aater, Benjamin, 89. 

Engeltie, 89. 
Van Driessen, Eva, 67, 72, 78, 
86, 94, 96. 

Joannes, 78. 

Johanna, 67. 

Maria, 96. 

Petms. Pieter, P., 9, 62, 67, 

72, 78, 86, 94, 96. 

Van Dyck, Arent, 16, 102, 105. 
Catelyna, 13. 
Christyna, Christ., So, 84, 88, 

89, 91, 98, 99, 104, 105. 

Cornells, Corn., Co., 15, 84, 

91, 05, 101, 102. 
David, 13, So, 84, 88, 89, 91, 

93. 95. 9 6 > 9 S > io 4, 105- 
Elisabeth, 59. 

Henrik, Hendrik, 19, 23, 33. 
Hcyltic, 102. 
Jacobus, 65. 
Jacomina, Jacomyntje,. 33, 

34, 45- 5 2 . 6 5- 94- 

Lydia, 95. 

Marytje, Maria, 19, 53, 69, 

84, 91, 95, 101, 102. 
Pieter, 95. 
Van Eps and Van Esch [see 

Van Ness]. 
Van Ettcn, Heyltje, 38. . 
Van Era liken, Van Frank, Anna, 

7*. 99- 

Ariaantje, 37. 

Barbar, 101. 

Evert, 9, 58. 

Geertruy, Geertr., 7, 46, 54, 

61, 64, 68, 73, 85, 91, 95, 

Gerrit, Ger., 50, 71, 101. 
Maas, 82. 
Margarita, Grietie, Grietye, 

43, 55- 5 8 > 73- 
Maria, Marytje, 55, 58, 101. 
Niclaas, Claas, Claes, 37, 42, 

50, 58, 62, 6S, 73, 85, 98. 
Reyk, Ryck, Rykert, 91, 99, 

Uldrik, Aldrik, Olderik. Ul- 

ryck, 15, 55, 5S, 61, S3, 98. 
Van H'oescn, Caspar, Casper, 1, 

21, 23, 31, 39, 40. 4 


47, S 2 , 57, 6o > 79, 85. 
Catalyna, 79. 
Jacob, 26. 
Jan, 3, 5, 28. 
Jannetje, 20. 
Johannes, S, 20, 28, 34. 
Maria, 17. 
Racheltje, Rachel, 21, 26, .14, 

79, 85. 
Tiete, 24. 
Voikje, Volkie, Folkje, 1,17, 

23, 34, 5°, 5 6 - 
Willempie, 62. 
Van Hoogen, Mally, 6S. 
Van Hooru, Cornelis. 15. 
Van Iveren, Van Yvere, Afida, 

94. 90- 
Antie, Anna, 32. 44, 55, ;j. 

Ariaenue, 94. 
Casparus, 00, 04- 

Frederik, 44. 
Geertruy, 56. 
Johannes, 44. 


Van Iveren, — Continued. 

Meyndert, Meindert, 16, 94. 

Neeltje, 55. 

Pietcrtic, 17. 

Reynier, Reinier, 43, 44, 46, 

49.. 5 6 - 94- 
Saartje, Sara, 44, 94. 
Warner, 33. 
Van Klcek, Johannes, 47. 
Van Klinkenberg, Elisabeth, 4. 
Van Loon, Maria, 25, 47. 
Van Ness, Van Esch, Van Eps, 
etc., Aaltie, 11, 40, 46, 66. 
Anna, Antje, 22, 31, 40, 58. 
Ariaentie, 17, So. 
Catelyntje, Cathalina, Catal., 
53. 54', 59- 6 4, 65, 70, 71, 
72, 76, 79, 87, 89, 96, 103, 

io 5-. 
Catharina, Catryn, 21, 59, 

64. _ 
Cornells, Corn., 23, 27, 29, 

30, 39, 40, 41, 42, 57, 98. 
Dirkje, 23, 31, 46. 
Engeltie, Engelt., 75, 96, 99. 
Evert, 1, 21, 30, 40, 57, 58, 

65, .66, 73- 
Geertie, 65, 73. 
Gerrit, Gerr., 4, 8, 17, 18, 24, 

26, 32, 40, 41, 58, 59, 61, 

64, 7°. 73. 79- s 4, 89, 96, 

Hendrik, Henrik, 21, 26, 46, 

49, 50, 58, 64, 66, 67, 70. 
Hendrikje, Hendrikkie, 3, 

23. 32, 40, 53. 61, 92. 
Jan, 6, 46, 50, 53, 54, 59, 65, 

70, 72, 79. 87, 96, 103. 
Jan Baptist [Petist.] 57, 66. 
Lena, Helena, 31, 66. 
Lysbeth, 56. 
Maeyke, Mayke, 23, 26, 31, 

39, 41. 49- 5 1 . 54. 59. Go- 
Maria, Marretie, Marr., 16, 

18, 26, 29, 40, 46, 58. 59, 

65, 66, 70, 73, 87, 92, 9S. 
Sara, 42, 57. 

Simon, Svmon, 5S, 72. 
Willem, 3'. 
Van Olinda, V. O. Linde, Jacob, 
Job., 91, 95. 
Martinus, 17. 
Van Oostrant, Van Oostrande, 
V. Oostrande, Elizabeth, 
SS, 91. 
Joannes, Job., SS, 91. 
Pieter, 4. "38, 39. 
Willem, 49. 
Van Petten, Van Puttcn, An- 
drics, 10, 66. 

Anna, Ana, Annaatje, 8, 24, 

30, 39, 40, 35, 63. 
Arent, 3, 55. 
Catelyntje, 33. 
Catharina, 34, 44. 
Maria, Marry tje, iS, 24, 32, 

4i, 45. 5^- 

Mayke, 66. 

Nicolacs. Claes, 56, 62, 66. 
Van Renselaar, Anna, 13. 

Catharina, Catryna, I 
Calh., 11, 19, 24, 25, 30, 
33, 43. 48, 50, 62, 64. 6~', 
6 7, 7i. 7 2 . 77. 79. &i. 83, 
91, 100, 102. 

Col., 65. 

Elizabeth, Elyz.. 94, r y s, 104. 

Henrik, Hendrik, Hi-nric, 
Hend., 18, 19, 20, 22, 24, 

25, 26, 2S, 30, 33, 35, 36, 

45, 46, 48, 50, 57, 62, 6^, 

67. 7*. 7 2 - 77. 79- 87. 100, 

Jeremias, 102. 
Kiliaan, Ciliaan. Kilvacn, 25, 

26, 30, 31, 33, 34, 3^ 43. 

44, 47. 5°. 55i 5*. 6 9. 73. 

76, 78, 79, 80, S3. 
Lena, 10;, 103. 
Maria, 9, 16, 19. 26, 27, 31, 

33, 47. 48, 5°. 54. 55. *5i 

6 9- 73- 76, 7$. 79- So, S3. 

90, 92, 96, 101. 
Van Salsberrv, Salisbury, , 

Cornelia, 22, 67. 
Francois, 3S, 52. 
Geesje, 1, 21, »8, 37, 49. 
Hanna, 67. 

Harnien, 4, 33, 3S, 48. 56, 67. 
Henrik, Hendrik, 22, 2$, 35, 

46, 67. 
Marin, 52. 

Van Salsdyk. Emanuel, 51. 
Van Santen. Van Zanten, Anna, 

Annetie. 17, 75. 
Joannes, Job... 13,81,88,97, 

Joseph, Jos., Si, 07, 106. 
Margarita, Margariet. ^ 
Maria, 12. 

Sara, Si, SS. 07, 103. 
Zetie, Zyl ie Bi, 07. ior>. 
Van SehavJk. Van Scheyk. . 

Anna. 67. 71. 76, " v . 8o, 

83 , 86, >o, 97, 
Anna Catryna, An. Cath.. 

66, 72. S3. oS. 100. 
Anthony, Antoni, Anth., 7. 

9, 10, 20. 22. 24. 17, 1 

3; . 3 . 40. 50. 01. 61, 


Van Schayck, — Continued. 

6s, 66, 67, 71, 72, 75, 76, 

78, So, 82, 86, 88, 89, 90, 

9 r . 96, 97. 99. io 5- 
Arent, 25, 47. 
Catharina, Catena, Catie, 

18, 25, 34, 45, 58, 63, 72, 

75, 79, 84, 88, 89. 
Cornelia, Neeltie, 28, 35, 46, 

91, 98, 100, 101. 
Cornells, 22. 
Dominicus, 22, 34, 46. 
Elias, 35. 
Emanuel, Manuel, 3, 9, 18, 

22, 30, 37. 
Gecssc, 22. 
Gerrit, Gcr., 39, 42, 43, 44, 

45, 48, 55, 62, 69, 75, 78, 

81, 84, 100, 101. 
Gerritje, 5, 27, 29, 35, 42. 
Gozen, Goossen, 15, 19, 20, 

24, 25, 29, 31, 37, 39, 44, 

48, 51, 55, 59, 60, 6i, 63, 

68, 70, 72, 79, 84, 85, 88, 

90, 91, 98, 100, 105. 
Hendrickie, 17. 
Jannetje, 3. 15, 17, 22, 28, 


Laurens, Louweres, iS, 26, 
34, 35. 46, 56, 61, 63. 

Margarita, Marg., 32, 85, 

Maria, Marytje, 4, 20, 24, 42, 
54, 67, 78, 90, 98. 

Nicol, 106. 

Rebecca, 22. 

Ryckie, 96. 

Sara, 42, 69, 7S, 84, 100. 

Sophia, Fytje, 28, 29, 36, s4, 
Van Scherluyn, Scherluyn, Dirk, 
16, 104. 

Geertruy, 28, 29. 
Van Schoonhoven, V. Schoon- 
hoven, Schoonhoven, Geer- 
truy, 1, 20, 24, 26, 33. 42. 

Hendrik, 25. 26. 

Hendrikje, Henderikie, 25, 

36, 45. 73- 
Jacobus, Jacob, Jac, Jak., 

10, 26, 33, 36, 73, 80, 86, 

96, 102, 106. 
Jacomyntje, 26, 34, 44. 
Maria, Marytje, 25, 26, 33, 73. 
Susanna, 73. 80, 86, 96, 106. 
Van Slyk, Cornelis, 41, 55. 
Dorothee, 16. 
Elyzabeth, 16. 
Geertruy, 44, 53- 
Harmen, Hermann, 56, 63. 
Jacobus, 93. 

Johanna, Jannetje, Janctie, 

!7- 39. 53. 63, 64, 88. 
Lydia, 56. - 
Marten, 43. 55- 
Metje, 39. 
Picter, 27, 37, 39. 
Teunis, Theunis, 25, 33, 40, 

50, 59, 64, 88. 
Tryntie, Tryntje, 14, 20, 28, 
37- 4«, 57. 
Van Steenbergen, Margarita, 47. 
Maria, 47. 
Thomas, 47. 
Van St cents, Casper, 78. 

Jannetie, 78. 
Van Stryen, Van Strey, Johanna, 
Anna, 39, 44, 59, 72. 
Marrerie, 11. 
Van Sv/eits, Anna Engelen, 9. 
Van Tricht, Van Trigt, Helena 
[see Lena], 13, 51. 
Lena [see Helena, Magda- 
len a], 79. 
Lysbeth, 49. 
Magdalena [see Lena], 4, 32, 

37, 4S, 57. 61. 
Margarita, Margrietje, 2, 21, 

25, 41, 51, 6 i.- 
Maria, 6, 49, 58. 
Van Valkenburg, Abraham, 
Abram, Abrah., 6. 43. 50, 
59. 63. 67, 77, 83. 90, 99. 
Anna, 78. 
Bartholomcus, 2, 25, 32, 34, 

42, 52, 67, 73, S8* 
Cataleyniie, Catalyna.Catal., 

63. 77. s 3> 9o. 99- 
Catrvna. Catharina, 67, 73, 

Christina, Styntie, 67, 75, 86, 

Elsie. Elsje, S5, SS. 90. 
Engeltie, 87. 
Eva. 25. 
Hendrik, Henrik, 9, 24, 43, 

62, 78. 

Isaac, Isak, 56, 66. 70. 
Jacob. 10, 67, 75, S6, 05. 
Jannetje, Jany, 25, 32, 40, 

50, 57, 85, 86, 96. 
Jochum, Joachim, Joch., ic, 

2^, 27, 34, 40. b2 < t\ ; 

88, 96, 90. 
Johannes, Joan, Joh., r>, 48, 

58, 03, 69, 75, 84, 05. 
Lambert, Lammert, .; 

43, 4 S. 57. 01. 
Lidia, 60, 70. 
Margarita, Grietie, Marg 15, 

63. 67. 6q, 73. 7 5. *4» 9* 
.. Rack el, 29, 40. 


Van Vechten, Vechtcr, Abram, 

Agnietie, 10, ig. 
Alida, 32, 62, 100. 
Anna, Antje, 28, 36, 38, 51, 

61, 74, 85. 
Dirk, Dirck, 4, 19, 31, 41, 54, 

61, 71, 82, 89. 
Engeltie, 77, 83, 86, 96, 102. 
Fytje, 2i, 28, 34, 43- 5*- 
Geertruy, Gecrtr., 83, 88, 93, 

96, 105. 
Gerrit, 21, 22. 
Johanna, Jannetie, Jann., 

16, 76, 98, 105. 
Johannes, Joannes, 25, 31, 

33. 37. 39, 44, 54, 59, 61, 

62, 67, 74, 77, Si, 84, 85, 

Leendert, 93. 

Lucas, 12, 78, 84, 93, 102. 

Lydia, Lidia, 30, 37, 45, 63, 

Margarita, Grietje, 21, 22, 

28, 34, 41, 47, 61, 71, 73, 

78, 82, 89. 
Maria, Marytje, 26, 33, 41, 

53, 59, 67', 90, 91. 
Philip, Phill., Ph., 10, 76, 82, 

83, 86, 98, 102. 
Ruben, Rub., 13, 56, S3, 88, 

95, 96, 105. 
Salomon, Sal., 19, 25, 32, 37, 

51, 62, 81, 105. 
Samuel, 36. 
Sara, 101. 
Tanneke, Tanna, 78, 84, 93, 

Teunis, 32, 41, 44. 
Volkert, Folkert, 3, 25, 26, 

28, 39, 45. 53, 63, 65, 90, 

Wyntie, 95. 
Van Vlek, Van Vleq, Benjamin, 


Paulus, 41. 
Van Vlieren, V. Vlieren, Hieroon, 
12, 78, 92, 100. 
Madel., Lena, 17, 100. 
Margariet, Marg., 78,92, 100. 
Van Vliet, Cornelia. 2. 
Van Vorst, Van Voust, Van 
Voste, Anna, iS. 
Gcertruy, iS, 31. 
Jillis, 56. 
Van Vrcdenburg,' Vrcdenburg, 
Cornelia, 31, 37,^3. 
Willem, 38. 
Van Woerdt, Van Schoonder- 
woert, Anna, 92. 
Ariacntie, S2, 85. 

Dirckie, Dirkie, 73, 8c 

Elizabeth, 67, 76, 85. 

£ va . 55- 
Gerretie, 62. 
Hendr., 102. 
Hyltie, 87. 

Jacob, 17, 87, 92, 102. 

Jacobus, 34. 

Margarita, 13. 

Nicolaas, Claas, 8, 55, 57, 62, 

69, 73- 8o, 83, 92, 103. 
Petrus, Piettr, 11, 78, 82, 85. 
Ruth, 67, 76, 85. 
Sara, 10, 102. 
Van Wurmcrik, Van Wurrncrink, 

Cornells, 8, 55. 
Van Wyen, Verv/ei, Agnietje, 

23, 33, 40, 45, 54. 66, 77. 
Alida, 16, 73, 85. 
Ann, Anna, 9S, 99. 
Ariaantie, 24, ^^. 
Catharina, Katharina, Ca- 

tryntie, Catie, Cath., 7, 

3/, 45, 53, 60, 66, 73, 79, 

81, 89, 99, 102. 
Cornelia, 27, 39. 
Geesje, 24, 31, 39, 47. 
Gerrit, 23, 29, 33 , 45. 54. 77, 

Hendnk, Hendr., 11, 59, 65, 

76, 84, 93, 99, 102. 
Hilletie, 76, 84, 93, 102. 
Jan, 40, 53, 54, 60, 66, 73, 79, 

Si, 89, 99, 102. 
Jannetje, $3, 4°, 5 C - 59- 
Johannes, 29. 
Van Yseistein, Iselsteyn, Bata, 

6, 4 5- 54- 
Cornelis. 45. 
Feytie, 90. 
Isack, 96. 
Willem, 73. 90. 
Vas, Perer, Petrus, 9. 50. 
Vedder, Vedders, Veder, Ag- 
genietjc, 57. 
Albert, 42, 52, 57. 
Arent, 66. 
Cousset. Kor-. . C01 

S, 9. 55. >;, 61, 
Johannes, fiannes. Jobs . 44, 

5-1. 55, 57. 05. 
Marytie, 65. 
Xeeltie, 6b, 80. 
Volkert, 54. 55. 
Veedct, Enj 

Verbiage;, ::. Verbfugge, Catha- 
rina, 18, 
Sara, iS. 
Vernoy, Cor 1 lis, 3 n 
Rachel, 47. 


Verplanck, Abigail, 53, 55, 70. 
Ammcrcncv, Amarencie, 70, 

74. 82, 89. 
Catalyna, 89. 
Corn el is, 89. 
David, 17, 82. 

Gecrtruy,Gcertr.,9o,98, 103. 
Giliaen, Gelyn, Gleyn, 18, 74, 

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82, S9. 
Jacobus, 89. 
Marritie, 74. 
Phillip, Ph., 90, 9S. 
Vetch, Margarcta, Margarita, 

20, 37, 45. 5 2 - 
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Viele, Vile, Fiele, Debora, 27, 31, 

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Eva, 12. 

Femmetje, 76. 

Frederik, Frerik, 5, 22, 23, 

37, 46. 4 S, 53, 66, 67. 
Geertruy, 12, 16, 69, Si, 91, 

T 93. io.v 
Harmen, S3. 

Hester, Hesther, 3, 9, 14, 29, 

35. 3^i 4i, 45- -1 s , 54, 58, 
Jacob, 8, 48, 6S, 73, So, 85, 
S6, 90, 94. 

Johannes, Johs., 20, 28, 33, 
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Lena, 8;, 87. 

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. 23. 3i. 39, 49. 5°. 57, 58. 
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33, 37, 38, 5°. 61. Si. 

Sara, 22, 30, 3S, 4S, 56. . 
Susanna, Sanna, Zanna, 70, 

73, 80, 86, 90, 92. 
Theunis, 10 1. 
Tjerk, Tierk, 22, 35, 49, 70, 

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Volkertse, Engeltje, 20. 
Vosburgh, Vosburg, Abraham, 

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Geertruy, Geertie, 8, 51, 59, 

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Jacob, 52. 
Jannetje, 28, 34. 
Johannes, Joh., 16, 97, 104. 
Lena, 88, 96. 
Marr., 97, 104. 
Marten, Mart., 14, 93. 
Pieter, 12, 14, 24, 28, S5, 88, 

96. . - . 
Ytje/Eytie, 59, 93. 
Vroman, Vrooman, Fromman, 

Adam, 45. 
Barent, 56. 66. 
Catharina, Catryna, 57, 62. 
Eva, 10. 
Geertruy, Gcertje, 24, 37, 56, 

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Grietje, 42, 51. 
Henrik, Hcndrik, 24, 37, ^S t 

56, 62, 63, 65, 66. 
Jannetje, 24. 51, 56, 57. 
Johs., Jan, 57, 62. 
Maria, Marretie, 66, 60. 
Pieter, 6, 53, 66, So, SS, 98. 
Simon, 13. 
Wouter, S, 53, 69. 
Walborn, Christ. Willem, 65. 
Walderon, Catrina, Trvntic 41, 

59, 6S, 78, Si. 85, 86, SS, 

91, 03, 96, 99, 100, 103. 
Cornelia. 14. 
Elizabeth. Elyz., SS, pa, 9^, 

Pieter, 27. 37. 48, >.\ 6i, 6S, 

71, 78, Si, 85, 86, SS, 91, 

93, 96, 99, 100, 103. 


Walderon, — Continued. 

Willem, Will., 14, 88, 92, 96, 
Walrave, John, 16. 
Walthers, Waaters, Catharina, 
Catryna, 55, So. 
Elisabeth, 47, 55. 
John, Joann, 15, 63, 93, 95, 

99. i°3- 
Merry, 69. 
Robbert, 55, 80. 
Zara, Sara, 93. 94, 95, 99, 103. 
Warmond, Matthys, 21. 

Susanna, 21. 
Weemes, Wimps, Capt., 6. 
James, 7, 20. 
Mad., 32. 
Wellive, Susanna. 16. 
Wendel, Wendell, Weridels, 
Abraham, Abram, Abr., 
19, 26, 39, 49, 54, 59, 67, 
69, 74, 96, 101. 
Ahasuerus, 90. 
Anna, Antie, 15, 19, 60, 67, 

68, 69, 70, 74, 78, 79, S3, 
87, 89, 90, 93,.94, 9 6 > I0 4, 


Ariaantje, 19, 22, ^^, 52, 66, 

69. 79- 

Catarina, Tryntje, Cath., 24, 

32. 100. 
Cathalina, Catelyntje, Catal., 

4, 82, 91, 105. 
Elisabeth, Elsie, Lysbeth, 

Elyz., 8, 11, 26, 31, 34, 40, 

50, 59, 60, 63, 69, 73, So, 

85, 90, 98. 
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Ephraim, Epraim, Ephr., 63, 

67, 7°, 79, s 3, 87, 90, 93, 

94, 96, 104, 105. 
Evert, Ev„ 5, 19, 32, 35, 42, 

54, 55, 6o - 6 5> 70, 7i, 73, 
77, 83, 96, 98, 106. 
Hennannus, Harmanus, 19, 

26 > 35, 39- 42, 5 2 . 6o - 68 - 
69, 74, 79, 89. 

Hester, 10, 32, 36, 52. 

Isaak, Ysack, 13, 82, 85, 91, 

Jacob, 73, 85, 100. 

Johannes, Joannes, Joh., 8, 
12, 47, 5°, 5 2 > 55- 59. 60, 
62, 63. 69. 70, 73, 78, So, 
S3. 84, 85, 87, 90. 98. 

Maeyke, Ma j eke. 40, 07, 74, 

Maria, Marretie, Marytjc, 4, 
19, 22, 24, 27, 30, 54. 3 6 > 
37, 43- 46, 59, 69, 74, 92. 

Philip, Flip, 23, 31, 39, 49i 

59, 62, 74. 
Robbert, 51, 66, 79. 
Sara, 13, 55, 63. 73, 7 - 
Susanna, Sauna, Zantie, 4, 7, 

13, 28, 32, 34, 35, 39, 40, 
57, 60, 68, 70, 84. 

Thomas, 24, 34, 39. 
Wessels, Dirck„ 76. 
Westfaeling, Rebecca, 51. 
Weydt, Gzysyn, 93. 

Merry, 93. 
Wibusse, Gerrit, 6, 41, 46. 

Mary, 41. 
Wielaars, Whiier, etc., Brechie, 

14, 69. 

Catharina, Cath., 90, 98. 
Edward, Edderd, 23, ^2 , 42, 

S«, 67. 

Evert [see Edward], 50. 
Josyntje, Josyne, 23, 67. 
Robbert, 64, 90. 
Thomas, Thorn., 16, 98. 
Wikkenson, Charl., 97. 
Willems, Willernse, Marritie, 65. 

Teunis, 19. 
Williams, Wiiiiacms, Williamse. 

Anna. 14. 
Hilletie, Hill.. 65, 70. 78. S 3> 

87, 91, 95, 102, 105. 
Maria, Mallv, 82, 102. 
Math., 95. 
Thomas, Tames, Th., 9, 20, 

23, 2 7, 3°- 37- 48, 55. 65, 

70, 7S, So, S3, 87, 91, 102, 

Will., 102. 
Wils, Walles, Wellews, Elyz.. cS, 

TOO, IO4. 

Jems. 9S, 100, 104. 
Wilson, Anna, 94. 

Jems. 04. 
Wimp, etc.. Barcnt, 56. 

Jan. 9, 13, 104. 

Marrytje, 56. 

Memdert, 13. 

Susanna. 54. 

Volkje, 56. 
Winn en, Aagje, 38. 

Aletta. 3V. 

Anna, 40. qi . 05. 

Bata. 44. 5S 

Catalyna, Lyntje, 6. 7. is, 

»7» *9i 3 - ! ■ 

Christvna, Christvntj. 

SB'i. »3, »4, 31, 46, 6j ' 

73- ;>• »a. &9. 93 

Dickie. Dirckie, 65, ft f$, 

78. 82. 80. 05. 05. 


Winnen, — Continued. 

Elsje, Elzie, Lybetie, 38, 49, 

55. 6 5. 73. 74, 84, 91, 95, 

90- „ 
Frans, Francois, 25, 26, 35, 

37. 49. 55. 59. 65, 66, 72, 

Jacob, 28, 38. 

Kilyaen, Kiliaan, 10, 71, 106. 
Levinus, 8, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 

27. 3 2 . 35. 37. 38. 4*. 

Lydia, 32. 

Maria, Marretie, Marytie, 2, 
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64. 7°. 7i. 73. 78, 85, 90, 
95, 104, 106. 
_ Pieter, 6, 14, 36, 40, 41, 44, 
50, 59. 6 4, 70. 7i, 7 s , 85, 
89, 91, 95, 97, 104. 

Rachel, 10, 11, 89, 97. 

Sara, 15. 

Theuna, Teuntje, Tanna, 2, 

32, 33. 38. 
Thomas, 5. 
Wid., n. 
Willempje, Wilmpje, Wille- 

mina, 22, 23, 24, 37, 41. 
Wit, Cornells, 63. 
Witbeek, Witbik, Agnitie, 66, 

70,77, 81, 95. 
Andries, 20, 100. 
Anna, 87. 

Catalyna, Lyntje, 28, 65. 
Catharina, Catie, Caatje, 49, 

67. 77, 88. 
Engeltje, 45, 100. 
Geertruy, 13, 27, 39, 47, 55, 

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Jan, Johannes, Joh., 5, 31, 

4i, 45. 46, 52* 65, 66, 73, 

81, 91, 95, 96. 
Jannetie, Jann., 76, 102. 
Jonathan, 2S, 41, 5S, 65. 

Lucas, 29, 58, 68, 77 i 88, 95, 

Phillip, 14. 87. 

Thomas, Th., 3, 31, 37, 49, 

58, 76, 102. 
Volkert, Folkert, 45, 81. 
Witscn, Hester, 63. 
Woedes, Tanna, 12. 
Wood, Woud, Benjamin, Benj., 
97, 100. 
Elizabeth, Elyz., 97, 100. 
Woodcock, Woedkook, Anna, 
Ariaantje, 45. 
John, 2, 26, 31, 37, 45. 
Wyet, Gryphyn, 94. 
Wyngaard, Van Wyngaarde, 
Anna, 91, 92. 
Ariaentie, 16. 

Elisabeth, Lysbeth, 32, 44. 
Gerrit, 3, 22, 30, 38, 40, 48, 

5 6 - 
Hester, Hessie, 14, 73. 
Jacobus, 1, 21, 28, 36, 47, 51, 

57, 63, 84, 93- 
Johannes, 19, 22, 32. 
Lucas, 4, 57, 92, 105. 
Margarita, Margrietje, 3, 9, 


, 36, 37, 63, 84, 93- 
Claas, Klaas, 21, 
56, 60. 
29. 3°. 36, 45. 

Maria, 26 

32, 37- 
Sara, 19 

o x ° 5 - 

Zuzanna, 46, 



Wynkoop, Cornelis, 47. 

Evert, 35. 

Gerrit, 35. 
Yvens, Margarita. 4S. 
Yverse, Antje, 25. 
Zeeger, Zeegers, Brechie, 98, 

John, Joh., 14, 9S, 103. 
Zeller, Catryna, 82. 

Toannes, 82. 


r jw^{HE Fifteenth Annual Commemoration of 
jflkr* ra ^ s ^ n § the siege of Leyden was observed 
- 1 ' i by the Dutchess County members of the 
Holland Society on the evening of Monday, Octo- 
ber 3, 1904. 

The charming little dining-room of the Nelson 
House at Poughkeepsie was comfortably filled, 
but not crowded, by the members and their guests. 
Vice-President Edward Elsworth presided, having 
on his right Dr. Albert Vander Veer, President of 
the Holland Society, Rev. Acmon Pulaski Van 
Gieson, Edward Tompkins Hulst, Isaac Reynolds 
Adriance, and Martin Heermance; and on his left 
Secretary Bogert, Frank Hasbrouck, Charles Gib- 
bons Douw, Jesse Elting, and William Allen Adri- 
ance. At the large table running down the room 
were the seats of John Erskin Adriance, Peter 
Adriance, Henry B. Bevier, Henry Elting, Irving 
Elting, Jacob Elting, Joseph Edwin Hasbrouck, 
Louis P. Hasbrouck, Maurice Penniman Has- 
brouck, Edward Covert Hulst, Abraham P. Le 
Fevre, Henry Bowman Le Fevre, Luther Le Roy, 
Dr. Johannes Wilson Poucher, Theodore Van 
Kleeck, David Barnes Van Wyck, Joseph Van 
Wyck and Henry Mesier Van Wyck. Treasurer 
Van Brunt was unfortunately compelled to be 
absent because of the recent affliction in his family. 


Setting off and fitly framing its bright particular 
star, "Hutspot," the following menu ten.; 
the palates and satisfied the gastronomic require- 
ments of the party. 

{Dutch and American Flags Crossed) 


of the 


of the 


In Commemoration of 

The Relief of the Siege of Leyden 


On its Anniversary Day 

October 3, 1904 

Nelson House, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 


Oysters on Half-Shell Vir. dc G- 

Cream of Chicken Amontillado 

Fillet of Sole 
Julienne Potatoes 


Broiled Sweetbreads— Fresh Mushrooms 


Braised Squab, Farce Mumm's Extra Dry 
Hominy French Peas 

Lettuce Salad 

Nessclrodc Pudding 

Cake Crackers Cheese 

Coffee Cigars 


As the coffee breathed its last aromatic breath 
and the fragrant weed began to dominate the 
gathering with its odorous clouds, Vice-President 
Elsworth arose and, in his familiar and easy man- 
ner spreading good-fellowship around, bade all a 
hearty welcome with felicitation upon the joyous 
occasion. He referred to the decisive battles of 
history as chronicled by Crecy and wondered that 
the siege of Leyden had not its place among them 
because of its value, its vigor, and its permanent 
influence upon mankind. He called upon Dr. 
Van Gieson, w T hose arrival had been somewhat 
delayed by an earlier engagement, to begin the 
oratorical feast which he had so happily intro- 
duced. Dr. Van Gieson confessed to a very re- 
cent-perusal of Motley and also of an old French 
account of the siege, and dwelled upon the treat- 
ment of the carrier pigeons, that had played their 
important parts so well in that trying time, the 
care that was given while they lived, and the 
honorable preservation of their skins by the tax- 
idermist's art thereafter. He continued with a 
forceful comparison of our Declaration of Inde- 
pendence with its Dutch prototype, emphasizing 
the greater verity and justification of the earlier 

Frank Hasbrouck was next called upon, but re- 
belled because it was "not his turn yet," and after 
a few minutes of chaffing the previous speakers 
and their remarks, sat down, promising to speak 
more at length later. 

The President of the Society, Dr. Vander Veer, 
was then introduced and made a pleasing 
sentation of the scope and work of the Society 
and its committees, stimulating the members 


to more active participation. The charm of his 
manner and well-modulated voice appealed to his 
hearers and approved their presiding officer anew. 

Martin Heermance was then invited to say a 
few words, which he did with good-natured sar- 
casm and rallying reference to his predecessors, 
closing with earnest words of congratulation and 

Irving Elting, "late of Nantucket," amused and 
instructed the board by describing Nantucket 
ways and words and people, the colloquial ex- 
pressions, which smacked so strongly of the sea, 
being especially well received. 

The Secretary in his turn described some of the 
duties and difficulties of his office, with particular 
reference to the Year Book and its delayed ap- 
pearance, noting, by the way, the valuable help 
which his assistant and library clerk, Mr. Ding- 
man Versteeg, had afforded and his eminent 
qualifications for the position. 

Mr. Isaac Reynolds Adriance then favored the 
gathering with some brief humorous remarks that 
were keenly appreciated, after which Mr. Els- 
worth again called upon Frank Hasbrouck for 
"that speech." The response was an interesting 
account of the early history of New Paltz, noting 
also the formation of the New Paltz Huguenot 
Patriotic Historical and Monumental Society, the 
discovery and preservation of the original Indian 
deed of the tract, the original patent, and the book 
of grants by the twelve patentees; also the pur- 
chase and preservation of one of the old stone 
houses as a memorial, and the later determina- 
tion to construct a monument to the memory oi 
the twelve patentees; the successful search for 


appropriate boulders for the purpose, on a recent 
trip to New Paltz and the surrounding country of 
the Shawangunk Mountains and Wallkill Valley, 
by the Committee having the matter in charge. 

A silent toast was drunk to the memory of the 
late Jacob Deyo, and then the master of the feast 
bade the guests good-night for another year, the 
hour of departure being half -past eleven o'clock. 



51HE success of an informal meeting of the 
Holland Society in December, 1903, 
made it easy to repeat the experiment 
in the following year, so that a permanent place 
upon the calendar might, if possible, be reserved 
for this item of the Society's career. Accordingly, 
the trustees took such action at their meetings in 
June and October as resulted in the following 
notice : 

November n, 1904. 

Dear Sir: 

The Holland Society will meet informally at the 
Hotel Astor, Broadway and Forty -fourth Street, 
at half-past eight o'clock, Tuesday evening, No- 
vember twenty-ninth, 1904. 

Each member has the privilege of inviting one 
guest, preferably some one who is eligible to mem- 

A collation will be served shortly after ten 
o'clock, and will be preceded by a short entertain- 
ment, with music, etc. 

Kindly notify the Treasurer, bv means of the 
enclosed postal card, if you expect to attend and 
bring a guest, so that proper preparations may be 
made. Please give your present address on the 



card and state whether you have received your 
year book or not. 

Yours very truly, 

Henry L. Bogert, 


The new Hotel Astor had been but recently com- 
pleted, and its grand ballroom seemed quite the 
most attractive spot for the gathering of Dutch- 
men and their friends. This view being shared 
widely, over three hundred and twenty-five per- 
sons met to renew former friendships and add 
others of kindred ancestry. About nine o'clock, 
President Vander Veer bade all welcome in the 
name of the Society and touched briefly upon 
matters of common interest, outlining the course 
of the Holland Society and intimating that there 
was yet to come entertainment for the eyes and 
ears as well as for the palates of his audience. 
After the applause of welcome and appreciation 
had subsided, the aesthetic part of the programme 
was brought forward, with designedly long inter- 
vals, so that the guests might readily enjoy that 
most satisfying pleasure of meeting and greeting 
congenial companions. Miss Aberle pleased all 
with her songs, some in English by Foote, Lidgey, 
and others, some in German by Franz and Bun- 
gert, and one in French by Faure. She was ac- 
companied at the piano by Walter L. Bogert, a 
former member of the Society, who sang accept- 
ably An Arranmore Boat Song, Hush Song, and 
Faiher O'Flynn, all Irish folk-songs, also some 
Little Russian folk-songs and the Pirate Song by 
Gilbert. Those who were present testified their 
approval by unstinted hand-clapping and the 
committee began to receive congratulations. 


The waiters, invading the room at this point, re- 
minded the assembly that there were things to be 
eaten and other things to drink in honor of the 
occasion, and offered the following menu: 

HOTEL ASTOR. Grand Ballitjom 

November 29, 1904 


Consomme en Tasse 

Sweetbread Patties a la Montglas 
Deviled Crabs a l'Astor 
Chicken Salad 

Lobster Salad 

Assorted Sandwiches 

Fancy Ice Creams 

Assorted Cakes 
Cafe Noir 
Sauterne Punch 

Claret Punch 

Little comment need be added to the opinions 
expressed by some of the enthusiastic members, 
who looked around upon the beautiful and bril- 
liantly lighted salon, glanced at the more or less 
emptied glasses and plates, and rested their eyes 
upon so many friendly faces, and then said, 
"This suits me a great deal better than an annual 
dinner." About every one of those present 
was inclined to indorse the sentiment, especially 
since each expected to attend the annual dinner 

The new meeting place gave great satisfaction, 
and proved to the Society that its capacity to ac- 
commodate and please a large party could not be 
gainsaid. The Society incidentally proved to the 
proprietor that his ideas about its capacity for 
punch were far too small. 


°f_ Acu -York" *J 


Jn enlietfi 
. imutnf I 
JJitiitcr \- 


. ail fie 


January t 


._.. ... 

(ttstmiftrt : 

JOHN W. VKoOMAN, Chaikmak, 






Bisque <•( Terrapin 



O fives 



Salted Ala 

Fillet of Kingftsh, a. la Mornay 

^>'Lt linn liefiicctppeleH 
Tomato Salad 

llalkxteubmit, 3ezuutciie ^'ti;l 
Mignonettes of Turkey, a la Jeannette 

puarspekt l\ullenite, met fcersche psb&ettstarJ sstu 

Fillet of Beef, Larded, Fresh Mushroom Sain e 

Anriiappels met 3-vaas 

Potatoes uirh Cheese 


New S 


(f)ebrrt&cn (Ealing 
Roast Teal 
(Sebrtkkeu iHuis IV13 

Fried Hominy 

Herfcreelbhtus Us Oichak. in smrtcu 


#rurlxteu i"\nns 

Fruit Cheese 


Roman Salad 

O'ebrnften i*csrhuit 


jAiyhresa nf l&clrumc — President VANDER VEER. 

Music— Wien bfeerfandsch Bloed. 

Che^rcstiiciti itf the Uniicfc plates — tiixt Cnutribxitian fci the (bVrrerumeni. 
"Who is second in the race?" "There iV no second. 
Majesty."— (Account of First Rack for the "Amerk 

Music — Star-Spangled Ba nner. 

vLhc (Dtfiternnr anii mir GlnmmiiuhTcrtlth. 

" Thy Spirit, Independence, let me shire ! 

Lord of the lion heart and eagle eye ' 

Thy steps I follow with my bosom bare, 

Nor heed the storm that howls along the sky." 

the ^Hntntr nttvt mtr &ttg. — i>'ritt Amsieriiratt — :Veu.t Unrk. 
" What Heaven has done for this delicious la 

Music — Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean. 

^i0llnno> f s Cnnfrxhittimu in Amerirnu ££tnraiiait. 

"Above all Greek, above all Roman fame." 


Music — Wilhelwus vr.n Xassauwen. 

DutrU tfclemeitis itx nut (Liruliirtiimt. 

"All are but parts of one stupendous whole." 


Music— Wijleven vrij. 

putrlt 3.tenple mtit (Other people in the Jr-'nr (tnst. 

" He spake and into every fainting heart hi> words carried new 
strength and courage." 


M ; sic— Po/>u la r Medley. 

" Embosomed in the deep where Holland lies. 11 

Rev, \V. F. WHITAKER. 






■ ■ 





fc* , 

Henry M. Shu kdv. 

Twentieth Annual Banquet. 


HE Twentieth Annual Banquet of the 
Holland Society brought out more than 
five hundred and forty members and 
guests to sit at the long tables that were spread in 
the grand ballroom of the Waldorf-Astoria, on 
Thursday evening, January 19, 1905. Although 
this was nearly a third larger than any similar 
gathering of recent years, the arrangements were 
so well made that no perceptible delay or confu- 
sion resulted. The banner of the Society occupied 
its wonted place, flanked and supported by the 
flags and streamers of the nation and friendly 
countries. The boxes were filled later with the 
last x best ornaments, — the ladies crowning the 
feast appropriately. An unexpected treat awaited 
the members in the presence of Gen. Piet A. 
Cronje, " the lion of Africa," with his secretary and 
interpreter, Capt. Hindon. 

With commendable promptness the procession 
was formed and moved into the banqueting hall, 
where seats were quickly occupied and menus 
scanned. The guest table was filled in the follow- 
ing manner: On the right of the President. Dr. 
Albert Vander Veer, sat Dr. Andrew S. Draper, 
George G. De Witt, President of the St. Nicholas 
Society, Dr. Jacob Gould Schurman, John R. 



Planten, Consul-General of the Netherlands, Gen. 
James M. Varnum, President of the Society 
Colonial Wars, Jay Sloat Fassett, Morris Pat- 
terson Ferris, of the Sons of the Revolution, 
Richard V. Lewis, of St. David's Society, and 
Robert Frater Munro, of St. Andrew's Society; 
and on the left sat Rev. Dr. William Force Whit- 
aker, Robert H. Turle, of St. George's Society, 
S. Uchida, Consul - General of Japan, John T. 
Lenehan, of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, 
Robert C. Ogden, of the Pennsylvania Society, 
Frederic J. De Peyster, of the Fluguenot Society, 
Walter S. Logan, of the Sons of the American 
Revolution, Samuel Verplanck Hoffman, Presi- 
dent of the New York Historical Society, Gen. 
Cronje and Capt. Hindon. 

At the other tables, beginning on the right, 
guests were arranged as follows : 

At Table A: Judah B. Voorhees, Chas. A. Wil- 
liams, Peter Van Voorhees (2), John G. Van Home, 
John R. Van Home, S. L. F. Deyo, Charles W. 
Hunt, C. Edgar Sutphen, Edward L. Tripler, De 
Witt Van Buskirk, George H. Young, Oscar L. 
Gubelman, Edwin D. Miner, Talbot Root, Gerret 
Kouwenhoven, Dr. John B. Kouwenhoven, Arthur 
L. Fuller, Gustavus A. Duryee, Charles G. Nichols, 
John F. Berry, James D. McKinley, Edo V 
Winkle, John' Reynolds, H. B. Van Winkle, 
Herman S. Bergen, Charles N. Lee, Anson A. 
Voorhees, James H. Eaton, William Van Dora, 
Eugene V Magee, Stephen Van Alen Van Home, 
John H. Myers, J. R. Van Home, R. Van Sant- 
voord, C. E. Sutphen, Jr., James Perry, Thomas 
Van Loan, Charles R. LeffingweiL C. B. Zabris 
Zelah Van Loan, William L. Brower, Rev. John 


G. Fagg, D.D., N. R. Schoonmaker, Walter Bogert, 
Frank R. Van Nest, Neilson Abeel, Robert Davis, 
John R. Stine, Albert Bogert, R L. Van Ness, W. 
L. Ward, Isaac Snedeker, Charles M. Camp. 

At Table B: J. B. Van Woert, E. G. Snow, W. 
S. Pyle, Albro Akin, Lambert Suydam, Jed Frye, 
Francis I. Vander Beek, Judge Jonathan Dixon, 
Dr. D. LeRoy Culver, Dr. B. R Craig, Edward 
Barnes, Isaac P. Vanderbeek, J. A. Van Horn, 
Arthur H. Hasten, E. Henry Lacombe, J. J. Ber- 
gen, Robert H. McCarter, Frank J. Dutcher, John 
W. Cooper, Frank W. Conn, Townsend Wandell, 
Francis L. Wandell, Garret R. Hasbrouck, Joseph 
Hasbrouck, M.D. , William P. Brown, Charles R. 
Dusenberry, E. W. Dusenberry, C. V. Hasbrouck, 
C. A. Comstock, E. H. H. Simons, Nathan S. Jar- 
vis, William Van Woert, Lambert Suydam, Jr. , 

A. C. Quackenbush, Francis I. Vander Beek, Jr. , 
Edgar L. Marsden, H. R. Mackenzie, J. E. Huls- 
hizer, Isaac V. Pearson, W T illiam A. Lewis, Peter 
J. Stuyvesant, John D. McDowell, William F. 
Wyckoff, James Yereance, William B. Yereance, 
J. F. Van Riper, Dr. A. R. Gulick, Dr. C. R. Gulick, 
William C. Demorest, George T. Wilson, Alexander 
G. Rea, William H. Van Kleeck, Nelson Van 
Kleeck, Peter J. Elting, E. J. Elting, N. D. Wor- 

At Table C: George M. Van Hoesen, Dr. D. B. St. 
John Roosa, Augustus Van Wyck, John L. Riker 
(4), Arthur L. De GrofT, William B. Dodd, Fred. 

B. Schenck, John B. Lozier, R. R. Moore, E. S. 
Robinson, Milton Demarest, David St. John, 
Edmund W. Wakelee, Samuel H. Walker, Arthur 
W r . Van Winkle, Charles A. Van Winkle, George A. 
Zabriskie, Elmer Blauvelt, John G. Demarest, Dr. 


Byron G. Van Home, Peter W. Stagg, Townsend 
C. Van Pelt, Cornelius Ditmars, J. R. Van Brunt, 
M. S. Hegeman, Joseph Whittman, James A. Mor- 
rill, Henry S. Van Beuren, Theodore M. Bant a (2), 
Rev. W. L. Moore, William S. Opdyke, Alfred Op- 
dyke, Garret S. M. Holdrum, A. C. Holdrum, 
.George B. Hulme, E. E. Moore, Isaac I. Demarest, 
Abram De Baun, Cornelius B. Demarest, James A. 
Romeyn, Samuel S. Conover, William H. Zabriskie, 
Clarence Mabie, John W. Bellis, David D. Bellis, 
J. B. Van Wagenen, Harold T. Van Nostrand, 
James L. Amerman, William P. Sutphen, John P. 
Roosa, Edwin R. Dusinbery, Dr. Frederick T. Van 
Beuren, Jr., F. F. Van Beuren (2). 

At Table D: John H. Starin, E. V W. Rossiter, 
Warner Miller, J. Edward Simmons, Dr. George 
Alexander, Dr. A. G. Gerster, Gen. Anson J. 
McCook, Gen. Warren M. Healey, Gage E. Tar- 
bell, James A. Lansing, Arthur H. Van Brunt, 
James M. Beck, Henry L. Bogert, H. H. Vreeland, 
Henry Sanderson, Francklyn Hogeboom, H. R. 
McChesney, George W. Ray, John H. Prall, Wil- 
liam H. Vredenburgh, Charles E. Ly decker, D. V. 

B. Hegeman, Rev. A. H. Brush, Henry D. Lett, 
John D. Prince, Jr. , James P. Clarendon, Samuel 
Taylor, Dr. George Boiling Lee, Morton W. Smith, 
John B. McDonald, Gen. Howard Carroll, George 

C. Clausen, William H. Truesdale, Charles R. Mil- 
ler, George S. Rice, George A. Parker, Col. Albert 
Todd, Walter J. Peck, Rev. Charles K. Clear- 
water, Garret J. Garretson, William W. Gillcn, J. 
Morton White, J. Maus Schermerhorn, John B. 
Van Schaick, Seymour Van Santvoord (3), W. C. 
Groesbeck, H. Clay Piercy, W. M. Meserole, 
Charles J. Obermayer, Dr. Louis C. LeRoy, 


Theodore R. Varick, C. I. Zabriskie, George A. 
BrinkerhofT, Myers Bogert, Walter Terhune, 
George W. Vredenburgh. 

At Table E: Col. John W. Vrooman, Admiral J. 
B. Coghlan, Edward W. Scott, Col. E. S. Dudley, 
Louis Wiley, Frederick P. Morris, Edgar Van 
Etten (.2), W. F. Suydam, V. M. Davis, A. T. 
Searle, G. C. Van Deusen (3), Wesley Van Em- 
burgh, W. D. Van Emburgh, John Brower, James 
R. Hay, Albert Flint, Ward Brower, E. G. Bergen, 
Joseph Gott, Frank M. Hardenbrook, Willis B. 
Dowd, George J. McEwan, Don R. Almy, Andrew 
J. Onderdonk, Col. H. W. Sackett, George W. 
Schurman (2), Frederick Roosevelt, Horace C. 
DuVal, Gen. Albert L. Mills, H. L. Stoddard, 
E. L. Scofield, E. M. F. Miller, J. William 
Beekman (2), T. B. Clark, George Davis, P. N. 
Turner, Andrew Deyo, Dr. D. Cole Carr, William 
Krove, Isaac Van Houten, J. R. Fitzer, Harold L. 
Ward, F. D. Brower, Charles F. Boell, W. Wallace 
Brower, C. C. Lawrence, John C. Van Cleaf, Arthur 
Horton, A. P. Morison, W. O. Jones, Rev. Ernest 
Voorhis, George Francis Nelson, D.D. , George F. 

At Table F: Whiting G. Snow, Dr. Thomas H. 
Willard, Dr. Maurice J. Lewi, Dr. Albert Vander 
Veer, Jr. , J. Leonard Varick, Fred. W. Klein, Eu- 
gene Van Schaick (2), D. D. Sutphen, C. A. Bra- 
man, S. B: Dutcher, George Hadden, Nicholas 
Arrowsmith, M. B. Dutcher, Theodore DeWitt (3), 
John G. Bogert, Andrew D. Bogert, George H. 
Bell, Edward Stagg, Willard M. Spear, C. Christie, 
T. B. Lashar, George C. Edwards, Charles K Wan 
Vleck, Col. George P. Hilton, Charles F Van In- 
wegen, Amos Van Etten, Willis G. McDonald, Gen. 


Amasa J. Parker, Dr. Johnson, Dr. E. S. Bogert, 

Arthur G. Sherwood, W. H. H. Amerman, Thomas 
W. Marler, Morton Van Loan, John Tar- r, 
Henry R. Sutphen, Harvey J. Gilmour, R. R. 
Dutcher, DeWitt P. Dutcher, Warner M Van 
Norden, Ottomar H. Van Xorden, Charles De Hart 
Brower, J. R. Vander Veer, William Van Wyck, 
John R Clark, M Van Ash Van Wyck, E.' C. 
Van Brunt, G. W. Findlcy, Frank D.' Van Nos- 
trand, Dr. J. Horton Tuttle, Frederic D. Asche, 
Van Vechten Veeder, T. R. Oeland, John H. 
Abeel, John B. Elmendorf. 

At Table G: Tunis G Bergen, Rev. Dr. W. H. 
Ten Eyck, Robert A. Van Wyck, E. T. Hulst, 
Samuel M. Shafer, William B. Reed, E. C. Hulst, 
E. Lembke, L. A. Powelson, O. F. Winne, Charles 
C. Ten Broeck, Alonzo Winne, Jacob W. Clute, 
Floyd M. Johnson, Edward Elsworth, Lewis E. 
Pierson, Irving Elting, Dr. J. Wilson Poucher, Gil- 
bert F. Foote, Jesse Elting, Myron T. Scuddcr, D. 
H. Van Auken, O. Hasbrouck, Nathan B. Van 
Etten, Dr. J. M. Hodson, Dr. B. H. B. Sleght, 
Rev. Dr. Daniel Martin, Dr. T. Y. Sutphen (2), 
Charles HL Truax, W T arner Van Norden, Frank 
Hasbrouck, Foster M. Voorhees, George P. Hall. 
Francis D. Kouwenhoven, William Kennedy, 
Edson S. Lott, A. A. Zabriskie, Henry H. Van 
Cleef, T. R. Beal, William T. Ferris, Dr. Flyman 
Roosa, Richard Tappen, J. Howard Lansing, Jo- 
seph E. Hasbrouck. James De La Montanye, P 
Deyo, Jacob Elting, Jasper Van Wormer, William 
H/Van Wormer, Jr., F. J. Walls, A. P. Lefevre, 
A J. Provost, William D. Provosi. R. J. Wor 
dyke, Hon. Charles L. Carrick, Ernest us S. Gulick 



At Table H: David H. Houghtaling, Warren R. 
Houghtaling, Thomas L. Watson, John R. Van 
Wormer, Louis Ottman, Robert I. Hopper, Col. 
Edwin W. Hine, John H. Hopper, Judge Frank 
Van Cleve, C. E. Dusenberry, Theodore S. Hoyt, 
G. F. Rising, William R. Bronk, W T illiam F. Dun- 
ning, John D. Reynolds, Charles Schenck, Frederic 
Van Wyck, Willard P. Schenck, Isaac E. Ditmars, 
H. C. Dilworth, A. D. Thomson, Richard M. 
Jacobus, R A. Hoyt, Daniel G. Bogert, Gilliam D. 
Bogert, Cornelius B. Van Brunt, John Robinson, 
George E. Van Guysling, Louis H. New kirk, S. D. 
Coykendall, Frederick Coykendall, C. A. Clear- 
water, John C. Gulick, Dr. F. M. Dearborn, M. de 
M. Marsellus, Rev. Geo. W. Labau, AJ I. Smith, 
Jr. , Frank A. Marsellus, Gilbert S. Van Pelt, John 
V. Van Pelt, Bert Hanson, J. Albert Van Winkle, 
Frederick J. Ball, Arthur W. Canney, G. D. Wil- 
liamson, Mervin R. Schenck, Thomas S. McLane, 
J. W. Cunningham, Thomas J. Byrne, James Brite, 
H. Klenen, H. Good, Charles A. Bogert, Charles 
H. Bolles, Jr., Samuel H. Wandell, S. M. Vander 
Beek, Gustave Kaufman. 

At Table I: J. Walter DeWitt, Jerome DeWitt, 
H. B. Hubbard, John Lefferts, Jr. (2), Van Brunt 
Bergen, R. B. Brinkerhoff, E. W. Demarest, Horace 
Robinson, Frank D. Voorhees, Eugene W. Leake, 
J. W. Hardenbergh, Frederic W. Anness, Dr. Henry 
H. BrinkerhofT, James W. Osborne, Paul V Lorzer, 
Jacob S. Van Wyck, Stephen I. Lott, F. L. Wyckoft, 
William Vanderhoof, Charles M. Bogert, Howard 
F. Mead (2), Timothy I. Hubbard, Frank L. Law- 
rence, Samuel K. Probasco, J. S. S. Rcmscn, HI 
J. DeWitt, Benjamin G Demarest, Alston Beck- 
man, George M. Van Deventer, George A. Minasian, 


James V. S. B. Lott, John J. Voorhees, Hoi 
Voorhees, John J. Voorhees, Jr., Henry- Traphagen 
John A. Blair, Albert I. Drayton, Jacob R 
Wortendyke, John R Voorhis (3), John Diti 
Charles F. Young, Charles J. Bogert, A. H. F 
I. F. Mead, C. F. Hoffman, Josiah A. Westervelt. 
Adam A. Cross, John B. Haskin, Edward Van 

The menu had been prepared with the intention 
of combining simplicity with some ornament: 
of symbolic or historic interest, and on its first page 
reproduced an oil-painting presented to the So- 
ciety by one of its Trustees, James B. Van Woert> 
Esq., representing "A Dutch Maiden at Home." 
The last page bore a reduced photograph of the 
Statue of William the Silent, proposed to be 
erected by the Society from the model prepared 
by Henry M. Shrady. 

The souvenir was again a reproduction of one 
of the medals discovered by Minister Thayer at 
The Hague in the Royal Museum, and combined 
historical interest with artistic execution in such 
small and convenient compass as to earn once 
more the approval which had been expressed con- 
cerning the first medal issued in 1904. The sou- 
venirs were distributed between courses by the 
Secretary and his assistant. 

The appearance of General Cronje was the occa- 
sion of an impromptu, though necessarily limited, 
reception in his honor; as many as convent 
permitted being brought up and presented to the 
General, who exchanged words o\ greeting and 
good cheer by means of his urbane and attentive 
Secretary, Captain Hindon. 



When the tables had been cleared and the 
fragrant clouds so familiar to the Dutch had risen 
sufficiently to indicate the comfort and serenity 
that are universally supposed to accompany the 
judicious consumption of well-chosen tobacco, and 
when the 'fair occupants of the boxes' had received 
the first installment of the compliments which 
were their due, the President, Dr. Albert Vander 
Veer, of Albany, arose, and calling for the; atten- 
tion of the assemblage, bade all welcome and in- 
troduced the intellectual part of the entertainment, 
as follows: 


Dear Ladies, Representatives of Our Sister Societies, 
and Our Invited Guests: 

N behalf of the Holland Society I tender to 
you a most hearty welcome We are 
delighted to have you with us this eve- 
ning. We believe that there is in store for you an 
intellectual treat that will be pleasing and accept- 
able, and our hospitality is proffered you without 
reserve, W"e wish you an evening of enjoy 

To the various sister societies whose representa- 
tives are with us this evening we give an earnest 

I wish to congratulate each member here upon 
our success as an organized society. I trust the 
evening may prove a beneficial one both in tem- 
poral and intellectual blessings. 

To our other invited guests we extend a hearty 
handshake and a welcome of earnest hospitality. 

To the members of the Holland Society, b m 
the splendid attendance here this evening, it r 
be very apparent that the Holland Society of Xcw 
York is in a flourishing condition, that it posses 
great loyalty and enthusiasm (appl and that 

we have evidence of strength in our organize: 

We meet to-night to renew our fidelity and 



allegiance to the memory of dear old Holland. 

There is a great deal that I would like to say to 
you regarding the increase in our membership, and 
I would like also to speak of the very delightful 
semi-annual meeting held in October, but this is 
neither the -time nor the place for such comment. 

I congratulate you all upon the intellectual 
feast prepared by the Banquet Committee. I feel 
that our warmest gratitude is due the Chairman in 
particular for the vigorous campaign made, which 
has borne such excellent fruit, having captured 
for our most delightful entertainment the royal 
after-dinner speakers we have with us this evening. 

The first toast of the evening is 

The President of the United States — Our 
Contribution to the Government. 

"Who is second in the race ? " " There is no second, your 

As we rise to drink to the health of the Presi- 
dent, our Chairman, Col. Vrooman, will read a 
letter received from the President in answer to 
our invitation. 

The health of the President was drunk, and Col. 
Vrooman read the letter received from him, as 
follows : 

"White House, 
"Washington, January o, 1905. 

"My dear Dr. Vander Veer: 

"Pray let me through you present my heartiest thanks 
to the Holland Society for their invitation to dinner, and 


let me also express my great regret that I am unable to be 
present. As perhaps the members of the Society realize, 
this year it happened that not only the successful candidate 
for President, but the manager of that successful cam- 
paign, were both of them of the old Holland stock. It 
would be a peculiar pleasure to me were I able to be 
present, and I sincerely regret my inability to do so. 

"With all good wishes for the success of the occasion, I 

"Sincerely yours, 
(Signed) "Theodore Roosevelt. 
"Dr. Albert Vander Veer, 

"President, Holland Society of New York, 
"Albany, N. Y." 

Col. Vrooman: Mr. Chairman and gentlemen, 
I propose three old-fashioned Dutch cheers for our 
honored fellow-member, that man with big brain, 
big heart, and big purpose, who stands to-day the 
central figure of the civilized world, President 
Theodore Roosevelt. 

The cheers were given with great enthusiasm, 
and were followed by the singing of the S tar- 
Spangled Banner. 

President Vander Veer: The next toast upon 
our list is 

The Governor and Our Commonwealth. 

"Thy Spirit, Independence, let me share! 
Lord of the lion heart and eagle eye! 
Thy steps I follow with my bosom bare, 

Nor heed the storm that howls along the sky.'" 

In the absence of Governor Higgins, Col. Y: 
man will read a letter which he has receiw 
reply to our invitation. 


Col. Vrooman then read the following letter 
from Governor Higgins: 

"State of New York, 

"Executive Chamber, Albany, 
"January 10, 1905.. 

"My dear Mr. Vrooman: 

"It is with genuine regret that I am compelled to de- 
cline the cordial invitation of the Holland Society to be 
present at its Twentieth Annual Banquet, at the Waldorf- 
Astoria, on the 19th inst., but it seems absolutely im- 
possible for me to undertake to attend. 

"The early history of the City and State of New York 
amply justifies the Holland Society in its purpose to per- 
petuate the memory and to foster and promote the prin- 
ciples and virtues of the Dutch ancestors of its members. 
To the Dutch in America we are indebted for much that is 
best in our national character and institutions. Occasions 
like this serve to remind us of what we owe to Holland and 
to its people, and to stimulate the study of the causes 
which led to American independence. Social intercourse 
among the early Dutch was proverbial for warm-hearted 
and open-handed hospitality and good cheer, and in this 
regard I understand that your society adheres strictly to 
the best traditions of the ancestors. 

"With best wishes, and sincere regrets, I am 

"Very truly yours, 
(Signed) " Frank W. Higgins. . 
" Hon. John W. Vrooman, 

" Chairman of Dinner Committee of Holland Society, 
" 346 Broadway, New York City, N. Y." 

Col. Vrooman : This letter strikes such a sym- 
pathetic chord that the writer is entitled to es- 
pecial honors from every Hollander assembled 
here to-night, and I propose three hearty cheers 
for our worthy deputy Dutchman, Governor 
Frank W. Higgins. 

The cheers were given with a will and were fol- 
lowed by the singing of My Country, H is of Thee. 


President Vander Veer: The next toast is 

The Mayor and Our City — New Amsterdam- 
New York. 

"What Heaven has done for this delicious land! " 

The name of Mayor McClellan brings to me 
memories of the Army of the Potomac. (Ap- 
plause.) Once more my ears ring with the cheers 
that were so expressive of the loyalty and confi- 
dence of the soldiers to " Little Mac." We are 
pleased to-night to hear a letter read by Col. 
Vrooman from the worthy son of a worthy sire. 

Col. Vrooman thereupon read this letter from 
Mayor McClellan: 

"City of New York, 

"Office of the Mayor, 

"Jan. 17, 1905. 

"I beg yon to convey to the Holland Society my sincere 
thanks for the kind invitation to attend its Twentieth 
Annual Banquet at the Waldorf-Astoria on January 19, 
and to express my regret that an earlier engagement keeps 
me from accepting it. 

"I should like very much to share in the hospitality of 
your Society, which commemorates the notable achieve- 
ments of the early Dutch on the island which we now 
occupy, and I ask you to transmit to the Society my best 
wishes for its continued prosperity and the success of your 

"Yours very truly, 

"Geo. B. McClellan, 

" Henry L. Bogert, Esq., 
M 99 Nassau Street, 
" N. Y. City." 

Col. Vrooman : And now, my fellow Dutchmen, 
three cheers more for another illustrious American 

i6 3 

who is counted worthy by the descendants of New 
Amsterdam burghers to preside over Dutch inter- 
ests in this great city, Mayor George B. Mc- 

The cheers were given, followed by the singing 
of Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean. 

President Vander Veer: Fellow-members, 
we have with us to-night a genuine Dutchman, a 
genuine fighter, the "Lion of Africa," and I have 
pleasure in introducing to you General Cronje. 
(Cheers. ) 

Gen. Cronje addressed the Society in Dutch. 

President Vander Veer: I take it that there 
were just a few of us in the room who did not quite 
understand the language — just a few: (Cries of 
11 No I No!") I take pleasure in calling upon Gen- 
eral Cronje's secretary to translate some of the 
language that we did not quite grasp. 

Gen. Cronje's Secretary: Gentlemen, Gen. 
Cronje wishes to thank you all for your hearty 
welcome here to-night. He says he is very glad 
to see so many descendants of the Dutch in this 
country, and is only sorry you were not in Africa 
when the war broke out. (Applause.) 

The General wishes to thank you, one and all, 
for the great sympathy you expressed tow r ard our 
nation in its hour of need. We appreciate it 
greatly. When the General landed in this country 
last April he was told of the great sympathy of the 
American people for him and for his country, and 
he has found it to be a genuine fact. He has been 
told that he need never return to his own country 
if he wishes to remain in America and make his 


home here, but the General says he wishes t 
back to his own country — it is his Fatherland, 
his children are there, and it is where he lived and 
where he hopes to die. 

The General is very sorry there was no U 
Doctrine over in South Africa. {Applause.) If 
there had been, there would have been no need to 
fight. {Applause and laughter.) That is all the 
General said. 

Gen. Cronje again addressed the Society in 
Dutch, and was followed by his Secretary, who 

The General wishes to drink the health of the 
members of the Society, and he hopes that all the 
young shoots will grow into mighty trees.* {Ap- 
plause. ) 

President Vander Veer: By act of our last 
Legislature, great changes have been brought about 
in the unification of the work done by the Board 
of Regents and the Department of Public Instruc- 
tion. I speak from inside knowledge when I say 
to you that I bring to you glad tidings of successful 
work accomplished by the union of these two edu- 
cational bodies. 

It required a master mind and a man of ms 
resources, of keen constructive power and ex- 
ceedingly great executive ability, to combine the 
best of our educational interests and to establ: 
system that is to redound to the credit of our 
Empire State. There was no mistake made in the 
election of the Commissioner of Education by the 
last Legislature. {Applause.) 

* Referring to the Society's motto, Kind 
boom, "In the end the shoot becomes a tree." 


To respond to our next toast, 

Holland's Contribution to American Educa- 

"Above all Greek, above all Roman fame" — • 

we have with us to-night the Commissioner him- 
self, and it gives me great pleasure to introduce to 
you Dr. AndrewS. Draper. {Great applause.) 



Mr. President: 

HE honor of the invitation to smoke a long 
pipe and eat a wiener-wurst and drink 
some beer (laughter) with the Holland 
Society, and incidentally to name some of the 
things which Holland has contributed to the 
vance of the world and to the upbuilding of demo- 
cratic institutions in America was the more distinct 
to me because of the fact that, unlike any of you, 
I have no Holland blood. (Laughter.) But for 
the abounding good-fellowship I might feel strange 
in this glorious company of thoroughbred Dutch- 
men, in spite of the fact that I have been familiar 
with the clatter of the wooden shoes of my old 
friend, Colonel John Vrooman, upon the turnpikes 
of the Commonwealth for a generation. (Lav.: 
and applause. ) 

I have studied Dutch history rather attentively, 
and always with the conviction that in the writings 
of American historians Holland and her people 
have hardly had a fair show. (Applause.) It 
may as well be said at once that the story of no 
people is filled with harder thinking or embellished 
with more splendid heroisms. (Applause.) But, 

1 66 

I ^ulW^■^^pw^^.^ '' .> ^ ? .^^r ^W ^w W ^J^. y>■ ^ ^■ ^ ■»r^rr I i Vf% . HKL1 9* 


IjuvJiisJ-V^-iliJu^-iii!! :;>^^ ,*&&&»». J 


even under a Holland roof, I am going to prepare 
myself for paying the respect which I feel for your 
forefathers by first paying the respect which I owe 
to my own. {Laughter.) 

My father was an undiluted, and, even after 
seven generations in America, pretty nearly an 
unsubdued, English Puritan; and my mother was 
as pure and true, as cheerful and gentle, a Scotch- 
Irish covenanter as the world ever saw. These 
were two very considerate and forbearing peoples, 
(laughter) and very likely it is to the mixing of all 
this toleration that I owe the interest I have in 
the remimiisances (laughter) of all other peoples. 

■Hardly a day's walk from the corners of the 
three English counties where the original homes 
of the Mayflower pilgrims were found, after evad- 
ing the search of scholars for more than two hun- 
dred years, lies the little hamlet from which the 
first pair of my paternal grandparents in America 
came to Boston with the first Puritan migration. 
For eight generations, and until my mother un- 
settled the practice, each son and grandson in the 
direct line won a Puritan maiden for his wife. If 
those seven Puritan girls were as winsome as 
George Boughton makes Priscilla, — or Katrina. for 
that matter, — (laughter,) and I swear that they 
were, every one of them, — then there is proof 
enough that if any one of those men had gone any 
farther he would have fared a great deal worse. 

But the time came when even the Puritan 
maiden had to stand aside. In 1806, a young 
man near Belfast in Ireland, with the Scotch 
name of Sloan and the Bible name of Samuel, and 


with a religion as Scotch as his name, came to the 
town of Argyle in our county of Washington. Be- 
fore doing so he plighted his troth with a girl whose 
name, Rachel MacMinn, was as Scotch and as 
much of the Bible as his own, and whose body and 
soul made her as sweet and beautiful a human 
flower as ever grew in any land, that when he had 
found the place for their home he would return for 
her and they would go and make it together. The 
troth was kept and one of their daughters was 
the girl who interrupted the sway of the Puritan 
maiden in our family. It must be admitted, how- 
ever, that with my marriage it was completely re- 
stored. (Laughter.) 

I am rather glad that my blood was mixed. If 
the ingredients were not vicious or insipid it is 
quite as well that they should act upon each other. 
If the English Puritan and the Scotch Covenanter 
had much in common they surely had enough in 
difference, and each was sufficiently opinionated 
to dispute that the other made the world without 
any help, or set quite all of the stones in the 
foundations of American institutions. (Laughter.) 

A thousand years ago great throngs of people 
from the parts of Middle and Northern Europe 
adjacent to the high seas moved to the westward 
and compounded a new nation in Britain. Through 
qualities which were inherent, and which were 
modified and strengthened in the process of assi- 
milation that new nation showed qualities which 
were then unknown and were very great. It 
showed appreciation of the natural right of every 
man and of the true functions of the combined 
strength. It developed both initiative and 
control. It limited the prerogative of the king 

J 169 

without destroying the kingdom. It began to 
stand for the systematic restraint which is vital 
to security and for the freedom which is the life 
current of intellectual progress. It showed con- 
siderable spiritual life guided by some measure 
of rational thinking ; it advanced very slowly yet 
steadily in the arts and sciences ; it gained in out- 
look and accomplishment through doing. Above 
all, it organized representative assemblies and 
courts to declare rules of law r , and it organized 
armies and navies and used them to command 
order and enforce law more systematically than 
had ever been done before. 

But all this w T as the slow, heavy, labored pro- 
cess of centuries. Through all of this unfolding 
the powder of the king was decisive, most of the 
time conclusive, and that pow r er distinctly and suc- 
cessfully opposed the uplifting of the people. The 
masses were sodden and ignorant. There w T as not 
democracy enough to break its way through. 

In the midst of this a new continent was dis- 
covered and thinly peopled by slight migrations 
from all the nations of the w r orld. Here the 
power and thought and law and methods of 
Britain w r ere dominant, but remoteness, life in the 
open, and new factors which entered in, developed 
a people very unlike the English people, a nation 
with ideals wholly different from those of the 
British nation. Frankness would say that pretty 
nearly all rule became distasteful. Foreign rule 
became intolerable. Separation had to come. 
Indeed, one of the foremost of recent English 
writers has said that it had to be in order to aenre 
English liberty. It came by violence. A new 
nation emerged, retaining of necessity the Ian- 


guage of England and what was good of the Eng- 
lish political system. Because the separation - 
by violence there was consequent hate, and the 
process of national differentiation was prompt 
and decisive. 

But a little people, with such antecedents and 
such expectations, were not to be left alone. Soon 
history began to repeat itself. The very peoples 
who a thousand years before had sent vast thr 
to compound the British nation sent greater 
throngs over wider seas to coalesce with the re- 
sultant stock and compound still another nation. 
Each of these throngs brought much. Every na- 
tion of the earth has given something. The differ- 
entiation has become more and more conclusive 
until there has emerged a mighty people with 
characteristics of speech, thought, dress, energy, 
business versatility and aggressiveness, diplomatic 
directness, passion for discovery and genius for 
invention, religious sense, and political theories, 
which are recognizable at once in every part of the 
world and respected wherever recognized. (. 

What each people has brought to us is now a 
grateful theme for all of us. The chemical affinity 
has become so complete that the sun has gone clown 
on the day of apprehension or of jealousy. We 
have come to see that the factors of most worth to 
us are strongest in the men and women who honor 
their forefathers and are truest to the inspiring 
memories of their own fatherland. (Applause.) 

The factors of the American national life are not 
numbers alone, not brawn and muscle alone, not 
mines and farms and factories alone. Blufi 
pretence were inevitable with a small but nervy 


j : >eople facing such problems, and there were some 
who mistook them for the distinguishing features 
of the national life. Large numbers, cheerful 
humor, the genuine culture which comes from 
ceaseless work, the eligibility of the commercial 
situation, complete agreement upon political the- 
ories and an orderly settlement of new questions, 
with the steadying and broadening which come 
of increasing accountability, have compounded 
original factors into a new national entity which 
does not expect to meddle with other peoples 
but which does expect to be reckoned with in 
the general affairs of a globe in which we all 
have some interest and are chargeable with some 
responsibility. (Applause.) 

The original factors of our national life came to 
us because they could not find their opportunity in 
other lands, because they were rejected by the 
prevailing political systems of other nations. Free 
religious feeling which would not be bound by an 
unreligious theological system and would not be 
used to bind the thought of a people, industry 
which would have some reward in accomplish- 
ment, genius which could do things and throbbed 
for wider opportunities, imagination which could 
foresee higher living, fellowship .which insisted 
that every man should have his fair chance, 
scientific research which could let in the truth 
upon the superstitions of the ages, unfolding social 
and political opinion which was coming to see that 
a government must make the most of every one 
and gain the love of every one to be of account to 
men, — these were the primary elements of oui na- 
tional life, the factors which gave fibre and flavor to 
the American spirit in the world. (Long applause* ) 


Of these the share which Holland brought is 
surely not to be held second to that of any other 
people. (Cries of "Good.") At the beginning of 
the seventeenth century, the opening of our period 
of permanent colonization, she had above all the 
other nations the qualities which now distinguish 
the American life. She had gained those qualities 
through -a manner of life which has always made 
freemen and through decisive democratic ten- 
dencies . which even then had been ripening for 
centuries. (Applause.) 

Nothing is more manifest and surely nothing is 
more gratifying to the student of education than 
the unvarying companionship in all history of the 
democratic and the educational advance. Even 
as far back as the fourteenth century the indepen- 
dence of the cities in the Netherlands had led to 
common schools and universities. The results of 
the German Reformation were particularly deci- 
sive and enduring in the Low Countries. In the 
early sixteen hundreds primary and secondary 
schools became common and were opened to boys 
and girls alike. These prepared the Dutch people 
for deeds of greatest moment to the world. Work 
is the making of the worker. Carlyle was right, 
when he said that the lifting of the marshes up 
above the ocean, and the driving of Spain out oi 
the Netherlands were the making of a free and 
virile people. It took forty years of unspeakable 
suffering and a hundred thousand lives to hr 
the grasp of the Inquisition. If the schools quali- 
fied a people for fighting the first great world 

battle for libertv to a successful issue, th 


made the extension of the schools inevitable. 
Universities became the permanent memorials of 


military victories, and the union of Utrecht was 
followed by an order that ''all the inhabitants of 
towns and villages within six weeks find good 
and competent schoolmasters." May says, "The 
whole population was educated ; the higher classes 
were singularly accomplished." Broadhead says 
that "schools were everywhere provided, at public 
expense, with good schoolmasters to instruct the 
children of all classes in the usual branches of 
education." Motley says, "It was a land where 
every child went to school, where almost every in- 
dividual inhabitant could read and write, where 
even the middle classes were proficient in mathe- 
matics and the classics, and could speak two or 
more modern languages, and where the whole 
nation with but few exceptions were producers of 
material and intellectual w r ealth." (Applause.) 

These great impulses appeared directly in the 
industrial activities and in the fine arts, the litera- 
ture, the scientific study, the political theories, and 
the common life of the country. 

Agriculture was diversified and intensified. 
Science was really used for the first time in trying 
to ascertain the potential power of an acre of land. 
The agricultural colleges of America are even now 
going back to those people for assistance. (Ap- 

Craftsmanship in w r ood and metal and leather 
and in the textile fabrics and dexterity in all 
household and useful arts reached a development 
which was notable, and is so still. 

The Holland art of that period brings us the 
finest portrayal we have of the best life there 
was in the generations when society was getting 
upon its feet. It turned from impossible angels 


and men and devils, from weakling princes and 
slumpy mistresses, to men grown virile in their 
country's service, to genuine mothers and i 
babies, to the home and family life, to horses at 
work and cattle that could bellow, to windmills 
and dykes and boats and hardy sailor-folks, to 
golden meadows and gorgeous sunsets, and to all 
of the scenes and effects which Dutch artists saw. 
(Applause.) In all of these, Dutch art was pro- 
lific. But it was more than prolific. In technique, 
in harmony of color, in quick recognition of the 
beauty of the scene, in the interpretation of char- 
acter, in the exemplification of rational devotional 
feeling, it produced a distinct school of art which 
stands in a class by itself unto this day. (Ap- 

Literature was not censored and science was 
dignified and encouraged. In three hundred years 
after 1573 there were four thousand seven hundred 
students from England and the United States in 
attendance upon the University of Leyden. 

All this freedom produced the first near 
approach to a pure democracy in the world. 
(Applause.) A republic grew and wrote a con- 
stitution, and each of the seventeen provinces 
which constituted it had a constitution of its 
own. Douglas Campbell has traced a score of 
the salient features of that political system, — the 
powers and limitations of the presidency, the or- 
ganization of the national senate, religious tolera- 
tion, freedom of the press, manhood suffrage, 
written ballots, free schools for girls and I 
alike, the independence of the judiciary, the 
absence of primogeniture, the recording of con- 
veyances, public prosecutors, the protection ot 


persons charged with crime, amenability to the 
civil laws alone, and many others which are 
fundamental in our own political system, and so 
proved the source from which they came. 

Now all this came to its maturity in the Nether- 
lands just before the great Puritan movement in 
England and just before the first permanent colo- 
nization of America. The centre of the Puritan 
movement was in the northeastern counties, the 
counties which are against the German ocean. 
The Dutch controlled the carrying trade of the 
world. Their seamen were continually in the 
English ports. Out of these counties Elizabeth 
had sent six thousand English troops to aid the 
Dutch against the Spanish, when diplomacy would 
suffice no longer, little realizing that when they 
came back they would bring the germs of a revo- 
lution with them. Into these counties she had 
brought spinners and weavers from Flanders with- 
out foreseeing that they would teach a great deal 
besides dexterity in their art. These counties 
produced the greater part of the early English 
Christian martyrs and the great body of the 
20,000 men and women who migrated to Massa- 
chusetts Bay in the twenty years following 1630 
when Charles was ruling the realm without a par- 
liament and preparing the way for the notable 
trial in the Parliament house and the still more 
notable scene which followed. Perhaps those 
counties did even better, for they produced the 
greater part of the Puritan parliamentary leaders. 
They not only produced old Cromwell but his 
regiment of Ironsides. They were the seat of the 
Separatist movement, which was the unexpected 
and at that time the totally unrecognized climax 


of English Puritanism. They were the homes of 
the Plymouth Pilgrim Fathers. No one can read 
the literature of the subject with an open mind, 
and remember that Englishmen are not very sub- 
ject to spontaneous combustion, without knowing 
full well that all these things which meant so much 
to England and to America were because of the 
developments in the Netherlands and because 
of the mighty fires which lighted up the dome 
of Heaven's temple from across the North Sea. 
(Prolonged applause.) 

The Pilgrim Fathers, scattered abroad in Eng- 
land, flew to Holland for refuge in the very year in 
which the Dutch arms had triumphed over Spain 
and in which a truce of twelve years had been de- 
creed, and they migrated to America in the very 
year when that truce was to end. When they ap- 
plied to the burgomasters of Leyden for leave to 
reside in that city this suggestive endorsement, 
discovered recently in the archives at The Hague, 
was placed upon the margin of their petition: 
"The Court, in making a disposition of this me- 
morial, declare that they refuse no honest persons 
free ingress to come and have their residence in 
this city, provided that such persons behave them- 
selves and submit to the laws and ordinances; 
and therefore the coming of the memorialists will 
be agreeable and welcome. Thus done at tl 
Council House, 12th February, 1609." If I were 
a Dutchman, and as thrifty as Dutchmen are, 1 
would write that over my doorway in letters of 
gold. (Applause.) 

In the next twenty years the first enduring 1 
tlements in America were effected First the 
Dutch here upon Manhattan Island; second the 


Pilgrims at Plymouth; and third the Puritans at 
Boston. The Dutch and the Pilgrims were weak 
in numbers and in resources. Up to 1630 neither 
numbered a thousand souls. The Puritans were 
strong in numbers, gaining twenty thousand people 
in twenty years; speaking relatively, they were 
rich, powerful, and learned. 

Each of these peoples brought with them to the 
new country the beliefs and the institutions which 
were theirs in the old country. The Dutch held 
the democratic theories with which their history 
had imbued them. The Pilgrims held to the 
faith and the thinking w r hich had made them 
Separatists from the English state church and 
caused them to be hunted out of the English state, 
with such confirmations and growth as twelve 
years in Holland had given to them. The Dutch 
came for commerce which w r as no less legitimate 
then than now. (Applause.) They assumed, as of 
course, that the manner of life and the thinking 
of the Fatherland would continue here. The Pil- 
grims came because of their love for their English 
speech and English ways, because they feared 
that if they remained in Holland they would 
wholly disappear in the Dutch life (of the half of 
the company that stayed in Leyden no trace can 
be found after tw T enty-five years), and because they 
must have religious and political freedom which 
they could not have in England. The Puritans 
were not seeking religious or political freedom. 
They maintained class distinctions and distin- 
guished between the nobles and the commons. 
They were an intolerant religious sect, and with 
the same sternness which cut off the head of the 
king and set up the commonwealth in the mother 


country, they imprisoned, banished and hanged 
any man or woman who gave promise of destroy- 
ing the harmony of the sect. They were asso- 
ciated with a party which was the same in the 
state religion and in the politics of England, and 
they had no thought of separateness or inde- 
pendence. They believed in the union of church 
and state. Their government erected the church 
building, paid the minister, and managed the 
affairs of the church, and no man had any part in 
the government who was not a member of the 

But neither numbers or wealth, nor even 
scholarship or religious enthusiasm, were to deter- 
mine the character of American institutions. (Ap- 
plause.) When the Pilgrims and the Puritans 
coalesced in the colony of Massachusetts it had to 
be upon principles which Dutch influences started 
in those northeastern English counties and came 
to their full flower in the Netherlands. Old Eng- 
land with the help of New England might over- 
throw by force the little Dutch colony at the 
mouth of the Hudson, but when union came in 
America it had to be upon the principles for which 
those Dutchmen stood, and which even in the dark 
hour of overthrow they never surrendered. {Pro- 
longed applause.) 

It has been a very common habit to credit the 
origin of our common school system to England 
and to Puritanism, although England has never 
had a system of common schools. The English 
educational system comprised colleges with pre- 
paratory schools for sons of noble birth; not until 
within the memory of men of middle age has 
English policy undertaken to enforce elementary 

J 79 

teaching upon all the children of the people. New 
England followed Old England. The first New 
England school was a college and the next was a 
Latin school. All of the New England schools be- 
fore 1670 were classical schools established to be 
tributary to the college. Very likely they had to 
bend their work to the elementary branches to 
make up for what was not done at home, but the 
universal plan was that the primary work should 
be at home by the parents if they could do it, or 
very often by the minister if the parents could not. 
Happily they recorded all they did, but there is 
no evidence of any school whatever in the Ply- 
mouth colony for full fifty years after the landing, 
or of any elementary or common school among the 
twenty thousand people at Boston for more than 
forty years after the founding of the city. The 
Massachusetts schools received no girls until 1789, 
one hundred and fifty years after the settlement, 
and received them for only half time for forty years 
after that. The Puritans had nothing in common 
with other people. How were they to have com- 
mon schools? If the old heroes could return to 
earth and hear some things which their descend- 
ants claim there would be some castigations with- 
out formal trials, if not some hangings without the 
benefit of clergy. (Laughter.) 

The Dutch colonial charter of 1629 decreed that 
"the colonists shall, in the speediest manner, en- 
deavor to find out ways and means to support a 
minister and a schoolmaster that thus the service 
of God and zeal for religion may not grow cold 
and be neglected among them." That is quite as 
good as the phrase about not letting learning 
"perish in the graves of their fathers" in the 


Massachusetts law enacted eighteen years later. 
(Applause.) A Dutch schoolmaster was an official 
of the state, and when he was sent over a school 
resulted. Upon the petition of the colonists an 
official schoolmaster was sent over from Holland 
in 1633, an d a school was opened. It was the 
first school of which there is any record in America. 
It was open to all, and it was supported out of the 
common moneys of the colony. It has continued 
under changing political conditions, and therefore 
under differing auspices until this day. Other 
similar schools, two public schools of secondary 
grade, and a dozen schools under private manage- 
ment with the government approval, were estab- 
lished upon this island in the thirty years before 
the English arms took possession of it. (Applause.) 

In the ensuing century and down to the opening 
of the Revolution the English royal governor op- 
posed and the colonial legislature favored schools, 
with the result that practically nothing was done. 
No act of the English government favorable to 
schools appears in all that time except the reluc- 
tant approval of two Latin schools for limited 
periods; there was no act and no consent which 
was inconsistent with the uniform English policy 
of advanced schools for the nobles and no schools 
at all for the people. 

If the democratic advance and the common 
enlightenment first introduced into America the 
germs of the great free elementary school system 
of the country and give New York the honor of the 
first free school of the land, her Dutch antecedents 
give New York her primacy in being the first stal e 
to appropriate state moneys to encourage primary 
education, the first to establish state supervision 


of schools, and the first to relate all the schools in 
a system which should be universal. {Applause.) 

The relative progress of the Dutch and the 
English toward the present American institutions 
is revealed in the fact that all of her sister states 
preceded Massachusetts in writing the guarantee 
of religious freedom in their constitutions, while 
New York, which never had a state church and 
was never tinctured with intolerance, was the first 
organized government in the world to enshrine in 
her fundamental law the sacred pledge of absolute 
spiritual independence and of political government 
without ecclesiastical control. (Applause.) 

Nor must it be surmised that the forefathers 
of the Holland Society were an unreligious people. 
(''Good!" "Good!") There were forty editions 
of the Bible or of the New Testament printed in 
Holland before there was one in England. It was 
their religion which made them refuse to permit 
their religion to be bound, which enabled them to 
anticipate by two hundred years the attitude of 
America and refuse to be taxed without their con- 
sent, which impelled them with little return to 
stand as the shield and helper of England until 
the very seas were crimson with their blood; it 
was their religion which led them to become the 
historic representatives of the principles upon 
which democracy ma}" advance and free institu- 
tions may endure. (Applause.) 

The Dutch were a little people, but they were 
greater than the largest, for, more than any other, 
their thinking, their religion, and their valor 
broke out the roads over which democracy was to 
march to a new civilization. All Americans are 
under special and enduring obligations to them, 


for surely they were the first to declare the funda- 
mental principles of the Republic. (Long ap- 

President Vander Veer: I am sure that Dr. 
Draper, in his statements about early education, 
has proven himself to be a very good Dutchman. 

The next toast on our list is 

Dutch Elements in Our Civilization. 
"All are but parts of one stupendous whole." 

When just beginning my professional life in 
Albany, after having served over three years in 
the Civil War, a comparatively young man, it was 
my good fortune to have as a patient one of our 
state senators, a man who gave me great comfort 
and strength. After my professional visits were 
ended I was often entertained by his views on 
education and his desire to establish a university 
in this state that would afford an opportunity to 
any ambitious young man for the fullest develop- 
ment of his intellectual worth. 

Could Senator Cornell have known how well he 
was building and how great was to be the prosper- 
ity of his university it would certainly have given 
much comfort and happiness to him. The success 
of that institution has been great, something more 
than ordinary, — phenomenal, I would say, — and 
no one who has been connected with its manage- 
ment has done more to bring about this result than 
he who is to respond to this toast. 

I need not speak of his brilliant work in the 
Philippines, I need not call your attention to 
the anxious, painstaking thought he has given to 

I 83 

the administration of our far-away possessions, but 
simply call your interest to what he has accom- 
plished as President of Cornell University. 

I have great pleasure in calling upon one of our 
own members, President Jacob G. Schurman of 
Cornell. (Applause.) 



OR thirty years past our people have been 
engaged in a series of celebrations com- 
memorating the leading events in the 
conquest of American Independence and the es- 
tablishment of the American Republic. First, as 
was fitting, came the Philadelphia Exposition in 
honor of the Declaration of Independence, — that 
immortal instrument which, if all else American 
were suddenly obliterated, would enshrine the 
memory of our democracy as an ever-living in- 
spiration and exemplar in the hearts of mankind 
for all generations. And the series has just closed 
with the St. Louis Exhibition which commem- 
orated the Purchase of Louisiana from France and 
the erection on its ample base of a group of the 
new trans-Mississippi states, united beneath the 
aegis of the Constitution with the older states into 
a single sisterhood — one identical republic of 
equal citizens, equal laws, equal rights and privi- 
leges. {Applause.) These centennial celebra- 
tions have largely centred in the political principles 
and ideals of the founders of the Republic. And 
they have missed their best end if the American 
people have not received a fresh baptism of that 
spirit of democracy and national independence for 
which America has always stood and by which 


; «y,-. ■■ i ».i ,. i ' ■■•!..i.m mmWKKflKf^ ,v ''f m - * m """'^ 

,* i 



Itt&mi^BJ&xi**--. . .... »»_**-»»«..-. 


alone America is to retain her proud position of 
pre-eminence among the nations of the world. 

These centennial celebrations are now behind us. 
Looking ahead we can anticipate celebrations of 
the tercentenaries of the discoveries and settle- 
ments of these shores. And with one of these, 
now near at hand, the Holland Society is deeply 
concerned. It was on the third day of September, 
1609, that a little ship, sent out by the Dutch 
East India Company, at the instance of the 
Amsterdam directors, dropped anchor between 
Sandy Hook and Staten Island. Her name was 
the Half Moon; her captain, Henry Hudson. 
Though Hudson's stay was short, for he left in 
a month, after sailing up the North River as far 
as the site of the present city of Troy, — though his 
object was the discovery of a passage to the 
Orient, w T hich he had already vainly sought and 
was again fatally to seek in more northerly 
waters, — though he had no authority from the 
government of Holland or from the East India 
Company to sail in this latitude, — it is Hudson 
nevertheless [who brought the Dutch to Manhat- 
tan Island and up the noble river which properly 
bears his name, where, first of white men, he met 
and skirmished and traded with the Indians. (Ap- 
plause.) Gentlemen of the Holland Society, I 
propose that in 1909 there be held, here in Man- 
hattan, a worthy tercentennial celebration of the 
voyage of Hudson and the beginnings of New 
Netherland. (Great applause.) 

The name "New Netherland" occurs first in 
1614 as the designation of an Amsterdam trading 
company to which the States-General granted for 
some years a monopoly of the trade of these coasts 


and rivers. But the peltries reported by Hudson 
stimulated commercial enterprise at an earlier 
date; and individual Amsterdam merchants sent 
out small ships which carried home skins of 
beaver and otter and mink in exchange for blue 
glass beads and strips of red cotton. By 1613, 
four rude houses had been built upon this island, 
and Hendrick Christiaensen stands out as the 
first Dutch organizer and captain of Indian trade. 
Then followed from 1614 to 1623 a period of 
rather listless and fruitless effort under the mono- 
poly of the New Netherland Company. The 
foundation of the West India Company, however, 
marked a new epoch. In 1623, came the good 
ship New Netherland with the first party of per- 
manent colonists, some of whom settled on Man- 
hattan while the rest went up the river to lay the 
foundations of what we now call Albany. Two 
shiploads of cattle and horses and swine and sheep 
followed in 1625. Manhattan Island was pur- 
chased in 1626 for sixty guilders in beads and 
ribbons; and sixty guilders are equivalent to 
twenty-four gold dollars, or, allowing for the en- 
hanced purchasing value of gold, to about one 
hundred and twenty dollars at the present time. 
The system of patroons, or lords of the manor, was 
established in 1629 for the purpose of encoura. 
immigration, the condition of the patroon's grant of 
land being that he should bring fifty grown-up 
persons to New Netherland and settle them in 
homes along the Hudson River. Still the current 
of immigration flowed slowly, and, to stimulate it, 
the West India Company in 163S renounced and 
abolished all previous monopolies, alike in trade 
and agriculture. The effect of this liberal measure 

i8 7 

was marked. Settlers of excellent quality came 
in considerable numbers, and not only Dutchmen 
from Holland but Englishmen from Massachusetts, 
where they found the rule of "the saints" intoler- 
able. (Laughter and applause.) Unhappily this 
rising prosperity was destroyed by a great Indian 
war. These events occurred in the administration 
of Kieft, which lasted from 1638 to 1647. The Com- 
pany sent out Stuyvesant to take his place; and it 
was Stuyvesant's fate — loyal, capable, honorable, 
and arbitrary gentleman as he was — to see New 
Netherland prosper under the work of his hands, and 
also, in 1664, to see it fall under the superior force 
of a British fleet. When New Netherland passed 
under British control the total population did not 
exceed ten thousand, of which about sixteen hun- 
dred were in the city of New Amsterdam; and 
this population was in the main a growth of the 
last eleven years. In 1653, when the city of New 
Amsterdam was incorporated, the population of 
New Netherland numbered only two thousand, of 
which eight hundred were in the city. 

I want to linger a minute over this question of 
population. In 1628, the Dutch colony at Man- 
hattan and the English colony at Plymouth had 
each about three hundred inhabitants, and for 
some time they had been closely balanced. But 
Englishmen then began to pour into Massachusetts 
Bay, and in a dozen years New England had a 
population of twenty-six thousand. Lord Bal- 
timore was preparing to make a settlement 
in Maryland, and already, in 1628, Virginia 
had four thousand inhabitants. And a gaa 
tion later, when Charles II. seized New Nether- 
land, the population of New England had risen 

to fifty thousand, that of Virginia to thirty-: 
thousand, while Maryland had fifteen thousand; 
a total English population of one hundred thou- 
sand. The emigration from England had, there- 
fore, been ten times as large as the emigration 
from Holland. Nay, more than ten times as large, 
for a considerable portion of the ten thousand 
people in New Netherland was English, so many 
in fact that for years there had been an English 
as well as a Dutch Secretary of State. When, 
therefore, it is asked why the English had won 
the New World from the Dutch, the obvious an- 
swer is that the English came to the New World 
and the Dutch did not. 

Now T , why was that? Why did the Dutch stay 
home and the English leave home? Let me tell 
you a story from Boswell's Life of Johnson. 

The scene is the Mitre Tavern in London. Bos- 
well is the host. Johnson is of course the guest 
of honor, but Goldsmith and others are there, in- 
cluding the Rev. John Ogilvie of Scotland, whom 
Boswell had gratified with an invitation to meet 
his illustrious friend. After Johnson had ex- 
pressed himself on a number of subjects, beating 
down all opposition, Mr. Ogilvie, good -Scotchman 
but tactless guest, began to sing the praises of his 
native country. He first ran a tilt with Gold- 
smith. Disconcerted, but still confident of his 
ground, he next observed "that Scotland had a 
great many noble, wild prospects." Hereupon 
Johnson took poor Mr. Ogilvie in hand: "1 be- 
lieve, sir, you have a great many. Norway, too, 
has noble, wild prospects; and Lapland is remark- 
able for prodigious noble, wild prospects. But, 
sir, let me tell you, the noblest prospect which a 

1 89 

Scotchman ever sees is the high road that leads 
him to England!" (Laughter and applause.) 

As you know, Scotchmen have followed this 
"noble prospect," not only to England, but all 
over the world wherever the flag of England or the 
speech of England has gone. Their devotion to 
Scotland is deep and unquenchable, but they do 
not hesitate to leave their own country or scruple 
to appropriate what other countries seem to keep 
in store for the wandering sons of Caledonia. 
(Applause.) In plain words, Scotchmen leave 
Scotland because they can do better elsewhere. 
Now, in the seventeenth century, Englishmen left 
England because they could do better — as phys- 
ical, political, and religious beings — in America. 
But why should Dutchmen leave their European 
home, which, in the seventeenth century, was the 
most charming, free, attractive, prosperous, and 
highly civilized place in the world? 

It was different in the sixteenth century, when 
the Netherlands were engaged in a life and death 
struggle with Spain for national independence and 
religious liberty. Then, indeed, many thousands 
of Dutchmen and Flemings, driven from their 
homes, oppressed and persecuted, poured into 
England; during the reign of Queen Elizabeth 
alone probably more than one hundred thousand 
of them became Englishmen . These were nearly all 
Puritans ; they brought to England a higher civili- 
zation than England had yet known, and their 
children and grand children in the days of Charles 
I. were among the "English" Puritans who emi- 
grated in such large numbers to New England. 
Thus the Dutch influence on Old England 
and New England is scarcely less important 


than the more obvious Dutch influence on New 

Let us look at the attractiveness of Holland in 
the seventeenth century and the nature of its 
civilization. It was a time of almost universal 
religious strife and persecution. Spain had ex- 
hausted herself in the attempt to suppress Prot- 
estantism; France had expelled the Huguenots; 
England was in the hands of the cruel and un- 
principled Stuarts; but Holland was the land of 
universal toleration. There, alone in Christendom, 
was the freedom of conscience an established 
maxim of government and principle of popular 
faith. It made Amsterdam the most cosmopolitan 
city in the world. And this principle of religious 
toleration the Dutch stamped, irrevocably upon 
the island of Manhattan and the province of New 
Netherland. To New Amsterdam came Wal- 
denses from Piedmont, Huguenots from France, 
Scotch Presbyterians, English Independents, Mo- 
ravians, Anabaptists, and Jews. In the middle of 
the seventeenth century this little island was vocal 
with twelve or fifteen European languages, whereas 
all the way from the Harlem River to the Penob- 
scot you would have heard nothing but English. 
Stuyvesant showed some infidelity to the principle 
of universal religious toleration, but he was quickly 
rebuked by the Amsterdam authorities. "The 
consciences of men," they wrote him, "ought to 
be free and unshackled, so long as they continue 
moderate, peaceable, inoffensive, and not hostile 
to government." They went on to observe that 
such had been the practice in Amsterdam, where, 
as a consequence, the oppressed and ated 

from every country had found an asylum from 

I 9 I 

distress. This principle of the liberty of con- 
science is Holland's gift to the world. She prac- 
tised it at home, she taught it to some of the Eng- 
lish Independents of the more radical stripe, and 
she impressed it forever upon Manhattan and 
America. (Applause.) 

Look in the next place at civil and political 
liberty in the Netherlands. The Dutch were as 
fierce lovers of liberty as their brethren, who in the 
early Christian centuries went to England, but 
they were not so favorably situated to defend it. 
Nevertheless they had succeeded by the fifteenth 
century in building up a goodly structure of free- 
dom. Then came the terrible disaster of their 
absorption by the House of Burgundy in the fif- 
teenth century, followed in the sixteenth by the 
still more terrible disaster of their transfer to the 
crown of Spain. But out of the very nettle of 
danger the Dutch plucked the flower of safety. 
From the Burgundian Princess Mary they ex- 
torted the Great Privilege, which is their Magna 
Chart® of popular rights and liberties. And 
against the crown of Spain, which practised un- 
paralleled oppression, cruelty, and persecution in 
the Netherlands, the Dutch under William the 
Silent rose in revolt; and, though half the military 
power of Europe was at the call of their oppressor, 
and the treasures of Mexico and Peru at his dis- 
posal, this people, after enduring unheard-of suf- 
ferings and evincing immortal valor in a desolating 
contest extending through eighty years, finally 
established the independence of Holland. (Ap- 
plause.) This was virtually acknowledged by 
Spain when she sued for a twelve years' truce in 
the year 1609 — the very year Hudson anchored 


the Half Moon in this harbor and laid the founda- 
tions of New Netherland. The national conscious- 
ness of the Dutch people was justly in a state of 
exaltation. They had fought for the noblest of 
causes ; history cannot surpass if it can equal the 
record of their heroism; and they had triumphed. 
(Applause.) Independence and liberty won at 
such a price are precious jewels indeed. (Ap- 
plause.) And can we wonder that, while the best 
of Englishmen were leaving England, Dutchmen 
clung to the soil they had emancipated and en- 
joyed the liberties they had saved? "In love of 
liberty," says Franklin, speaking of Holland, 
"and bravery in defence of it, she has been our 
great example." (Applause.) 

But, though the Dutch were indisposed to settle 
abroad, they were adventurous enough in sailing 
foreign seas and acquiring colonial dependencies. 
At the time Hudson sailed into this harbor the 
Dutch were the foremost sea-power in the world. 
And, as Spain had seized the kingdom of Portugal, 
all Portuguese colonies were, during the war of 
Spain with the Netherlands, exposed to the depre- 
dations of the Dutch. They took Java and Su- 
matra, and by 1607 had complete possession of the 
Molucca Islands; they founded as a half-way sta- 
tion a colony at the Cape of Good Hope; and in 
1605 they discovered or rediscovered Australia, 
which for the next two centuries was commonly 
called New Holland; and for twenty years they 
held the old Portuguese colony of Brazil and ruled 
it through a Nassau prince as stadtholder. 

The great material prosperity of Holland - 
another source of its attractiveness to its people. 
Throughout the Middle Ages it was the emporium 


of trade from the Mediterranean and the Orient by- 
way of Italy and the valley of the Rhine; and in 
the seventeenth century it was doing the carrying 
trade of the world. Then, too, as in earlier cen- 
turies, the agriculture of the Netherlands was as 
eminent as their commerce and manufactures. 
Their wealth and dairy products were the best in 
the world. By the arts of irrigation, drainage, 
and fertilization they greatly improved their crops ; 
in horticulture they stood pre-eminent; and the 
botanical gardens of Haarlem and Ley den were 
the first in Europe. In manufactures England 
was little more than a mere producer of raw ma- 
terials when Holland was turning out the products 
of exquisite skilled workmanship ; and it was from 
the refugees from Spanish oppression in the Nether- 
lands that England learnt many of the industrial 
arts in which she afterwards became distinguished. 
But, now that Holland had cast out the Spanish 
tyrant, her people desired to remain at home and 
enjoy their prosperity, — the just fruits of Dutch 
pre-eminence in agriculture, in manufactures, and 
in world-wide trade. 

Lastly, Holland w r as the most cultured country 
in Europe in the seventeenth century. It was- a 
land where everybody could read and write. Free 
schools were supported by public taxes. If Koster 
of Haarlem did not antedate Gutenberg in the in- 
vention of printing with movable type, the Dutch 
had the best linen in the world to print on, and 
Dutch presses turned out more work than any 
others, and the) 7 " had no rivals for excellence save 
in Venice. Tims Holland became the principal 
centre for the diffusion of the new learning and 
for the reproduction of the Greek and Latin 

i 9 4 

classics and of the Bible. The first English trans- 
lation of the Bible was published at Antwerp. 
The names of great scholars, scientists, and phil- 
osophers adorn the cities of the Netherlands in the 
sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; names such 
as Erasmus, the profound and widely" accomplished 
scholar and writer, Grotius, the father of interna- 
tional law, Vesalius, the founder of modern anat- 
omy, Huyghens, the author of the undulatory 
theory of light, and Spinoza, the deepest thinker 
of the age. Of scientific inventions it will suffice 
to observe that the telescope, the microscope, and 
the thermometer were all invented in Holland 
during this period. Here, too, in Holland lived 
and worked in the seventeenth century the greatest 
painter of the age and one of the greatest of all 
time. Rembrandt was born two years before 
Hudson came to Manhattan and died five years 
after Stuyvesant surrendered it to the English. 
Dutch art discarded the gods and heroes of the 
Greeks and Romans, the saints and martyrs of the 
Italians, and discovered in domestic life the sub- 
jects of its treatment. Art has never since 
created such wealth of stirring imagery or such 
enchantment of color as Rembrandt's best pictures 
reveal; and, if that art embodies and illustrates, 
as it undoubtedly does, the culture of Holland in 
the seventeenth century, we can feel the charm 
of its attractions for the men of that day and dis- 
miss surprise that they preferred Holland to any 
other spot on the globe. (Applause.) 

It was different with the English. England, in 
the seventeenth century, was, from every point of 
view, — material, moral, political, religious 
lectual, and artistic, — a much less desirable place 


than Holland to live in. And so the English came 
to America, not in single files, but in battalions. 
Or, to speak more literally, the English came to 
America as churches, or communities, and brought 
with them their pre-existing organization. And 
here, as always, numbers and organization, under 
proper leadership, carry the day. The individuals 
who came from Holland in small and scattering 
numbers, without political organization and with- 
out any common bond of union but community of 
language, were destined in the long run to be sub- 
merged by the swelling and well-organized tide of 
English emigration. But, though England gob- 
bled up New Netherland, the sovereignty of Eng- 
land in turn passed away, and over both alike is 
reared the majestic fabric of the freest and grandest 
republic the world has ever seen. {Great ap- 

Into that fabric the Dutch elements of civiliza- 
tion, whether brought hither indirectly by Eng- 
lishmen or directly by Dutchmen, have been 
enduringly preserved. The complexion of modern 
American civilization is indeed wonderfully akin 
to that of Holland in the seventeenth century. 
Freedom of conscience, civil and political liberty, 
material prosperity maintained by agriculture, 
manufactures and world-wide commerce, a wide 
diffusion of general prosperity, universal educa- 
tion and free public schools, generous patronage of 
science, scholarship and the arts, deep love of 
home and country, with a corresponding aversion 
to settlement in foreign parts — am I characteriz- 
ing Holland or America? {Applause.) And here 
in this great city of New York Dutch toleration 
and Dutch cosmopolitanism are still quick with 


immortal life. ''When one beholds this city," 
says a well-known writer, "one is inclined to be- 
lieve that it is not the city of a particular people, 
but the community of all the peoples in the world, 
and the centre of their commerce.'! A true de- 
scription of New York, indeed. Yet the words 
were Written by Fenelon, and they describe, not 
New York, but the mother city at the mouth of 
the Amstel — the Old Amsterdam from which you 
have sprung, whose features and spirit you still 
perpetuate. (Long continued applause.) 

Col. Vrooman : It is only eleven o'clock. At 
11.30 we will dismiss you. We have just listened 
to two of the best after-dinner srjeeches of the 
season. We will now listen to the third best 
after-dinner speech of the season, by our beloved 
brother, the Honorable J. Sloat Fassett. Follow- 
ing that, the Rev. Dr. Whitaker will address you, 
and at 11.30 we will dismiss you, earlier than the 
hour of dismissal of the average dinner. 

President Vander Veer: We have listened 
with attention to the programme marked out by 
our worthy Chairman. The next toast will be 

Dutch People and Other People in the Far 


"He spake, and into every heart his words carried new 
strength and courage." 

It has been my experience at various banquets 
to analyze carefully the sentiments connected with 
the toasts, but I. have seldom, if ever, seen a senti- 
ment so appropriate as the one associated with the 
above toast and the respondent. 

i 9 7 

We have known him in Albany for many years 
as a man standing for the best interests of the 
State, a Senator of true nobility, an after-dinner 
speaker of rare ability, and a man true to his 
friends in many ways. I have great pleasure. in 
introducing to you the Honorable J. Sloat Fassett. 


F ell ow -Dutchmen : 

<^\Y old friend, Col. Vrooman, whom we learned 
to know and to love as "The Dutch 

Plowboy of Herkimer" (laughter and ap- 
plause), has, by his remarks just made, rendered 
my task considerably easier. I might as well con- 
fess that I entered into this agreement to make a 
speech here to-night in a spirit of rivalry, hoping 
to win the blue ribbon ; but all such ulterior and 
improper motives have been already set aside, for 
you will observe that the Colonel has already 
classified me as "the third best after-dinner 
speaker." (Great laughter.) He has also, in this 
connection, intimated most broadly that Dr. 
Whitaker and myself must be content with divid- 
ing between us twenty-five minutes of your valua- 
ble time, although Dr. Draper and Dr. Schumian 
have consumed an hour and a half. (Laughter 

Dr. Schurman: Twenty minutes. 

Mr. Fassett: I am not surprised that my 
friend is restless under this accusation, but I will 
admit that, while the time occupied by these two 
orators might have been shorter than I have indi- 
cated, still what they said was certainly worth an 
hour and a half. (Applause.) After all, it is i 


^^^ r?r ^ - w.y;y^. l - i » - l ' M 'r^yyr^ - ,-w 


.. --mi i ^HuaiA 

i 9 9 

right and just that, at a Holland dinner, Holland- 
ers should treat with patience an exhibition of 
the most awful of Holland inventions, — windmills. 
{Laughter.) After such a good dinner as we have 
enjoyed it is a severe tax urjon even Dutch pa- 
tience to listen to serious-minded speeches. 

There are many things that Hollanders have the 
right to be proud of. Those are the things which 
we try to remember. There are some things that 
they have not so much right to be proud of, and 
on such occasions as this those are the things we 
succeed in forgetting. {Laughter.) Nothing im- 
presses me more than the modesty of the Dutch. 
{Laughter.) Not their meekness, because if they 
had been more meek they might have inherited 
the earth. Meekness, by the way, is the quality 
of the Puritan and the Pilgrim. I know this is so 
because the Puritan and the Pilgrim are always 
telling everybody it is so. {Laughter.) 

Holland has had her historians. The Dutch 
have not. There is much yet to be said about the 
Dutch in spite of all that has been said here to- 
night. No adequate history of the good that the 
Dutch have done in this world has ever yet been 
written or ever will be written. No man can live 
long enough. {Laughter.) 

New York was founded by the Dutch. The 
English came later. New York political institu- 
tions have a piquant flavor that no other political 
institutions have ever enjoyed. Why? They are 
a sort of political cocktails, composed of Dutch 
schnapps and Puritan bitters. {Laughter.) 

New England has always claimed credit 
everything in sight in the way of the widening 
liberties of American life. She has claimed it in 


season and out of season. She has insisted that 
we must regard Faneuil Hall as the cradle 
American liberty. American liberty was full 
grown in New York before Faneuil Hall was 
founded. (Applause and laughter.) 

We read a great deal about what the Pilgrims 
have done for humanity and liberty and America. 
We read about their landing on Plymouth Rock. 
I am inclined to believe that humanity would be 
further in advance if Plymouth Rock had landed 
on the Pilgrims. (Laughter.) 

You see I am only one third Pilgrim. Two 
thirds are Dutch. The Pilgrims have endeavored 
to demonstrate their superiority to the world 
in unread volumes or unreadable history. The 
Dutch are not obliged to avail themselves of any 
such subterfuge. We do not have to prove our 
superiority; we admit it. 

We are in the condition of the trombone player 
who said to two of his friends: "Mein frcindts, I 
believe dere is no question I am der best drom- 
bone blayer in der vorld." "Veil, how do you 
prove id?" "I don'd prove id; 1 admit id." 

This is a great city. That is not new, but it is 
interesting. It is getting more and more interest- 
ing to the whole world. It is a great and inter 
ing city because it is typical of American life. It 
is the head and centre of influence of a great State. 
a State which has been foremost in all the gl 
struggles for liberty which have taken plae 
this country, and it has done more as a pioneer for 
the opening up of the widest opportune the 

individual man in this country than any other 
city or all other cities combined, when its ini 


endeavors, as well as its subsequent record, are 
considered. (Applause.) 

I used to think that it was not good American- 
ism to have Dutch dinners and German dinners 
and Scotch dinners and Irish dinners and Italian 
dinners and dinners of all kinds of separate inter : 
csts, but I was wrong. Such dinners afford a 
splendid opportunity for the contemplation and 
utterance of the highest aspiration of each race 
and condition of men, and, out of the contempla- 
tion and consideration of these highest aspirations 
and of the choicest deeds of the choicest men of 
all the races in Europe for all ages, there inevitably 
springs a clearer conception of what should be the 
ideal of American manhood, American citizenship, 
and American purpose. (Applause.) 

After all, man is insignificant. The idea, the 
ideal, the institution is the real thing. Men are 
but shadows that come and go. They are the 
creatures — and always have been — of the conflict 
of ideas and ideals, and out of that continuous con- 
flict have come all the blessings and all the im- 
provements that have come to mankind in the 
progress of civilization. It was our high privilege 
in this city, on this island, under the inspiration of 
Dutch ideals and Dutch institutions, to be among 
the very first to confer upon citizenship manhood 
suffrage and absolute freedom of religion. 

While they were chasing Baptists and Quakers 
out of New England and burning witches, we had 
absolute freedom of worship in Manhattan; we 
had here on this island the first legal vindication 
of the absolute liberty of the press; we had here, 
the first free schools and were giving to the world 
those ideas which mean more for the unhindered 


advancement of the individual man and man: 
than anything any other nation or state was 
privileged to give inception and beginning and in- 
spiration to. (Applause.) 

It is a proud heritage. We have a right to 
speak of it at dinner and after dinner and before 
dinner; we have a right to boast of it in mod 
but not to be content therewith, for ideals must 
grow and advance, and we must see to it that we 
give to our descendants ideals as much better than 
those which our forefathers gave us as these were 
better than those which their forefathers gave 
them. A little involved, but I think you follow 
the point. (Laughter and applause.) 

I have exhausted my time. (Cries of "No, no; 
go on I ") I have not exhausted my theme. 

My theme was the Dutch and the peoples in the 
Far East. The reason I have not talked about it 
is that nobody ever talks to his theme. There are 
not any Dutch in the Far East as we understand 
it. They have a colony in Java and Sumatra, but 
there were years and years ago, about the time 
Hendrik Hudson was coming up this way without 
any commission or without anybody's authority, 
three unfortunate Dutchmen who were stranded 
on the shores of an inhospitable and remote land, — 
three Dutchmen stranded in Korea, — and they 
lived there. The people were too kind to kill them 
and they were too much afraid of what they know- 
about the country to let them go, and so they kept 
them for seventeen years, till one of them finally 
escaped and went back home and wrote a book 
about Korea, and we know mare about early 
Korea through him than through any one efc 

But I cannot talk about the people in the East 


now. They are the centre of your daily attention. 
We have been going west so long in this country 
that any farther west is east. After its world- 
wide trip, lasting through the centuries, civiliza- 
tion, which started away back in the uplands of 
Asia ages ago, and has witnessed the building up 
and the falling down, the triumphs and failures of 
dynasties, of religions, of philosophies, of forms of 
government, has come to the shores of the Pacific 
and stands to-day facing the sites of her earliest 
beginnings, enlarged, uplifted, educated, and in- 
spired by the experiences of all these centuries. 
It may well give us pause, and wonder what the 
next world-trip of civilization may see accom- 
plished. But there she stands to-day, at the 
opening of the twentieth century, looking over 
across the great blue sapphire of the Pacific, six 
thousand miles in diameter, gazing upon the 
theatre w r here are to be enacted the mightiest 
struggles of the world, which are to engage the 
attention of mankind through the twentieth cen- 
tury. The Dutch and all other peoples, and par- 
ticularly the American people, are tremendously 
interested in the working out of the great prob- 
lems involved in the struggles for the commercial 
supremacy of the Pacific, for that is to be the great 
prize of the contests of the nations for the years 
just before us. Money, properly obtained and 
properly used, is good; power, properly obtained 
and properly used, is good; commercial dominion, 
properly obtained and properly used, is good ; but 
beyond commerce, beyond dollars, beyond polit- 
ical dominion, there is a higher inspiration. (Ap- 
plause.) We must not be distracted nor drawn 
aside from our duty as Americans by lust of dollars 


or dominion. There is a higher railing. It is the 
call of the Stars and Stripes, the inspiration eman- 
ating from its blessed folds. (Applause.) The 
real burden of the white man is not the conquest 
of the inferior races so much as their elevation. It 
is not so much to share the money they may make 
him as to make them share the elevating ideals and 
inspiring institutions which we are heir to through 
the struggles of the past. As we stand facing the 
Pacific and its problems we cannot take any steps 
backward nor can we cease to grow without ceasing 
to improve. We cannot imitate the Chinese. We 
cannot imitate other feeble nations in the East 
who have realized their ideals and are content to 
stagnate. The great distinction to-day between 
China and us is that China is content with what 
has been accomplished and believes that nothing 
can be done better than that which has already 
been done. 

A recent Chinese official has written a very 
shrewxi book upon America and American institu- 
tions and has unsparingly placed a finger upon our 
sore spots, our failures, and our mistakes. Bless 
his heart! mistakes in all civilizations are as com- 
mon and as numerous as microbes, but, like mi- 
crobes, they can be destroyed. The things for a 
wise man to look for in any civilization are its suc- 
cesses, and China, in spite of all he says of us and 
all he says of her, is dead in her ideals. 

The only nation in the Orient that has ideals 
worth living up to is the little yellow nation of the 
Japanese. (Great applause and continued d 
ing.) And where did they get their inspiration? 
The long finger of the influence of Dutch ideals. 
stretching out from Manhattan Island, across the 


continent and across the mighty seas, rapped at 
the door and woke up the islanders of Japan from 
their slumber of the centuries. (Applause.) In 
the history and achievements of that race for the 
past forty years is the vindication of American ex- 
pansion toward the East by way of the West. 
.What these forty-five millions have accomplished 
five hundred millions more that need the same 
kind of lifting up into new life with modern ideals 
may yet accomplish. Upon the manner in which 
we — you and I — discharge our obligations as men 
and as citizens depends the future welfare or misery 
of these great peoples. You cannot say you will 
not go; you cannot say, "W 7 e will abide in con- 
tentment and peace at home"; you cannot say 
you will abandon, and scuttle and run away from 
the obligations already incurred, the duties already 
placed upon our shoulders by fate. The burden 
of the Orient is not the burden of the white man, 
it is the burden of the free man. It is the burden 
of the man w T ho has no right to keep to himself the 
blessings which are his because of the agonies of 
the ages. As you have freely received through 
the agonies of the burghers of Ley den and the 
sufferers of the low lands in Holland, so you must 
freely give to that great slumbering Orient, in 
order that, in the words of the great Dutchman 
in the White House, there may be not alone to 
Americans, there may be not alone to the mighty 
and the strong, but that there may be everywhere 
throughout the world a "square deal" and fair 
play for each individual, that there may be the 
widest, possible opportunity to the greatest num- 
ber of individuals to grow along the lines of least 
resistance to their utmost, highest possible capa- 


city. That is the hope and the inspiration of the 
future and of all Americans. (Prolonged applause.) 
President Vander Veer: The last toast of the 

Holland of To-Day. 

"Embosomed in the deep where Holland lies," 

is to be responded to by one who is dear to me in 
many ways, who has recently spent much time in 
Holland, and has brought back with him much 
knowledge which I am sure will give you great 
pleasure in his imparting. 

Seldom has there been a toast list arranged with 
such delightful sequence and illustrating the great- 
ness of Holland's strongest characteristic, that is, 
her educational institutions. Ley den, built upon 
the waste places, is brought down to the present 

In presenting the next speaker, I am sure that 
even the most loyal Dutchman with us to-night 
will find some new features in Holland to admire 
and be proud of as he listens to the Rev. William 
Force Whitaker. 

_, .... , 





kr?± \fcru; &&&£„ 


Mr. President, members of the Holland Society, 
other gentlemen present; and last and loftiest, 
the dames and blessed damozels of Holland who 
smile upon us from the balconies: 

^^IPEAKING with that modesty which I have 
^J absorbed since my arrival this evening, 
my first sentence shall be uttered in 
prompt and emphatic denial of the sentiment 
found in this toast. Let me read this to you: 
"Embosomed in the deep where Holland lies." 
In the first place, Holland, like our own Washing- 
ton, never lies; and, in the second place, she is not 
in the deep. Let me tell you what she is : 

"A country that draws fifty feet of water; 
In which men live as in the hold of Nature : 
And when the sea does in upon them break 
And drowns a Province, does but spring a leak." 


Holland is an Atlantic liner, with water-tight 
compartments; not in the deep but ever on the 
top; well guided, with a good pilot, and sailing on 
in her beneficent ministry for the world. (Ap- 

Inasmuch as I cannot boast of possessing one 
drop of Dutch blood, (laughter) I am comforted to 



remember that cr.e of the heroes of Holland w, 
William, who likewise was not a Dutchman. He 
was William the Silait: would that I might be at 
this late hour in the evening. (Laughter.) Your 
Dutch patience will be taxed for only a few 

A country that has existed long enough to have 
become the mother of all these good things which 
have been catalogued to-night must be a land 
running back in history almost to the flood ; and 
truly Holland has acquaintance with floods. You 
have read of the experience of Pat's kindred. Pat 
lived and died in an obscure part of his dear isle. 
All the refinements of our present mortuary style 
had not reached that distant parish. But the 
kindred loved Pat, and they desired that on his 
casket there should be placed a tablet bearing at 
least his name, and his age. So they sought 
through the village for one who could carve the 
simple plate. After failure here and there, they 
applied to the village tinker. After hearing the 
name and the age, twenty-eight, he scratched his 
head and said that he might do it all except the 
age, — the 8 in 28 had too many curves and twi 
and turns, and he would not attempt it : ''But," 
he said, "there is 7 — a nice, plain, dacint, straight 
figure; and I will carve you four of those; four 
sevens is twenty-eight." The family compro- 
mised, and the plate was carved, and attached to 
the casket. In due time the parson appeared, 
and the funeral service proceeded after this man- 
ner: "Brethren and sisters, we have gattu 
that we may engage in these sad sm rvkes; we pay 
the last tribute of respect to our deceased friend, 
our young neighbor, who departed from this 


troubled life at the early age of" — and here he ad- 
justed his glasses that he might read the inscrip- 
tion on the plate more carefully ; and he hesitated 
the more and read it again, and then continued: 
-—"who departed this life at the early age of seven 
thousand, seven hundred and seventy-seven years! 
Good heavens, .my friends, he must have been born 
before the flood!" {Laughter.) As we listen to 
all these excellences which belong to Holland, we 
feci, certainly, that Holland must antedate every- 
thing else on earth or under the earth. 

I cannot speak of her as a son might speak ; yet 
I may venture to speak of her with such fulness of 
heart as did Mike, who lived over in New Jersey. 
He had become the leader of the ward and popular 
in his district, and was called upon for a Fourth of 
July address. In this he unbosomed himself in 
this magnificent opening sentence: "My friends, 
every man ought to be proud of his native land, 
whether he was born there or not!" {Laughter 
and applause.) 

Thus I am proud of Holland to-night; proud of 
her, though not born there, though unable to 
claim one ancestor of the Dutch blood. 

My privilege of addressing you springs from the 
fact of my present relation with Albany; and 
when I mention that Dutch city, I am sure that 
you will not count me an interloper; for, we have 
just heard from a distinguished authority, the 
President of a University, that when Henry Hud- 
son was over here in behalf of the Dutch, his mis- 
sion was to find Albany, whither he went. New 
Amsterdam was merely a side issue. {Laughter.) 

Not only that, but in more recent times, you 
remember that it was from Dutch Albanv that we 


sent to your city the man whom you chose U 
your first President, and who, in accordance with 
your then-existing by-laws, became your see 
President and your third President and your 
fourth President! He was our gift, from plain 
Albany to your great city, Hooper Cumming Van 
Vorst. (Applause.) 

Then, if that be not enough, ye people of a 
mighty city, it has been our delight to furnish 
another President in the person of one who wields 
the gavel to-night, and who has guided you during 
the past year, — a Van who is always in the van, I 
venture to say, — one whom we love at home, one 
whom you honor abroad, our own Vander Veer. 
(Great applause.) 

But, if more be necessary, we send you from our 
town, to sit at your board and to partake of its 
hospitality, men of true Dutch girth and dimen- 
sions; and I might mention some conspicuous 
illustrations! Hear me, then, though I do come 
from Albany; for I remind you that we were the 
object of Henry Hudson's quest, and that we are 
still concerned for you and with you, — at dinner- 

A visitor over in Brooklyn, one of the district 
mission visitors, was trying to corral the children; 
and in a distant and unattractive part of the great 
city yonder, he asked a little lad whom he found, 
"Have you lived here all your life?" Little lad: 
"Nope. Not yet," (Laughter.) While Holland 
has had its long life, even from the flood, we are 
prepared to assert that Holland has not had all 
her life as yet. She still has her mission and her 
ministry; and as I have ventured to call her, in 
the language of the poet, a vessel, an Atlantic 


liner, with her water-tight compartments, sailing 
on, may I venture to point out to you, as I close, 
using after the manner of a parson, a triple division, 
— may I venture to name three messages that she 
is bearing to the world ? 

- In the first place, on her prow, on the starboard, 
you may read the crest of Zealand, "Luctor et 
emergo." (I struggle, but I emerge; I fight, but I 
overcome.) Brave little Holland, bearing that 
crest, is sailing out over the world to put heart 
into men who have great fights, moral fights on 

She is the land of pluck. She has been a 
fighter from the beginning, not picking her quarrel, 
but, when quarrel came, facing her foe fearlessly. 
Now she is fighting the Roman army, now the 
overwhelming rivers; now the dykes are raised 
against the stormy sea and now they are cut for 
the overthrow of Spanish grandee. More re- 
cently, as we are reminded this evening, her chil- 
dren amid the hills of South Africa, ventured to 
make their stand for independence. Thus the 
centuries and the continents tell us in brilliant 
illustrations of the pluck of the Dutch. Holland 
said long ago: "God made the sea, but we made 
the land/ 1 To-day she is saying to all lands: 
"We may be slow; but when we take up arms, 
the w T orld will know that our backbone is not a 
wish-bone." Scratch the Dutchman, the true 
Dutchman, the world over, on Fifth Avenue, at 
the banquet or afar amid the African kopjes, and 
you w T ill find, down beneath all that is accidental 
and external, a man who honors God, who loves 
liberty, who condemns tyranny, who scorns falsity, 
and struggles for righteousness! (Applause.) 


Again and again in their conflicts, the people of 
Holland have given proof of the motto of Haarlem : 
"Vicit vim virtus" (Courage can conquer brute 

On the other side of the prow of the good ship, 
on the larboard, let us read a favorite motto of 
Holland's great William, the Father of his Country, 
the Washington of the Dutch. These words were 
dear to him in life and they are carved upon the 
tomb of the hero buried at Delft: "Tranquillus in 
undis" (Calm amid the billows). Such was Wil- 
liam ; and the land which he saved may teach the 
world, and especially our America, the lesson of 
the beauty and the duty of the placid life. We 
have had the ''Simple Life" recently, — perhaps 
too much of it, as the phrase has been distorted 
and misapplied. For the ideal life is not rude and 
bare, devoid of conveniences and comforts. But 
it should be a reasonable life. A placid spirit will 
help toward a sweet reasonableness in daily living. 
Gentlemen, I appeal to you in the midst of your 
intense business excitements. To use the Emer- 
sonian expression, you work with "pains and 
sweat and fury." Material things are necessary 
and you are getting them! But do not mistake 
the means for the end of life. There is a whole 
chasm of difference between making a liberal 
living and making a glorious life. Be Dutchmen 
now and then; take time properly to weigh values 
and compare worths. Reduce some of the de- 
mands made by American living and realize more 
of the possibilities of rational life. Brethren, 
amid the strain and struggle of your active com- 
mercial affairs, stop, think, compare. Decide 
which is more worthy of your best, — the builder's 


scaffolding or the architect's structure within it. 
The placid life gives time for a thought of these 

You have read of the accident over beyond Ho- 
boken about Christmas. A household went from 
home for the holidays. Before going, they put 
the silver and the papers in a Newark safe deposit 
vault. The father remained. The burglar came, 
broke in, shot the owner, killed him, found no 
plunder. The local journal served up the incident 
the next morning and closed with this morsel of 
comfort: "Owing to the precaution of Mr. John- 
son in placing all of his plate and papers in a safe 
deposit company, he escaped with the loss of 
nothing but his life." (Laughter.) 

How many men are losing their lives, — their 
lives, — the inner, choicer, sweeter, handsomer 
thing, because they are busy and burdened with 
those things that belong to banks and safe deposit 
companies. You know it full well. Let the 
Dutch ship preach to you something of the beauty 
and duty of the placid life. 

Lastly, on the mast-head, at the top, there floats 
an orange pennant, on which w r e read one word; 
and, with that word, Holland is sailing on her way. 
On that orange pennant, at the mast-head, one 
may read just this one syllable, — "Pax." (Peace. 

You are aware that at the call of a Czar a con- 
ference was held a few years ago at The Hague, in 
Holland, looking toward international arbitration. 
You know that, two years after, as a fruit of that 
first conference, there was established a Perman- 
ent Court for the pacific settlement of disputes be- 
tween nations. 

2I 4 

Do you appreciate the fact that more than 
twenty powers of this world are represented in 
that court; that nearly five sixths of the popula- 
tion of this world are represented there through 
their agents; that this court is ready for business, 
and is extending its beneficent influence over 
all the continents of the globe, suggesting more 
arbitration and less armament? 

Not long ago there went out from The Hague a 
telegram that was a gospel. The cable carried it 
to a score of nations, aye, to the world. The 
message declared that on Dutch soil, in the land 
which had been red with blood again and again, 
there w T as now to be reared by the gift of a Scotch- 
American a Temple of Peace, a house in which this 
Permanent Court may hold its sessions, and from 
which may go out its world-wide benedictions. 

Ladies and gentlemen, since of old that angelic 
chorus sang, "Glory to God in the highest, and on 
earth peace," do you know of any message which 
has carried in it more possibilities of blessings for 
all mankind than the telegram from Holland's 
capital city? This stated that the Court which 
makes for the world's peace is now a fact. Once 
it was a dream; now it is to have a domicile, — and 
in the land of the Dutch. , 

"Pax" is on the flag; and it is not by accident, 
btit by a happy incident, that it is in Holland that 
the Court of Arbitration has been established and 
the Temple of Peace is to be reared. Had F 
dent Schurman taken time, he might have given 
glory 7 to the Dutchman whom he mentioned, the 
learned Grotius, or Hugo de Groot. Delft was 
the birthplace of Grotius and the place oi his final 


though not his first burial. It is near The Hague; 
and it is pleasant to remember that an eminent 
representative of our own land, on one Fourth of 
July, in the presence of the members of The Hague 
Conference, placed a wreath upon the grave of 
Grotius, in token of what that Dutch scholar and 
seer, that jurist and statesman, did for the welfare 
of the world. (Applause.) Even when great 
armies were making Europe tremble w r ith their in- 
cessant trampling, Grotius dared to look toward 
a day when nations should plan for peace rather 
than slaughter, for conference rather than carnage. 
The Dutchman died without the sight; but the 
day is here ; and the visible evidence of the world's 
progress stands on Dutch soil. 

But some man will say: "This is an artificial 
harmony; these international bonds of peace prove 
brittle; the nations cannot be held by court opin- 
ions; they do not yet love one another." General 
Parker of Albany is seated with us this evening. 
He is the President of a school of which we are 
proud, — the Albany Law School. Its list of 
alumni contains a name which will call forth your 
silent admiration and your enthusiastic applause, 
— William McKinley. (Prolonged applause.) It 
is said that recently two men passed the School 
building on State Street, one of them a graduate. 
The other, looking at the plain structure, said to 
the lawyer: "So that is your Alma Mater." 
"No," replied the alumnus, "it is my mother-in- 
law." (Laughter.) It has been feared that the 
"Pax" pennant floating over Holland, and in- 
viting the nations thither to consider the things 
which make for peace, would bring men together 
simply as brothers-in-law. But we may hope that 


they will be brought together as friends in fact, — 
strong, brave men, daring to look one another in 
the face, learning to love one another from the 
heart. The world has seen no such assembly 
that which gathers in wee Holland beneath 
banner of Peace. 

A poet, dear to our hearts, though his name 
may not stand next to Shakespeare's, has written 
lines which seem applicable as we think of the 
meeting of the East and the West, the Xorth and 
the South, in these deliberations for the peace of 
the*world. His verse runs thus: 

"Oh, East is East and West is West, 

And never the twain shall meet 
Till earth and sky stand presently 

At God's great judgment seat. 
But, oh, there ! s neither East nor West, 

Nor border nor breed nor birth, 
When two strong men stand face to face, 

Though they come from the ends of the earth! " 

{Great applause.) 



* . 

i.1 «■•««* V.. 



Worn at the Annual Meeting, the Anniversary Banquet and on sj isions 

is represented. It was made in rSSS under the supervision of Rev. Henr) Van I 
William M. Hoes ami Henry S. \'.\\\ lHier, as a committee, and \\.\s bung apOU the I 
dent Hooper C. Van Vorst at the Anniversary Banquet, Januar) B, i s< o. (See Veai B 


^a/T HILE this culminating function of the 
\M'W\ Society was proceeding so completely to 
■ ?V™ the satisfaction of its participants, in one 
quarter of the State at least, there was another 
reunion of members w r ho had been prevented by 
distance or other sufficient reasons from present- 
ing themselves in the metropolis. 

When the festivity w T as at its height the follow- 
ing telegram was handed to President Vander 
Veer, as he sat in state among the guests of honor: 

"Syracuse, N. Y., January 19th. 

"Henry L. Bogert, 

"Secretary Holland Societv, 
"Waldorf Hotel, N. Y- 
"The Onondaga County members of the Hol- 
land Society now assembled at dinner in Syracuse 
send cordial greetings and assurances of their 
fidelity to the Society and its purposes. 

"William H. Blauvelt, R. A. Bonta, L. H. 
Groesbeck, Francis Hendricks, Forbes 
Heermans, John Marsellus, Ely Van 
De Warker, Edward S. Van Duyn, John 
Van Duyn, Edward J. Wynkoop, Wil- 
liam A. Wynkoop." 

The kindly greeting was reciprocated by the 
Society through the Secretary, to whom it was 
given after the feast, and mutual felicitations were 



exchanged. The Syracuse Post-Standard the r 
day contained this item : 

"Hutspot" Relished by Holland Society — Na- 
tional Dish of the Dutch Served at Banquet 
of County Members at the Century Club. 

The second annual dinner of the Onondaga 

County members of the Holland Society of New 
York was held at the Century Club last night, 
while the annual dinner of the New York Sod 
was being held at the Waldorf-Astoria. 

The organization is composed of men whose 
paternal ancestors came to this country from 
Holland previous to 1664, its object being to : 
petuate Dutch traditions. 

The Society had as its guests last night Walter 
E. Gardner, former United States Consul to Rot- 
terdam, and Prof. Earl E. Sperry of Syracuse 
University. The following members were pres- 
ent: State Superintendent of Insurance Francis 
Hendricks, John Marsellus, Forbes Heermans, R. 
A. Bonta, Dr. Ely Van De Warker, Dr. E. }. 
Wynkoop, Dr. E. S. Van Duyn, W. H. Blauvelt, 
W. A. Wynkoop, E. N. Trump, and Leonard H. 
Groesbeck. The only members who were absent 
were Charles B. Everson, who is out of the city, 
and Dr. John Van Duyn, who is ill. 

Forbes Heermans, Vice-President for Onondaga, 
presided. The only set address was that of Prof. 
Sperry on "Brothers of the Common Life, an 
Organization which Had an Important Part to 
Play in the Religious and Educational Life of 
Holland." Professor Sperry spoke of the influ- 
ence the organization had on the religion and the 
educational and social life of Holland. 

Mr. Gardner gave interesting reminiscences of 
his experience with the Dutch people in his 

Brief remarks were made by all of the members 

2I 9 

A feature of the dinner was the serving of 
"Hutspot," the national dish of the Dutch. This 
was the first food the starving soldiers ate after 
they were relieved at the siege of Leyden. The 
story is that the Spaniards who were attacking 
the city were put to rout so suddenly by a reliev- 
ing party that they left their food cooking in the 
pots. The combination of beef and vegetables 
was eagerly devoured and became a national dish. 

The Holland Society of New York was founded 
in 18S5, and now has about one thousand members 
in the United States. 

The occasion inspired an ardent admirer, whose 
feelings found vent in the following truly apposite 
expressions : 

New York, 19 Januari, 1905. 


6 April, 1566 — 19 Januari, 1905. 

The Holland Society. 

Ondergeteekende wil u berichten, 
Dat hij het nict ver bracht in het dichten. 
Toch neemt hij de vrijheid u te toonen 
Dat er in de nabijheid Hollanders wonen. 

Die met genoegen hebben geiezen, 

Er zal in de Waldorf-Astoria een dinner wezen. 

Het doet ons harte goed te hooren 

De Hollandsche Geest gaat nooit verloren. 

In deze stad met miljoenen zielen 

Waar de Hollanders net eerste binnen vielen 

Hoewel al ruhn twee honderd jaar geleden 

Kunt ge nog, en met gezonde reden, 

Ter eere onzer vroede vaderen 

"At the Waldorf-Astoria" vergaderen. 

Dames en Heeren vergeeft dus de vrijheid 
Van iemand zoo dicht in uwe nabijheid: 
We wenschen u toe dat dit festijn 
Een van de besten in uw leven mag zijn. 


"Toast" dus op Holland en Hollandschen G 
Wat zeker Americas grondslag is geweest 
In Civilization en ijver en deugd, 
Waar ieder weldenkende zich in verheugt. 

Van mijn vrouw en mij de hartelijke groeten 
Daar we u pcrsonelijk niet kunnen ontmoeten. 
Doch mocht van het dinner een bce-tje Testa I 
Gerust moogt ge ons er dan op tracteeren. 

If. A. A., 

This has been roughly transcribed and c i 
into the vernacular to the following purport: 


On your kindly nature the writer, presuming 
To trespass where poesy's flowers are blooming, 
Makes free to set forth how the Dutch are abounding 
Right here, in the midst of New Holland's surrounding. 

Who, joyfully reading that every Dutch sinner 
Will go to the Waldorf-Astoria dinner, 
With keen satisfaction acclaims Holland spirit. 
That ever appears on occasions of merit. 

Right here in the Waldorf- Astoria's ground. 
In a city where souls by the million are found. 
Where Holland's free sons first settled the land 
Two centuries back, on this day they have planned 
With good, common sense their forefathers to pay 
This tribute of meeting and dining to-day. 

So, modestly craving your favor and mirth, 
The poet — not with you, but "out on the earth" — 
Bespeaks for your dinner and each honored guest 
"The time of his life" — may this be the best! 

So toast Holland long! Toast Holland's free soul, 

For Freedom is ever America's goal. 

By freedom, by progress, by virtue surrounded 

Arid on them — our friends will rejoice — -we are founded. 

Now, greetings cf poet and greetings of wife; 
Though absent, we wish you all good things of life: 
And, if from the banquet some crumbs shah I 
You may offer us these and not offer in vain. 


The effect of General Cronje's Dutch address 
and this effusion of the Dutch muse contributed 
an unmistakable " local color" to the proceedings. 

The newspapers were particularly interested in 
the reference to an anticipated " Hudson Tri-Cen- 
tennial Celebration," and gave rather free rein to 
the imagination in dealing with it, enlarging upon 
its magnificent possibilities. 

The souvenir attracted considerable attention, 
and evoked some intelligent and appreciative 
notice. The presence of General Cronje and his 
address in the original tongue of the New Amster- 
dam settlers seemed most entitled to catch the 
public eye and ear, and the absence of those who 
were able to understand without an interpreter 
was made the excuse for numerous sly digs by 
the press. 

The guests of the Society reciprocated in the 
annual exchange of courtesies, as follows: 

On April n, 1904, the Huguenot Society sent 
its invitation to the Holland Society, requesting 
a representative on that occasion. The late Presi- 
dent, Theodore M. Banta, was designated for that 
purpose and found a congenial party. 

About a fortnight later, upon April 23, the in- 
vitation of St. George's Society was received, and 
the Secretary was honored by selection as the 
bearer of the official badge. 

After the heated term, on November 22, the 
New York Historical Society held its Centennial 
Banquet, and bade all friends make merry at its 
hospitable board. The absence of the President 
made it again the pleasant task of the Secretary 
to attend on behalf of the Society. 

St. Andrew's Society held its annual banquet, 


November 30, and Dr. Vander Veer, the Presi- 
dent, attended for the Holland Society. This 
was the one hundred and forty-eighth annual ban- 
quet of that oldest of patriotic societies, and 
among the speakers who contributed to the in- 
tellectual entertainment of the guests were Prof. 
William M. Sloane, Simeon Ford, Prof. Willi 
Petterson, and Booth Tarkington. 

December 6 was the Anniversary of St. Niche I 
and Warner Van Norden, an ex-President of the 
Holland Society, represented it on that occasion. 
He was also its representative at the social meet- 
ing of the Daughters of Holland Dames, Decem- 
ber 9. At the dinner of St. Nicholas, Rev. Dr. 
Leighton Parks responded for "The Genial Saint 
from whom the Society Takes its Name." Hon. 
Robert B. Roosevelt responded for "Our City," 
Hon. John S. Wise for "Our Country," W. D. 
Murphy for "Holland and the Founders of New 
Amsterdam," Gen. Frederick Dent Grant 
"The Army," Admiral Coghlan for "The Navy," 
and William Butler Duncan for "Our Guests." 

The Treasurer of the Holland Society was its 
official representative at the dinner which the 
Pennsylvania Society gave on December 12, to 
meet the Hon. Philander C. Knox, United Si 
Senator from Pennsylvania. The souvenir menu 
on this occasion was highly ornamental and at- 
tractive, containing copies of the congratulatory 
letter of invitation to Senator Knox, the official 
letter of his appointment, and his letter of re- 
signation as Attorney-General, followed by 
acceptance by the President. It also canta 
illustrations of the city of Pittsburg, the De: 
ment of Justice at Washington, Washi 


Headquarters at Valley Forge, the home of Sena- 
tor Knox at Pittsburg, and the seal of the Society 
emblazoned in colors. In addition to the guest 
of the evening, Bishop Potter, General Stewart, 
Hon. Martin W. Littleton and Amos Parker Wilder 
were the speakers, and the six hundred guests 
were enthusiastic listeners. 

In the year 1905 the Daughters of Holland 
Dames took the van with a banquet on January 
31, which brought again as representative of 
the Society its late President, Theodore M. Banta. 
With the exception of the excellent address by 
Hamilton W. Mabie upon the "Genius of Hol- 
land," the other speeches were mostly extempore, 
more numerous and shorter than at many similar 
feasts. A special feature was the reproduction of 
a Dutch vly-boat or yacht, representing the Halve 
Moan, as she entered the Lower Bay in September, 
1609. Four young girls, in picturesque Dutch 
costume, carried the little vessel, gay with appro- 
priate flags, and canvas fully spread, into the 
banquet hall, where it occupied the place of honor 
in front of the President. The result was highly 
entertaining, and the ladies who managed the 
affair were well entitled to the praise which they 

Washington's Birthday was celebrated as usual 
by the annual banquet of the Sons of the Revolu- 
tion, to which the Holland Society sent as its 
representative its most recently elected trustee, 
Justice Garret J. Garretson. The speakers were 
Prof. W T oodrow W r ilson upon "George Washing- 
ton," Hon. James M. Beck upon "The Principles 
Established by the Revolution," William D. 
Murphy upon "Our Flag, Yesterday, To-Day, and 


To-Morrow," and Gen. Frederick Dent Grant on 
''The Army." 

On March i, St. David's Day, St. David's So- 
ciety held its seventieth annual dinner at the 
Hotel Savoy, and the Secretary was designated 
to attend on behalf of the Holland Society. The 
music which was made a part of the entertain- 
ment was additionally characteristic and interest- 
ing on account of the presence of Mr. Ap Tommas, 
who had been solo harpist to the late Queen Vic- 
toria. After the President's address, which gave 
an excellent introduction to the intellectual fe 
the speakers and their subjects were the following: 
Dr. Rush Rhees, President of the University of 
Rochester, "Our Goodly Heritage"; Gen. James 
Grant Wilson, "Washington and Lincoln"; Rev. 
Dr. Thomas R. Sheer, "Is Oratory a Lost Art"; 
Dr. James A. Canheld, "The Men of the Hills." 

St. Patrick's Day, March 17, was doubly cele- 
brated by the dinner of the Friendly Sons of St. 
Patrick and the dinner of the Sons of the Ameri- 
can Revolution. President Roosevelt being a 
guest of both, hastened from his excellent speech 
before the " Friendly Sons" to an equally ac- 
ceptable address before the patriotic sons. The 
Sons of St. Patrick had outdone themselves in the 
elaborateness and completeness of their prepara- 
tions, and their memorial souvenir and menu were 
generous and imposing beyond precedent. In 
addition to the President and his characteristic 
speech, the Hon. Bourke Cockran delivered an 
address upon "The Day We Celebrate," ]\ 
Martin J. Keogh spoke upon "Ireland's Revrt 
and J. I. C Clarke called forth much enthusi 
by his recital of the poem about "Bucky ( >' Xoill," 


which could net be quelled until he had also 
delivered his poem upon "Kelly, Burke, and 
Shea," The able introductory address by Jus- 
tice Fitzgerald and the response by Corporation 
Counsel Delany were also notable features of the 
occasion. Owing to the absence of the President 
of the Holland Society, the Secretary was its rep- 
resentative at this time. The simultaneous feast 
held by the Empire State Society, Sons of the 
American Revolution, w T as attended by the Treas- 
urer, and its success as an anniversary of that 
enthusiastic Society was beyond question. Its 
handsome menu, describing the occasion as "Com- 
memorative of the Evacuation of Boston by the 
British," bore upon the cover a pen-and-ink re- 
production of "The Continental Standard Bearer 
and Drummer," and the contents were tastily 
set forth in red and blue, forming with the white 
background the proper patriotic combination. 
After the address of welcome by Walter Seth Logan, 
President of the Society, a greeting was given by 
President Theodore Roosevelt, followed by Prof. 
Albert Bushnell Hart, who described "The Ameri- 
can Revolution of the Twentieth Century," Gen. 
James F. Wade spoke upon "The Army," Rev." 
Willard Scott discussed "The Culture of Patriot- 
ism," Admiral Joseph B. Coghlan responded to a 
toast to "The Navy," and Gen. Frederick Dent 
Grant responded for "Our Distant Possessions." 
The last speaker was Justice J. Franklin Fort of 
New Jersey, w r hose speech was "Washington from 
1783 to 1787." A noticeable feature of this ban- 
quet w T as a group of historical flags displayed in 
the banquet room and the corridor, including the 
United States Ensign, presented by forty thousand 


young men for the mammoth liberty pole at the 
Highlands of Navesink for the opening ceremonies 
of the Columbian Exposition; the Peace Flags a>id 
Banner, the property of the Permanent Interna- 
tional Court of Arbitration; the -Peace Banner, 
which is to be displayed at the laying of the cor- 
ner-stone of the Arbitration Court at The Hague ; 
the United States Ensign of Universal Liberty and 
Peace, presented to the city of Philadelphia dur- 
ing the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in memory 
of the reception to the Interparliamentary Union 
and the President's Flag, used at the inauguration 
of Presidents McKinley and Roosevelt. 

The Knickerbocker Society of Grand Rapids, 
Michigan, sent its invitation for April 6, which,- 
being the annual meeting of the Holland Society, 
could not be attended by the President, and he 
was, therefore, obliged to send a letter of regret 
in acknowledgment of the courtesy extended. 


N December 16, 1904, some ten or twelve 
residents of Bergen County, members of 
the Holland Society, met at the office of 
Milton Demarest, at Hackensack, for the purpose 
of forming a branch society. After effecting a 
temporary organization, a committee was ap- 
pointed to draft a suitable constitution and by- 
laws. On December 30 they met again and 
perfected the organization by accepting the consti- 
tution and by-laws as submitted by the committee. 
The constitution which was adopted follows closely 
that of the Holland Society, with but one or two 
minor changes, and will be found below. The 
name agreed upon was "The Bergen County 
Branch of the Holland Society of New York." 
The officers elected were as follows : 

President, Milton Demarest; First Vice-Presi- 
dent, Andrew D. Bogert; Second Vice-President, 
Arthur W. Van Winkle; Secretary, William H. 
Zabriskie; Treasurer, Elmer Blauvelt; Trustees 
for one year, George F. Schermerhom and Frank 
O. Van Winkle; Trustees for two years, A. C. 
Holdrum and Walter Bogert. 

The organization had in March, 1905, a mem- 
bership of thirty, with five applications on hand. 
It has been decided to hold a dinner at Hacken- 



sack in November, following the plan which 
succeeded so well in Dutchess County. 

The organization has been the means of awaken- 
ing a great deal of interest throughout the County 
in matters pertaining to the Dutch, which will, no 
doubt, prove of benefit not only to themselves, 
but to the Holland Society. 


Article i—Name. 

Section i.— This organization shall be called 
"The Bergen County Branch of the Holland 
Society of New York." 

Article 2 — Object. 

Section i. — The object of the Society shall be 
to collect and preserve information respecting the 
early history and settlement of the County of 
Bergen by the Dutch, and to discover, collect, and 
preserve all still existing documents, etc., relative 
to their genealogy and history, to perpetuate their 
memory, and to foster and promote the principles 
and virtues of the Dutch ancestors of its members; 
and to promote social intercourse among the lat- 
ter; and to vise their best endeavors to encourage 
the increase of membership of the Holland Soc 
of New York; to cause to be prepared and read 
before the society reapers and essays, etc., on 
questions of the history and genealogy of the 
Dutch in America. 

Article 3 — Members. 

Section i. — No one shall be eligible as a mem- 
ber unless he shall first have united with 
become a member of the Holland Society of New 


Article 4 — Officers. 

Section i. — The officers of this Society shall be 
a President, a First and a Second Vice-President, 
a Secretary and a Treasurer, and four Directors, 
who shall perform such duties as usually pertain 
to those offices, and such other duties as may be 
assigned to them. 

Article 5 — Election of Officers. 

Section i. — The officers shall be elected at the 
annual meeting of the Society, for the term of 
one year, except the Directors, who shall be 
elected for two years, two of whom shall be chosen 
at each annual meeting ; at the first annual meet- 
ing, however, two of the Directors then elected 
shall be elected for one year, and two for two 

Sec. 2. — After a President has served a term in 
that office he shall be ineligible thereto for three 
years thereafter. 

Sec 3. — Election of officers shall be by ballot, 
unless, on a call for nominations for an office, only 
one person is nominated therefor. A majority of 
the votes cast for any office shall be necessary to 
an election. The person elected President of this 
Society shall be recommended as Vice-President 
of The Holland Society of New York from the 
County of Bergen. 

Article 6 — Trustees. 

Section i. — The President, Vice-Presidents, 
Secretary, Treasurer, and Directors shall consti- 
tute the Board of Trustees, who shall manage the 
affairs of the Association, subject to the By-Laws. 

* Article 7. 

No debt shall be incurred, and no continuing 
obligation entered into, without the consent of 

two thirds of all the Trustees. No funds of the 
Society shall be appropriated to any use, or | 
out, without the consent of the Board of Trust 
unless payment be ordered by a vote of the mem- 
bers present at a meeting of the Society. 

Article 8 — Duties of Officers. 

Section i. — The President of the Society, and 
in his absence either the First or Second Vice- 
President, shall authorize a call for all meetings of 
the Trustees and of the Society, and appoint the 
place of such meeting, and shall exercise tl 
usual functions of a presiding officer. 

Sec. 2. — The Secretary of the Society shall 
notify each Trustee of all meetings of the Trustees, 
each member of the Society of all meetings of the 
Society; issue all other authorized notices to 
members; make and keep a true record of all the 
meetings of the Trustees and Society, and of all 
standing committees; have the custody of the 
Constitution and By-Laws, and conduct its cor- 
respondence; he shall have the keeping of all 
books, pamphlets, manuscripts, and personal ar- 
ticles pertaining to the Socictv. 

Sec. 3. — The Treasurer shall collect, and, under 
the direction of the Trustees, disburse the funds 
of the Society, and shall keep regular accounts 
thereof, which shall be subject to the examination 
of the President and Trustees; and he shall sub- 
mit a statement thereof to the Trustees at each 
regular meeting. 

Sec. 4. — The Trustees shall have power to fill 
any vacancy which may occur from death or 
resignation, among the officers of said Soc 
for the unexpired term of the office vacated. 

Sec. 5. — The Trustees shall cause 10 be | 
pared, annually, a detailed statement of the 
financial condition of the Society, showing its 
receipts and expenditures for the current year, 


the number of members, and other matters of 
general interest to the Society. 

Sec. 6. — The Trustees shall, from time to time, 
make By-Laws, Rules, and Regulations, appoint 
standing committees, and sub-committees, on 
matters not determined herein. 

Article 9 — Membership. 

Section i. — Candidates for admission must be 
proposed by one member and seconded by an- 
other, and the member proposing the candidate 
shall state, in writing, the name of the person 
proposed, his occupation, place of residence, and 
his qualifications for membership. 

Sec 2. — Members shall be chosen by the Trus- 
tees. No candidate for membership shall be 
elected unless he shall receive the affirmative vote 
of two thirds of the Trustees present; and in 
every instance two black-balls shall exclude. 

Sec 3. — The admission fee shall be One Dollar, 
and the annual dues shall be One Dollar, payable 
in advance, on the sixteenth day of December in 
each year. 

Sec 4. — Every candidate elected to member- 
ship shall, as a condition of such membership, 
within thirty days after being notified, pay to the 
Treasurer the amount of the admission fee, as 
provided in the Constitution. The Trustees may 
extend the time for the latter in special cases. 

Sec 5. — Should any member neglect to pay 
his annual dues for six months after the time 
when they are due, his name shall be dropped 
from the roll of the Society, unless, for any good 
and sufficient reason, the Trustees shall vote to 
remit or suspend such penalty. 

Sec 6. — The Board of Trustees shall have 
power, by a vote of a majority of its members, 
to suspend or forfeit the membership of any mem- 
ber of the Society for conduct on his part likely. 
in the opinion of the Board of Trustees, to en- 

danger the welfare, interest, or character of the 
Society, — the member being first given an or • 
tunity to be heard before the Board of Tru 
in his defence. 

Sec. 7. — Any person who shall cease to b 
member of the Society shall forfeit all right or 
interest in the property of the Society. 

Article 10 — Meetings. 

Section i. — The annual meeting of the Society 
shall be held on December sixteenth. Should such 
date fall on Saturday or Sunday, the annual 
meeting shall be held on the Monday following; 
or should such date fall upon a legal holiday, 
then upon the day following. 

Sec. 2. — No special meeting shall be called at 
any time, except by order of the President (or, in 
his absence, either of the Vice-Presidents), * 
the approval of three Trustees, or by the Secre- 
tary, whenever the President shall be thereunto 
requested in writing, by three members, set- 
forth the purpose of such meeting. At no special 
meeting shall any business not specified in the 
call be considered, except by unanimous consent. 
At least five days' notice shall be given to the 
members of all meetings of the Society. 

Sec 3. — At any meeting of the Society seven 
members shall be necessary to constitute a quorum 
for the transaction of business. 

Sec 4.— The Board of Trustees shall hold four 
regular meetings each year, at such times as may 
be provided in the By-Laws. 

Sec 5. — At any meeting of the Board of Trus- 
tees of the Society, five members shall be no 
sary to constitute a quorum for the transaction o: 

Article i i — Amendments to Constittt 

Section i. — To amend the Constitution, 
affirmative vote of two thirds of the members 


present at a general or special meeting shall be 
requisite. But no amendments shall be made 
except upon the recommendation of the Board 
of Trustees, or upon the written request of at 
least three members of the Society, and after 
giving to each member of the Society notice of 
such proposed amendment at least five days before 
the meeting at which it is intended to be acted 





At all meetings of the Society the order of busi- 
ness shall be as follows : 

i . Reading minutes of previous meeting. 

2. Reports of officers. 

3. Election of officers. 

4. Reports of committees. 

5. Miscellaneous business. 

6. Adjournment. 


The Board of Trustees shall hold stated meet- 
ings on the first Wednesday in March, June, Octo- 
ber, and December of each year. Special meetings 
of the Board of Trustees may be called by order of 
the President, or, in his absence, by either of 
the Vice-Presidents. 


Before being voted upon for membership, the 
candidate shall furnish to the Committee on Mem- 
bership proof of his membership in the Holland 
Society of New York. 



The annual meetings of the Society shall be 
held on the day specified in the Constitut 
such place and hour as the President, or m his 
absence either of the Vice-Presidents, shall 
point). At least five days' notice of the s 
shall be given to each member by the Secret; 


Appointment. — All standing commit te» 
sub-committees shall be appointed by the Presi- 
dent or other chairman of the meeting, unless 
specially named by the resolution creating the 
committee; and the first named shall be the 
chairman of each committee. 

Standing Committees. — The standing commit- 
tees shall be a Committee on Finance, a Committee 
on Membership, and a Committee on History and 

The Committee on Finance shall consist of three 
members, and shall, at least once in each year, or 
oftener if they choose, audit the accou: 
vouchers of the Treasurer of the Society, and 
report upon the same at the annual meeting of 
the Society, and oftener to the Board of Trust 
as they may see fit and as the latter may order. 

The Committee on Membership. — It shall be the 
duty of the Committee on Membership to report 
to the Trustees upon the qualifications of candi- 
dates that may be submitted to them. Said Com- 
mittee shall consist of three members. 

The Committee on History and Tradition. — It 
shall be the duty of the Committee on History and 
Tradition to collect and preserve, in accord 
with the Constitution and By-Laws of this S 
ciety, information, documents, books, etc, relative 
to the history and tradition of the ancestors of the 
members of this Society, and of the Dutch Bet! 
in Bergen County, New Jersey, and to ass 


any way possible, the similar work of The Holland 
Society of New York. Said Committee shall con- 
sist of three members. 


.These By-Laws can be altered, amended, or 
abrogated only at a stated meeting of the Trus- 
tees, or at a "meeting especially called for the pur- 
pose, upon a notice of five days to each Trustee, 
by the Secretary, informing them of the proposed 
alteration, amendment, or abrogation, and then 
only upon the affirmative vote of a majority of the 
members present; provided, however, that each 
committee may regulate and control its order of 



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W*»-*' • -r***-*^**^——— 

.te.n.Vl.rtl. ' . 



Twentieth Annual Meeting. 


HE Twentieth Annual Meeting of The 
Holland Society of New York was held 
at Delmonico's on Thursday, April 6, 
1905, pursuant to the following notice: 

New York, March 25, 1905. 

My Dear Sir: 

The Twentieth Annual meeting of The Holland 
Society of New York will be held at Delmonico's, 
Fifth Avenue and 44th Street on Thursday, April 
6th, at 8 p.m. 

Seventeen of our members, whose names are 
given on the next page, have died since the last 
annual meeting. There may be others of whose 
death the Secretary has not learned, and he will 
be grateful for information of such omissions and 
for corrections of errors in the spelling of names 
or residences in the list or in the Year Book. 

The membership last reported was 840 

Elected during the year 64 


Died since last report 22 

Resigned 3 

Corrections for those not qualifying, etc. 9 34 

Present membership 870 



The annual report of the Treasurer will be foi 
herewith; also the report of the Committee un 
Nominations for the offices to be filled. 

Please notify the Secretary if you intend to be 
present, so that preparation may be made. 
Yours very truly, 

Henry L. Bogkrt, Secretary. 



'George A. Zabriskie, Bloom- 

field, N. J Oct. 25, r836. April 14. 1 

James Monroe Van Valen, Hack- 

ensack, N. J Oct. 25,1886. May 

James Davis Wynroop, New York 

City June 25, 1885. June 1 1 

Isaac Pruyn, Catskill, N. Y Oct. 25, 1885. June 2, 

Jacob Deyo, New Paltz, N. Y Jan. 30, 1890. June 

Alvah Deyo Hasbrouck, Wil- 
mington, Del Mar. 26, 1891. July 5, 1 

Ferdinand Hasbrouck, New York 

City Mar. 2o, 18S6. Aug. 7,: | 

Sylvester Daley Boorom, Horse- 
heads, N. Y Oct. 24, 1SS5. Sept. 20, . 

John Van Schaick Lansing 

Pruyn, New York City Dec. 23, 1885. Sept. 22, 1904 

Augustus Hasbrouck Bruyn, 

Kingston, N. Y Oct. 25,1886. Oct. 25. 

Teunis Whitbeck Van Hoesen, 

Philadelphia, Pa Dec. 12, 1901. Nov. ifl 

Edgar Knickerbocker, New 

Y'ork City May 19, 18S7. Nov. 20, 1904. 

Charles Hageman Voorhees, 

Brooklyn, N. Y May 19, 1887. Dec. 1 1 . 

Leander Mortimer De La Ma- 
ter, Elizabeth, N. J June 11, 1903. Dec. 1: 

Cornelius J. Dumond, New York 

City Mar. 30, 1SS7. Jan. 21.1905. 

John Abraham Lott, Jr., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y Dec. 29, 1892. Feb. 1 

Remsen Varick Messler, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa Mar. 28, 1889. Feb. 2. 1905 

♦Jacob Lefever, New Paltz, N. Y. Oct. 22,1800. Feb. a 

John G. Bogert, New York City.. Dec. 7, 1S8S. Feb. 14. 1 

* William Re a Bronk, New York 

City Dec. 9. 1897. Mar. 5c 

The following members had notified the Secre- 
tary that they would be present, and the number 

* Supplementing notice as issued. 

2 43 

in attendance was little, if any, short of the num- 
ber expected. 

Neilson Abeel, Wm. H. H. Amerman, Walter 
Augustus Banta, Alfred L. Becker, Ernest G. 
Bergen, Tunis G. Bergen, T. H. Bergen, Van 
Brunt Bergen, John F. Berry, Richard J. Berry, 
Elmer Blauvelt, T. B. Bleeckcr, John Bogart, 
Joseph H. Bogart, Albert R. Bogert, Andrew D. 
Bogert, Charles A. Bogert, Daniel G. Bogert, Chas. 
J. Bogert, Edward L. Bogert, E. S. Bogert, Henry 
A. Bogert, Henry L. Bogert, Walter Bogert, W. 
Russell Bogert, Samuel C. Bradt, Alex. G. Brinck- 
erhofl, Henry Waller Brinckerhoff, R. B. Brinker- 
hoff, Bloomfield Brower, Ward Brower, Chas. 
Burhans, John H. Cooper, Washington L. Cooper, 
Matthias Van Dyke Cruser, George Debevoise, Ar- 
thur Lewis De Groff, Harry Vander Veer De Hart, 
James de la Montanye, Benj. G. Demarest, I.I. 
Demarest, John G. Demarest, Milton Demarest, 
Edwin Stanton Denise, John H. De Ridder, 
George G. De Witt, J. Walter De Witt, Moses J. 
De Witt, Peter Deyo, S. L. F. Deyo, Cornelius 
Ditmars, Isaac E. Ditmars, John Ditmars, Chas. 
G. Douw, C. A. Du Bois, Gustavus Abeel Duryee, 
Peter S. Duryee, Charles Dusenberry, Jr., Chas. 
R. Dusenberry, Elias Warner Dusenberry, Edwin 
C. Dusenbury, E. R. Dusinbery, Joachim Elmen- 
dorf, John B. Elmendorf, W. B. Elmendorf, Ed- 
ward Elsworth, Eugene Elsworth, Ezekiel Jan 
Elting, Jesse Elting, Peter J. Elting, Everett J. 
Esselstyn, Garret J. Garretson, Alexander R. Gu- 
lick, Arnatt Reading Gulick, Charlton R. Gulick, 
Erncstus Schenck Gulick, John C. Gulick, F. 
M. Hardenbrook, C. V. Hasbrouck, Frank Has- 
brouck, Garrett Roosa Hasbrouck, Howard Has 


Brouck, Maurice P. Has Brouck, Forbes H 
mans, Daniel Van Brunt Hegeman, Abrarr. 
Holdrum, Garret S. M. Holdrum, John H. 
Hopper, Robert I. Hopper, H. B. Hubbard, E. 

C. Hulst, Edward T. Hulst, Arthur Middle! 
Jacobus, John W. Jacobus, Charles Edward John- 
ston, Andrew Jackson Kiersted, E. B. Kierst 
Clarence V. Kip, Gerrit Kouwenhoven, Geo. D. 
Lansing, Richard Lansing, William E. Lansing, 
John Lefferts, Jr., H. H. Longstreet, Henry D. 
Lott, James Van Der Bilt Lett, Jerome Lott. John 
Baldwin Lozier, Hiram Lozier, S. B. Luyster, Jr., 
Max de Motte Marsellus, Walter Monfort Meser- 
ole, Charles Harold Montanyc, Geo. E. Montanye, 
Eugene Newkirk, Thomas W. Onderdonk, Al 

B. Ostrander, Frederic P. Ostrom, H. Roosevelt 
Ostrum, James S. Polhemus, Henry F. Quacken- 
bos, De Witt Clinton Romaine, James A. Romeyn, 

D. B. St. John Roosa, Hyman Roosa, Frederick 
Roosevelt, Robert B. Roosevelt, Chas. L. Schenck, 
Mervin Ryerson Schenck, William Wyckofi 
Schomp, Chas. E. Schuyler, D. S. Skaals, Bevier 
HasBrouck Sleght, John I J. Starin, John Br 
Stevens, Clarence Storm, Peter J. Stuyvesai -. 
Carlyle E. Sutphen, C. Edgar Sutphen, Herbert 
Sands Sutphen, Lambert Suydam, Lambert Suy- 
dam, Jr., Charles C. Ten Broeck, W. H. Ten 
Eyck, Henry Traphagen, Henry Van Arsdale, 
Cornelius Bergen Van Brunt, Jeremiah R:. 
Van Brunt, Arthur Van Buskirk, DeWitt Van 
Buskirk, John C. Van Cleaf, Henry Howell Van 
Cleef, F. I. Vander Beek, David Augustus Van der 
Veer, E. B. Van der Veer, John R. Van Den 
Alfred Van Derwerken, G. C. \ an Deusen, 11 
son Van Duyne, Amos Van Etten, Nathan B. Van 

2 45 

Etteii, Louis Bevier Van Gaasbeck, Austin Van 
Gieson, George M. Van Hoesen, Byron G. Van 
Home, Stephen Van Alen Van Home, Abraham 
Zabriskie Van Houten, Isaac Van Houten, Charles 

F. Van Inwegen, Frank Van Kleeck, Win. II. Van 
Kleeck, Thomas Van Loan, F. W. Van Loan, 
George G. Van Mater, Gilbert T. Van Mater, 
Calvin Decker Van Name, David Barcalow Van 
Name, F. L. Van Ness, Russell Van Ness, Frank 
Roe Van Nest, Warner Van Norden, John E. Van 
Nostrand, John V. Van Pelt, Julius F. Van Riper, 
Richard Van Santvoord, Evert Van Slyke, John 

G. Van Slyke, Warren C. Van Slyke, A. V. W. 
Van Vechten, H. W. Van Wagenen, John Richard 
Van Wagenen, Arthur W. Van Winkle, Daniel 
Van Winkle, Edo Van W 7 inkle, Edward Van 
W T inkle, J. B. Van Woert, Wm. Van Woert, John 
R. Van Wormer, Augustus Van Wyck, Jacob 
Southart Van Wyck, John H. Van Wyck, Robert 
A. Van Wyck, William Van W 7 yck, Wm. Edward 
Van Wyck, M. B. Van Zandt, J. Leonard Varick, 
Theodore Romeyn Varick, Anson A. Voorhees, 
Judah B. Voorhees, Stephen F. Voorhees, Willard 
P. Voorhees, Charles C. V. Voorhees, Ernest Voor- 
his, John R. Voorhis, Alfred P. Vredenburgh, 
E. L. Vredenburgh, Frank Vredenburgh, John 
Wright Vrooman, Samuel H. Wandell, Town send 
Wandell, Josiah Arnold Westervelt, Charles Ed- 
ward Witbeck, Jacob R. Wortendyke, N. D. Wor- 
tendyke, Reynier J. Wortendyke, James Yereance, 
Andrew C. Zabriskie, C. I. Zabriskie, Wm. H. 

President Albert Vander Veer called the meet- 
ing to order and addressed the members as follows: 


Fellow-Members oj the Holland Society: 

In keeping with the order of exercises of the 

evening, as arranged by our Secretary, and as the 
retiring President, I desire to express the pleasure 
I have experienced in officiating as your presiding 
officer. These duties have taken me aw; 
an active professional life into an atmosphere of 
social greetings and an exchange of thought that 
have brought me recreation and relief from c 
tinuous mental strain. I wish to thank you 
for the honor bestowed, and, although not the 
original choice of the nominating committee, yet 
when it was found that he, whom we all resj 
and would gladly honor, did his time permit, 
could not be prevailed upon to serve, I ap] 
that it was an expression of affection for old 
Albany that I was selected. The discharge of 
my duties has been most agreeable in every way. 
I have seldom worked with executive officers who 
have been so congenial, so delightful in their 
loyalty, in their assistance, as I have found in 
your worthy secretary and treasurer, in the mem- 
bers of the various committees, and especially 
would I speak of the very gratifying attendance 
at the quarterly meetings of the board of I 

To my mind the success of such an org -ion 

as this rests largely with the men who at lend 
these quarterly meetings and work silently but 
faithfully for its good. 

It is largely due to your Secretary and the other 
officers of The Holland Society that the addil 
to our membership for the past year have I 
larger than for any previous period. 


I desire to emphasize my endorsement of the 
semi-annual social gathering. Many present to- 
night will remember the delightful time we had 
at the Astor. The fraternal greetings and the 
charming, cordial, conversational style of passing 
the hours were most enjoyable ; old friends greeted 
new; new members saluted invited guests and 
assured them how delightful it was to belong to 
such a society. It was here that our able Secretary 
did his work in securing many applications for 

The memory of the work done by Col. Vrooman, 
as chairman of the banquet committee, and his 
associates, is well fixed in my mind, and I wish to 
say that to their efforts we are largely indebted 
for the increased attendance at that time, — per- 
haps the largest at any banquet of the Society, — 
and for the excellent toasts. The speeches, as 
they will appear in the Year Book, will certainly 
make it one of the most attractive yet published. 
We had a grand night and it was a great success. 

Especially would 1 call your attention to the 
intense satisfaction manifested over the souvenirs. 
These medals are surely a most appropriate recog- 
nition of our relationship with dear old Holland. 

It was also impressed upon you that the pros- 
perity of our Society has been such as to warrant 
the establishment of a branch organization in 
Bergen County, New Jersey. This is an evidence 
of prosperity of which we are justly proud. {Ap- 

I desire to call your attention to the work being 
accomplished by Dr. Roosa and his committee in 


regard to the statue to William the Silent. '. 
is an object worthy our earnest consideration, 
I would suggest that subscriptions, both 
and without our ranks, be gathered in as fa I 
possible, that this project may be brought to a 
successful termination. I am sure every me: 
of this committee deserves our enthusiastic sup- 
port. {Applause.) 

I also trust that the committee on the Tri- 
Centennial to the memory of Hendrick Hu I 
will be able to accomplish what they have in mind. 
It would be a grand tribute to his memory c 
the plans be carried to success, as they have- 
elaborated them. (Applause.) 

I would like to speak of the other commit I 
and the individual efforts of members, but I 
I am talking too much. Our President of a year 
ago, Mr. Banta, was kind enough to say to you 
that I had presided successfully at our dinners in 
Albany, and I think if he had stated his inner 
thoughts they would have been in the tine of my 
making exceedingly brief remarks. 

I must speak of the charming experience I had 
in attending the annual dinner of our branch at 
Poughkeepsie, on October the third of last year. 
It was a most instructive, altogether d^ ' 
occasion, one I shall always remember, and I 
would say to my successor that he will r 
mistake in attending these branch dinners. 

At the same time I would always encour; 
sending of invitations to sister societies to attend 
our social gatherings. 

We were honored by invitations to the foUcrv 
Societies: April n, 1904, the Huguenot S 
attended by Mr. Theodore M. Banta; April 13, 


St. George's Society, attended by our Secretary; 
November 22, New York Historical Society's 
Centennial Banquet, attended by Mr. Bogert; 
November 30, St. Andrew's Society, attended by 
the President; December 6, St. Nicholas Society, 
attended by Mr. Warner Van Norden; December 
9, Social Meeting of the Daughters of Holland 
Dames, attended by Mr. Van Norden ; December 
12, Pennsylvania Society Banquet, attended by 
our Treasurer; January 31, 1905, Banquet of 
Daughters of Holland Dames, attended by Mr. 
Theodore M. Banta; February 22, Sons of the 
Revolution, attended by Hon. Garret J. Garretson; 
March 1, St. David's Society, attended by the 
Secretary ; March 1 7 , Sons of the American Revo- 
lution, attended by the Treasurer; March 17, 
Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, attended by the 
Secretary; April 6, an invitation of the Knicker- 
bocker Society of Grand Rapids, Michigan, to. 
which I replied by a personal letter of thanks. 
For April 25, St. George's Society, and May 4, 
Society of Colonial Wars, I have invitations which 
have just been received. (Applause.) 

It is a matter of sincere regret that my time 
would not permit my attending more of these 
gatherings, but it has been a matter of great happi- 
ness to me that the representatives of our Society 
were entertained in such a royal manner, and so, 
again, I would emphasize the advantage arising 
from an interchange of hospitality with sister 

Finally, it is with intense gratification and 
satisfaction I call your attention to our excellent 
financial condition, showing the healthful state of 
The Holland Society. (Applause.) 


The minutes of the last annual meeting havi 
been printed in the Year Book, it was, on motion! 
unanimously voted that reading of them be 
pensed with and that they be approved as printed. 

The Secretary presented the following - 
which was, on motion, received -and ordered in- 
serted in the Year Book. 


By referring to the statement sent out with the 
notice of the annual meeting, it will appear that 
the membership of the Society has mad 
factory progress since the last annual meet 
The membership then reported was eight hundred 
and thirty-five, including the latest information 
about deceased members. The deaths that have 
since been reported, the resignations, and 
corrections because some of those elected failed to 
qualify, have been so far out-numbered by the 
new accessions that our roll is now eight hundred 
and seventy. Several of those who have been 
taken away traced their membership back to the 
earliest meetings of the Society, and one had been 
a member little more than one year. 

The report of our Treasurer is again an encour- 
aging sign of the Society's progress, the bal. 
on hand being more than five hundred dollars 
greater than that of last year. The cost of the 
Year Book is greater than before, but its size 
number of illustrations are responsible for this 

•■ The additional meeting to which our fritt 
were invited and which was found such a sue 
in 1903 was repeated on November 29, 1904, at 
the Hotel Astor, where some three hundred and 


twenty-five, or more, assembled and were enter- 
tained by a collation and by vocal music at in- 
tervals throughout the evening. Some of the 
members present were so enthusiastic as to com- 
pare the informal meeting with the annual banquet, 
placing the former more highly in their esteem 
than the latter. 

The Anniversary Banquet in January, 1905, 
was the largest of recent years, being attended by 
upwards of five hundred and forty guests, and the 
occupants of the boxes were also in greater num- 
bers than heretofore. 

The souvenirs which were so popular in 1904 
encouraged the Committee to reproduce another 
medal of the same set, and the expressions with 
which these were greeted convinced the Committee 
that its choice had been jus tilled. 

The office of the Society was changed to its 
present location (99 Nassau Street, Room 819), on 
May 1, 1904; the furniture and bookcases were 
put in order, the books rearranged and classified, 
and the result has been to make the office much 
more attractive and available for the members 
w T hose opportunities permit them to make use of 
the collections of the Society. 

The oil-painting which was presented to the 
Society by its trustee, Mr. Van Woert, now occu- 
pies a prominent position upon the wall, flanked 
by other pictures which have been presented by 
friends of the Society. On the menu of the last 
banquet will be found a reproduction of the oil- 

On account of the frequently changing addiv 
of the members, and the fact that some of them 
allow their dues to accumulate, it was thought 


best to keep in closer touch with them by with- 
holding from distribution to members in air 
the Year Books and souvenirs until the arreai 
was discharged. 

It was also thought best to restrict the seat 
the guest table of the annual banquet to the gu 
of the Society and the speakers on that occa:~ 
If the former practice should be followed, wher 
the ex-presidents of the Society were given a 
at the guest table, there would be much less room 
for the exchange of courtesies with our sister sc 
ties, which in time past has been so productive 
mutual good feeling. 

A most auspicious circumstance may be noted 
in the establishment of the Bergen County Branch 
of the Holland Society in our neighboring common- 
wealth of New Jersey. On December 16, 1904, 
some ten or twelve resident members of the Hol- 
land Society met for the purpose of forming a 
branch society, and after effecting a temporary 
organization, appointed a committee to draft a 
constitution and by-laws. On December 30 the 
organization was perfected and the branch society 
came into being. Its principal features of into 
to the parent society are the following objects: — 
" To use our endeavors to increase the m e mb er s hip 
of The Holland Society," and the qualified: 
for membership — "No person shall be eligible to 
membership until he shall have first united 1 
and become a member of The Holland Society oi 
New York." 

The name selected was the "Bergen Cor. 
Branch of the Holland Society of New V 
The officers selected were the following : 

President, Milton Demarest; First Vice-Pr 


dent, Andrew D. Bogert; Second Vice-President, 
Arthur W. Van Winkle; Secretary, William H. 
Zabriskie; Treasurer, Elmer Blauvelt; Trustees 
for one year, George P. Schermerhorn and Frank 
0. Van Winkle; Trustees for two years, A. C. 
Holdrum and Walter Bogert. The President is 
understood to be recommended for election as 
Vice-President of the Holland Society for Bergen 
County, New Jersey. About two weeks ago the 
membership was thirty, with five applications on 
hand. A dinner at Hackensack in November 
is contemplated, somewhat after the plan of the 
annual banquet of the Dutchess County branch. 
This action of our brethren in New Jersey is most 
gratifying and wiB, undoubtedly, be productive 
of much good to the Society. 

At the last annual meeting of the Society a 
resolution was offered to show our appreciation of 
the services rendered by the retiring President; 
after being engrossed it was sent to Mr. Banta, 
and the following letter was received : 

348 Broadway, P. 0. Box 1401, 

New York, Aug. 5, 1904. 

Henry L. Bogert, Esq., ] 

Dear Sir: 

I am in receipt of your esteemed favor of 4th 
inst., transmitting copy of the Resolution adopted 
by The Holland Society of New York in April last, 
which has been so handsomely engrossed and 
bound. I shall always deeply appreciate this ex- 
pression of my fellow-members' esteem, and 
serve it among my most cherished possessions. 

Yours truly, 

Theodore M. Banta. 


On a later occasion Mr. Banta presented to the 
Society two ancient works of considerable value, 
in the Dutch language, and the Trustees presented 
a vote of thanks in recognition thereof. 

Through T. F. Lozier, Esq., one of the b 
of the Society, Mr. L. Secor, of Monsey, R- 
County, in this State, presented to the Society 
original register of marriages in New Hemps t- 
Rockland County, from 1793 to 1808, which m 
a valuable and important addition to the origi 
records in the possession of the Society. 

The Year Book continues to receive the com- 
mendation of those to whom it comes. Among 
others, the following may be selected as ty] 
commendations : 

The librarian of the Worcester, Massachusel 
Free Public Library writes, July 1, 1904: "We 
have several of the publications of The Holland 
Society and have found them interesting and 

The librarian of the New Jersey Historical So- 
ciety, at Newark, writes, August 26, 1904: "We 
find your publications very useful and shall be 
very glad to receive the forthcoming Year Be/ 
your Society." 

The New York Genealogical and BiegrapJiical 
Record, of January, 1905, after describing the 
work, refers to it as "an exceedingly welcome ad- 
dition to the array of church records already pub- 
lished by The Holland Society." 

By Morris P. Ferris, Oct. 17, 1904 (N. Y. Society 
Sons of the Revolution) : 

Dear Sir: 

On behalf of the Sons of the Revolution in 
State of New York, I beg to acknowledge and 


thank you for the Year Book of The Holland So- 
ciety, 1904, and at the same time to compliment 
you on the maintenance of the usual high character 
of The Holland Society's publications. 

By James M. Beck, Oct. 17, 1904 (44 Wall Street): 

My dear Mr. Bogert: 

I have just received a copy of the splendid Year 
Book of the Holland Society, and thank you very 
much for it. It is by far the best Year Book of any 
of these dining Societies. 

I have re-read with much interest the different 
speeches. I also read with even greater interest 
the newspaper comments on the impromptu de- 
bate between Mr. Bryan and me, with the excep- 
tion of the extract from the Dutch paper, which 
I am frank to say was wholly beyond my linguistic 
powers. On re-reading this debate I do not re- 
gret it, for I think that a dinner is rather bene- 
fited than injured by anything which gives point 
to the speeches, so long as good feeling and dig- 
nity are preserved. 

By Frank Hasbrouck, Oct. 24, 1904: 

My dear Sir: 

The Year Book of the Holland Society has been 
received and read by me, with much enjoyment, 

I can give you no greater praise for its excellence 
than to say, in my opinion, you have improved 
upon those of the past, which up to the publication 
of your volume seemed to have reached the limit 
of perfection. 

Accept my congratulations. 

By J. W. Cheney, Librarian of the War Depart- 
ment, Oct. 25, 1904: 

Dear Sir: 

This Librarv is again indebted to you for an- 

2 5 6 

other one of your superb Year Books, which com- 
pletes our valuable file to date. . . . 

With a high appreciation of your contnv: 
courtesies toward this Library, I am, etc. 

By Azariah S. Root, Librarian, Oberlin Coll 
Ohio, Oct. 28, 1904: 

Please accept the thanks of this Library for 
your kindness in mailing to us a copy of the Year 
Book of the Holland Society for the year 1 
This volume is particularly interesting becaus 
the very valuable plates, and other matter 
w T ell as for the extremely interesting other infor- 
mation contained in the book. 

By John R. Totten, Librarian, New York Genea- 
logical and Biographical Society, Nov. 4, 1904: 

The Year Books of your Society are highly 
teemed by us, and we are much interested in the 
Albany records begun in the current volume and 
to be continued in future issues. 

By Robert H. Kelby, Librarian, The New York 
Historical Society, Nov. 14, 1904: 

I congratulate you on your first Year Book 

the Holland Society. Our "genealogical fiends" 
will revel in the publication of the Albany rec 

By Dr. John H. Girdner, Nov. 18, 1904. (47 
West 71st Street): 

. . will you permit me to express to ; 

my gratitude for the part you have taken in 
placing in my possession such a beautiful 
interesting book? 


By Wm. H. Carpenter, Columbia University, 
Nov. 23, 1904: 

The handbook in value improves with every 
issue, and I am particularly glad to add this year's 
copy to the preceding volumes on my shelves. 

By Mrs. M. P. Ferris, Dec. 1, 1904. (676 West End 
Ave.) : 

Will you kindly tell me where the " New. Al- 
bany" church records have been all these years, 
and how the Holland Society happened to get 
them? I have been searching for them for twenty 
years or more. 


Respectfully submitted, 

Henry L. Bogert, 


April 6, 1905. 

The Treasurer's Report was presented as follows : 
















O oo wo t>*o O vr. u-> o r^vo 


W»ON*U»«( (t n n fl oo 

*• C c 

•m ~ to 2 

" §'■§ a 


rt c5 2 u 



o o 
| | 

In u 


V5 K 

a, C 

o o o o o o o 

o m O »o vr. o c 
fj l*J £ r- r^ v^. {J 
g M O •*) '< "- -r OC 

g c n -■ — o rj o 

a ( 



C C 

o o 


S c 

C * 

o c> o o o r«« 

« o o o o o 

*■*» d to 6 d od 

OC in ri- o d ro 

f*} «"3 ro M \j~i m 



















*— ' 

to «' 


ft. - 

M O 

W M 




o d 

<ti S 


o o o o o 

O O O O o 

6 d d o" o" 

o o o o o 

°. °. °. ° ° 

*- — - - -■ 

o c^ 

w ° = 


X X u 

5li «q 

e o <- - 



The Committee on Finance having reported 
that the foregoing report of the Treasurer had 
been examined and found correct, it was, on mo- 
tion, unanimously approved and ordered on file. 

Mr. Van Woert then presented the following 
Report of the Committee on Nominations: 

fc the Holland Society of New York: 

The Committee elected to make nominations for the 
offices to be filled at the annual meeting of the Society on 
April 6, 1905, respectfully reports the following names for 
the offices mentioned: 

Garret J. Garretson 

New York ... 
Kings County . . 
Queens County . . 
Westchester County 
Orange Ccninty . 
Duidiess County 
Ulster County . 
Greene County . 
Albany County 
Rensselaer County 
Schenectady County 
Montgomery Ccninty 
Onondaga County 
Hudson County, N. J 
Bergen County, N. J. 
Passaic County, N. J 
Essex County, X. J 
Mc}in:o:dk County, N. J 
Philadelphia, Pa. . 
United States Army 
United States Navy 

. John L. Riker 
Peter Wyckoff 
John H. Prall 
Joseph Hasbrouck, M.D. 
Rev. Wm. Wyckoff Schomp 
Rev. A. P. Van Gibson 
Hyman Roosa, M.D. 
Philip V. Van Orden 
Robert C. Pruyn 
John Knickerbacker 
James R. Truax 
John D. Wendell 
Francis Hendricks 
Everest B. Kiersted 
Milton Demarest 
Robert I. Hopper 
Frank R. Van Nest 
Henry H. Longstreet 
Louis Y. Schermbrh 
Gen. Henry C. Hasbrouck 
Chaplain Roswell R. Hoes 


Henry L. Bogert 

Arthur H. Van Brunt 

Trustees — Class of 1909 
Robert B. Roosevelt John L. Riker 

Robert A. Van Wyck Georce G. De Witt 

Foster M. Voorhees 

Augustus Van Wyck, 
J. B. Van Woert, 
John R. Voorhis, 
Walter Bogert, 
Theodore M. Banta. 



Dated, December 31, 1904. 

On motion, it was unanimously ordered that 
the report be received and the committee dis- 
charged with thanks; and on further motion, Mr. 
Ten Broeck, of Kingston, was authorized to cast 
one ballot for the candidates named. Mr. Ten 
Broeck thereupon cast the ballot and the Presi- 
dent declared the candidates duly elected. 

Mr. Van Norden: In view of the absence of 
Judge Garretson by reason of illness, which he of 
course regrets very keenly, and also, in the ab- 
sence of our Vice-President, (reads letter from 
Mr. Riker, as follows: "Dear Mr. Bogert, I am 
suffering from a cold and sore throat, and shall 
not be able to attend the meeting of the Soc 
to-night. With many regrets, yours \\ 
cerely, John L. Riker.") I move that the reth 
President be requested to act as presiding o 
for the remainder of the eveninj 

This was seconded, put and carried una 


The President: I must express my sorrow and 
disappointment that Judge Garretson is not with 
us to-night. I want to bear tribute to his very 
faithful service as one of the trustees who have 
met with us at our quarterly meetings and 
whose presence has enabled us to go on with 
the duties that devolved upon us. His loyalty 
has been expressed in such a manner that I 
think you are to be congratulated upon having 
elected such a loyal Dutchman to act as your 
presiding officer for the coming year. I am 
sure he will add strength to the Society and that 
through his efforts the membership and prestige 
of the Society will be increased even more than 
last year. 

I am truly earnest in my expression, repeating 
what I said in my brief address, that I believe a 
great deal rests with the work of the trustees in 
their gatherings, that they stimulate the member- 
ship, and as they look over the names that are 
presented they are enabled to trace up and learn 
of others whose names are presented later on. 
During the last year we have had each time a 
large meeting of the Board of Trustees, and tiie 
membership has increased more than usual. I am 
sure that Judge Garretson w r ill give his loyal atten- 
tion as heretofore, and I am sincerely sorry that 
he is not with us to-night that I might personally 
transfer to him the badge of office and congratu- 
late him upon his election. It is an honor that 
any man might be proud of, and as we meet with 
other societies it is an honor to be welcomed as an 
officer of this Society, and I am sure that Judge 
Garretson will honor the place in the discharge of 
his duties. 


Mr. Starix then presented the following resolu- 

Whereas, the twentieth year of the Holland E - 
now at its close, has been most agreeably and succes 
passed under the leadership of a citizen of old Fort Or - 
whose courtesy and urbanity have endeared him V 
associates of New Amsterdam and elsewhere, ar 
administration has been marked by increasing member- 
ship and high regard in the community ; 

Resolved, that the Holland Society of New Yo: 
twentieth annual meeting, presents to its retir::. 
dent, Dr. Albert Vander Veer, hearty congratulations 1 
the achievements of his term and expresses its apprecial 
of the good fellowship and harmony which have prevail 
and further 

Resolved, that the Secretary make this action of the 
Society part of its records and send a suitably engn 
copy to its honored official. 

Mr. Van Norden: In seconding this motion I 
feel that I ought to take more than a passing 
notice of an action which, in this case especially, 
will voice the feeling of the majority of the m 
bers of the Society. It is customary to pass 1. 
resolutions, and we do it as a matter of kind 
and good-fellowship; but in this instance there 
is more than the mere perfunctory words of the 
resolution. The expressions used .by Mr. St. 
I think, cover the ground exactly as to the Doc- 
tor's "courtesy and urbanity"; and those of us 
who have come into contact with the ret : 
President of the Board of Trustees have come to 
feel for him more than friendship, — ailectioiv - 
we know how lovable he is; we have learned how 
very attractive his personality is, and we 
learned, too, how very efficient he is as a President, 
and with what zeal he has discharged the duties of 
his office. 

263 ' 

I remember very well back in the beginning of 
the Society, when I was too young to be taken 
notice of, I sat in a corner of the old Brunswick 
Hotel. Dr. Vander Veer was one of the speakers 
and gave us a great deal of enjoyment by a very 
witty after-dinner oration. I thought then how 
very delightful it must be to receive as much atten- 
tion as Dr. Vander Veer did; but now that I have 
grown older and come to know the truth, and come 
into close contact with him, I only wonder that 
he did not receive a great deal more. And let me 
say another word, while I am on my feet. We are 
very apt, I think, to w r ait until a person leaves us 
before expressing full appreciation of what he has 
done, and I desire also to call attention to the fact 
that we have, in addition to an admirable retiring 
President, also a very unusual Secretary and 
Treasurer. {Applause.) Much of the success of 
a society depends upon the zeal of the secretary. 
No one could serve us more efficiently and faith- 
fully than Mr. Bogert, and I might say the same of 
Mr. Van Brunt, with whom I come in contact more 
closely as chairman of the Finance Committee. He 
never hesitates to sacrifice himself for the good of 
the Society. Some one has suggested that it is a 
great deal better to give a man a little taffy while 
he lives rather than to wait till he is dead and | 
him epi taffy. {Laughter and applause.) 

I beg most heartily to second this resolution. 

The Secretary: I have the honor, on behalf 
of the President, to put this resolution. 

The resolution was then carried unanimously 
and with applause. 

The President: I thank you for your kind 
references to my administration. 


In response to a call for the report of Commi* 
on Statue to William the Silent, Mr. Van N< 
responded as follows : 

I am a member of the Committee, and as b 
I wish to say that no man could have felt a 1: 
interest in this matter than Dr. Roosa. Natur- 
ally we all smile deeply when mention is ma I 
this subject, which seems a little hackneyed; but 
this is a real live subject and one that we arc in- 
terested in and one we are determined to carry 
into effect and make the statue materialize. The 
amount of money required is not much for a statue 
of this size — it would mean only an average 
fifty dollars apiece for every member of the So- 
ciety, and a number of the members have given a 
thousand dollars, so that others would not have to 
give more than five or ten dollars to make up the 
average. But about twelve or thirteen thousand 
dollars has been subscribed, and Dr. Roosa is n v 
going ahead with the preparation of a model which 
he thinks will satisfy the artistic tastes and de- 
sires of the members of the Society and will har- 
monize all the criticisms made. The last criticism 
is in regard to the helmet, but, as Judge Van Wyck 
has said, "If the hat he has on doesn't suit, we 
will give him a new hat and make that satisfac- 
tory; there are plenty of hats." Dr. Roosa in- 
tends to have the model prepared, the sculptor is 
preparing it, and I think it is nearly finished; and 
it will be on exhibition where members of the 
Society can see it. We propose to spend a little 
money in this preparatory work and then p 
with the statue, and we hope to have it in ;. 
tion before the celebration of the tri-centennial 
in 1909. 

26 5 

The Secretary: I might also inform the mem- 
bers who were not at the banquet that a represen- 
tation of the model was placed upon the menus, 
and will also appear with the menus that are 
bound in with the Year Book. I think that prob- 
ably most of those present have seen a copy, and 
they will all see it as the Year Boohs are distri- 

The President: During the year the President 
has had several letters with reference to the Hud- 
son Tri-Centennial Celebration. I have also had 
shown me a very delightful sketch of an architec- 
tural design, continuing the boulevard on River- 
side Drive across Spuyten Duyvil into the Bronx, 
and so on, which certainly presents a very grand 
appearance. We have talked this matter over 
somewhat in our meetings of the Board of Trustees, 
and we would be glad to hear from the Chairman 
or some member of the Committee on the Hudson 
Tri-Centennial Celebration as to what progress has 
been made or what has been done. Mr. Robert 
Roosevelt, one of our senior cx-Prcsidents, is 
Chairman of that Committee. I do not know 
whether he is present to make the report, but if 
not we should be glad to hear from some member. 

Mr. Van Norden: Several of the members of 
the Committee live out of town, and I suppose that 
is the reason they are not here. We have had 
a very interesting meeting at the house of Mr. 
Roosevelt on Fifth Avenue, and a great many 
projects were brought before us. Of course, at 
such a time, naturally there is an attempt made 
to vise the occasion, or use the Committee, C 
mercially; to endorse and further some enterprise 
out of which somebody possibly might make some 


money, and probably you have seen in the pa: 
statements that suggestions, etc., have been rr. 
to the Committee; and some of the papers have 
gone so far as to say that we have received t: 
favorably. We, of course, will not countenance 
anything of that sort, although we have had v 
great pressure brought to bear. But the 
thing that has commended itself to us is the one 
mentioned by the President, — that is, the i 
tinuation of the Riverside Drive up to what • 
formerly Westchester County, with a bridge acr 
Spuyten Duyvil Creek, and statues on the brid 
This has received the endorsement of various art 
bodies and is looked upon with favor by the c 
and I think possibly will be adopted. Of COU 
we cannot do this ourselves, — it will cost about 
three millions to do it, — and we will be so exhausted 
after paying for that statue that I do not think we 
would be prepared to undertake it. But the city 
will probably do this work of extending Riverside 
Drive ; they are connecting it now above the 
duct beyond Lafayette Avenue, and in a short 
period we shall be able to drive from Seventy- 
second street to Dyckman Avenue. It will be 
the finest drive in the world, without any question. 
Another idea is to take that knoll on the north 
of the island, which is one of the most beautiful in 
the country (especially in autumn when the leaves 
are brilliant with colors), and make a park of it 
and run the bridge right in there, in such a | 
tion that it can be seen by passing boats. There 
is a very strong movement in ite favor and the 
Board of Estimate and Apportionment hsn 
considering the propriety of appropriating the 
money and making that public impiDV It 


will be a great ornament to the city as well as a 
celebration of this interesting occasion. As the 
time draws near there will be more interest felt in 
it, and there is great reason to hope that the city 
will carry the thing our ; if they do, it will serve the 
end w r e have in view. Other committees have" 
been appointed by different bodies and have met 
with us on this occasion. Five of us met together 
and a general committee was appointed to rep- 
resent all five, so that all will work in harmony 
in trying to further the same ends. 

On motion, it was ordered that this report be 
received and entered upon the minutes. 

Mr. Hasbrouck: I have a resolution to offer. 
The members of the Society probably know that 
the beautiful design of the certificate of member- 
ship of our Society was made years ago, at the 
organization of the Society, by General de Peyster. 
Curiously enough, no recognition was ever made, 
in any w r ay, of what he did for the Society. The 
certificate is unique in its way, — historic and 
beautiful. You w r ill remember that it is a design 
of one of the most ancient maps of the Hudson 
River valley. He has expressed a desire to have 
one of those certificates. While he is a member, 
of the Society, he has never even had a certificate, 
so, in recognition of that and to meet his desire, I 
offer the following resolution : 

Whereas, our highly esteemed friend and fellow-member, 
Gen. J. Watts de Peyster. who designed the present cer- 
tificate of membership in the Society, unequalled for his- 
toric and symbolic interest and artistic excellence, has 
expressed the wish to h3ve his own membership certified 
in this form, 

Resolved, that, in recognition of services rendered to the 
Holland Societv, a certificate of his membership be pre- 


pared and presented to Gen. J. Watts de Peyster, with the 
best wishes of the Society for his continued prosp- - - 

The resolution was carried unanimously and 

with applause. . 

The Secretary: I think it may be interest:: • 
for you to know that General de Peyster has been 
down at the office of the Society several times \ \ 
has expressed regret that his illness and his si 
of health have prevented him from ever mec I 
with the Society, that it was impossible for him to 
be out evenings, and that otherwise he would I 
the greatest pleasure in meeting with his fri* 
and associates here. He has expressed himsc". 
such a way as to show continuous good-will to 
Society, and we should not hesitate about express- 
ing our appreciation of what he has already done. 
The preparation and sending of this certificate of 
membership to him I feel sure will give him a 
great deal of pleasure and enjoyment. He has 
expressed himself in such a way as to make it 
plain that no recognition or action by the Society 
would be more to his liking than the resolution 
which we have just passed, and I also feel sure 
that what we have done will be of nearly as much 
satisfaction to us in the future as it will be to him. 

Last evening I had the pleasure of calling v. 
our President-elect, Judge Garretson, but my 
pleasure was not unalloyed because the Judge 
manifestly suffering from that enemy of all present 
humanity, la grippe, and he feared that it would 
be difficult for him to summon up enough s: 
to get away and take the rest, relaxation, 
change of scene that the physicians had rec 
mended. As you know, — those of you who I 


come in contact with him, — he has performed his 
duties with the greatest of diligence and conscien- 
tiousness, and more than possibly his diligence and 
conscientiousness have caused him to overtax his 
strength. However, last evening he expressed 
himself in such wise that I wish I could reproduce 
his expressions for yon. He expressed his regret 
that he could not be with us to-night, he appre- 
ciated the suggestion that he might be made 
President of the Society, and felt it most keenly, 
and he wished me to say to those whom I met that 
it was a matter that he would appreciate forever, 
and that he would regard the action of the Society 
as one of the highest honors that have come to 

The President: There must be with us a num- 
ber of the Vice-Presidents, and I should like to 
add a word to what has already been suggested, 
that while we have had an increased number of 
•members during this year, yet it would seem to 
be the duty of every officer, and particularly of 
each of the Vice-Presidents, to look over his own 
section and to attract to this Society the younger 
men who are eligible. It is Very desirable to get 
in the younger men, men who have the vim and 
the energy and the vitality of youth, and I would 
make this suggestion, that they think over the 
names that may be suggested and offer them for 

And I want to say a little more about the statue 
of William the Silent. Albany is pretty slow. 
Albany has been noted for its conservative cle- 
ment for many years, for centuries; but we pro 
making an effort in that direction, and I am glad 
to say that you are going to have some subscrip- 


tions from Albany for this object. It has tal 
us some time to wake up the members, but 
coming. I would like to hear from some ot 
centres in this connection. I think it is the duty 
of the Vice-Presidents or the ex-ofjicio membci 
this Committee to stir up the interest in it. I 
think the suggestion of Mr. Van Norden is g 
that with subscriptions of five or ten dollar 
could accomplish a great deal. Who of u 
Dutchmen would like to have it said thai 
failed? Let us keep at it and make it a sue 
ultimately. (Applause.) 

On motion, the meeting then adjourned. 

Henry L. Bogert, 



George A. Zabriskie was born in Brooklyn, 
June 9, 1S49, an( i died at Glen Ridge, New Jersey, 
April 14, 1904. He prepared for the United States 
Naval Academy of Annapolis at the Claverack, 
N. Y. Military School, and was appointed to the 
Academy by "Senator Kitchens of Nebraska. He 
entered in 1864 and graduated with the Class of 
1868, the last two years of his course having been 
spent with the Mediterranean Squadron. Because 
of physical disability he applied for his discharge, 
which was obtained at the time of graduation. 
After a few years, in 1872, he entered the em- 
ploy of the Peoples Bank, now at 393 and 395 
Canal Street, New York City, and occupied various 
positions of trust in that institution until 18S4, 
when he became assistant cashier, retaining this 
position for many years. On October 25, 1886, 
he was -elected to membership in the Holland 
Society and was a member in good standing up 
to the time of his death. While attending divine 
service at the Glen Ridge Congregational Church, 
where he had been deacon for ten years, he was 
suddenly attacked by heart disease, which ter- 
minated fatally. He left a widow, Margaret B. 
Zabriskie, also a son and a daughter. 

James Monroe Van Valen was elected to mem- 
bership in the Holland Society October 25, 18S6; 
he became Vice-President for Bergen County in 
1893, an d was re-elected in 1S98, 1899, and 1900. 
He died at his home in Hackensack, New Jersey, 



May 19, 1904, after a long illness. He was b 
in Teaneck, July 21, 1842, received a public 
education, and served ten months in the Civil \ 
with Company I of the Twenty-second New J- 
Volunteers. After the war he engaged in 
book trade in New York, and later taught sc: 
in Bergen County. He read law with the I 
Garrett Ackerson, of Hackensack and was 
mitted to the bar in 1875; in the same ;. 
formed a partnership with Mr. Ackerson, v.' 
continued until the death of the latter, Decen 
23, 1886. He was appointed County Judge by 
Governor Greene on April 1, 1888, and w 
appointed by Governor Werts in 1S93. J v. 
Van Valen bore a high reputation as lawyer 
jurist, his opinions being reversed but twice during 
his long service on the bench. He served at 
time as President of the New Jersey State BaT 
Association. For eighteen years he serv 
chairman on the Hackensack Board of Educa r - 
he was also deacon of the First Reformed Chm 
He was connected with the State Militia fur 
tw T enty -three years, and until he retired, in 1893. 
served as assistant inspector of rifle practice, u] 
retirement being brevetted brigadier-general, 
was an expert rifle shot. June 24, 1S74, he mar- 
ried Anna Augusta, daughter of Theodore Smith, 
of Park Ridge, Bergen County, who survived I 
together with their nine children, James A.. I 
rett A., Emma E., Frederick M., Raymond. 
W., Arthur, Howard \V., and Anna E. Van Val 

James Davis Wynkoop was elected to mem! 
ship in the Holland Society June 25, 1885. 
being one of its oldest members. He died in the 
sixty-second year of his age, June 1, 1904, at 
Hurley, New York, where the \\ 
stead "is situated. His New Y01 
at 109 West Seventy-second Street, and 6 
years he had been a well-known grain dealer I 
member of the Produce Exchange, n I 


active business five or six years ago. He was 
also a member of the Sons of the American Revo- 
lution. The funeral services were held at Hurley 
on June 3, 1904. 

Isaac Pruyn, a descendant of Frans Jansen 
Pruyn, whose name appears in Albany as early as 
1668, died at his residence in Catskill, New York, 
June 2, 1904. He was elected to membership in 
the Holland Society October 25, 1885, being then 
in his sixty-ninth year. He was president of the 
Catskill Bank of Catskill, New York. A peaceful 
death in his eighty-eighth year brought to its end 
a life full of days and of honor. 

Jacob Deyo was elected to membership in the 
Holland Society, January 30, 1890, and died in 
Poughkeepsie June 8, 1904, in the forty-fifth year 
of his age. He entered the Huguenot Bank as a 
clerk about twenty-two years ago, working his 
way up to the position of cashier, which he occu- 
pied for ten years previous to his death. He had 
also been associated with Bruyn Hasbrouck in the 
insurance business during recent years. His loss 
was deeply felt in New Paltz, both as neighbor 
and as friend. His nature was sympathetic and 
his greetings were always kindly. In every public 
enterprise he was ready to do his full share. For 
many years he had been a member of the choir of 
the Reformed Church and at the time of his death 
was one of its officers. As a bank officer he was 
careful and accurate and highly regarded. Out- 
side of his bank work he was interested in many 
social and business enterprises, in all of which he 
made his friendly and helpful influence felt. The 
following resolutions were published in the New 
Paltz Independent, July 15, 1904: 

"At the regular semi-annual meeting of the board of 
directors of the Huguenot National Bank, President Jacob 
LeFevre called the attention of the board officially to the 
death of the late cashier, Jacob Deyo. and asked that the 


board take action upon the same. Therefore a con - 
consisting of John Schmid, C. If. Harcourt, and L 
Woolsey were appointed to draft resolutions ex: 
the sense of the board in regard to the late cashier, J . 
Deyo. The committee on resolutions offered the f 11 
preamble and resolution which were unanimously ado] I 
"Whereas, it has pleased our Heavenly Father to 
move from our midst Mr. Jacob Deyo, former cashk - •' 
this bank, who has served it for a number of years i 
strict fidelity, honesty, and integrity, and who was on 
the most respected citizens in this community, the*-' 
be it 

''Resolved, that we deeply deplore his early demise 
that we feel it our duty and privilege to pay tribute tc 
deceased by recalling his sterling virtues as an officer oi 
bank and as a citizen, that he has been ever faithr. 
the discharge of his duties, that he guarded the interc 
this bank with strict fidelity, and that he made hi:, 
beloved and esteemed by all who came in contact w;:h 
him. Be it further 

"Resolved, that these, resolutions be spread upon the 
minutes of the recording book of this bank, and that tl 
be published in the village papers, and teat a copy o: I 
same be forwarded to the bereaved family. 

"John Schmid, ) Commi' 

"Lewis H. Woolsey, > on 

"Chas. M. Harcourt, ) Rescl. 

"in memoriam. 

"At the monthly meeting of the consistory of the Re- 
formed Church of New Paltz, held July S, 1904, th 
following testimonial was adopted : 

" 'Be still, and know that I am God.' 

" ' Father, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.' 

"Whereas, God, in whose hands are our times and all 
human events, has in His infinite wisdom removed fro- 
by death Mr. Jacob Deyo, our friend and brother 1 
fellow-helper in the Kingdom of His Son ; and 

"Whereas, we shall greatly miss our brother, who 
but recently ordained in our church to the office of deacon, 
it be and hereby is resolved: 

"1. That while we rejoice in our brother's eternal { 
we yet mourn his removal from our ranks an I 

"2. That we place on record our appreciation oi 
consecrated Christian life, his fidelity \n attendant 
the church services, his willing and faithful helpful 
the choir, and his uniform and sustained interest in the 
welfare of our church. 


"3. That we convey to his bereaved wife and all to whom 
he was nearly related the unfeigned assurance of our con- 
dolence, commending each one to the God of all grace and 

comfort . 

"4. That this tribute of our affection and respect be 
sent to the bereaved household, a copy of the same be 
spread upon our Consistorial records, and its insertion 
be requested in our local papers and in The Christian 

"Bv the Consistory, 

"E. C. Oggel, 

Alvah Deyo Hasbrouck was elected to mem- 
bership in the Holland Society on March 26, 1891, 
and died at the Delaware Hospital, Wilmington, 
Delaware, July 5, 1904. He was of Huguenot an- 
cestry and a direct descendant of Abraham Has- 
brouck, one of the twelve original patentees to 
whom Governor Andros of New York granted 
nearly one hundred thousand acres of land in 
Ulster County in September, 1677. ^ e was bom 
on this original grant February 13, 1869. He was 
a member of the Class of 1888 in Cornell Univer- 
sity, graduating in civil engineering when only 
nineteen years of age. He then spent two years 
in railroad construction in New York and Massa- 
chusetts and three years on irrigation work in 
Colorado, a year on city work in South Dakota, 
and still another year on river and harbor work 
around New York City, and inspecting iron and 
steel at the mills in Pennsylvania. In February, 
1893, be entered the service of the Johnson Com- 
pany, later the Lorain Steel Company, remaining 
with the same corporation until July, 1900, work- 
ing as a draftsman on track work, doing consider- 
able outside engineering work in the location and 
construction of tracks and buildings, surveys of 
coal lands and mining, etc. In December, 18 5 
he became manager of the iron foundry, where he 
had charge of making the material for the Brown 
underground system, as well as the surface track 
manufactured by the Company, planning and 


supervising also two large additions to the four 
buildings. July 27, 1900, he went to Huntsville, 
Alabama, as general manager of the Huntsville 
Railway, Light & Power Company, remaining 
until that Company changed hands, after which, 
on May 8, 1902, he went to Wilmington, Delaw 
as manager of the engineering and real estate de- 
partment of the E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.. 
which later became merged in the powder trust 
the E. I. du Pont Company; this position he re- 
tained until his death, highly regarded for his 
ability and trustworthiness. He was a regular 
attendant at the First Presbyterian Church, where 
the funeral services were held on the Wednesday 
after his death, the interment taking place at 
Poughkeepsie. Mr. Hasbrouck never married, his 
nearest relatives being his father, Abram E. Has- 
brouck, and his three brothers, Webster D. Has- 
brouck, of Poughkeepsie; Warren G. Hasbrouck, 
of Highland; and John J. Hasbrouck, of Nampa, 

Dr. Ferdinand Hasbrouck, of 62 West 38th 
Street, New York City, was elected to membership 
in the Holland Society March 20, 1886, and died 
at his home on Sunday, August 7, 1904. He had 
been a practicing dentist in New York for thirty 
years, his death being due to stomach trouble. 
He was a widower, and was survived by two chil- 
dren, Dr. James Foster Hasbrouck, of New York 
City, and Mrs. Emelia Foster, of Columbus, Ohio. 
The funeral was at Monticello, New York, on 
Wednesday, August io, 1904. 

■ Rev. Sylvester Daley Boorom was elected to 
membership in the Holland Society on October 24. 
1885, the first year of its existence, and died Sep- 
tember 20, 1904, at his late home in Hoiy. 
New York. He then held the rank of Captain, 
being a retired Chaplain of the United Si 
Navy, and was referred to as typifying the i 


officer of this important branch of the service. 
With powerful intellect and broad mind his char- 
acter was admirable and wielded powerful influ- 
ence ashore and in the navy. He was born in 
Bradford, New York, in 1841, entering the Epis- 
copal Ministry early in his career and ministering 
with great success in Geneva and Olean. While 
conducting his church in the latter place he re- 
ceived from President Grant a commission as 
Chaplain in the Navy, June 9, 1875. His honor- 
able record of twenty-eight years of continued 
Service brought him to the age limit, when he was 
retired. Part of his term was served on the 
famous old Constitution, also on the Jamestown, 
the Minnesota, the San Francisco and the Colum- 
bia. He was exceedingly popular with both 
officers and men, priding himself on being one of 
them, spinning his yarns and reeling off his sea tales 
with the best of the old salts. Having obtained 
the confidence of the men in these homely rela- 
tions, it was most natural, when the serious things 
of life were in question, that he should be regarded 
and heard with greatest respect. Conscientiousness 
was a marked characteristic of his career, but, 
though sincere in his belief, he never antagonized 
those of other creeds, believing first in sincerity 
rather than in the details or methods of belief. 
His wife having died fourteen years ago, his daugh- 
ter, Mary Lena Boorom, is the sole survivor of his 
family. The patriotism of his family was shown 
by the loss of one brother in the Mexican War, an- 
other in the War of the Rebellion, and a third 
while serving in the navy as a warrant officer, the 
victim of a fatal accident. The funeral services 
were held at St. Matthew's Church and the inter- 
ment was in Maple Grove Cemetery. 

John Van Schaick Lansing Pruyx was elected 
to membership in the Holland Society Decern ber 
23, 1885, and died September 22, 1904, in the 
Presbyterian Hospital. He was a son oi the late 


Chancellor, John V. L. Pruyn, of Albany 
Harriet C. Turner, and was born in Alb 
March 14, 1859. He entered Union College 
uating in the Class of 1881, and subsequently 1 
admitted to the bar after a term in the Alb 
Law School, soon afterwards opening his offio 
connection with the firm of Parker & Country:. 
of Albany. In 1887 and 1888 he was Alder: 
at large and was also a member of Governor 1 1 
staff. For many years he was trustee of St. Ste- 
phens College, Barry town. In 1895 he ma- 
Cornelia Van Rensselaer Erving of New York, \ 
survived him, together with two sons. He mo\ 
to New York City in 1898, and maintained a sum- 
mer residence on the New Jersey coast. He was 
Vice-President of the Netherlands Chamber 
Commerce, a member of the St. Nicholas Soe : 
the New York Genealogical and Biograph 
Society, the New York Historical Society. 
Society of Colonial Wars, Sons of the Revolution, 
the Union, Metropolitan and University Club 
New York City and the Fort Orange Club 
Albany. He was much interested in all matl 
pertaining to genealogy and family history. 

Augustus Hasbrouck Bruyn, one of the oldest 
and most respected members of the Holland 
Society, was elected October 25, 1886, and died at 
his home, in Kingston, Ulster County, N. Y., Octo- 
ber 24, 1904. His last illness was brief and until a 
few days before his death he had always enjoyed 
vigorous and robust health. He was bor. 
Kingston, August 21, 1817, and thus, at the I 
of his decease, was in his eighty-eighth year. He 
graduated from Rutgers College, New Brunsv 
N. J., in the famous Class of 1836, which had on 
its roster many men who afterwards became pn 
nent in public life. Before entering college b 
tended the Kingston Academy, where was laid the 
foundation of his liberal education. "Major 
Bruyn, as he was familiarly known from his 


nection with the early militia of the old village of 
Kingston, was a son of Severyn Brnyn and a 
grandson of Col. Jacobus S. Bruyn, who served with 
distinction in Canada and about Fort Montgomery 
in 1 775» an d whose ancestors came from Norway 
in the middle of the seventeenth century. He 
spent nearly all of his long life in the one spacious 
and beautiful home where his death occurnd. 
Many years ago' he conducted a tanning business 
at Kingston, after which he retired from active 
business. For a long series of years he was vice- 
president of the National Ulster County Bank and 
of the Ulster County Savings Institution of Kings- 
ton, and devoted considerable time and attention 
to these financial institutions. In the years 1895 
to 1898 he was vice-president of the Holland 
Society for Ulster County. He was greatly inter- 
ested in the Society, and, although prevented by 
age from active participation in its meetings, he 
paid close attention to every matter affecting 
its welfare and prosperity. " Major" Bruyn was, 
like his ancestors before him, warmly attached to 
the Dutch Church and was a member of the First 
Preformed Dutch Church of Kingston. He never 
failed to be in his place as long as health permitted, 
and his clear round voice could be distinctly heard 
in the congregational singing. He was ever ready 
to assist in every good work, both in the church 
and in the community, and his benefactions for 
years were large and generous. Although never 
permitting himself to hold any public office he was 
keenly interested in all public matters and made 
his influence felt for good. A man of commanding 
presence, a thorough gentleman of the old school 
and one of the very few men of that remarkable 
and delightful class of people, even in the old and 
historic city of Kingston, that still survive, it was 
a pleasure to meet him and to greet him. Con illy. 
affable, polite, displaying a rare courtesy that 
never failed to charm, he dispensed from his spa- 
cious home a hospitality that was generous and 

2 8o 

hearty. He was a familiar figure in Kingston and 
will be much missed. His death removes from 
that city another historic and notable landmark, 
and takes from the roll of the Holland Society one 
of its most earnest and devoted members. 

Teunis Whitbeck Van Hoesen was born July 
8, 1832, in Athens, N. Y. He was one of seven 
children, a direct descendant of Jan Franse Van 
Hoesen, who settled in Albany, N. Y. t in 1645 
He was elected a member of the Holland Society 
December 12, 1901, and died very suddenly No- 
vember 18, 1904. His early manhood was spent 
in teaching, and in 1875 he removed to Philadel- 
phia to establish and take charge of the bus: 
of John Maxwell. 

His business acquaintance was very extensive, 
and few men enjoyed such a reputation for honor, 
integrity, and uprightness. At no time was 
confidence in him misplaced and his views were 
accepted by many persons holding responsible 
positions of trust. He was slow to pass judgment, 
charitable to all, but ever firm and strong in the 
right. For the past five years he had been presi- 
dent of the board of trustees of the Fourth Pres- 
byterian Church, and one of the greatest pleasures 
of his life was the transfer to the congregation of 
a completed house of worship, to the building of 
which he had devoted a great amount of time, 
thought, and substance. This building stands to- 
day as a fitting monument for him. In the me- 
morial services held on Sunday, November 27, his 
pastor made his life the subject of his sermon, and 
pointed out that "such a life as his could be well 
taken as a pattern for those he left behind." He 
was also a member of the West Philadelphia Re- 
publican Club. 

Domestic in all his traits, his thoughts and : : 
notwithstanding outside demands, were largely 
given to his family. Funeral services were held 
at his residence, 4716 Chester Avenue. West 


Philadelphia, and the interment was in Wood- 
land Cemetery. He was survived by his widow, 
six children, -and seven grandchildren. 

Edgar Knickerbocker died at his home in 
New York early Sunday morning, November 20, 
1904,. of heart failure. 

He was born in Riga, Monroe County, N. Y., 
January 29, 1827, being the second son of Valen- 
tine and Hannah Wardwell Knickerbacker. His 
boyhood was spent in Riga, Churchville and Cary- 
ville. At the age of nineteen he entered the 
French College of St. Denis, where he ranked high 
both as a student and as an athlete. Here he 
acquired a mastery of the French language which 
enabled him to speak it fluently and to read with 
enjoyment the masterpieces of French literature. 

After leaving college he went to the city of 
Rochester, N. Y., where he spent several years in 
teaching and in the practice of law, being made 
also a member of the Board of Education. For 
two years he conducted Teachers' Institutes in 
various parts of the State. About 1869 he went 
to New York, where he practised law for some 
time. He afterward taught in the public schools 
until two years before his death. He was a true 
educator, and many men now prominent in busi- 
ness and political life came to him again and 
again to thank him for teaching them how to 
think and inspiring them with a purpose to be 
men of worth and value. 

He took an active interest in affairs of state. 
He scorned the petty and the base in politics and 
disdained office for himself, but succeeded several 
times in having men whose sincerity and ability he 
respected nominated to office. 

He was fond of horses, riding them to show their 
paces befoi-e he was ten years old. lie knew the 
pedigree of all the best horses in the state and 
bred some good stock, both horses and cattle. He 
contributed occasionally to Wallace s Monthly. 


He was a man of learning in literature, sew n 
and art. When about twenty years of 
began the formation of a library which at the ■ • 
of his death numbered over four thousand vohu 
many of them rare and valuable : Petrus Sci 
knocking elbows with a Chaucer of 1598, 
crowded by other sixteenth and seventeenth 
tury worthies, both Dutch and English. He 
■also an interesting collection of text-books, cov< :- 
ing a period of over eighty years. 

A book-lover, in his later years he spent more 
and more time in his quiet home, with thes* never- 
failing friends, though with his keen intellect he- 
still delighted to thrust and parry with kin 
minds. For several years he had been collecting 
data concerning the history of Rochester and its 
vicinity, but had not begun their formal arrai 

He was elected a member of the Holland Society 
May 19, 1887, and he was also a member of the 
Society of the Genesee, of New York. 

He is survived by two daughters, Mrs. James 
E. Angell, of Waverly, N. Y., and Miss Jessie I. 
Knickerbocker, of New York. 

Charles HagEx\ian Voorhees, a member of the 
Holland Society since May 19, 1887, died at his 
home, 68 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, N. Y., on 
December 11, 1904. He was born near Rocky 
Hill, Somerset County, N. J.; his father, Stephen 
Voorhees and his mother Caroline Williamson, 
being descendants of old Dutch families of New 
Jersey and Long Island. 

In his early life, Mr. Voorhees was a hay 
grain merchant in Rocky Hill and afterwards until 
his death a hay broker in New York. In Rocky 
Hill he was actively interested in all public im- 
provements, being one of the organi. the 
borough government and its first president. As 
superintendent of the public schools of the town- 
ship and also president of the Board of Education 


he was very active in improving the courses of 
study and in providing uniform examinations for 
certificates of scholarship throughout the township. 
When an association was formed to preserve the 
house occupied by George Washington in Rocky 
Hill while Congress v/as in session at Nassau Hail 
in Princeton, Mr. Voorhees was one of the organ- 
izers and always an enthusiastic worker in restor- 
ing the house and in adding to its furnishings. He 
w r as an active member of the Dutch Reformed 
Church in Rocky Hill and of the Dutch Reformed 
Church-on-the-Heights, Brooklyn; being chorister 
of the former and leader of the choral society of 
the latter. 

Leander Mortimer De La Mater was elected 
to membership in the Holland Society June n, 
1903, and died December 12, 1904, at his home, 
531 Cherry Street, Elizabeth, N. J. He had for 
some time suffered with heart trouble and this 
finally caused his death. He had reached the 
allotted period of threescore years and ten, and 
his life had been one of achievement and successful 
effort, which benefited others as well as himself. 
He had lived in Flushing from 1875 until Febru- 
ary, 1904, when he found it expedient to remove 
with his family to Elizabeth, following the es- 
tablishment in that neighborhood of the John 
Stephenson Car Works, of which he was for many 
years treasurer. Mr. De La Mater's career in 
Flushing was prominently identified with the 
Methodist Episcopal Church, where he was a mem- 
ber of the choir, superintendent of the Sunday- 
school, class leader and exhorter and member of 
the official board. A farewell reception was ten- 
dered to him upon his departure from that place, 
which was very largely attended and was brought 
to a climax by the presentation of a silver loving 
cup from the members of the church and Sunday- 
school. In Elizabeth he continued his interest in 
church work and became a member and a trustee 


of St. James Methodist Episcopal Church. He 
married first, the daughter of John Stephenson, 
and second, Miss Duryea of Glen Cove. Mrs! 
Austin Hicks, of Great Neck, X. Y., was the child 
of the first marriage, and two sons, Ross 
Merton, were children of the second marri 
Mr. De La Mater was a member of the Fremont 
and Dayton Veteran Association of New 
having cast his first vote for the "Path Finder' : 
and his next for Lincoln, identifying himself 
sistently with the candidates of that party, 
the call to arms, he left his position in New V 
and enlisted in one of the regiments which went 
forth to defend the Union, and obtained the 7 
tion of first sergeant, being subsequently promot 
to be adjutant and returning from the war with the 
rank of lieutenant-colonel. While residing in 
Brooklyn he became a member of the Institute of 
Arts and Sciences, achieving some success as a 
microscopist and making a large collection of 
geological specimens. Being a lover of music, he 
became also a member of the New York Choral 
Society, and, at the time of the Peace Jubilee in 
Boston, in 1872, he was one of the Committee of 
Arrangements. He was a prohibitionist by con- 
viction and practice, having pledged himself in 
youth against the use of liquor or tobacco. He 
had been secretary and treasurer of the Rose Hill 
Methodist Episcopal Church, a licensed local 
preacher, a member of the Twenty-Seventh Street 
Church, New York, and president of its board of 
trustees. At the funeral services, during which 
the John Stephenson Car Works were closed as a 
mark of respect, the officers and employ 
tended with many others from Elizabeth and else- 
where. A former pastor was present and felt 
called upon to make an address, in winch he spoke 
of the great loss which had bees suffered I 
community in the death of Mr. IX- La Mater, and 
how valuable to his fellow-citizens, young and 
had been the career of the deceased, lie u stifled 

28 5 

to the mental and personal characteristics of Mr. 
De La Mater, of his large-heartedness and kindly 
thoughtfulness, together with his buoyant and 
cheerful disposition, and characterized him as 
conscientious in the discharge of every known 
duty, courageous and faithful in adversity. The 
interment was at Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn. 

Dr. Cornelius ■ j. Dumoxd was elected to mem- 
bership in the Holland Society March 30, 1887, 
and died at his home in West 42d Street, New 
York City, on Saturday, January 21, 1905. He 
w r as sixty-eight years of age, of which he had spent 
forty-two years in the active practice of his pro- 
fession in New York City, making friends of his 
patients and leaving a gap not easy to fill. 

John Abraham Lott, Jr., was elected Decem- 
ber 29, 1892, and died at his residence 2103 Albe- 
marle Road, Flat bush, February 2, 1905. His 
death was sudden and was probably from apoplexy 
or heart disease. He was a prominent member of 
the Brooklyn bar, being a son of the late Surro- 
gate Abraham Lott; his grandfather, John A. 
Lott, was Chief Justice of the New York Court of 
Appeals. He is survived by his mother and his 
sister, as well as by his widow and two sons. He 
was born in Flatbush about forty-eight years ago 
and lived a quiet life in that locality and in Brook- 
lyn, preferring not to enter into the bustle of 
public affairs. Fie married Laura Welta, niece of 
Rev. C. L. Wells, Pastor of the Flatbush Dutch 
Reformed Church, which he attended. The fu- 
neral services were conducted by his cousin Rev. 
Jeremiah Lott Zabriskie, the interment being in 
Greenwood Cemetery. His family figured largely 
in the founding of Flatbush. 

Rem sen Varick Messler died at his residence 
on Morewood Avenue, Shadyside, Pittsburg, Penn- 
sylvania, February 2, 1905, of typhoid pneumonia, 
after an illness of two weeks. 


He was made a member of the Holland Society- 
March 28, 1889. 

He was born at Poughkeepsie, X. Y., March 8 f 
1854, and was the eldest son of the late Thomas 
Doremus Messier, former vice-president of the 
Pennsylvania Lines West of Pittsburg, and Maria 
Remsen Varick. He removed to Pittsburg with 
his parents in his youth, and, with the exception 
of the time he spent at college, was a resident 
that city. After completing the course at Phillips 
Academy, Andover, Mass., in 1874, he entered 
Yale University, from which he graduated in 1880. 
After passing the preliminary examination for the 
bar at Pittsburg, Penn., he became a student at 
Yale Law School, in 1882 returning to Pittsburg, 
v/here he w r as admitted to the Allegheny County ' 
bar, and later to the State Supreme Court. Mr. 
Messier practised law until 1893, when, owing to 
the death of his father, he retired from active prac- 
tice and engaged in looking after his father's es- 
tate and in literary pursuits, also in travelling 
abroad and in this country with his wife. 

He w r as a man of unusual culture, knowledge, 
and refinement, of a quiet and retiring disposition, 
and possessed many devoted friends. He took 
considerable interest in the social life of the city 
in which he resided, and was a member of the 
Pittsburg Club and the Pittsburg Golf Club. He 
was also a trustee of the latter, and since 1902 had 
been its president. He is survived by his wife, 
his mother, and his brother. 

Jacob Le fever was elected to membership in 
the Holland Society October 22, 1S90, and died 
February 4, 1905, at his home in Xew Paltz, X. Y. 
He had served in the Assembly and had 
elected to Congress from Ulster C ntnty. In -.^ vx 
he was a delegate to the Convention at Chicago 
that nominateel Gen. Harrison fur the presidency. 
The Wallkill Valley Railroad numbered 
among its promoters, atid there were many other 


local enterprises in which his name was prominent. 
He was president of the Huguenot National Bank 
of. New Paltz, vice-president of the New Paltz 
Savings Bank, and trustee of the New Paltz 
Normal School. He is survived by his widow, 
Amelia, his daughter Catharine Lefever Poucher, 
and three sons, George W., Frank J., and Albert 
A. Lefever. During his membership in the Hol- 
land Society he was vice-president for Ulster 
County from 1901 to 1903. 

John G. Bogert became a member of the Hol- 
land Society December 7, 1888, and died at his 
home, 28 Bank Street, New York City, February 
14, 1905, after a severe and painful illness, in the 
seventy -seventh year of his age. 

He was born at Teaneck, N. J., April 9, 1828, 
and received such an education as the district 
"schools of the place afforded. At the age of 
seventeen he accepted a position with the Dunham 
building firm in New York City in the year 1845, 
where he continued until after Mr. Dunham's de- 

In the year 1857 he formed a co-partnership, 
with his brother — the late Albert G. Bogert, who 
was also a member of this Society — the firm being 
A. G. Bogert & Bro,, and located at 103 and 105 
Bank Street, this city, where they carried on the 
building business up to within about three years 
of his death. 

They w T ere among the prominent builders in this 
city for over forty years, erecting many of the 
then best buildings: the first stone and iron con- 
struction building in the city at Prince Street and 
Broadway, the A. T. Stewart store, Broadway and 
Ninth Street, his mansion Fifth Avenue and 34th 
Street, the Consolidated Exchange, Academy of 
Music, Standard Oil Building, and for thirty 
years built the reviewing stands for the general 

Mr. Bogert served a full term in the State Militia 


as a member of the Old Continental Guards, 
was a prominent Mason, holding the office or P 
Master of New York Lodge, No. 197, for v 
terms, was a member of the Mechanics' \ 
Traders' Society, and of the Builders' Exch^: 
He was an ardent member and elder of the Y> 
Avenue Presbyterian Church up to the time o: 
death. A widow and one daughter survive him. 

William Re a Brqnk was elected to member- 
ship in the Holland Society, December 9, 1897, 
died at Roosevelt Hospital on Thursday, M 
30, 1905. He was a descendant of Jonas Br 
the original settler, from whom the Bronx River 
took its name, and always took great inter I 
matters which pertained to that early period. il< 
was a member of the bar of New York City, wl 
he practised law for many years, having an of 
at 30 Broad Street, his residence being at 126 
West 45th Street. His wife died before him, and 
the surviving members of his family are two 
brothers, Rufus W. and James E. Bronk, residing 
in New Baltimore, New York. Funeral sen 
were held at St. Stephen's Church, and the inter- 
ment was at Newburgh. 


Adopted April 30, 18S5. 
As Amended April 6, 1903. 

Article I. 


Section i. This organization shall be called 


Article II. 


The object of the Society shall be : 

First. To collect and preserve information re- 
specting the early history and settlement of the 
City and State of New York by the Dutch, and to 
discover, collect, and preserve all still existing docu- 
ments, etc., relating to their genealogy and history. 

Second. To perpetuate the memory and foster 
and promote the principles and virtues of the Dutch 
ancestors of its members, and to promote social 
intercourse among the latter. 

Third. To gather by degrees a library for the 
use of the Society, composed of all obtainable 
books, monographs, pamphlets, manuscripts etc. 
relating- to the Dutch in America. 



Fourth. To cause statedly to be prepared and 
read before the Society, papers, essays, etc., on 
questions in the history or genealogy of the Dutch 
in America. 

Fifth. To cause to be prepared and published 
when the requisite materials have been discov 
and procured, collections for a memorial history of 
the Dutch in America, wherein shall be particularly 
set forth the part belonging to that element in the 
growth and development of American character, 
institutions, and progress. 

Article III. 



Section i. No one shall be eligible as a mem- 
ber unless he be of full age, of respectable standing 
in society, of good moral character, and the descend- 
ant in the direct male line of a Dutchman who v., 
native or resident of New York or of the American 
colonies prior to the year 1675. This shall include 
those of other former nationalities who found in 
Holland a refuge or a home, and whose descend- 
ants in the male line came to this country as Dutch 
settlers, speaking Dutch as their native tongue. 
This shall also include descendants in the male line 
of Dutch settlers who were born within the limits 
of Dutch settlements, and the descendants in the 
male line of persons who possessed the rights of 
Dutch citizenship within Dutch settlements in 
America, prior to the year 1675 ; also of any 
descendant in the direct male line of a Dutchman. 
one of whose descendants became a member of this 
Society prior to June 16, 18S6. 

Article IV. 


Section i. A President, a Vice-President for 
each original Dutch Center or Settlement in Amer- 
ica, a- Secretary and a Treasurer, shall be chosen at 
each annual meeting, and shall hold office for one 
year, and until their successors are elected. There 
shall also be chosen from its members, twenty 
Trustees. Those elected at the first election shall 
divide themselves into four classes of five each ; one 
class to hold office one year, the second class for 
two years, the third class for three years, and the 
fourth class for four years, next thereafter. At 
each annual meeting thereafter there shall be chosen 
five Trustees to fill the place of the class whose 
term will then expire. The offices of Secretary and 
Treasurer may be filled by one person. 

In the event of the election of a member who is 
not a Trustee to be President, Secretary, or Treas- 
urer, he shall become ex-officio a member of the 
Board of Trustees, and so continue during his term 
of office. 

Section 2. All elections shall be by ballot, un- 
der the direction of inspectors, to be appointed by 
the President, and a plurality of votes shall elect. 

Article V. 

Poivcrs and Duties of Officers. 

Section i. The President of the Society, and 
in his absence the Vice-President for New York 
City, shall authorize the call for all meetings of the 


Trustees, and of the Society, and appoint the pt 
of each meeting-, and shall exercise the usual fa 
tions of a presiding officer. 

Section 2. The Secretary of the Society shrill 
notify each Trustee of all meetings of the Trust 
and each member of the Society of every meeting 
of the Society ; issue all other authorized notices to 
members ; make and keep a true record of all meet- 
ings of the Trustees and Society, and of all Stand- 
ing Committees; have custody of its Constitution, 
By-Laws, and Corporate Seal, and conduct its cor- 
respondence ; he shall also act as Librarian and 
Curator, and have the keeping of all books, pam- 
phlets, manuscripts, and personal articles pertaining 
to the Society. 

Section 3. The Treasurer shall collect, and 
under the direction of the Trustees disburse, the 
funds of the Society, and shall keep regular accounts 
thereof, which shall be subject to the examination 
of the President and Trustees. He shall submit a 
statement thereof to the Trustees at each regular 

Section 4. The Trustees shall have general 
charge of the affairs, funds, and property of the 
Society. It shall be their duty to carry out the ol>- 
jects and purposes thereof; and to this end may 
exercise all the powers of the Society, subject to 
the Constitution, and to such action as the Society 
may take at its special or stated meeiiu. 

Section 5. The Trustees shall have pawei 
fill any vacancy which may occur from death or 


resignation among the officers of the Society, for 
the unexpired term of office vacated. 

Section 6. The Trustees shall cause to be pre- 
pared annually a detailed statement of the financial 
condition of the Society, showing its receipts and 
expenditures for the current year, the number of 
members, and other matters of general interest to 
the Society, and a statement thereof shall be printed 
and a copy sent to each member ten days previous 
to the annual meeting. 

Section 7. The Trustees shall, from time to 
time, make by-laws, rules, and regulations, and ap- 
point standing committees and sub-committees on 
matters not herein determined. 

Article VI. 

Section i. Candidates for admission must be 
proposed by one member and seconded by another, 
and the member proposing a candidate shall state 
in writing the name of the person proposed, his 
occupation, place of residence, and his qualifications 
for membership. 

Section 2. The name of every candidate, with 
those of his proposers, shall be sent to the Secre- 
tary at least fifteen days, and by him sent to each 
Trustee at least ten days, before he is balloted for. 
Members shall be chosen by the Trustees, and no 
candidate for membership shall be elected unless 
he receive an affirmative vote of four-fifths of the 
Trustees present, and in every instance two black- 
balls shall exclude. 

Section 3. Any Trustee may, at the same 


meeting, move the reconsideration of a vote, either 
of admission or exclusion ; but after an adjourn- 
ment no rejected candidate shall be eligible for 
months thereafter. 

Section 4. The admission fee shall be five dol- 
lars. The annual subscription fee dollars, pay- 
able in advance on the first day of February in 
each year. The Trustees shall have power to in- 
crease each of said amounts from time to time, 
not to a sum greater than one hundred dollars for 
the admission fee, and ten dollars for the annual 

Section 5. Every person elected to mem] 
ship, as a condition thereof, shall, within thirty 1 
after being notified, pay to the Treasurer 
amount of the admission fee and sign the Con-: 
tion ; the Trustees may extend the time for the lat- 
ter in special cases. 

Section 6. Should any member neglect to pay 
his annual subscription within six months of the 
time when it is due, his name shall be dro^ 
from the roll of the Society, unless for any good 
and sufficient excuse the Trustees shall vote to re- 
mit or suspend such penalty. 

Section 7. The Trustees shall have power, by 
a vote of a majority of its members, to suspend or 
forfeit the membership of any member of the So- 
ciety for conduct on his part likely, in the opinion 
of the Trustees, to endanger the welfare, interest, or 
character of the Society, an opportunity being 
given such member to be heard before the '1 
tees in his defence. 

Section 8. Any person who shall cease to 1 
member of the Society shall forfeit all right or in- 
terest in the property of the Society, 

Article VII. 


Section i. The annual meeting of the Society 
shall be held on April 6th, the anniversary of the 
day when, in a.d. 1566, the Dutch combined 
against tyranny,- and adopted the badge which is 
now the badge of this Society. Should such date 
fall on Saturday or Sunday, the annual meeting 
shall be held on the Monday following. 

Section 2. No special meeting of the Society 
shall be called at any time except by order of the 
President, with the approval of three Trustees, or 
by the Secretary whenever the President shall be 
thereunto requested in writing by twelve members, 
setting forth the purpose of such meeting. At any 
such special meeting no business other than that 
specified in the call shall be considered, except by 
unanimous consent. At least ten days' notice shall 
be given to the members, of all meetings of the 

Section 5. The Trustees shall hold four regu- 
lar meetings each year at such times as may be 
provided in the By-Laws. 

Article VIII. 

Section i, All notices shall be sent to such 
address as shall be left with the Secretary. If no 
address be so given, such notices shall be sufficient 
if addressed to the member at his last known place 
of residence. 

Article IX. 

Amendments to the Constitution, 

Section i. To amend the Constitution, an 
affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members [ 
ent at a general or special meeting shall be requi- 
site, but no amendment shall be made except upon 
the recommendation of the Board of Trustees, or 
upon the written request of at least fifteen mem- 
bers of the Society, and after the mailing to each 
member notice of any proposed amendment at least 
ten days before the meeting at which it is intended 
to be acted upon. 

»^aws of tbc IboIIanb Society. 

As Amended April 6, 1S94. 

1. Order oe Business. 

At all meetings of the Society, the order of busi- 
ness shall be as follows : 

1. Reading the minutes of the previous meet- 


2. Reports of officers. 

3. Election of officers. 

4. Reports of committees. 

5. Miscellaneous business. 

6. Adjournment. 

2. Meetings of Trustees. 

The Trustees shall hold stated meetings on the 
second Thursday of each March, June, October, 
and December. 

Special meetings of the Trustees may be called 
by order of the President, or, in his absence, by the 
Vice-President for New York City. 

3. Proof of Descent. 

Before being voted upon for membership, each 
candidate shall furnish satisfactory proof of his pedi- 
gree to the Committee on Genealogy, who shall 
report thereon to the Board of Trustees. 


2 9 8 
4. Annual Meeting. 

The annual meeting of the Society shall be held 
on the day specified in the Constitution (at such 
place and hour as the President shall appoint), and 
at least ten days' notice of the same shall be 
to each member by the Secretary. ' The Tru I 
shall, at least sixty days before any annual m 
ing, elect a committee who shall nominate a ticket 
to be voted for at the annual election, and a list 
of the nominations shall be sent to each member of 
the Society at least ten days before the annual 
meeting. 1 - 

5. Committees and Appointment. 

All standing committees and sub-committees 
shall be appointed by. the President or other chair- 
man of the meeting, unless specially named in the 
resolution creating the committee, and the gentle- 
man first named shall be Chairman of each com- 
mittee. The standing committees shall be on 
Finance, on Genealogy, and on History and 

6. Committee on Finance. 

The Committee on Finance shall consist of 
three members, and shall, at least once in each 
year, and oftener if they choose, audit the acce 
and vouchers of the Treasurer of this Society- 
report upon the same at the annual meetin^ ^ : 

1 At the annual meeting of the Society held May 27, iS-r\ the I 
ing resolution was adopted : 

" Upon the appointment by the Tfust - 1 I ' . H 
the Secretary of the Society shall notify the Vice-Presidents Ol M 
of the appointment of the Committee, a:.d Request thai 1 
made from each locality of the member who is desired for accni— I 
Vice-President for such locality." 


the Society, and oftener to the Board of Trustees 
as they may see fit, or as the latter may order. 

7. Committee on Genealogy. 

It shall be the duty of the Committee on Gene- 
alogy to report to the Trustees upon the genealogy 
of candidates that may be submitted to them, and 
to collect and preserve, in accordance with the Con- 
stitution of this Society, information and documents 
relating to the genealogy of the members of this 
Society and of the Dutch settlers of New York and 
of the American colonies, and said committee may 
expend the funds of this Society for that purpose, 
but not to exceed a total amount of twenty-five 
dollars in any one quarter of a year, unless especially 
authorized by the Trustees. Said committee shall 
consist of three members. 

8. Committee on History and Tradition. 

It shall be the duty of the Committee on History 
and Tradition to collect and preserve, in accord- 
ance with the Constitution of this Society, informa- 
tion, documents, books, and monuments relating to 
the history and tradition of the ancestry of the 
members of this Society, and of the Dutch settlers 
of New York and of the American colonies, and to 
print and publish the same, and papers and essays 
relating to the same, copyrighting original publi- 
cations for the benefit of this Society ; and said 
committee may expend the funds of this Society 
for that purpose, but not to exceed a total amount 
of twenty-five dollars in any one quarter of a year, 
unless especially authorized by the Trustees. Said 
committee shall consist of three members. 

9- Special Appropriation op Funds. 

A. All initiation fees received for this Societv 
together with ten per cent, of the amounts annually 
received for dues of this Societv, shall be, and 
they hereby are, appropriated for a special fund, 
which, with such gifts and additions as may be m; 
thereto, is hereby set apart as the building fund, to 
be applied to the erection of a suitable, and if pos- 
sible a self-supporting building, as the future home 
of this Society ; but such fund, or parts ther 
may, from time to time, be otherwise appropriated 
by the Board of Trustees. 

B. Ten per cent, of the amount annually re- 
ceived for dues of this Society shall be, and they 
hereby are, appropriated to a special fund, which., 
with such gifts and additions as may be made 
thereto, is hereby set apart as a fund to be ap- 
plied to the publication, in accordance with the Con- 
stitution of this Society, of a memorial history of 
the Dutch in America, such history to be copy- 
righted for the benefit of this Society, and to be 
prepared and published under the direction of the 
Committee on History and Tradition; but such 
fund, or parts thereof, may, from time to time, be 
otherwise appropriated by the Board of Trustees. 

10. Centers Entitled to a Vice-President. 

Any county in which there may be ten residt-nt 
members of the Society shall be entitled to a V 
President in the Society. There nun- be also a 
Vice-President for the United States Army and 
one for the United States Navy. 

ii. Amendment. 

These By-Laws can be altered, amended, or 
abrogated only at a stated meeting of the Trustees, 
or at a meeting specially called for that purpose, 
and upon a notice of ten days to each Trustee 
by the Secretary, informing him of the proposed 
alteration, amendment, or abrogation, and then 
only upon the affirmative vote of a majority of 
members present. Provided, however, that each 
meeting may regulate and control its order of 

Badge of 
The Holland Society of New York, 

ADOPTED MARCH 30th, x8S 7 


The most significant medal, from an historical point of 
view, which was ever struck in Holland, is the so-called 
"Beggars' Medal." It is the memorial of the very first 
steps of that march towards civil and religious liberty in 
which the men of the Netherlands, after heroic struggles, 
finally led the world. And, therefore, it is a most appro- 
priate token for us to wear, who have received in lai 
measure, in this New Republic, the benefits of the noble 
conflict of our Dutch forefathers. 

In Bizot's Metallic History of the Republic of He'.' 
published at Amsterdam in 1690, the place of hone is 
given to this famous " Geuzenpenning." The following 



description of its origin is translated from that work, with 
a few additions from the accounts given by Prof. J. W. 
Kitchin, of Oxford. 

"In the year 1565, immediately after the decrees of the 
Council of Trent were promulgated, Philip II. determined to 
put them in force throughout his dominions. Accordingly, 
he now made a more vehement attack upon the reformers; 
and then it was, in 1566, that the Xetherland nobles, led 
by Count Brederode, signed the famous 'Compromise,' 
with which the open rebellion of the provinces begins. 
Margaret of Parma was Philip's regent in the Low Countries. 
Before her Brederode appeared with the Protest against the 
Inquisition and other innovations which the King proposed 
to introduce into Holland. He was accompanied by three 
hundred noblemen, w T ho had bound themselves together for 
the preservation of the "T,ir3erties of the Provinces. The 
Duchess of Parma appeared to be much disturbed at the 
sight of such a multitude of noble remonstrants, but the 
Count of Barlemont, who stood beside her, begged her not 
to be alarmed, 'For,' said he, in French, 'they are only 

"The next day, the 6th of April, 1566, as the confeder- 
ates were sitting together at dinner, and talking of a name 
for their new Party, they remembered Barlemont's sneer, 
and cried out, l Vivent les Gueux /' — 'Hurrah for the Beg- 
gars!' When dinner was over, Brederode, having hung a 
beggar's wallet around his neck, filled a wooden bowl with 
wine and drank the health of the company, declaring that, 
for his part, he was ready to sacrifice life, property, every- 
thing, in defence of his country's freedom. The room rang 
with applause, — 'Hurrah for the Beggars!' The cup was 
passed from hand to hand. Every man drank the same 
toast and made the same pledge of devotion. And thus it 
was that the name of the Gueux, or Beggars, which has 
become famous throughout Europe, had its origin at a 
social feast; for it often happens that the most important 
and serious affairs begin amid jests and laughter. 

"Soon afterward the men of the new Party appeared at 
Brussels, dressed in coarse gray cloth, with wooden cups at- 
tached to their belts, AND WITH THIS MEDAL HANGING ABOUT 


One of these medals was worn by William of 
the time of his assassination. 

The following is the description, translated by the 
Secretary of the Society, Mr. Geo. W. Van Siclen, ':': 
Loon's Ncderlandsche Penningen. 

"The nobles assembled several times in different p] 
to find methods to protect the liberties of their 
from the perils which menaced them from all sides. T 
who showed themselves most zealous and most a: 
upon these occasions were Henry of Brederode; Lou 
Nassau, brother of the Prince of Orange; Florent of 
lant, Count of Culemburg; and William, Count of Be 
They pushed the affair so far that meetings were held, first 
at Breda, and afterward at Hoogstraten. 

"At the latter place several discontented nobles pro- 
jected an alliance, which, going from hand to hand, was in 
a short time accepted and signed by more than four hun- 
dred persons, all of whom promised to be in Brussels on a 
certain day. To give greater eclat to this league, Hem 
Brederode, as chief of the confederates, found it cc: 
to make his entry into that city on the 3d of April, a.d. 
1566, accompanied by Count Louis of Nassau and many 
nobles, followed by a great number of servants. The fourth 
day of that month was employed in preparations and in 
awaiting the Counts of Bergen and of Culemburg. Al- 
though on the following day these lords had not yet ar r 
the confederates did not delay in demanding an audience. 
It was granted to them, and the Princess-Regent appointed 
the hour of noon to avoid the tumultuous concourse c I 

"The time named being near, Brederode and Count Louis 
were seen to leave the residence of Culemburg and to \ 
with a decent gravity toward the court, preceded by more 
than three hundred gentlemen, of whom they them? 
formed the last rank. When they arrived before the 
Duchess, Brederode spoke for all, and, having finished his 
harangue, he presented to Her Highness a petition si. 
in the name of all that illustrious troop. In this pet 
after having represented their obedience and the:- 
to the King, they declared that, notwithstanding the h. 
that their procedure would very likely draw upon tl 


they would risk, in the service of the King, showing to Her 
Highness the dangerous condition of affairs, and warning 
her, if the protection of the Inquisition were continued, of 
the terrible consequences which they foresaw would shake 
the State to its foundations. They demanded, secondly, 
that the edict of the King relating to the Inquisition, and 
relating to religion in general, be reformed by the Assembly 
of the States-General, and that, while awaiting this, the 
execution of this edict should be suspended, as a protection 
against the sad evils of which it was already, and of which 
it would be more and more, the fertile source. 

"The Regent, hiding as well as possible the uneasiness 
and indignation which this affair caused her, received the 
petition, and replied to the supplicants that she would ex- 
amine into their demands with the Lords of the Council, 
and that in a short time she would let them know her 
decision. With this response, the confederate lords re- 
turned to Culemburg's residence in the same order and 
with the same gravity with which they had left it. 

"After the Regent had deliberated on the petition of the 
nobles, that Princess replied the following day in writing 
that she would represent to the King their first demand in 
the most favorable manner possible, but that she was 
obliged to refuse absolutely the second, because the matter 
was not in her power. 

"While this affair was thus treated at the palace of the 
Princess, 'the populace insulted the confederate nobles by 
the opprobrious epithet of Gueux, which those who under- 
stood French badly changed into Geuzen, which afterward 
became very common as the name of a party or sect. 
Others say that the author of the sobriquet was the Baron 
of Barlemont, who, seeing the Regent surprised at the 
sight of so many nobles, tried to encourage her by saying, 
'Ce ne sont que dcs gueux.' However that may be, this 
name was received by the nobles as a precious epithet, and 
soon became the most honorable title of that illustrious 

"The 6th of April, Brederode, being at dinner with other 
lords of his party at Culemburg's, put around his ne 'k a 
wallet, and filling with wine a wooden cup, like that worn 
by the beggars, made all the guests follow his exaxi 


He declared to them at the same time that, while a!.. 
remaining faithful to his King, not only would he risk ev 
thing in defence of the liberties of the country, alt':, 
might be reduced to carrying a wallet, but he was c 
ready to give up his life in so good a cause. All those i 
were at the feast, having in turn taken the wallet an d I 
cup, made the same declaration one after'the other, in 
midst of a continual cry of ' Vivent les Gucux ! ' 

"Several of these nobles appeared the next day in the 
streets dres.-;ed in gray frieze, and carrying at the gix 
a badge of honor, a small wallet and a little wooden cup or 

"Then (a.d. 1566), as now (a.d. 1732), the wooden ': 
was in Brabant, like the wallet, a distinctive mark, and, so 
to speak, a livery of beggars. Furnished with this neces- 
sary utensil of their profession, they went certain da-, 
the week to the cloisters, where, after having tab 
in the catechising, they each received, according as be 
answered well or badly, a portion of soup left over by the 

"It was by this low and despised method that the Pro- 
fessor, Thomas 'Stapleton, was able to reach the hi/ 
degree of erudition, notwithstanding his poverty and low 
birth. Sure, thanks to his porringer, of victuals v. 
were absolutely necessary to him, he applied himself first 
to the languages, and afterwards to the higher sek- 
with such success that he was honored with the most ci! 
guished professorship in the University of Louvain. He 
never forgot his porringer. In the feasts which they 
when he was elevated to this important charge, not only 
did he then cause the first toast to be drunk in that cup, 
then ornamented with a foot of silver, but he desired that 
after his death it should be added to the rich ornaments of 
his marble tomb, as an example and as a beacon for other 
distinguished men of genius, the meanness of whose ex- 
traction might seem to condemn them to darkne^ 

"The reader must pardon me this digr 
would not have made but from the same motive v 
caused this great man to parade his \ \ ir*s bowl. 

"The gourd or bottle had its origin from the usage made 
of it by the pilgrims — that class of people who, to per 


a penance or to fulfil certain vows, undertake a journey to 
the distant shrine of some saint, like that of St. James in 
Spain or of Loretto in Italy. They are obliged to go there 
begging by the way, and they carry this bottle-gourd, or 
calabash, attached to the girdle, for the purpose of carry- 
ing water for their use when they have to traverse dry and 
arid parts of the country. For this reason these allied 
nobles made use both of the porringer and the wallet as an 
emblem of poverty, and to turn into pleasantry the name 
of beggars, which had been given to them with so much 
indignity. This is not all. These lords, wishing to engrave 
on each other's memory the vow which each had made to 
defend the privileges of the country, even to carry the 
wallet, took pride in wearing on the breast certain medals 
attached to ribbons, and very often joined w r ith a porringer 
and a gourd." 

The form adopted by the Holland Society is a fac- 
simile of the one to which are attached two such porringers 
and a gourd or bottle, and shows on its face the armed 
bust of Philip II. of Spain, with the first half of the 
motto, "en tout fidelles au roy," and on the reverse 
two wallets, between the straps of which are two hands 
joined, with the remainder of the motto, " JUSQUES a porter 
la besace," together with the date, 1566, the figures of 
which are, however, separated, one in each corner formed 
by the crossed hands and wallets. 

Plaster casts of originals of various sizes, in the Museum 
of Antiquities in Amsterdam, were kindly presented to the 
Society by Dr. T. H. Blom Coster, physician to the Queen 
of the Netherlands. 

The die, which has been cut by Tiffany & Co., is the 
property of the Society. The medals, including the cups, 
the flagon, the orange ribbon, and the pin, can be furnished 
in silver for six dollars ($6) each. They can also be sup- 
plied in gold for twenty-eight dollars ($28) each. Mem- 
bers can obtain orders from the Secretary and therewith 
be furnished with the Badge by addressing Tiffany ft Co. 


At the annual meeting of the society, April 6, 
1897, the society adopted a rosette or button, to be 
worn on occasions when the wearing of the other 
insignia might be deemed inappropriate. 

This consists of a shield of gold bearing the Lion 
of Holland in red enamel. Members can obtain 
them of the Bailey, Banks & Biddle Co., corner of 
Chestnut and 12th Streets, Philadelphia, Pa., in 
silver gilt at one dollar each, or in 14 k. gold at two 
dollars and seventy- five cents each. 


June 9, 1904 . .John Howard Abed New York. 

Mar. 9, 1905 . . Neilson Abeel Newark, N.J. 

Mar. 28, 1S89 . . Franklin Acker New York. 

Oct. 13, 1904. .George Groesbeck Ackerman, 

Hackensack, N. J. 

Mar. 12, 1S96 . .Edward Boyce Adriance New York. 

Dec. 22, 1887 . .Harris Ely Adriance 

June 11, 1896.. Henry Benson Adriance 

Oct. 27, 1887. .Isaac Reynolds Adriance, 

Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Oct. 27, 1887. .John Erskin Adriance, 

June 11, 1896. .Peter Adriance 

Dec. 22, 1887 . .William Allen Adriance 
'Mar. 28, 1889. .Benjamin Lander Amerman. . .New York. 
Mar. 28, 18S9. .Frederick Herbert Amerman, 

Montclair, N.J. 
June 14, 1894. James Lansing Amerman, Bloomfield, N. J. 
Dec. 7, 1888. .William Henry Houghton Amerman, 

Arverne-by-the-Sea, N. Y. 

Mar. 28, 18S9. .William Libbey Amerman New York. 

Mar. 29, 1888. .Richard Allard Anthony, 

New Brighton, N. Y. 
Nov. 7, 1901. .Frederick Probasco Auten, Trenton, N. J. 

Nov. 7, 1 901 . .Harry Fish Auten 

April 6, 1SS6. .Cornelius Vreeland Banta. .Rosclle, N. J. 

Dec. 13, 1900. .Edward Woodruff Banta New York. 

June 15, 18S6. .Theodore Melvin Banta. . .Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Dec. 10, 1896. .Walter Augustus Banta... 
Mar. 9, 1899. .Theodore Wells Barhydt, 

Burlington, low... 
Dec. 7, 188S. .Thomas Low Barhydt. .Schenectady, N. Y. 



Mar. 29, 1894. .Frederick Cruser Bayles. . .Houston, 

Mar. 29, 1894. .Robert Bayles Englewood, X.J. 

June 8, 1899. .Alfred Le Roy Becker Buffalo, X. Y. 

June 8, 1899. .Tracy Chatfield Becker 

June 9, 1904. .Alston Beckman Red Bank, X. j. 

April 30, 18S5. -Gerard Beekman New York. 

June 15, 1886. .Henry M. T. Beekman. ..-. 

Dec. 23, 1885 . James William Beekman 

Dec. 22, 1887. .Albert Van Voast Bensen. .Albany, X. Y. 
Oct. 29, 1 891. .Edward Jacob Bergen. . . .Brook". . 

Mar. 9, 1905 . . Ernest Graves Bergen Xew York. 

Jan. 30, 1890. .Francis Henry Bergen, 

Xew Brighton, X. Y. 
Mar. 29, 1888. .Herman Suydam Bergen, " 

Dec. 7, 1888. James J. Bergen Somerville, X. J. 

Mar. 26, 1891 . John W. H. Bergen Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Dec. 23, 1885 . .Tunis G. Bergen 

Dec. 29, 1892. .Tunis Henry Bergen 

Oct. 25, 1886. .Van Brunt Bergen 

Oct. 22, 1890. John F. Berry 

Mar. 28, 1889. .Richard J. Berry 

June 12, 1902. .Henry B. Bevier Modena, X. Y. 

Jan. 30, 1890. . Alonzo Blauvelt Xew Y 

Mar. 13, 1902 . .Elmer Blauvelt Oradeil, X J. 

Mar. 9, 1905. Jacob Merseles Blauvelt.. . .Sparkil!, X. Y. 
June 9, 1898 . .William Ilutton Blauvelt . .Syracuse, X. Y. 
Mar. 28, 1889. .Theophylact Bache Bleecker. ..Xew York. 

Mar. 28, 1889. .Francis Bloodgood Milwaukee, Wis. 

Oct. 24, 1889. .Hildreth Kennedy Bloodgood.. Xew York. 
Mar. 28, 1889. Joseph Francis Bloodgood, Flushing, X. Y. 

Mar. 10, 1904. .Cornelius Bloomingdale Xew York. 

Mar. 10, 1904. James Bloomingdale. . . .Williamspon. 
Mar. 29, 1888. John Brower Blydenburgh.. Hudson, X. Y. 
Oct. 11, 1900. Jacob Ten Broeck Bogardus, 

Jersey City, X. J . 

June 25, 18S5. John Bogart Cooperstown, X. Y. 

Mar. 12, 1896. .John Bion Bogart Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Oct. 27, 18S7 . Joseph liegeman Bogart . . . . I X. Y. 

Mar. 14, 1S95. .Peter Bogart, Jr Bogota, X. J. 

Nov. 7, 1901 . .Albert Reuben Bogert Oradeil, X. J. 

Mar. 27, 1889. .Andrew Demarest Bogert, Bnglewood, M.J. 


Mar. 12, 1903. .Charles Albert Bogert. . . Englewood, N.J. 

Oct. 11, 1900. .Charles Jacob Bogert Brooklyn, N\ Y. 

June 11, 1903. .Daniel Gilliam Bogert. . .Englewood, N. J. 
Dec. 10, 1S96. .Edward Langdon Bogert, 

New Brighton, N. Y. 

Oct. 27, 1 88 7 . .Edward Strong Bogert New York. 

June 9, 1904. .Frederick H. Bogert Ridgewood, X.J. 

Oct. 24, 18S9. -Henry Augustine Bogert. .Flushing, N. Y. 
Oct. 24, 1889. .Henry Lawrence Bogert. . 

Mar. 29, 1SS8. .Stephen Gilliam Bogert New York. 

June 11, 1903. .Walter Bogert Tenafly, N. J. 

Mar. 9, 1S99. .William Russell Bogert, 

New Brighton, N. Y. 

Sept. 29, 1892 . . Frank Manley Bonta Buffalo, N. Y. 

Mar. 8, 1900. .Rasselas Adelbert Bonta. .Syracuse, N. Y. 
June 15, 1886. .John Van Vorst Booraem, Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Dec. 23, 1 88 5. .Louis Vacher Booraem New York. 

Oct. 12, 1899. .Aaron John Bradt. . . .Schenectady, N. Y. 

Oct. 29, 1891 . .Samuel C. Bradt ..Albany, N. Y. 

Dec. 9, 1897. .Simon Vedder Bradt. .Schenectady, N. Y. 
Mar. 8, 1900. .William Harmon Bradt, 
Mar. 30, 1887. .James Renwick Brevoort. .Yonkers, N. Y. 
Dec. 7, 1888. .Alexander Gordon Brinckerhoff, 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Oct. 27, 1887. .Elbert Adrian Brinckerhoff, 

Englewood, N. J. 
Oct. 24, 1889. .Henry Waller Brinckerhoff, 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
June 10, 1897. .George Alyea Brinkerhoff, 

Hackensack, N. J." 
Mar. 30, 1893. .Henry H. Brinkerhoff. .. Jersey City, N. J. 
Mar. 31, 1S92. .Robert Bentley Brinkerhofi, 

Pelham Manor, N. Y. 

June 8, 1899. .Samuel Brinkerhoff Fremont, Ohio. 

Mar. 12, 1S96. .William Brinkerhoff Jersey City, N. J. 

Oct. 25, 1SS6. .Theophilus Anthony .New York. 
Oct. 25., 1886. .Abraham Thcw Hunter Brower, 

Chicago, III. 

Dec. 22, 18S7. .Abram Giles Brower Utica, X. Y. 

June 15, 1S86. .Bloomfield Brower New York. 

Oct. 25, 1 8 86. .Charles De Hart Brower 

I 2 

Mar. 26, 1891 . .David Brower Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Mar. 10, i8q8. John Brower New V 

Mar. 10, 1898. .Ward Brower New V 

Dec. 23, 1885. .William Leverich Brower 

Mar. 10, 1898. .William Wallace Brower 

June 11, 1896. James Hudson Brown, Jr 

June 13, 1895. -Paul Richard Brown '. . .Tulsa, I. T. 

Oct. 25, 1886. .Charles Burhans Kingston, X. Y. 

Mar. 30, 1893. .Arthur Burtis Boston. M 

Mar. 30, 1893. .Morse Burtis Englewood, H. j. 

April 30, 1885. .Alphonso Trumpbour Clearwater, 

Kingston, X. Y. 

Oct. 27, 18S7. Jacob Winne Clute. . .Schenectady, X. Y. 

Mar. 29, 1888. . Alonzo Edward Conover New York. 

Oct. 21, 1897 . .Charles Tallmadge Conover. .Seattle, Wash. 

Mar. 19, 1887. .Frank Bruen Conover. .Long Branch, X". J. 

Mar, 29, 1 888 . .Frank Edgar Conover New Y 

Oct. 29, 1891 . .Frederick King Conover. . . .Madison, Wis. 

Mar. 11, 1897. -Harvey Conover Dayton, Ohio. 

Mar. 30, 1887. John Barriclo Conover. . . .Freehold, X. J. 

Nov. 7, 1 90 1. John Thompson Conover New York. 

Mar. 26, 1891 . .Warren Archer Conover 

Mar. 26, 1 89 1 . John Henry Cooper 

June 10, 1897. John William Cooper Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Jan. 30, 1890 . .Washington Lafayette Cooper . . New Y 

June 9, 1904. .George Bruce Cortelyou, Washington, D.C. 

June 15, 1886. .Samuel Decker Coy kendall, Rondout, X.Y. 

Mar. 28, 18S9.. Thomas Cornell Coykendall, 

June 30, 1S90. .Charles Winegar Crispell. . 

Jan. 7, 1S92. .Aaron Hale Cronkhite, Jr.. . .Denver, Col. 

Jan. 30, 1890. .Mathias Van Dyke Cruser, Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Mar. 30, 1887 . .Cornelius Cuyler Cuyler New J 

Mar. 30, 1887. .Thomas DeWitt Cuyler Haverford, Pa. 

Mar. 10, 1898. .Charles I. De Bevoise Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Mar. 10, 1898. .Cornelius Schenck De Bevoise, 

June 13, 1S95 . . George Debevoise Xew York. 

Dec. 7, iSSS. .George W. Debevoise 

Mar. 10, 1904. .Thomas McElrath Debew 

Summit. X. J. 

Oct. 13, 189S . . Howard De Forest New x 

Mar. 30, 1SS7 . .Alfred De Graff Fonda, X. Y. 


Oct. 13, 1898. .Arthur Lewis De GrofI Newark, N. J. 

June 25, 1885. .Alfred De Groot. . . Port Richmond, N. Y. 
Mar. 12, 1903. .Harry Vander Veer De Hart, 

Elizabeth, X.J. 

Mar. 29, 1894. James De La Montanye New York. 

Dec. 29, 1892. .William Ray De Lano 

June 8, 1899. .Benjamin Garrison Demarest, 

Montclair, N. J. 
Mar. 10, 1904. .Elmer Wilson Demarest. ..Bayonne, N. J. 

Dec. 10, 1903, .Isaac I. Demarest Hackensack, N. J. 

Mar. 13, 1902 . John Garret Demarest Oradell, N. J. 

Dec. 11, 1902 . .Milton Demarest Hackensack, N. J. 

Dec. 8, 1898. .William Henry Steele Demarest, 

New Brunswick, N. J. 

Oct. 13, 1904. .William Curtis Demorest New York. 

Mar. 29, 1888. .David Demarest Denise Freehold, N. J. 

Dec. 8, 1898. .Edwin Stanton Denise. . . .Bayonne, N. J. 

April 30, 18S5 . .Chauncey Mitchell Depew New York. 

Dec. 23, 18S5. .Frederick J. De Peyster 

April 6, 1886 . John Watts De Peyster Tivoli, N. Y. 

Mar. 29, 1894. John Henry De Ridder, 

Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 
Oct. 25, 1886 . .Abraham Van Dyck De Witt, 

Albany, N. Y. 
Oct. 22, 1890. .Charles Adolphus DeWitt, 

Jersey City, N. J. 

Oct. 24, 1889. .Cornelius De Witt Norfolk, Va. 

June 12, 1902 . .Edward De Witt Englewood, N. J. 

Mar. 14, 1885. .George G. De Witt New York. 

June 25, 1885. .Henry Clinton De Witt 

Mar. 10, 1904. Jacob Walter De Witt Newark, N. J. 

Dec. 23, 1885. Jerome De Witt Binghamton, N. Y. 

Mar. 29, 1888. .Moses J. De Witt Newark, N. J. 

April 30, 1885. .Peter De Witt New York. 

Mar. 26, 1 891 . .Seymour De Witt Middletown, N. Y. 

Mar. 27, 1890. .Sutherland De Witt Elmira, N. Y. 

June 12, 1902 . .Theodore De Witt New York. 

June 5, 1885. .Thomas Dunkin De Witt 

Mar. 26, 1891 . .Thomas May De Witt. . . Cleveland, Ohio. 
April 6, 1886. .William Cantine De Witt ..Brooklyn, X. V. 
April 30, 1 885 . . William G. De Witt New York. 

































J 9°5 
















































































.Anthony Dey New V 

. Herman Dey Detroit, I 

.Joseph Warren Scott Dey X 

.Peter A. Dey Iowa City, I 

.Richard Varick Dey. . .San Francisco, G i. 

.Andrew Deyo Yonkers, X. V. 

.Peter Deyo Albany, X Y. 

. Solomon Le Fevre Deyo ........ Xew '. 

.Morris H. Dillenbeck 

John Henry Dingman. . . .Brooklyn, X. Y. 

. Cornelius Ditmars 

.Edward Wilson Ditmars.. 

. Isaac Edward Ditmars 

.John Ditmars 

.Charles Gibbons Douw, 

Poughkeepsie, X. Y. 

.Charles A. Du Bois .New York. 

. Cornelius Du Bois 

.William Edward Du Bois, New Paltz, X. Y. 

.Chester Burwell Duryea Xew York. 

. Harry Hendrick Duryea 

. Hiram Duryea 

.Charles Chauncey Duryee, 

Schenectady, X. Y. 
.Gustavus Abeel Duryee, 

Pelham Manor, X. Y. 
.Harvey Floag Duryee. . .Los Angele- 

.Jacob Eugene Duryee Xew York. 

.Joseph Rankin Duryee 

.Peter Stanford Duryee.. .Englewood, X. J. 
.William Budington Duryee, Freehold, N.J. 
.Charles Dusenberry, Jr. . .Tuekahoc, X. Y. 
.Charles Eagles Dusenberry. . .Troy, X. Y. 
.Charles Richard Dusenberry, 

Yonkers, X. Y. 
. Elias Warner Dusenberry, Bronxville. X. Y. 

.Edwin Coles Dusenbury Xew York. 

.Edwin Ruthven Dusinbcry. . Liberty, X Y . 
.Frank Jerome Dutcher. . .Hoped .' 

.Silas Bclden Dutcher Brooklyn. X. Y. 

.Clarence Edsall. . . .Colorado Springs, Col. 


Dec. 7, 1888. .Dwight Lathrop Elmendorf. . . .New York. 

Dec. 22, 1887. .Joachim Elmendorf 

Dec. 7, 1888. .John Barker Elmendorf 

Jan. 7, 1892. .William Burgess Elmendorf, Albany, X. Y. 
Mar. 30, 1887. .Edward Elsworth. . . . Poughkeepsie, X. Y. 
Mar. 9, 1S99. .Edward Wead Elsworth, Watertown, X.Y. 

Mar. 11, 1897. .Eugene Elsworth Irvington, X. Y. 

Dec. 7, 18S8. .Ezekiel Jan Elting Yonkers, N. Y. 

Mar. 30, 1887 . .Irving Elting Poughkeepsie, X. Y. 

Nov. 30, 1890. .Jacob Elting Clintondale, X. Y. 

Nov. 30, 1890. .Jesse Elting New Paltz, X. Y. 

Dec. 7, 1888. .Peter Jacobus Elting Yonkers, X. Y. 

Jan. 7, 1892. .Philip Elting Kingston, X. Y. 

Mar 10, 1904. .Henry Eltinge Loyd, N. Y. 

Mar. 28, 18S9. .Everett James Esselstyn Xew York. 

Mar. 29, 1894. .Sherman Esselstyn Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Mar. 12, 1903 . .Charles Brown Everson. . .Syracuse, X. Y. 

Oct. 25, 1886. .Douw Henry Fonda Albany, X. Y. 

Dec. 20, 18S6. .Robert Livingston Fryer. . .Buffalo, X. Y. 

April 6, 1886. .William John Fryer, Jr New York. 

Oct. 27, 1887. .Garret James Garretson. .Elmhurst, N. Y. 

June 13, 1901 . .Robert Goelet Newport, R. I. 

June 13, 1 90 1 . .Robert Walton Goelet. . . . 
Mar. 30, 1887. .Edward Anson Groesbeck. .Albany, N. Y. 
Dec. 22, 18S7. .Herman John Groesbeck. . .Cincinnati, O. 
Oct. 24, 1889. .Leonard Harvey Groesbeck, Syracuse, X.Y. 

June 8, 1899. .Telford Groesbeck Cincinnnti. O. 

Oct. 27, 1S87 . .William Chichester Groesbeck, Troy, X.Y. 
June 8, 1899. .William Gerard Groesbeck. ..Boston, M:hss. 

Nov. 30, 1S90. .Alexander Reading Guliek Xew York. 

Mar. 31, 1890. .Arnatt Reading Guliek 

Nov. 30, 1890. .Charlton Reading Guliek 

Nov. 30, 1892. .Ernestus Schenck Guliek, Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Mar. 28, 18S9. .James Callbreath Guliek New York. 

Dec. 7, 1888. .John Callbreath Guliek 

Mar. 31, 1892 . .Andrew James Hageman, Royccfield, X. J. 
Oct. 29, 1 S91 . .John Warren Hardenbergh, 

Jersey City, X. J. 
Oct. 8, 1903 • .Frank Michel! Hardcnbrook. . .New York. 

Mar. 10, 1898. .James Smith Haring Craftott, Pa. 

Mar. 26, 1S91. .Abraham Hasbrouck Kingston, X. Y. 


Mar. 27, 1890. .Alfred Hasbrouck, Jr., Poughkeepsie, X. V. 
Dec. io, 1903. .Cornelius Van Dyke Hasbrouck, 

Rosen dale, X. Y. 
Dec. 20, 1886. .Frank Hasbrouck... .Poughkeepsie, X. Y. 

Mar. 14, 1901. .Frederick Hasbrouck Xew York. 

June 14, 1900. .Garrett Roosa Hasbrouck, 

Dobbs Ferry, X. Y. 
Oct. 22, 1890. .Gilbert D. B. Hasbrouck. Kingston, X. Y. 
Nov. 9, 1893. -Henry Cornelius Hasbrouck, 

Newburgh, X. Y. 

Jan. 7, 1892 . . Howard Has Brouck Xew Y 

Mar. 28, 1889. .Isaac Edgar Hasbrouck.. .Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Dec. 13, 1894. .James Foster Hasbrouck Xew York. 

June 12, 1902 . .John Roswell Hasbrouck 

Mar. 30, 1893. .Joseph Hasbrouck Dobbs Ferry, X. Y. 

Jan. 30, 1890. .Joseph Edwin Hasbrouck. .Modena, X. Y. 

Mar. 31, 1892. .Levi Hasbrouck Ogdensburg, X. Y. 

Oct. 12, 1899. .Louis Bevier Hasbrouck New York. 

Nov. 9, 1893. .Louis Philip Hasbrouck, 

Poughkeepsie, X. Y. 
Mar. 29, 1894. .Manning Hasbrouck. . 
Mar. 12, 1903. .Maurice Penniman Has Brouck, 

Xew Paltz, N. Y. 

Mar. 27, 1890. .Oscar Hasbrouck Wing Station, N. Y. 

June 30, 1892. .Raymond De Lancey Hasbrouck, 

Ywnshington, D. C. 

Oct. 27, 1887. .Saver Hasbrouck Providence, R. 1. 

Dec. 11, 1902. .LefTerd Merle Alexander Haughwout, 

Patton, Pa. 
Oct. 27, 1887 . .De Witt Heermance. .Poughkeepsie, X. Y. 
Mar. ' 8, 1900. .Frederick Heermance, 
Oct. 27, 18S7 . .Martin Heermance. . . 

Jan. 30, 1890. .Forbes Heermans Syracuse, N. Y. 

June 13, 1895. .Adrian Augustus Hegeman, 

Brooklyn. X. Y. 
Mar. 12, 1903. .Albert Clarence Hegeman, 

Yonkers, X. Y. 
June 9, 1904. .Daniel Andrew liegeman, Brooklyn, X. Y. 
Mar. 14, 1901. .Daniel Van Brunt Hegeman, 

Brooklyn. X. Y. 
Mar. 31, 1892. .John Rogers Hegeman, Mairaroneck, X.Y. 


Dec. 23, 1885 . .Joseph Perot Hegeman, 

Washington, D. C. 

Oct. 13, 1904. .Francis Hendricks Syracuse, N. Y. 

Dec. 8, 1898. .Daniel Tilton Hendrickson, 

Middletown, X.J. 
June 10, 1898. .Eugene Moulton Hendrickson, 

Brooklyn, X. Y. 
Dec. 8, 1898. .James Patterson Hendrickson, 

Red Bank, X. J. 
Mar. 12, 1896. .William Henry Hendrickson, Jr., 

Red Bank, X.J. 

June 9, 1904. .Ernest Peter Hoes Yonkers, X. Y. 

May 19, 1887 . .Roswell Randall Hoes. . Washington, D. C. 

Mar. 14, 1885. .William Myers Hoes Xew York. 

June 9, 1904. .Samuel Ver Planck Hoffman, 

Morristown, X. J. 

Dec. 8, 1898. .Francklyn Hogeboom New York. 

Mar. 13, 1902 . . Abram Cornelius Holdrum, West wood, X.J. 
Mar. 12, 1903. .Garret Samuel Milton Holdrum, " " 

Oct. 24, 1889. .John Henry Hopper Paterson, X. J. 

Dec. 20, 1 886. .Robert Imlay Hopper 

Oct. 13, 1898. .Frederick Augustus Hornbeck, 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Oct. 13, 1898. .George Preston Hotaling Xew York. 

June 15, 1886. .David Harrison Houghtaling.. . 
Mar. 30, 1887. .Harmanus Barkaloo Hubbard, 

Brooklyn, X. Y. 
Mar. 28, 1S89. .Timothy Ingraham Hubbard, 

Oct. 21, 1897. .Edward Covert Hulst Flushing, N. Y. 

Oct. 22, 1890. .Edward Tompkins Hulst, 

Poughkeepsie, X. Y. 

Mar. 27, 1890. .Edmund Xiles Huyck Albany, N. Y. 

Jan. 30, 1890. .Francis Conklin Huyck 

Mar. 14, 18S5. .Arthur Middleton Jacobus Xew York. 

Mar. 26, 1891. .David Schenck Jacobus.. .Hoboken, X. J. 

Dec. 22, 1 88 7 . .John Wesley Jacobus Xew York 

Oct. 29, 1 891 . . Melanchthon Williams Jacobus, 

Hartford, Conn. 
June 25, 1 88 5 . .Richard Mentor Jacobus, East Orange, X.J. 
Mar. 10, 1904. .William Colet Johnson . . . .Flushing, X. Y. 
Oct. 9, 1902 . .Charles Edward Johnston, Kingston, X. Y. 


Mar. ii, 1897. .Andrew Jackson Kiersted, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Mar. 12, 1896. .Everest B. Kiersted Jersey City, X. J. 

Nov. 9, 1893 • -Charles Augustus Kip. . .Morristown, X. J. 
April 30, 1885. -Clarence Van Steenbergh Kip.. New York. 

June 12, 1902. .Elbert S. Kip Morristown, X. J. 

April 30, 1885. .George Goelet Kip 

Oct. 25, 1886 . . Ira Andruss Kip New York. 

Dec. 12, 1895. .Ira Andruss Kip, Jr.. .South Orange, X. J. 

Dec. 10, 1896. .Irving De Forest Kip Passaic, X. J. 

Oct. 24, 1889. .William Fargo Kip Xew York. 

Dec. 22, 1887. John Knickerbocker Troy, X. Y. 

Mar. 28, 1889. .Thomas Adams Knickerbacker " 
Dec. 7, 1 888. .Francis Duryee Kouwenhoven, 

Steinway, X. Y. 

June 9, 1904. .Gerret Kouwenhoven Brooklyn, N. Y. 

June 9, 1904. .John Bennem Kouwenhoven, 

Yonkers, X. Y. 

Jan. 7, 1892. .Peter Kouwenhoven Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Dec. 13, 1894. .Cleveland Coxe Lansing, 

Vancouver Barracks, Wash. 
Mar. 9, 1905. .George Dow Lansing. . . .Providence, R. I. 

Jan. 7, 1892. .Gerrit Yates Lansing Albany, X. Y. 

June 8, 1899 . . Hugh Henry Lansing Troy. X. Y. 

Oct. 27, 1887. .Isaac Dc Freest Lansing... .Albany, X. Y. 

Oct. 13, 1904 . .James Albert Lansing Scranton, Pa. 

Oct. 11, 1900. .James Burnsides Wands Lansing, 

Tenafly, X. J. 

Dec. 20, 18S6. .John Lansing Watertown, X. Y. 

June 15, 1886. .John Townsend Lansing. ...Albany. X. Y. 

Dec. 14, 1S90. .Richard Lansing 

Mar. 9, 1905. .Willard Irving Lansing. ..Providence, R. I. 
Mar. 9, 1905. .William Eugene Lansing, 

Glovers vine. X. Y. 
Dec. 11, 1902. .Thomas Benton Lashar, Bridgeport, Conn. 
June 12, 1 go 2. .Henry Bowman Le Fever. . Modcna, N.Y. 
Dec. 10, 1903. .Abram Philip Lefevre. .Xew Parti, X. Y. 

Mar. 27, 1890. .John LetTerts Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Mar. 26, 1S91 . .Robert Lefferts 

June 8, 1899. .Edward Henry Leggett Albany, X. Y. 

Oct. 24, 1889. .Henry H. Longstreet Mat a wan, X. J. 

3 l 9 

Mar. 10, 1904. .Henry Ditmas Lott Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Mar. 28, 18S9. James Van DerBilt Lott.. 

Mar. 9, 1905 . Jerome Lott 

June 12, 1902 . .Charles Harries Lowe Dayton, Ohio. 

Dec. 12, 1895. .Hiram Lozier Newburgh, N. Y. 

Oct. 11, 1900. John Baldwin Lozier Oradell, X. J. 

Mar. 9, 1905. .Samuel Britton Luyster, Jr., 

Brooklyn, X. Y 

April 6, 1886. .Charles Edward Lydecker New York 

Oct. 2i, 1897 . .Garret J. Lydecker Detroit, Mich 

Mar. 12, 1896. .Frederic B. Mandeville Newark, X. J 

Mar. 11, 1S97 . .Frank Alburtus Marsellus. . .Passaic, X. J 

Mar. 30, 1887 . John Marsellus Syracuse, X. Y 

Dec. 7, 1888. .Max De Motte Marsellus, Essex Fells, X. J 
Mar. 12, 1896. .Arthur Haynsworth Masten. ...Xew York- 
Dec. 12, 1 90 1 . .Howard Franklin Mead 

Dec. 28, 1893 . .Isaac Franklin Mead 

Dec. 13, 1894. .Adrian Meserole Brooklyn, X. Y 

June 9, 1904. .Clinton Vanderbilt Meserole, 
Mar. 27, 1890. .Walter Montfort Meserole, 
Dec. 2, 1895 . .Charles Harold Montanye New York- 
Oct. 27, 1887 . .George Edward Montanye 

June 11, 1896. John Jacob Morris 

Oct. 24, 1889 . .Flopper Stryker Mott 

Mar. 28, 1889. .Albert James Myer Lake View, X. Y 

Oct. io, 1895 . John Hays Myers New York 

Mar. 14, 1885. .Wilhelmus Mynderse Brooklyn, X. Y 

Dec. 1 1 , 1902 . . Eugene Newkirk Jersey City, X. J 

1S96. .Louis Hasbrouck Newkirk New York 

24, 1889. .George Englebert Nostrand, 

Brooklyn, N. Y 

1886.. John Lott Nostrand 

1885. .Andrew Joseph Onderdonk, 

1888. .Thomas William Onderdonk. . .New York 

1892. .William Stryker Opdyke Alpine, N. J 

1902 . . Alson Bowles Ostrander New York 

1899. .Frederic Posthof Ostrom 

1899 . .Hiram Roosevelt Ostrom 

1901.. Frank Archibald Palen. ..Kingston, X. Y 
Mar. 28, 1889 . .David Van DerVeer Perrine, Freehold, X.J 
Mar. 30, 1887. .Abraham Polhemus, Newton Centre, Mass 






















May 19, 1887 . .Henry Martin Polhemus New Y 

Mar. 30, 1887. .James Suydam Polhemus. ..Newark, N. J. 
Mar. 27, 1890. .Johannes Wilson Poucher, 

Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
June 9, 1904. .Lewis Applegate Powelson, 

New Brunswick, N. J. 

Mar. 9, 1905 . John Goldsmith Prall Elmhurst, H. Y 

Oct. 24, 1889. John Howard Prall 

Oct. 27, 1887. .William Prall Albany, N. Y. 

June 15, 1886. John Moffat Provoost Buffalo, N. V. 

Dec. 8, 1904. .Andrew Jackson Provost, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Oct. 16, 1894. .Andrew Jackson Provost, Jr., 

Richmond Hill, N. Y. 

Mar. 28, 1889. .Charles Lansing Pruyn Albany, N. Y. 

Oct. 25, 1886. .Robert Clarence Pruyn 

June 14, 1894. .Henry Forrest Quackenbos. . . .New York. 

Oct. 25, 18S6. .Abraham Qnackcnbush 

Dec. 23, 1885. .Abraham C. Quackenbush 

Oct. 24, 1889. .Cebra Quackenbush Hoosick, N. Y. 

Mar. 11, 1897 . .Schuyler Quackenbush New York. 

June 10, 1897. Jacob George Rapelje Paris, France. 

Oct. 22, 1890. James P. Rappelyea Brooklyn, N. Y. 

July 14, 1894. .Phoenix Remsen West I slip, N. Y. 

Mar. 12, 1896. .Abraham Edgar Riker New York. 

Mar. 27, 1890. .Charles Edgar Riker 

Mar. 14, 1895. .Henry Ingersoll Riker.. Bowery Bay, N. Y. 

April 6, 18S6 . John Jackson Riker New York. 

April 6, 1886. John Lawrence Riker 

Mar. 10, 1904. John Lawrence Riker, II, 

Woodmere, N. Y. 

Oct. 24, 1889 . . DeWitt Clinton Romaine New York. 

Oct. 13, 1904. .James A. Romeyn Hackensack, N. J. 

Dec. 23, 1885. .Daniel Bennett St John Roosa, New York. 

Oct. 27, 1887 . .De Witt Roosa Kingston, N. Y. 

Dec. 8, 189S. .George Anderson Roosa, 

Saratoga Springs, N. Y. 

Oct. 25, 1886. .Hyman Roosa Kingston, N. Y. 

Mar. 9, 1899. John Percival Roosa. . . Monticetto, X.Y. 

April 30, 1885 . .Frederick Roosevelt New York. 

Mar. 14, 1SS5. .Robert Barnwell Roosevelt. . . . 
May 18, 1887. .Robert Barnwell Roosevelt, Jr. 


April 30, 1885. .Theodore Roosevelt, 

Oyster Bay, L. I., or Washington, D. C. 
Oct. 22, 1890. .William XicollSill Sanders. .Albany, X. Y. 
Mar. 10, 1898. .Charles De Bevoise Schenck, 

Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Mi 14, 190 1 . .Charles Lott Schenck 

Mar. 2 V , 1888. .Frederick Brett Schenck, Englewood, X. J. 
Jan. 7, 1892. .Henry De Bevoise Schenck, 

Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Mar. 29, 1894. .John Cornell Schenck 

Dec. 10, 1903. .Mervin Ryerson Schenck, Wyoming, N. J. 
Dec. 9, 1897 . .Robert Cumming Schenck. .Dayton, Ohio. 
June 12, 1902. .Charles Augustus Schermerhorn, 

Xew York. 
Oct. 21, 1897. .Frank Earle Schermerhorn, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Dec. 23, 1885. .George F. Schermerhorn, Rutherford, X. J. 

Dec. 20, 1886. .J. Mans Schermerhorn Xew York. 

Dec. 22, 1887. .John Egmont Schermerhorn. . . 
June 12, 1902. .Julian Hiram Schermerhorn, 

Niagara Falls, X. Y. 
Mar. 26, 1891. .Louis Younglove Schermerhorn, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Mar. 13, 1902 . .Myron Schermerhorn. ..New Haven, Conn. 
Mar. 10, 1898. .Nicholas Irving Schermerhorn, 

Schenectady, X. Y. 
June 10, 1897 . .Simon Schermerhorn. . 
Mar. 10, 1898. .William George Schermerhorn, 

Schenectady, X. Y. 
Nov. 9, 1893. .William Wyckoft Schomp. .Walden, X. Y. 
Oct. 25, 1886. .Adrian Onderdonk Schoonmaker, 

Montclair, X. J. 
Oct. 24, 1885. .Frederick William Schoonmaker, 

June 25, 1885. .Hiram Schoonmaker Xew York. 

Oct. 24, 1889. .James Martinus Schoonmaker, 

Pittsburg, Pa. 
Dec. 8, 1904. .Xathaniei Roos Schoonmaker, 

Brooklyn. X. Y. 
Oct. 24, 1889. .Sylvanus Lothrop Schoonmaker, 

New York 
June 13, 1895 . .George Wellington Schurman. . . 


June 30, 1892. Jacob Gould Schurman Ithaca, N. V 

Oct. 24, 1889. .Charles Edward Schuyler New York 

Dec. 22, 1887. .Clarkson Crosby Schuyler, 

* Pittsburgh, X. V 

June 10, 1897 . .Hamilton Schuyler Trenton, X. J 

April 30, 1885. .Montgomery Roosevelt Schuyler, 

. New ~: 

Mar. 28, 1889. .Stephen Schuyler Watervliet, N 

Oct.. 22, 1890. .Walter Grinnell Schuyler New York 

Dec. 7, 1888. .David Banks Sickels 

Oct. 27, 1887. .Robert Sickels 

Mar. 9, 1899. .David Schuyler Skaats 

June 30, 1892 . Joseph Hegcman Skilhnan, Flushing, X. Y 
Oct. 13, 1904. .Bevier HasBrouck Sleght. . . Newark, X. J 

Mar. 26, 1891 . .George Wayne Slingerland Xew York 

Dec. 11, 1902. .Mark Vernon Slingerland. . ..Ithaca, X. Y 
Mar. 31, 1892. .William Harris Slingerland, 

Saratoga Springs, X. Y 
Mar. 31, 1892. .William Henry Slingerland, 

Slingerlands, X. Y 

Mar. 31, 1892. .Henry Lowery Slote Brooklyn, X. Y 

June 25, 1885 . .Allen Lee Smidt Xew York- 
Mar. 29, 1888. .Frank Bishop Smidt 

Mar. 10, 1904. .Alfred Melvine Snedeker 

Mar. 10, 1904. .Isaac Snedeker Brooklyn, X. Y 

Jan. 7, 1892. .Edward Stagg Leonia, X. J 

Mar. 9, 1905. . Peter Westervelt Stagg, Hackensack, X. J 

May 19, 1887. John Henry Starin Xew York 

Oct. 13, 1904. James Henry Starin Flomer, X. Y 

Mar. 29, 1888. .John Bright Stevens .New York 

Mar. 14, 1 901 . John Edwin Stillwell 

June 14, 1894. .Clarence Storm 

June 12, 1902. .Irving Graham Storm, Poughkeepsie, X.Y 

Mar. 9, 1905 . .John Halt Stout enburgh Xew York 

Nov. 9, 1893 . John Edwards Stryker. . . .St. Paul, Minn 
Oct. 22, 1890. .Samuel Stanhope Stryker, Philadelphi . 

June 25, 1885. .Peter J. Stuyvesant Xew York 

Mar. 12, 1903. .William Pierre Stymus, Jr 

Mar. 12, 1896. .Charles Edward Surdam, Morristown, X. J 
Dec. 2S, 1S93 . . Arthur Peter Sulphen. . . .Somervillc, X } 
Sept. 29, 1892. .Carlvle Edgar Sutphen Newai k, X. I 


Dec. 8, 

Oct. 21, 

Dec. 29, 

Mar. 27, 

Dec. 29, 

June 9, 

Mar. 28, 

Oct. 24, 

Dec. 14, 

Dec. 23, 

Nov. 17, 

Nov. 17, 

Dec. 13, 

Dec. 7, 

Dec. 12, 

Mar. 9, 

Oct. 25, 

Mar. 10, 

Dec. 8, 

June 30, 

Mar. 12, 

Dec. 14, 

Nov. 7, 




















2 2, 







ss 5 
ss 5 
ss 5 













s 93 

.Carlyle Edgar Sutphen, Jr. .Newark, X. J. 

. Duncan Dunbar Sutphen New York. 

.Herbert Sands Sutphen Newark, X. J. 

.John Schureman Sutphen Xew York. 

.Theron Yeomans Sutphen. .Newark, X. J. 

.William Potter Sutphen. .Bloomfield, X.J. 

. John Henry Sutphin Jamaica, X. Y. 

.Charles Crooke Suydarn. . . Elizabeth, N.J. 

.Evert Suydarn Brooklyn, X. Y. 

.James Suydarn Xew York. 

John Howard Suydarn. .Philadelphia, Pa. 

. Lambert Suydarn New York. 

. . Lambert Suydarn, Jr 

.William Farrington Suydarn, 

Honesdale, Pa. 

.Charles Brown Swartwood. .Elmira, X. Y. 

.William Merrill Swart v/out. . . .Troy, N. Y. 

.John Livingston Swits, Schenectady, X. Y. 

.James Macfarlane Tappen Xew York. 

. Richard Tappen Kingston, X. Y. 

.Henry Moore Teller Denver, Col. 

.Myron Teller Kingston, X. Y. 

.Charles Cornwall Ten Broeck, " 

.William Edward Ten Broeck, 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

.James Ten Eyck Albany, X. Y. 

.Stephen Vedder Ten Eyck New York. 

, .William Hoffman Ten Eyck 

.Henry Traphagen Jersey City, X. J. 

.Henry Mackeness Traphagen, " " - 

.Arthur Dickinson Truax New York. 

. Charles Henry Truax 

. Chauncey Schafler Truax 

.James Reagles Truax.. Schenectady. X. Y. 

.William Ellsworth Truex. .Freehold, X. J. 
• -Charles Henry Black Turner. .Lewes, Del. 

.Garret Adam Van Allen. . . .Albany, X. Y. 

.William Harman Van Allen, Boston, Mass. 

.Philip Van Alstine. . .Spring Valley, X. V. 
1 .Lawrence Van Alstyne Sharon, Conn. 

.Richard Henry Van Alstyne. .Troy, X. Y. 


April 30, 1885. -William Van Alstyne Plainneld, X. J. 

Dec. 8, 1904. .William Becker Van Alstyne, 

' Westfield, X. J. 
Mar. 28, 1889. .William Charles Van Alstyne, 

Springfield, Mass. 
Mar. 30, 1887. -Cornelius Henry Van Antwerp, 

Albany, X. Y. 
Oct. 27, 1887. .Daniel Lewis Van Antwerp, 

Loudonville, X. Y. 
June 10, 1897. -Thomas Cleneay Van Antwerp, 

Cincinnati, Ohi >. 
Mar. 28, 1889. .Thomas Irwin Van Antwerp, Albany, X. V. 
June 30, 1S92. .William Clarkson Van Antwerp, 

New York. 

Dec. 29, 1892. .Henry Van Arsdale Xewark, X. J. 

Oct. 11, 1900. .John Arthur Van Arsdale. .Buffalo, X. Y. 

Dec. 22, 1887 . .David H. Van Auken Cohoes, X. Y. 

Mar. 13, 1902. .William Henry Van Benschoten, 

West Park, X. V. 
Mar. 10, 1904. .William Annin Van Benscoter, 

Detroit, Mich. 
Dec. 11, 1902 . .William Ide Van Benscoter. . " " 

Jan. 7, 1892 . .Walter Van Benthuysen, Xew Orlcan : 

April 30, 1885. .Frederick T. Van Beuren Xew York. 

April 30, 1885. .Henry Spingler Van Beuren " 

April 6, 1886. .George Green Van Blarcom, Paterson, X. J. 
Mar. 30, 1887. .Jacob Craig Van Blarcom. .St. Louis, Mo. 
Nov. 17, 1885. .Arthur Hoffman Van Brunt. . .Xew York. 

Oct. 24, 1889. .Charles Van Brunt Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Mar. 27, 1891. .Cornelius Bergen Van Brunt, - 

Brooklyn. X. Y. 
Mar. 10, 1904. .Edmund Cluett Van Brunt. .Leonia. X. J. 
Mar. 9, 1905. .Jeremiah Rutger Van Brunt, 

Brooklyn, X. Y. 
Sept. 28, 1892. .Ralph Albert Van Brunt, 

Schenectady, X. Y. 
April 30, 1SS7. .John Dash Van Buren, 

Xew Brighton, X. Y. 
Mar. 9, 1905. .Arthur Van Buskirk. . . .Haekensack. X. J. 

Mar. 28, 18S9. .De Witt Van Buskirk Bayonne, X. J. 

Dec. 23, 1SS5 . John R. Van Buskirk Xew York. 


Dec. 23, 18S5. John Couwenhoven Van Cleaf, 

Montclair, X. J 
Dec. 8, 1904. James Wallace Van Cleave.. St. Louis, Mo 
Mar. 14, 1895. -Henry Howell Van Cleef, 

Poughkeepsie, X. Y 
Oct. 27, 1887 . James Henry Van Cleef, 

New Brunswick, X. J 

Mar. 30, 18S7. .Lincoln Van Cott Brooklyn, N. Y 

Oct. 29, 1S91. .George Howard Vander Beck, 

Philadelphia, Pa 
Oct. 25, 1886. .Francis Isaac Vander Beek, 

Jersey City. X. J 
Mar. 31, 1892. .Frank Isaac Vander Beek, Jr., 

Jersey City, N. J 
Oct. 25, 18S6. .Isaac Paulis Vander Beek, 
Dec. 20, 1S86. .George Ohlen Van der Bogert, 

Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Mar. 9, 1899 . . Frank Fellows Vanderhocf New York. 

Dec. 8, 1898. . Harman Blauvelt Vanderhoef. . 

Mar. 9, 1S99. .Nathaniel WyckofI Vanderhoef, 

Dec. 23, 1885. .Charles Albert Vanderhoof . . .Locust, N. J. 

Mar. 14, 1885 . .Augustus H. Vanderpoel. . . .Orange, N. J. 

Dec. 20, 18S6. .Samuel Oakley Vander Poel. . .New York. 

Nov. 17, 1885 . . Waldron Burritt Vander Poel. . 

Oct. 24, 1885 . .Albert Vander Veer Albany, X. Y. 

Oct. 13, 1905 . .Albert Vander Veer, Jr 

Dec. 20, 1886. .David Augustus Vander Veer, 

Freehold, N. J. 
Dec. 12, 1895 . .Edgar Albert Vander Veer. .Albany, N. Y. 
Mar. 9, 1905. .Edward Bennett Vanderveer, 

Brooklyn, X. Y. 
Mar. 10, 1898. .Henry Boorum Vanderveer, 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Oct. 13, 1904. James Newell Vander Veer. .Albany, N. Y. 

Mar. 14, 1885. John Reeve Vander Veer New York. 

Mar. 29, 1S94. James VTilkerson Vandervoort, 

Harvey sburg, O. 

Mar. 14, 1901 . .Alfred Van Derwerkcn Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Jan. 7, 1892. .Frank Montague Van Deusen, 

Rondout, X. Y. 
June 10, 1S97. .George Clark Van Deusen. .Albany, X. Y. 


Mar. ii, 1897. .Charles Oscar Van Devanter, 

Baltimore, Md. 
Mar. 14, 1885. .Charles Henry Van Dcventer.. .New Y 

Oct. 21, 1897. .Christopher Van Dcventer Chicago, 111. 

Oct. 27, 1887. .George Mather Van Deventer, 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Mar. 8, 1900. .Horace Van Deventer. . .Knoxville, Tenn. 
Dec. 8, 1888. .James Thayer Van Deventer,' " 

Oct. 27, 1887. .Ely Van Dc Warker Syracuse, X. Y. 

Dec. 20, 1886. .George Roe Van De Water. . . .New Y 
Mar. io, 1904 . .John Caiptnter Van De Water, 

Flushing, N. Y. 

Dec. 22, 1887. .Louis Otis Van Doren New York. 

Dec. 12, 1 90 1 . .P. A. V. Van Doren Princeton, N.J. 

June 8, 1899. -William Van Dorn Freehold, N. J. 

Mar. 14, 1 901 . . Edward Seguin Van Duyn, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Oct. 27, 1887. .John Van Duyn 

Mar. 14, 1895. .Harrison Van Duyne Newark, N. J. 

Mar. 14, 1885. .Henry Say re Van Duzer New Y 

June 25, 1885. .Henry Van Dyke Princeton, N. J. 

June 9, 1904. .Henry Seward Van Dyke, 

Los Angeles, Cal. 

Dec. 7 , 1 88S . . Herbert Van Dyke New York. 

April 6, 1886. .Thomas Kittera Van Dyke, 

Harrisburg, Pa. 

Nov. 7, 1901 . .Walter Van Dyke Oakland, Cal. 

Mar. 10, 1904. .Wesley Van Emburgh Paterson, N. J. 

Oct. 25, 1886. .Amos Van Etten Rondout, N. Y. 

Mar. 30, 1S87. .Edgar Van Etten Brookline, 

Mar. 10, 1898. .Nathan Bristol Van Etten. .....New York. 

Mar. 29, 1894. .Frank Van Fleet 

Jan. 7, 1892 . .Amos Corwin Van Gaasbeek, Orange, N. J. 
Dec. 10, 1896 . . Flarvey David Van Gaasbeek. .Sussex, N ] . 
April 6, 18S6. .Louis Bevier Van Gaasbeek.. ..New Y 
Oct. 27, TSS7. .Acmon Pulaski Van Gieson, 

Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Nov. 9, 1S93. .Austin Van Gieson Montclair, N. J. 

Mar. 10, 1904. .George Edmund Van Guysling, 

Boston, Mass. 
Oct. 8, 1S96. .Charles Manning Van Heusen, 

Albany, N. Y. 


Dec. 10, 1903. .David Wadsworth Van Hoesen, 

Cortland, N. Y. 
Mar. 26, 1S91 . .Edmund French Van Hoesen, 

Buffalo, N.Y. 

Mar. 14, 1885. .George M. Van Hoesen Nyack, X. Y. 

April 30, 1885. .John William Van Hoesen.... " 
Mar. 9, 1905. .Roy William Van Hoesen, 

Franklinville, N. Y". 
Jan. 30, 1890. .Charles French Van Horn, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Mar. 30, 1SS7. .Francis Charles Van Horn. .Newport, R. I. 

Nov. 7, 1 90 1 . . Byron G. Van Home Englewood, X. J . 

Oct. 24, 1889. .John Garret Van Home N< w York. 

May 19, 1SS7 . .Stephen Van Alen Van Home. . 
June 9, 1904. .Abraham Zabriskie Van Houten, 

Passaic, N. J. 

Oct. 11, 1900. .Isaac Van Houten Paterson, N. J. 

Dec. 7, 18SS. .Charles Francis Van Inwegen, 

Port Jervis, N.Y. 
Dec. 11, 1902 . .Charles Mayer Van Kleeck, Flushing, N. Y. 

Oct. 27, 1887. .Frank Van Kleeck Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Oct. 24, 1 889.. Theodore Van Kleeck, 

Mar. 29, 1888. .William Henry Van Kleeck. ...New York. 

Oct. 2i, 1897. . Henry Augustus Van Liew 

Mar. 26, 1891 . .Andrew B. Van Loan 

Mar. 29, 1894. .Charles Lefhngwell Van Loan, 

Cat skill, N.Y. 

June 25, 18S5 . .Eugene Van Loan Athens, N. Y. 

Dec. 28, 1893 . . Frederick William Van Loan. . . New York. 

Dec. 8, 1904. .Morton Van Loan Albany, X. V. 

Oct. 22, 1890. .Thomas Van Loan Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Nov. 9, 1893. .Zelah Van Loan New York. 

June 10, 1897 . .George Gomez Van Mater, Brooklyn, X. Y. 
Mar. 9, 1905. .Gilbert Taylor Van Mater. .Keyport, X. J. 
Oct. 29, 1891. .Jacob Rapelye Van Mater. .Passaic, X. J. 
Dec. 7, 18SS. .Calvin Decker Van Name, 

Mariner's Harbor, X. Y. 
Oct. 11, 1900. .David Barcalow Van Name, 

Mariner's Harbor, N. Y. 
June 9, 1904. .Raymond Disbrow Van Name, 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 


June 8, 1899. .Frederick Lattan Van Ness. .Orange, X. J. 

Mar. 14, 1885. .Russell Van Ness New V 

June 9, 1904. .Schuyler Waldron Van Ness, Newark, N. J. 

Dec. 10, 1903 . .Wallace Van Ness 

Dec. 7, 1888. .Frank Roe Van Nest. . .Glen Ridge, N. J. 

Mar. 14, 1885 . .George Wiilett Van Nest New Y 

Mar. 10, 1904. .Ottomar Hoghland Van Norden, 
Mar. 10, 1904. .Theodore Langdon Van Norden, 

South Salem, N. Y. 

Mar. 14, 1S85 . .Warner Van Norden New York. 

Mar. 10, 1904. .Warner Montagnie Van Norden, 
June 13, 1 90 1 . .Augustus Todd Van Nostrand, 

Romulus, N. Y. 
Mar. 28, 1889. .Charles Belden Van Nostrand. .New York. 
Oct. 21, 1897. -Frank Daniel Van Nostrand. . . 
June 25, 1885. .John Everitt Van Nostrand, 

Evergreen, N. Y. 
Mar ? 28, 1S89. .James Edgar Van Olinda, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Mar. 9, 1905. .Albert Randell Van Orden, 

Montclair, N.J. 
Dec. 22, 1887 . .Charles Hopkins Van Orden, 

Catskili, N. Y. 
Mar. 14, 1885.. Henry De Witt Van Orden, 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Jan. 30, 1890. .Philip Vernon Van Orden. . Catskili, N. Y. 

Oct. 25, 1886. .William Van Orden 

Mar. 14, 1885 . .Gilbert Sutphen Van Pelt New \ 

Mar. 26, 1 89 1 . .Jacob L. Van Pelt Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Oct. 13, 1904 . .John Vredenburgh Van Pelt. . .New York. 
Dec. 7, 1S88. .Townsend Cortelyou Van Pelt, 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Dec. 14, 1899. .Walter Graham Van Pelt, Los Angeles. C*L 
June 14, 1894. .William Robinson Powell Van Pelt, 

New York. 
Dec. 7, 1888. John Bullock Van Pctten, 

Cazenovia, N. Y. 
Nov. 9, 1S93. .John Jeremiah Van Rensselaer, 

Mew Brighton, N. Y. 

Mar. 1 1 , 1S97 . . Lyndsay Van Rensselaer Kobe. J apau. 

Oct. 27, 18S7. .William Knickerbocker Van Rev: 

Washington, D. C. 


Dec. 20, 1SS6. .Cornelius Van Riper Passaic, X. J. 

Dec. 8, 1904. .John Terhune Van Riper.. 

Oct. 21, 1897. .Julius Fernando Van Riper New York. 

Mar. 14, 1885 . . Richard Van Santvoord 

Oct. 27, 1SS7. .Seymour Van Santvoord Troy, N. Y. 

Dec. 7, 1888. .Eugene Van Schaick New York. 

Mar. 14, 1885. .Henry Van Schaick 

Dec. 23, 1S85. .John Van Schaick Cobleskill, N. Y. 

April 30, 1885. .Alvan Howard Van Sinderen...Xew York. 
April 30, 1885. .William Leslie Van Sinderen, 

Brooklyn, X. Y. 
Mar. ii, 1897. .Hebbard Kimball Van Size, 

Rochester, X. Y. 
Mar. 31, 1892. .Cyrus Manchester Van Slyck, 

Providence, R. I. 

June 10, 1897 . .George Finch Van Slyck New York. 

Mar. 14, 1SS5. .George Whitfield Van Slyck.... 

April 6, 1SS6. .Evert Van Slyke 

Oct. 24, 1885. .John Garnsey Van Slyke.. Kingston, X. Y. 

Dec. 12, 1895 . .Warren Clark Van Slyke New York. 

Dec. 23, 1885. .Bennett Van Syckel Trenton, N. J. 

Mar. 31, 1892. .Charles Sloan Van Syckel. . 
Jan. 30, 1890. .John Loucks Van Valkenburgh, 

Albany, N. Y. 
Mar. 26, 1891. .Joseph Dwight Van Valkenburgh, 

Greene, N. Y. 
Oct. 13, 1898.. Ralph D. Van Valkenburgh, 

Hudson, N. Y. 
Oct. 12, 1899. .Raymond Hubert Van Valkenburgh, 

Greene, X. Y. 
Mar. 28, 1889. .Abraham Van Wyck Van Vechten, 

New York. 
Sept. 29, 1892. .Charles Duane Van Vechten, 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Sept. 29, 1892 . .Ralph Van Vechten Chicago, 111. 

Mar. 14, 1S85. .Abram Kip Van Vleck. .Morristown, N. J. 
Mar. 30, 18S7. .Charles King Van Vleck. . .Hudson, X. Y. 
Mar. 9, 3S99. .John Monroe Van Vleck. 

Middletown, Conn. 
Oct. 27, 18S7. .William David Van Vleck, Montclair. X. J. 
Oct. S, 1896 . .William Henry' Van Vleck, Red Bank, X. J. 


Dec. 7, 1888. .Benson Van Vliet Poughkeepsie, X. Y. 

April 30, 1885. .Deuse Mairs Van Vliet. . .Plainfield, X. J. 
June 15, 1886. . Frederick Christian Van Vliet, Xew York. 

Dec. 20, 1886. .Frederick Gilbert Van Vliet 

Dec. 9, 1897. -George Stockwell Van Vliet, 

Pleasant Plains, N. Y 
Oct. 27, 1887. .William Downs Van Vliet ...Goshen, X. Y. 

Dec. 7, 1888. James Van Voast Cincinnati, 0. 

Dec. 23, 1885. .James Albert Van Voast, 

Schenectady, X". Y. 

Mar. 14, 1885 . . Philip Van Volkenburgh New York. 

Mar. 14, 1885. .Thomas Sedgwick Van Volkenburgh, 

New York. 
Jan. 7, 1892. .Eugene Van Voorhis. .Ironduquoit, X. Y. 

June 25, 1885. .John Van Voorhis Rochester, X. Y. 

Nov. 17, 1885. .Menzo Van Voorhis 

Mar. 9, 1899 . .Alexander Holland Van Vorst, Utica, X. Y. 
April 30, 1 88 5. .Frederick Boyd Van Vorst. .Xyack, X. Y. 
Dec. 7, 1888. .Josiah Van Vranken. .Schenectady, X'. Y. 
June 1 1 , 1 903 . . George Ward Van Vredenburgh. .Xew York. 
Dec. 22, 1887 . .William Townsend Van Vredenburgh, 

New Brighton, X. Y. 
Dec. 20, 1886. .Bleecker Van Wagenen, 

South Orange, X.J. 
Mar. 9, 1899. .Edward Augustus Van Wagenen, 

Newark, X. J. 
Dec. 7, 1888. .Henry William Van Wagenen, 

Morristown, X. J. 

Oct. 25, 1886. .Hubert Van Wagenen Xew York. 

June 29, 1893. .John Brouwer Van Wagenen, 

West Orange, N.J. 
Dec. 20, 1886. .John Richard Van Wagenen, Oxford, X. Y. 

Oct. 9, 1902 . .Abraham Van Winkle Xewark, X. J . 

June 11, 1903. .Arthur Ward Van Winkle, 

Rutherford, N. J. 
Oct. 22, 1890. .Charles Van Winkle, West Philadelphia. Pa. 

Mar. 10, 1898. .Daniel Van Winkle Jersey City, X J 

Mar. 14, 1885 . . Edgar Beach Van Winkle N 

Mar. 10, 1904. .Edo Van Winkle Paterson, X J. 

Mar. 10, 1904. .Edward Van Winkle. . . .Jersey City. X. J, 
Oct. 24, 1889 . . Frank Oldis Van Winkle. Ridgewood. X.J. 


Mar. 10, 1904. .Henry Benjamin Van Winkle, 

Paterson, N\ J. 
Oct. 25, 1886. .John Albert Van Winkle. . 
Mar. 29, 1894. .Marshall Van Winkle... .Jersey City, X. J. 
Sept. 29, 1S92. .Waling Walingson Van Winkle, 

Parkersburg, W. Va. 

Dec. 28, 1893. .Harmon Van Woert Athens, X. \\ 

Dec. 8, 1898. Jacob Van Woert Greig, X. Y. 

June 25, 18S5 , .James Burtis Van Woert New York. 

Dec. 11, 1902 . .James Burtis Van Woert, Jr. . . 

Dec. 8, 1898. .William Van Woert Montclair, X. J. 

Oct. 25, 1SS6. .Jasper Van Wormer Albany, X. Y. 

April 30, 1885 . .John Rufus Van Wormer New York. 

Dec. 28, 1893. .Albeit Van Wyck Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Dec. 23, 1885 . .Augustus Van Wyck 

June 12, 1902. .David Barnes Van Wyck, 

Arlington, X. Y. 

Mar. 9, 1905 . .Frederick Van Wyck Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Mar. 14, 1901. .Henry Me?ier Van Wyck, 

New Hamburg, X. Y. 
Dec. 22, 1887 . .Jacob Southart Van Wyck, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Mar. 14, 1885. John H. Van Wyck New York. 

Oct. 12, 1899. Joseph Van Wyck Arlington, X. Y. 

Mar. 30, 1S93. .Philip Van Rensselaer Van Wyck, Jr., 

Plainneld. X.J. 
Oct. 25, 1 886 . . Robert. Anderson Van Wyck . . . New York. 

Oct. 27, 1887. .Samuel Van Wyck Brooklyn, X. Y. 

June 30, 1S92 . .William Van Wyck 

April 30, 1885 . .William Edward Van Wyck. . . .New York. 

Dec. 7, 1888. .Milton Burns Van Zandt 

June 9, 1904. Jacob Storm Varick Susquehanna, Pa. 

June 25, 1885 . John Leonard Varick .X r ew York. 

April 30, 1885. .Theodore Romeyn Varick, Yonkers, N. Y. 
Mar. 28, 1889. .Charles Stuart Vedder. . .Charleston, S. C. 
Mar. 30, 1887. .Commodore Perry Vedder, 

Ellicottville, X. Y. 

Mar. 26, 1891 . .Harmon Albert Vedder Xew York. 

April 30, 18S5 . . Maus Rosa Vedder 

Sept. 29, 1892. .W r entworth Darcy Vedder. ...Arcadia, Pa. 

Oct. 25, 1886. .Andrew Truax Vecder Pittsburg, Pa. 

Oct. 16, 1894. .Herman Greig Veeder " 


Mar. 29, 188S. .Ten Eyck Dc Witt Veeder, Greenwich, Va. 

June 13, 1 90 1. .Van Vechten Veeder New York. 

Oct. 24, 1889. .Cornelius Clarkson Vermeule, 

East Orange, N.J. 

June 25, 1885. .John D. Vermeule New York. 

Dec. 22, 1887. .Philip Verplanck Yonkers, N. Y. 

Mar. 14, 1901. .Samuel Verplanck, 

Fishkill-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

April 30, 1885. .William Gordon Ver Planck New York. 

Jan. 30, 1890. .John Jay Viele Bronxville, N. Y. 

Oct. 24, 1889 . . Maurice A. Viele New York. 

April 6, 1886. .Sheldon Thompson Viele. ...Buffalo, N. Y. 
Mar. 26, 1891 . .Edward Willett Visscher.. ..Albany, N. Y. 
Dec. 22, 1887. .John Hayden Visscher. .. .Brooklyn, X. Y. 
Oct. 27, 1887 . .Albert Van Brunt Voorhees, 
Mar. 10, 1898. .Albert Van Brunt Voorhees, Jr., M 
Dec. 22, 18S7. .Anson Augustus Voorhees, 

Upper Hontclair, N. J. 
Mar. 26, 1891 . .Charles C. V. Voorhees. . .Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Mar. io, 1904. .Edwin Strange Voorhees, Rocky Hill, N. J. 
Mar. 8, 1900. .Foster Mac Gowan Voorhees, 

Elizabeth, X.J. 
Dec. 11, 1902 . .Frank Duryea Voorhees, 

Jersey City, X. J. 

Mar. 10, 1898. .John A. Voorhees Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Mar. 29, 1888. .John Hunn Voorhees. .North Bend, Ohio. 
Mar. 28, 18S9. .John Jacob Voorhees... .Jersey City, X.J. 
Dec. 11, 1902 . .John Jay Voorhees, Jr... 
Mar. 30, 1887 . .Judah Back Voorhees. . . .Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Dec. 22, 1887 . .Peter Van Voorhees Camden, X. J. 

Mar. 10, 1904. .Stephen Francis Voorhees, 

Washington, D. C. 

April 6, 1S86. .Theodore Voorhees Philadelphia, Pa. 

May 19, 1887. .Willard Penfield Voorhees, 

New Brunswick. X. J. 

Dec. 13, 1894. .Arthur Voorhis Xew York. 

Mar. 30, 1887. .Augustus Marvin Voorhis. ...Xyack, X. Y. 
Mar. 12, 1896. .Charles Howard Voorhis, Jer. 

Mar. 10, 1904. .Ernest Voorhis New \ ork. 

Oct. 24, 1889. .Jacob Voorhis Greenwich, Conn. 

April 6, 1886. .John R. Voorhis N 

Mar. 14, 1885. .Benjamin Fredenburgh Vosburgh, 

New York. 
Oct. 12, 1899. .Royden Woodward Vosburgh, 

New Brighton, X. Y. 

Dec. 14, 1889. .Theodore Vosburgh Buffalo, N. Y. 

Mar. 28, 1889. .Alfred Purdy Vredenburgh, 

Bayonne, N. J. 
Mar. 28, 1889. .Edward Lawrence Vredenburgh, 

Bayonne, X. J. 

Mar. 28, 1889. .Frank Vredenburgh " " 

Mar. 29, 1894. .La Rue Vredenburgh. . . . Somerville, X. J. 
Mar. 30, 1887. .William H. Vredenburgh. .Freehold, X. J. 
Jan. 7, 1892. .Cornelius Delos Vreeland, 

Chicago Heights, 111. 

June 12, 1902 . . Herbert Harold Vreeland Xew York. 

June 15, 18S6. .Garret Dorset Wall Vroom. .Trenton, X. J. 

June 15, 1 886. .Peter Dumont Vroom " 

Dec. 20, 1886. .John Wright Vrooman. . .Herkimer, N. Y. 
Mar. 29, 1894. .Wellington Vrooman, Parkersburg, W. Va. 
Sept. 29, 1892. .Cornelius Augustus Waldron, 

Waterford, X. Y. 
June 10, 1903 . .Frederick Rice Waldron, 

Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Dec. 28, 1893. .William Gunsaul Waldron, 

Amsterdam, N. Y. 

Jan. 7 , 1892 . . Samuel Henry Wandell New York. 

Oct. 24, 1889. .Townsend Wandell 

Dec. 10, 1903. .Edward Lansing Wemple 

Oct. 24, 1885 . . Evert Jansen Wendell 

Oct. 27, 1 88 7. .Gordon Wendell 

Dec. 8, 1904 . .James Arthur Wendell 

Dec. 7, 1888. .John Dunlap Wendell. . .Fort Plain, X. Y. 

Mar. 28, 18S9. .Willis Wendell Amsterdam, X. Y. 

Mar. 26, 1 89 1 . .Charles Alonzo Wessell New York. 

April 30, 1885. .John Calvin Westervelt 

Oct. 12, 1S99. .Josiah Arnold Westervelt 

Oct. 24, 18S9. . Andrew J. Whitbeck Boston, Mass. 

Mar. 10, 1904. .Edwin B, Williamson X T cwark, N. J. 

Mar. 10, 1904. .George Danforth Williamson, 

Wyoming, N. J. 
Nov. 7, 1 90 1 . . Royden Williamson. . .San Francisco, Cal. 


Dec. 8, 1904. .Alonzo Winne Kingston, X. Y. 

Sept. 29, 1892. .Charles Knickerbocker Winne, 

Albany, N. Y. 

Oct. 24, 1889. .Charles Visscher Winne 

Dec. 10, 1903. .Ogden Fremont Winne. . .Kingston, X. Y. 
Oct. 21, 1897 . .Charles Edward Witbeck. . .Cohoes, X. Y. 

Mar. 27, 1890. .Clark Witbeck Schenectady, X. Y. 

Mar. 9, 1905. .Jacob Rynier Wortendyke, 

Jersey City, X. J. 
Mar. 10, 1904. .Nicholas Doremus Wortendyke, 

Jersey City, N. J. 
Mar. 9, 1899. .Reynier Jacob Wortendyke 
June 12, 1902. .Ferdinand Lott Wyckoff.. Brooklyn, 

Oct. 12, 1899. .Joseph Lewis Wyckoff Holyoke, U 

Oct. 24, 1885. .Peter Wyckoff Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Oct. 22, 1890. .Peter B. Wyckoff Xew York. 

Mar. 30, 1887 . .William Forman Wyckoff. .Jamaica, X. Y. 
June 11, 1896 . . Edward Judson Wynkoop, Syracuse, X. Y. 

Mar. 14, 1885. .Gerardus Hilles Wynkoop New York. 

Mar. 12, 1903. .William Augustus Wynkoop, 

Syracuse, X. Y. 

Oct. 13, 1904 . .James Yereance New York. 

Dec. 13, 1894. .Aaron J. Zabriskie Newark, X. J. 

*June 11,1903. .Albert A. Zabriskie Catskill, X. Y. 

Oct. 27, 1887. .Andrew Christian Zabriskie... . Nc ,v York. 
Mar. 10, 1898. .Christian Brevoorl Zabriskie... 
Dec. 8, 1904. .George Albert Zabriskie. . . .Tenafly, X". J. 
Jan. 7, 1892. .Josiah H. Zabriskie, Mount Vernon, X. Y. 
June 11, 1896 . .Simeon Templeton Zabriskie . . . Xew York. 
Dec. 8, 1904. .William Hastings Zabriskie, ■ 

Hackensack, X. J. 

* Re-elected. 


Datf. of I> • re ok 

Election. Death. 

Mar. 14, 1885. .Theodore RomeynWestbrook. .Kingston, X. Y. ...Oct. 

June 25, 1SS5. .Stephen Melancthon Ostrander. Brooklyn, N. V. . . .Nov. 19, 1 355 

Mar. 14, 1S85. .John D. Van Buren. Xewburgh, X. Y. . .Dec. 1, [8tj 

Dec. 23, 1S85. James WesterveltQuackenbush.Hackensack, X. J.. Mar. 6, 1886 

Mar. 14, 18S5. .Augustus W. Wynkoop ...... .Kinderhook, X. V. .April i5, 1886 

Mar. 14, 1SS5. .David Van Xostrand New York June 14, i$ 2 u 

Mar. 14, 1SS5. .John Thurman Van Wyck X~ew York Xov. 23, i£S6 

Dec. 23, 1685. .John Van Vorst Jersey City, X. J. . .Feb. 4, 1S87 

June 25. 18S5. .Bartow White Van Voorhis. . . -New York April 2 

Mar. 14, 1SS5. .William Van Wyck Xew York May 2?, 1 S ^7 

June 25, 1S85. .Clarence K. Van Benthuysen. . .Xew York July t B 

June 25, .1885. .Aaron J. Vanderpoel Xew York Aug. 22, iSS; 

April 30, 1885. .Cornelius V. S. Roosevelt South Orange, X. J. Sept. 30, 1SS7 

Dec. 20, 1886. .Barent Arent Mynderse Schenectady, X. Y.Oct. 2, 18^7 

Mar. 14, 1885. .Theodore Romeyn Varick Jersey City, X. J . . .Xov. r 

Oct. 27, 1S87. .Henry James Ten Eyck Albany, X. Y Xov. 2 ., 1887 

Mar. 14., 1SS5. .Henry H. Van Dyke Xew York Jan. 2 

Oct. 27, 1S87.. David D. Acker Xew York Mar. 2;. [881 

Dec. 20, 1S86. .George Washington Schuyler. .Ithaca, X". Y Mar. 2}, 1888 

Dec. 23, 1885. .Benjamin Stevens Van Wyck. .New York Aug. 31, iSSS 

Mar. 29, 1868. .Henry R. Low Middletown, X. Y. .Dec. 1 

April 30, 1 £85. .W. A. Ogden liegeman Xew York Dec. 24. iS5S 

Dec. 7, 1888. .John J. Van Nostrand Brooklyn, N. Y. . . .Jan. J 

Dec. 23. 1SS5. .Abraham Lott Brooklyn, X. Y. . T ~n. i- 

June 25, 1S85. .John Voorhees Van Woert Xew York Jan. 2 : 

June 25, 1885. .Gardiner Baker Van Vorst New York Feb. 5. i58q 

Oct. 25, 1836.. Edward Y. Lansing Albany, N. V Mar. - 



Oct. 25, ISS6. .Cornelius M. Schoonmaker. ... Kingston, K. V....Mar. i- •-- 1 
May 19, 1SS7. .Theodore C. Yermilye Staten Island, N. Y.Mar. J 

April 30, 1SS5. .Garret Lansing Schuyler New York April 2 

Mar. 2S, 1SS9.. James Riker Waver!) , N.Y July 

April 6, i836. .Martin John Ryerson Bloomingdale, N. J.J 

Oct. 25, I S 86. .Augustus A. Hardenbergh Jersey City, N. J. . .Oct. 5. if j 

June 20, 1SS5. . Hooper Cumming Yan VorsL . .New York 

Mar. 30, 1S67. .John Waling Yan Winkle Passaic, N. J Nov. 1 

Oct. 27,iS37. .John Endtrs Voorhees Amsterdam, N. Y. .N 

June 25, iSSs . .Abram Bovee Yan Dusen New York I • 

April 30, i335. .Henry Jacob Schenck New York !>_•:. ; 

April 6, 1SS6. .William Yoorhis Nyack, N.Y Jan. 

Dec. 22, i337. .Louis Y. D. Hardenbergh Brooklyn, N. Y. . . .Jan. 

Dec. 22, 1887. .John II. Suydam New York Jan. 

Dec. 22, 1SS7. .John Schermerhorn Schenectady, N. Y. . J 

Dec. 8, iSSS . .William Bross Chicago, 111 J 

Mar. 30, iS37. .John Barent Visscher Albany, N.Y Jan. 31 : .• 

Mar. 23, 1889.. Edgar Yan Benthuysen New Orleans, La. .. Mar. 21, 1^ /> 

Dec. 23, 1SS5. .Henry Everett Roosevelt New York \ - 

May 19, iSS?. .Thomas Storm New York M ; 

Mar. 30, 1SS7. .Sidney De Kay Staten Island, N. Y.Aug. 3 

Dec. 8, iSSS. .George W. Yan Ylack Palatine E'dge, N.Y.- 
Jan. 30, 1890. .Edward Yan Kleeck Poughkeepsie, N. Y.Nor. : ; rf 

June 25, 1,885. .Jacob \V. Hoysradt Hudson, N. Y Nov. 1 1 

May 19, 1SS7. .Cornelius Rapelye Astoria, N.Y N 

Mar. 2S, 1SS9. .Nicoll Ftoyd Elmendori New York Nov. : - 

Oct. 25, 1886. .Charles B. Landing .Albany, N. Y Dec. 

Oct. 27, i337. .Coert Du Bois New York Jan. 

Dec. 7, 18S8.. Charles E. Conover Middletown, N.J. .Jan. 9,1891 

Dec. 20, 1836. .Leonard G. Hun Albany, N. Y Mar. II, iS.ji 

April 6, 1SS6.. George G. DeWitt Nyack, N. Y \prilsi 

Mar. 29, IS33. . Hugh B. Yan Devcnter New York A; ril 1 

Oct. 25, 1S86. .Peter Yan Schaick Pruyn Kinderhook, N. Yv.W 

Nov. 17, i335. .Henry Jackson Yan Dyke Brooklyn, N. Y. . . .11 

Dec. 7, TS33. .Charles Livingston Acker New York liny 9 

Mar. 29, iSSS. .John Baker Stevens New York June I 

April 6, 1SS6. .Garret Van N'ostraMd Nyttck, N.Y ] 

Dec. 22, 1887. John Peter Adriance Pbnghfceepsie, N. Y.Ji 

Mar. 30, tSS; . . Eugene Du Bois Staten I land, N. Y.j 

Oct. 27, 1SS7. .Henry VV. Teller Pompton Pi'ns, N.J. J ■ 

Oct. 25, 1SS6. .George Washington Yan Slyke. Albany. N.Y... 
Dec. 7', iSSS. .Jacob Glen Sanders Ubai > .N.Y & 


Oct. 22, 1890.. Anthony G. Van Schaick Chicago, HI Oct. 13, iSgi 

Dec. 23, 1885. .William Harmon Van Wyck..New York Nov. 15, 1:91 

Dec. 7, 1S6S. .Peter Van Vranken Fort Albany, N. Y Dec. 13, [Sal 

April30, 18S5. Jacob Dyckman Vermilye New York Jan. : 

Mar. 28, 1889. John Nelson Van Wagner Tioy, N. Y Feb. J 

Mar. 26, 1S91. Junius Schcnck Brooklyn, N. Y Feb. 1 

June 15, i3S6..Van Wyck Brinkerhcfl New York Feb. 2 

April 6, 1S86. .Nicholas Van Slyck Providence, R. I. . .Mar. 3, 1892 

Dec. 23, 1 S85. .Samuel Van Benscboten Brooklyn, N. Y Mar. 12,1892 

June 15, r636. .Henry Licnau Booraem New Br'swick, N. J.April 9, 1892 

Mar. 14, 18S5. .Edward Electus Van Auken. . .New York April 29, ll y 2 

Nov. 30, 1890. .Samuel Downc Duryea Brooklyn, N. Y June 7 

Oct. 29, 1S91. .William Brewnlee Voorhees. . . Blauwenburgh, N. J June 1 

June 25, 1SS5. .Elias William Van Voorhees. . .New York Sept. 21, 1892 

Mar. 28, 1889. .Alfred Vredeuburgh Bayonne, N. J Oct. II, 1892 

Oct. 25, 1S86. .Giles Yates Vaader Bogert Schenectady, N. Y..Nov. .• : - 1 

Jan. 30, 1890. .Thomas Peekman Heermans. . .Syracuse, N. Y Dec. I, 1892 

Mar. 29, i3S3. .William F>ominick Garrison. . .New York Dec. 2, 1892 

Dec. 23, 1885. .Nicholas Latrobe Roosevelt. . . . New York Dec. 13, 1S92 

April 6, 1886. .Isaac I. Vander Peek Jersey City, N. J. . . Feb. 8, 1893 

Dec. 22, 1S87. .Charles Henry Voorhees New York Mar. 9, 1893 

Oct. 25, 18S6.. Peter Labagh Vander Veer Santa Fe, N. M Mar. 16, 1S93 

Dec. 20, 18S6. .Gerrit Hubert Van Wagenen. . . Rye, N. Y Mar. 29, 1S93 

Mar. 27, 1890. John LefTerts Flatbush, N. Y April [ft, 1S93 

Oct. 21, 18S9. .George Titus Haring Allendale, N. J May 7, 1S93 

Jan. 30, 1890. .George Pine DeBevoise Denver, Col May 20, 1*93 

June 15, 18S6. .Theodore V. Van Heusen Albany, N. Y June 15, 1S93 

April 30, 1885. .Lawrence Van der Veer Rocky Hill, N. J... June 21, 1093 

Oct. 25, 18S6. .Stephen W. Van Winkle Paterson, N. J June 2$, 18^3 

Oct. 22, 1S9O. .William Vandever Venturia, Cal July 23, 1S93 

April 6, i3S6. John Banta New York July 2>-, 1S93 

Dec. 7, 188S. .Thomas Doremus Messier Pittsburgh, Pa Aug. 11, 1 893 

June 15, 1SS6. John Evert De Witt Portland, Me -\ug. 30. 

Mar. 26, 1S91. .Wynford Van Gaasbeek New York Sept. 5, 1893 

Mar. 30, 1893. .Richard Amerman Flatbush. N. Y Oct. 6. I 

Mar. 30, 1SS7. . Willard Charles Marselius Albany. N. Y Doc. 24, 1893 

May 27, 1890. .Gardiner Van Nostrand Newburgh, N. Y. . Jan. I, i>>)4 

April 6, 1S86. John Flancock Riker New York Jan. 20, 1 

Dec. 23, 1885. .Augustus Schoon maker Kingston, N. Y Iprfl I 

Oct. 27, i3S7..Abram Jansen Hardenbergh... Spring House, N.Y.Maj ;. ifl : 
Mar. 30, 1887. .Abraham Van Vechten Albany, N. Y May 7, 1894 


Dec. 7, iS33. Jasper Van Vlcck New York J 

Mar. 29, I $94. .Francis Salmon Quackenbcs... Hartford, Cotm. • • . July 

Mar. 29, iSSS. .Solomon Van Etten Port Jen-is, X. V. . .July ; 

Oct. 24, 1886. .Walter L. Van Denbergh Amsterdam, X. V. ..'. 

April 6, 1SS6. .George Van Campen Olean, X. V Aug. 1 - 

Mar. 29, 18S8. James Scott Conover New York S 

Dec. 22, 1887. .Richard Van Vborhis Rochester Oct. 21 

Nov. 9, 1893. .Hooper Cummin j Van Vorst. . . Bnh-or.-IIudvjn. . . .Oct. at 

Jan. 30, 1S90. James A. Van Auken New York. . ." T< 

Mar. 26, 1S91. .Thomas Lenox Van Dcventer. .Knoxviile, Tenn...X J I . : 
Mar. 28, 1SS9. .George Washington Rosevelt. . .Stamford, Conn. . . .Nov. j 

Dec. 7, iS38. .David Euel Knickerbocker Indianapolis, lad* • .Dec. 3 

Dec. 23, 1 88 5. John Fine Suy dam ....New York Jar;. 3 

June 29, 1393. .Moses Bedeil Suydam Allegheny. Pa Jan. 14, i:j5 

Oct. 25, iS36. .Elijah Dubois .Kingston, X. Y. .. .Feb. 

Mar. 29, 1894. .Frank- Roosevelt New York 1 

Mar. 30, 1887. .Henry Ditmas Polhemus Brooklyn, X. Y. . . .Feb. 1 

Mar. 23, 1889. .Francis Latta Du Bois Bridgeton, X. J. . . . I -eb. I | 

Nov. 17, 1835. .Albert Van Wagner Poughkeepsie, X. Y.Mar. I 

Oct. 25, 1886. .Charles H. Van Benthuysen. . .Albany, X. Y K\ nkl$, :.\ 

Oct. 24, 1889. .James Dumond Van Iloeven- 

berg New Brighton, X.Y.May < 

Mar. 31, 1892. .Cornelius S.Cooper Schraalenburgh, X J.May 12, : 

Nov. 17, 18S5. John Paul Paulison Tenafiy, X. J May 30. : i j 

Oct. 25, 1SS6. John Jacob Morris Paterson, X.J June 9. : 

Dec. 20, 1S86. .Pliram Edward Sickels Albany, X. Y July 4. I - - 

Oct. 27, 1887. Josiah Pierson Vreeland Paterson, X.J July 19.1095 

May 19, 1S87 . .Fletcher Vosburgh Albany, X". Y July 30. 

May 19, 18S7. .Theodore Miller Hudson. X. Y \, ,:. I J, I 

Jan. 7, 1892. John Ryer Lydecker Bogota, X. J Oct 4. - 

Mar. 27, 1890. .Frederick William Xostrand. . .Glen Ridge, X. J.. .Oct 27. 1895 

Mar. 2S, 1889. Johnston Xiven liegeman New York Nov. 12. 1895 

Dec. 22, 18S7. .Peter L. Voorhees Camden, X. J Xc l 

June 15, 18S6. .Edward Schenck Xew York Dec 18, ll \ 

Oct. 25, iS36. .William Henry Montanye Xcw York Dec 

Jan. 30, 1S90. John Waddell Van Sickle Springfield, O Dec : . 

Oct. 25, 1SS6. .Stephen Van Rensselaer 

Bogert Xcw Brighton, X. Y.Jan. 10, 1^96 

Oct. 24, 18S9. Joseph Woodard Duryee Xew York Jan. 25. if.yb 

Dec. 22, 1SS7. John Brower Xew York Feb. t8, 1S96 

Oct. 24, 1339. .Daniel Berten Van Houten Xew York Mar. 17, 

Oct. 22, 1890. .David Demaice Banta BloomiagtpB, Ind. . . A - 

Mar. 31, 1892 . .Charles Henry Voofhis Jersey City, X. j . . . April 15 l8cj6 

Oct. 22, 1890. .Cornelius Tunis Williamson Newark. X. J 

April 6, 1SS6.. Henry Keteltas Xev. York M 

33 r J 

Mar. 30, 1SS7. .George Henry \Vycko:I Montc'.air. N. J. . . J':ne 2 

Dec. 20, 1S86.. Thomas Hun Albany, N. V June 2 

April 30, 1885. .Henry Peek De Graaf Oscawana, N. Y July 1 : 

Dec. 29, 1S92.. Richard Riker New York Aug. 2, i;y, 

Oct. 25, 1S86. .Lawrence Van Voorhees Cortel- 

you Brooklyn, N. V Aug. 5, [896 

June 25. 1835. .Alexander Thompson Van Nest. New York Aug. 10, [89b 

Mar. 30, 1887.. Ransom Hollenback Wider. . .Cham Center, N. Y.Aug. 1 J 

April 30, 1885. Joshua Marsden Van Cott New York Vug. 13," 1S96 

April 30, 1 38 5.. Eugene Van Bensehoten New Vork Oct. 2'. 

Oct. 24, 18S9. .George Aaron Banta Brooklyn, N. Y. . . .Nov. : 

Dec. 22, 1887. .William Dilworth Voorhees Bergen Point, N. J.Nov. 11, i3c>6 

Dec. 22, 1887. -Stacy Prickett Conover Wickatunk, ^. J . . . Nov. 17, [896 

Jan. 30, 1890. .Jerome Verael Deyo Poughkeepsie, N. V.Dec. 2 

Mar. 30, 1893. .Williamson Rapalje Brooklyn, N. Y Dec. 2 

Jan. 30, 1890. .John Newton Voorhees Flemington. N. J. . .Jan. ; ,: ) 

Dec. 22, 1887. Jacob Charles Van Cleef New Brunswick, N.J.Jan. 1 . 

May 19, 1887. .William Rankin Duryee New Brunswick, N.J.Jan. 20, 1897 

Sept. 29, 1892. . Abeam Winfred Bergen Cornwall, N. V. . . .Jan. 21, li ,7 

April 30, 1885. .William Henry Van Slyck Valatie, N. Y Mar. 3, 1- ,; 

June 25, 1SS5. .John William Somarindyck. . . .Glen Cove, N. Y. .April 12, 1396 

Dec. 23, 18S5. .John Holmes Van Brunt Fort Hamilton, N.Y.Sept 26, 18 /> 

Oct. 25, 1886. .Stephen Van Wyck Brooklyn April 25, : - 

April 6, 1SS6. .William James Van Arsdale. . . .New York April 30, 1S97 

Jan. 7, 1S92. .David Provoost Van Deventer. .Matawan, N. J.. . .June 30, 1S97 

Oct. 22, 1890. .Charles Banta New York Aug. 15, 1S97 

April 6, 1886. .Ogden Goelet New York Aug. 27,1897 

Dec. 20, 1886. .John Hopper Paterson, N. J. . . .Oct. 21, 1S97 

Nov. 9, 1893. .Thomas Henry Edsail Colorado Springs, Col .Oct. 26, 1897 

Mar. 27, 1890. James C. Cooper River Edge. NT. J.. Dec 5. 1897 

Oct. 27, 18S7. .Lewis Foster Montanye. ..Atlantic Highlands, N. J.Dec. 8, 1897 

Oct. 27, 1887.. Albert Hoysradt Hudson, N. Y. ...Dec. 8, 1607 

Oct. 29, 1S91. .John Wesley Vandevort Pasadena, Cal Dec. 16, 1897 

Dec. 23, 1S85. Jeremiah Johnson, Jr Brooklyn Feb. 14, . 

Oct. 25, 1886. Jacob Uendriks Ten Eyck Alt any, N. Y Mar. 24. 1898 

Mar. 30, 1893. John Gregory Truax. New York Feb. 1. t6o8 

Oct. 24, 1889. John Demarest Newark, N. J May 20, 1S93 

Mar. 14, 1885. Jacob Wendell New York May 2:. [f jfl 

Jan. 30, 1S90.. Francis Skillraaa Roslyn, N. Y Sept. 5. [898 

Dec. 20, 16S6. .Samuel McCuicheon Van Sant- 

voord Albany, N. Y Sept. 10, I&9I 

Nov. 17, 1SS5. .Thomas Francis Bayard Wilmington, Del. ..Oct. 7, 1898 

Mar. 29, iS3S..Zaccheus Beigen New York Oct. ir, [898 

Mar. 29, 1 SSS.. Daniel Polhemus Van Dorn... .Freehold, N. J N 

Mar. 28, 1889. . Evert Peek Van Epps Schenectady, N. Y.Jan. 7. tBo/Q 


Oct. 25, 1886. .John Nathaniel Jansen Newark, N.J Jan. 13, i& v , 

Oct. 25, 1889. .Samuel Mount Schanck H'.ghtstown, N. J . .Jan. : j 

Mar. 14, 1895. .William Manning Van Heusen.New York Feb. 3. i8m 

April 6, 1S86. .Abram Douwe Ditmars Brooklyn, N. Y. . . .Feb. r 

Oct. 22, 1890. .John Butler Adriance New Ilaven.Conn., April = , 1- /# 

April 6, 1886. .Robert Goelet New York April 2;, 1 

Oct. 24, 1S09. .Joseph S. Schoonmaker Plainneld, N. J.... May 

Mar. 30, 1887. .Seymour Van No^trand Elizabeth, N.J. ...July 

Mar. 20, 1S94. .Charles De La Montanye Port, N. Y. -July ] : • 

Dec. 7, 1S8S. . Garret Daniel Van Reipen. . . .Jeisey City, N. J... Aug. I, I 

Oct. 24, 1889. .Tunis Schenck Brooklyn, N. Y....A«g 

Oct. 25, 1SS6. .Abraham Lansing Albany, N. Y Oct. 4 : 

Nov. 17, 1S35. .Alfred De Witt Scaatsburga, N.Y., Oct. 11, : 

June 8, 1899. -George Piatt Van Viet Salt Point, N. Y. . .Oct. | 

Oct. 25, 1S8&. .Abraham A. Van Yorst Schenectady, N.V., Dec. 2. . 

June 30, 1892. .Joseph C. Hoagland New York Dec. 8, : - . , 

Dec. 20, 1 S86. .Howard Osterhoudt Kingston, N. Y. . . .Dec. 25. 1 

Mar. 30, iS37..John Walker Van De Water. . .New York Dec. 2:, 1 

Oct. 24, 1885. .Augustus Rapelye. Elmhurst, N. Y. . . . Feb. 

Oct. 25, 1886. .Maunsell Van Rensselaer New York Feb. 17. 1900 

Mar. 31, 1892. .Benjamin Alexander Van Schaick, Philadelphia. .. .Mar. 5. 1900 

Oct. 22, 1890.. Dr. Peter Stryker Asbury Park, N. J. .Mar. 25, 1900 

Oct. 27, 1S37. .Eugene Van Ness Baltimore, Md Mar. 31. 1900 

Oct. 24, 18S9. .Samuel Burhans, Jr New York April 2, 1900 

Mar. 29, 1888. .John Augustus Elmendorf New York April 5, 10/.0 

Mar. 27, 1890. .Isaac Cornelius Haring West Nyack, N.Y. .April 16, 1900 

Oct. 24, 18S9. .Charles Holbert Voorhees NewBrun.swick.N.J.M-u- 13, 1900 

Jan. 30, 1890. .Ebenezer Lane Cooper New York May i~ , : 

Dec. 29, 1892.. Peter Le Fevre Van Wagenen. Poughkeepsie, N. Y.June 10, 1900 

Oct. 27, 1897. .Cornelius C. Van Reypen Jersey City, N. J. ..June 17, 1900 

Oct. 25, J.836. .Harman Wortman Veeder Schenectady, N. Y.Oct. 15, 1900 

June 15, 1SS6.. William Scudder Stryker Trenton, N. J ..... .Oct. 29, 1900 

Dec. 20, 1886. .George Duryee Hulst Brooklyn, N. Y Nov. 5, 1900 

Mar. 27, 1890. .John Schureman Sutphen New York New. 17. 1900 

Mar. 28, 1889. .Henry Veight Williamson New York Nov. iS, loco 

Dec. 20, 1SS6. .William Henry Harrison Stryker. Paterson, N. J. . . .Nov. 26, 1900 

Oct. 27, 1SS7. . James Roosevelt Hyde Park, N. Y. . Dec. 5. I • 

Dec. 23, 1SS5. .Henry Rutger Beekman New York Dec. 17, 1 , o 

Dec. 7, iSSS.. Peter Cantine Saugerties, N.Y 1900 

April 6, 18S6. .William Ledyard Van Dei Voort New York 1 

June 8, 1S99. .Ralph Saxton Lansing New York Jan. 5. 1901 

June 25, 1885. John Voorhees Van Woert New York Jan. 7, 

June 14, 1900. .Christopher Yates Wejnple New York Tan. 

Oct. 27, 1887.. Isaac C. De Bevotse Brooklyn, N.Y Feb, I 

Dec. 23, 1885. .Charles Henry Roosevelt Pelham Manor, N.Y, ' 

June 25, 1885. .Stewart Van Vliet Washington, D.fc. • >c ir, *S, 

Dec. 7, iSSS . .Watson Van lientnuysen New Orleans, La. . . ' I9M 


Dec. 20, 1593. .William Moore Stilwell New York Apr. 11, 1901 

Oct. 22, 1890. .Charles Rutger DeFreest Brooklyn. N. Y May 10, 1901 

Mar. 29, 1894. .Isaac Romaine Jersey City, N. J. . June 22. [901 

Oct. 25, i5S6. .John Cornelius llasbrouck . . . . New York July J 

May 19, i537. .Simon J. Schermerhorn Schenectady, N. Y..July 21, i/Oi 

June 10, 1S97.. William Mabie Peekskill, X. Y Aug. 14. 1901 

Oct. 25, 1SS6. .Richard Varick DeWitt Albany, N.Y Aug. 21, 1901 

Mar. 10, 1S9S. John Hopper Hackensack, N. J.. Aug. 31, 1901 

Dec. 7, i333. .John Gillespie Myers Albany, N.Y Dec. 1, iqoi 

Oct. 25, 1SS6. John Barnes Varick Manchester, N. II.. Feb. 8, 1902 

June 25, 1SS5 . .Saridford Rowe Ten Eyck Waterloo, N. Y Feb. 17, 1 pfl 

Apr. 30, 1SS5. .Frederick D. Tappen New York Feb. 28, 1902 

June 30, 1 S92. .Frederick Pentz Voorhees New York Mar. 19, 1902 

Mar. 29, i333. .Delavan Bloodgood Brooklyn, N. Y....Apr. 4, 1902 

Dec. 7, 1 883, .Egbert Ludovicus Viele New York Apr. 22, 1902 

Oct. 27, 1837. .Abraham Voorhees Schenck. New Brunswick, N.J.Apr. 28, 1902 

Mar. 28, 1SS9. Menzo Edgar Wendell Saratoga Springs, N.Y.June 3. 1902 

Mar. 14, 1885 . .Abraham Van Santvoord New York June 15, 1902 

Dec. 7, 18S8. .Caspar Schenck Annapolis, Md June 21, 1902 

Mar. 30, 1887. .Purdy Van Vliet New York June 25, 1902 

Mar. 29, iS94..Paul Vandervoort Omaha, Neb July 29, 1902 

Jan. 7, 1S92.. Isaac Myer. . New York Aug. 2, 1902 

Dec. 8, 1S9S. .Nathaniel S. W. Vanderhoef. . .New York Oct. 2S, 1902 

Dec. 7, iSSS.John Cowenhoven ....Brooklyn, N. Y....Oct. 29, 1902 

Oct. 22, 1S90. Joseph Walworth Sutphen Brooklyn, N. Y....Nov. 2, 1902 

Oct. ir, 1900. .Washington A. H. Bogardus. . .New York Nov. 7, 1902 

Mar. 14, 1835 . .Lucas L. Van Allen New York Dec. 26, 1902 

Dec. 7, 1SS8.. Charles Wessell New York Dec. 30, 1902 

Dec. 29, 1S92. .Peter Phillips Burtis Buffalo, N.Y Jan. 7, 1903 

Mar. 29, *iS83. .John Henry BrinckerhofI Jamaica, N. Y Jan. 16, 1903 

Dec. 7, I&88. . William K. Van Alen San Francisco, Cal.Jan. 19, 1903 

Mar. 29, 18S8. .Adam Tunis Van Vranken Watervliet, N. V. . Jan. 19, 1903 

Oct. 25, iS36.. .Maurice Edward Viele Albany, N. Y Feb. 19, 1903 

Dec. 22, 1887. .David DePeyster Acker Los Angeles. Cal. . .Feb. 19, 1903 

Oct. 16, 1S94. John Butler Brevoort Johnsonburg. Pa. ..Feb. 21, 1903 

Mar. 29, 1 838. .William Laing Heermance . . . Yonkers, N. Y Feb. 25, 1903 

Dec. 20, 1SS6. .Albert Gilliam Bogert.. Nyack. N. Y Mar. 24. 1903 

Oct. 25, i336. .William Meadon Van Antwerp. Albany. N. Y Apr. 9, 1003 

Mar. 14, 1SS5. .George West Van Siclen Cornwall, N.Y Apr. 19, 1903 

Oct. 22, 1890. ,AKred Hasbrouck Poughkeepsie, N. Y.May 9, 19.13 

Oct. 24, 18S9. .De Witt Chauncey Le Fevre. Buffalo, N. Y May 24, 1903 

Oct. 24, 1SS9. Johnston Livingston De Peyster.Tivoli. N. Y May 27. I 

Mar. 23, 1S89. .Eugene Vanderpool Newark, N. J July It, 1903 

May 19, 1SS7 . . Miles Woodward Vosburgh. . . . Albany, N. Y Aug. JO, I 


Oct. io, 1895. .Zaremba \V. Waldron Jackson. Mich Oct I, 1903 

Mar. 14, 1SS5. .Cornelius Van Brunt New York Oct. 1. 1903 

Oct/25, 1886. .David Cole Yonkers, N. Y Oct. a 

Mar. 10, 1898. .Thomas J. Van Alstyne Albany, N. Y Oct. 2',. 1903 

April 6, 1 686.. John Henry Van Antwerp Albany, N. Y Dec. 14. [903 

June 25, 1S85. .Selah Reeve Van Duzer Newbui .. S. V I 27. rooi 

Mar. 27, 1890. John Schoonmaker Newburgb, X. Y. . .Jan. 1 

June 12, 1902.. George L. Keeker St. Paul, Minn. Jan. - 

June 25, 1885. .Peter Q. Eckerson New York ." Jan. 10, 1904 

June 8, 1899. .James Lansing Troy, X. Y Jan. 21, 1904 

Mar. 14, 1885. .George Van Wagenen New York Ja 

Mar. 30, X887V. Pierre Van Buren Hoes Yonkers, N. Y Feb. j 

Dec. 7, 18S8. .John Van Der Bilt Van Pelt. . .Brooklyn, N. Y Feb. I J 

Oct. 12, 1899. .Dominions Snedcker Brooklyn, N. Y Mar. 1 

June 11, 1903. Yedder Van Dyck Bayonne, N. J Mar :. . 

Dec. 9, 1S97. .Evert Sheldon Van Slyke New York Mar. a | 

June 13, 1901 . .Caleb Coles Duscnbury New York Mar. 24, 1904 

Mar. 27, 1S90. .George Howard Vander Beek. .Allentown, N. J... .Mar. 31, 1904 

Mar. 26, 1892. .George A. Zabriskie Bloomfield, N.J Apr. 14, 1904 

Oct. 25, 886. .James Monroe Van Valen Hackensack, N. J.. May 19. 

June 25, 1885 .James Davis Wynkoop New York June 1, 1904 

Oct. 25, 1885.. Isaac Pruyn Catskill, N. Y June 2,1904 

Jan. 30, 1890. .Jacob Deyo New Paltz, N. Y. . . June 5. : 

Mar. 26, iS9i..Alvah Deyo Hasbrouck Wilmington, Del. ..July 5. 1904 

Mar. 20, ibS6. . Ferdinand Hasbrouck New York Aug. 7, 1904 

Oct. 24, 1885. .Sylvester Daley Boorom Hcrseheads, N. Y.. Sept. SO, 1904 

Dec. 23, 1885. .JohnVanSchaick Lansing Pruyn. New York Sept. 22, 1^04 

Oct. 25, 1886. .Augustus Hasbrouck Bruyn. . ..Kingston, N. Y. ...Oct. 23. 1904 
Dec. 12, i9or..Teunis Whitbeck Van Hoesen.. Philadelphia, Pa.. ..Nov. iS. 

May 19, 1887. .Edgar Knickerbocker. New York Nov. 20, 1904 

May 19, 1 8S7. .Charles Hageman Voorhees Brooklyn, N.Y Dec. 11. 

June 11, 1903. .Leander Mortimer l>e La Mater. Flizabeth, N. J.. ..Dec. 12, 1904 

Mar.30, 1SS7. Cornelius J. Dumond NewYork Jan. si, 1905 

Dec. 29, 1S92. .John Abraham Lott, Jr Brooklyn, N.Y... .Feb 2,1905 

Mar. 28. 1SS9. .Remsen Varick Me.->sler Pittsburg, Pa Feb. 2, 1905 

Oct. 22, 1890.. Jacob Lefever New Paltz, N. Y.. .Feb. 4, 1905 

Dec. 7, iSSS. John G. Bogert New York Feb. 14. 1Q°5 

Dec. 9, 1897. .William Rea Bronk New York Mar 3^, 1905